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Best of the Best Enzyme Cleaner 2018

Oh an enzyme cleaner sure sound like out of this world. What is it? Is it a vitamin? Is it something to get you out of trouble? The good news is enzyme cleaners are for every human’s welfare.

Fact is without enzyme cleaners we would go hungry. Yes, as surprising as that statement is, it’s true. Enzyme cleaners are present in the human body. These are the chemicals that accelerate our metabolic reactions speeding up the breaking down of food – in the process making nourishment possible. Inherently, they convert molecules into other forms of molecules.

Now, all that power can be harnessed. The best part’s it would be do man a lot of good.

As they are as natural as you want them to be, they are a lot safer for the planet and a lot safer for people compared to those other cleaning agents and chemicals available in the market today.

Plus, what could get your ears to stand up may be the fact that they could be a lot more effective than traditional chemicals. For instance, these microorganisms are capable of cleaning up dirt that ordinary cleaning agents may not be able to do. They can penetrate into the smallest of cracks defacing malodors and stains better.

What’s more, they can outlast the best chemical cleaners in the world. As these bacteria can last as long as 80 hours or longer giving your place a cleaner look than otherwise.

And we’re just warming up. If you want to make the most of enzyme cleaner but don’t know how, read on. We’ve assembled some of the most powerful natural cleansers in the whole wide world.

Even better, we’ve laid out in full detail what makes each one to be just the right fit for you. So you get only the best for your abode.

Petzyme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

One thing you’ll really notice about enzyme cleaners is power. You’re talking about raw power here. More powerful than your usual run-of-the-mill chemicals. And this Petzyme is really no exception. 

It’s obvious. Just imagine with this one you can permanently get rid of stains and pesky odors that may have given you all the trouble. We’re talking about feces, urine and everything else that nobody may want to deal with directly.            

The best part’s like most enzyme cleaners, this one is harmless. It won’t cause an allergic reaction. That’s truly important. For you’re rest assured, you can safely use this one for everything in the house you need cleaned – from furniture to upholstery to fabrics.

In short, it has you covered. It’s non-toxic and it’s effective. Truly, this is a treasure find.

Pet Stain Cleaner and Odor Miracle

Here’s another great buy. Well, let’s face it. If there was one thing that does leave a lot of dirt on our carpet our upholstery and almost everything in the abode, it has to be our pets. Our most adored pets. And true enough, getting rid of all the cat and dog poop may not be the most adorable job in the world. Especially if you don’t have the right materials to get it done.

And this is where you’ll have a distinct advantage over all the chaos. This Pet Stain and Odor Miracle can truly give you a head start. It may be a bit more expensive than the first offering, but this one can certainly hold its own against the best.

You have here a multi-surface formula, to note. That means you get to clean as many – if not all – surfaces you need to clean in the house. From leather, upholstery to furniture. And deal with the worst dirt.

And the best part’s, it’s all safe to use even by children. That’s truly the beauty of an enzyme cleaner. That’s the beauty of this Pet product.

Bubba’s Pet Stain and Odor Remover Rowdy Friends 

Save yourself from all the trouble. You’re looking at one of the most powerful stain removers in the whole planet. Yes, that may seem like a hyperbolic exaggeration but truly, enzyme cleaners are worth it. And Bubba’s is no different.

You have a winner here. If you’re looking at dog feces or urine, Bubba got it covered. You won’t have to tire yourself out to make it all happen.

Same goes true for stains. You have a powerful cleaning agent here that won’t cost you to lose an arm or a leg. Now, all that power can also mean having your pet areas cleaned and cleaned right. From dog beds to cages to crates.

So you won’t have to break a sweat making it all happen. It’s all within reach now. Thanks to Bubba.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Sanitizer and Remover 

You’re lucky you’re reviewing Angry Orange. For one, if you’re keen about saving some dollars, this product offering will give you just that. Why? That bottle priced about the same with those on the list makes actually more than you can imagine. About 1 gallon to be exact. How’s that for saving you some.

And this one claims to be so powerful, it doesn’t just concern itself with cleaning the tile and everything on the inside of your house; it also gets the outside clean and smelling great. Yes, if you need the right agent to get the bushes cleaned up from all the odors then this enzyme cleaner is spot on. You’re looking at a winner here.

Best of all, Angry Orange is non-toxic. You might be wondering if this product has anything to do with the ever-so-famous Angry Birds. But no. We’re looking at a fruit here.

Angry Orange comes from orange peels. Surprised? Don’t be. That can only mean one thing here. You have a biodegradable and truly a non-toxic agent here. Something even the young ones can use to clean up. So they can pitch in and your house won’t be held hostage to all that pet odor.

​Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover

This one’s handy. That’s a big advantage. If you’re wanting to get the best clean, this nifty material is your guardian angel. You’re making it all come true thanks to this Nature’s Miracle. It’s truly a miracle if you ask us.

What sets it apart though is its price. Perhaps, above every other product here, this one is the cheapest. And that should make you smile from ears to ears. Not really the heaviest but the cheapest.

Why so? Because this one can do the things you need done. All the deep-set dirt that seem to have a life all its own will now face extinction. Totally exterminated.

Now, you ‘d be able to clean the carpet and your pet living areas without breaking a sweat. It’s all a matter of spending the right effort.

Well, you might wonder why Isopropyl alcohol is part of the package. But don’t fret. This one is as natural as you want it. The main ingredients come from nature’s enzyme. So you can use this one to manage your pets and their tendency to cause dirt to be spread all over the house.

Let’s Compare the ​Best Enzyme Cleaner 2018

Detailed Comparison List

Product Name








Petzyme Pet

 Stain Remover



10.2 x 4.8

 x 3.1


Check Price

Pet Stain

 Cleaner and

 Odor Miracle



10.7 x 4.4

 x 2.8


Check Price

Bubba’s Pet 

Stain and

Odor Remover

Rowdy Friends



8.3 x 

4.8 x

2.8 inches

Check Price

Angry OrangePet Odor Sanitizerand Remover



4.6 x 

2.3 x

2.3 inches

Check Price



Stain and





3 x

 3 x

9 inches

Check Price





and Pet





6 x 

6 x

12 inches

Check Price


Petzyme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

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Short review

The Petzyme is not only efficient at removing stains. It also has the scent of fresh citrus. In just a low price, this enzyme cleaner has made itself as a staple product for most pet owners.

It was said that Petzyme has a true cleaner of scent. This made us hooked then decided to hit the buy button to where it take us.

Thanks to the refreshing scent, using it is very refreshing. The stain removal worked like miracle. On our research, the fresh coffee stain and dirt, to our surprise, it completely got rid the stain with no traces left.

What we appreciate most about is that it is perfectly eco-friendly to animal. Meaning, you can be rest assured that your pet is safe from chemicals. You don’t have to put a chain on its neck just to be sure that your pet will be near enough to be contaminated or poisoned since it is made from all-natural ingredients.

Not only that, with the Petzyme you can annihilate the bad odor from urine, feces, and vomit that your pet has caused. It doesn’t masks the bad odor like what most of the perfume does. Instead, it goes straight to the root then eliminates it. If you smell the fresh citrusy scent, it just means that your problem has been taken care of.

There are a lot of mixed reviews about this lovely product. And the cause of it is technically that they didn’t follow the instructions. If you did otherwise, you won’t see the results that you want.

Despite its claim that it can remove stain effectively, we noticed that it can’t do much work on the old stains. Thus, the odor remover works great but the pet stain removal has a couple of holes.

Things We Liked

  • checkCheap
  • checkEfficient at removing bad odor
  • checkHas citrus scent
  • checkGood pet stain remover
  • checkAll-natural

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t get arid of the old stains

Pet Stain Cleaner and Odor Miracle

Check prices

Okay, this is the time to get serious. Like holy crap serious. This guy here got sparkles and fluffs on its background to our eyes. With its amazing price, you will get a full package of enzyme cleaner within a spray bottle.

Don’t believe us? Get on to this sentence and we push you to get ahead and click the link above. If you don’t fancy it enough, go ahead and read on.

Just like its name, this trickster is specifically to work like magic on pees, vomits and poops of your pet. It will eliminate the odor completely replacing it with a clean and strong scent in a heartbeat. And that is precisely why that this stuff is named as “Odor Miracle.”

It also works fantastic on pet stains. Whether you see it or not, it doesn’t matter to this guy. Just pour the magic juice to whatever surface that you expect or think it would be and let it do the work. This is best suited on a home that has a lot of carpeted floors that also has a lot of poopie and pee-pee from your baby pet—if it’s a baby—that seems like deadly landmines.

Using this on old urine stain and it will work exactly you want it to be. It completely takes it off. It’s just simply amazing. Only thing that distracts us is that the scent is overpowering. It hits our nostrils every time we use it and it took a while to get used to the smell. You might find it a bit strong on the starting line but at the end, its great features will pulls you more.

Things We liked

  • checkPrice is top-notch
  • checkPerfect to get rid of the odor
  • checkGreat tool as a pet stain removal

Things We didn’t like

  • Overpowering scent

Bubba’s Pet Stain and Odor Remover Rowdy Friends

Check prices

Short review

Bubba’s has a nice price tag since it’s cheap.

In our research, the customer service is great. We mean great as they are very supportive, open to feedbacks either bad and good, and pleasing to talk with.

Exactly follow the instruction to be your guide. The things that you exactly want and expected, you will see it on touch. No stains, no odors. This is cheap so you can freely try it. Trust us on this. You will be blown away like we did.

Like the products above, this also got mixed reviews since they had malfunctions. To be precise, it didn’t completely get rid of the bad odor and stain. Folowin he instruction is the key to get the results that you want. The smell that the Bubba produced is overpowering.

Things We liked

  • checkGreat customer service
  • checkEfficient
  • checkSpot-on

Things We didn’t like

  • Overpowering fragrance

Angry Orange Pet Odor Sanitizer and Remover

Check prices

Short review

Now, here comes an orange-scented enzyme cleaner. The price tag is so nice to look at since it is low. However with the size of the bottle, we can’t say that it is affordable. It is a small bottle and with the low price, you might say that it’s expensive. To be honest though, we are super curious on what this orange guy can offer.

Just a capful could take you in a long way. Within a couple of ticks of the hand clock, orange spreads our nostrils. Holy crap, it does smell orange-gy!

Spraying the magic bottle on the wet surface from pee-pee has make it all the better. It also didn’t cause any discoloration or anything. It nicely did the job.

If you are kind of person that is thrifty, you should pour a quarter of cap then mixed it with diluted water. If you worry if the effectiveness will falter just because you did that, fret not. Angry Orange is perfectly fine even if you did that since it is very concentrated. It wouldn’t flinched ‘cause it worked!

With stain and smell or not, you can use this as a refresher to your couch and other furniture. You can also use this while washing clothes by putting less than a capful of this. It will be more than enough for your blankets, curtains and the like.

A word of warning though, be sure to control the amount that you will apply. If you didn’t, the orange will take over your house. We meant that.

Things We liked

  • checkCapable
  • checkHas orange scent
  • checkVery concentrated

Things We didn’t like

  • The scent could be overpowering

Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover

Check prices

Short review

Miracle has served its customer with great service in decades. Now, Nature’s Miracle changed their old formula to new and improved ones. This gets us in the edge of the seat then decided to give this a shot since it seems fun.

In just 10 minutes when we first used this, we were astounded. We shook our heads, furrowed the eyebrows then face-palmed. Why? ‘Cause it is dreadful and awful and we think that it just smelled like heck.

The new and formula totally sucks. Sheesh, we honestly don’t like refunds but we did request one. The smell didn’t eradicate the bad odor. It joined. It’s like a double-nuclear-missile-that-is-going-to-hit-home kind of thing.

To make the simile short and sweet, it’s like a combo death penalty.

We don’t usually write negative reviews but we need to stand on our end to give you true and transparent product reviews. And for that, we advise that don’t buy this stuff.

Things We liked

  • checkAs much as possible, we don’t like to type in “none” but there really is none.

Things We didn’t like

  • It doesn’t eradicate the bad smell. It just makes worse.

 Amaziing Solutions Stain Remover and Pet Odor Eradicator

Check prices

Short review

Being an animal lover should not hinder you on both taking care of your home and your pet especially when you are at war with stain and bad odor from your pet/s.

Removing the stain and bad odor can be done in a splash. It is as easy as pulling a trigger. It can be done in a poof.

Both stains and smell are gone. Leave it alone for a little while and when you glanced back, there are no traces left. It’s a great enzyme remover.

However, discoloration happens with this product that appears as spots. Minimizing or controlling the amount that you will use will help to prevent it.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy and effective to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Discoloration could occurs


Top 5 Reasons Why an Enzyme Cleaner is a Must-have

As practical home owners, you would like to have the best both for your family and lovely pets. And it can be mind-boggling to have your pets littering and making a mess without batting an eye.

Having an extra bottle of enzyme cleaner can help you to be in control of your home. For that, here are the 5 reasons on why people should get this.

1. Air Cleansers

Our household stuff is exposed to dirt and other foreign subjects. They are then sunk on your carpets and couch. Within those, carbon dioxide and water is being converted. That’s when and how bad odor comes to existence.

Enzyme cleaners are tough agents that kill the bad odor guys. They go straight to the root then purify it by eliminating the harmful chemicals.

2. Safe

There is an argument of using between the traditional cleaning products and enzymatic cleaners. People who lived their lives using green cleaning are skeptical on how enzyme works.

As Eric Cadell explained, the vice president of the operations for Dutch Hollow Supplies that it isn’t caustic so it would not be harmful. It is also mostly composed of neutral pH levels which are perfectly fine to human body.

3. Performs residual cleaning

This means that it capable to continue to clean even though it is already clean. As Cadell emphasizes, they go down to the p-traps and grout lines. By doing this, it will clean it thoroughly and even when you left, it will still continue and work to fix the odor root.

4. Tough

Enzyme cleaner are tough ass guys that do serious deep cleaning. For up to 80 hours, they will continue to eradicate odor-causing germs or organisms as long as they are present on wet and food source that they can live in.

If you think tile floors gets dry in just 10 to 15 minutes, think again. Porous floor, as Cadell said, will appear that s dry but on the grout line will stay as wet in hours. For this matter, the tough guys will plunge and take care of the problem.

5. Efficient and Versatile

Not only on tile floors, it works also great o traditional floors since they are sneaky micro-abrasions and little scratches that cause from normal foot traffic, as Crisafulli added. So it is crucial to mop with enzymatic cleaner that will thoroughly reach and clean the places that seems very small in the naked eye.

The Right Material Matters in Building a Home!

The percentage of homes that have floors that aren’t well furnished these days is really small. You would be surprised at the fast rate at which people get their floors furnished and covered. Well, everyone wants to have their homes looking all posh and comfortable.  

If you’re not too careful, however, your bills would add up in no time.  Except when you have money to burn, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

So if you are cutting down on costs in fixing your new home, you sure wouldn’t want to go for something expensive. Well, tiles these days are known to be a bit expensive. And that even depends on the quality of the tile you want to set up.

People tend to move towards flooring types that are inexpensive but still look amazing. And one example of that is laminate floor.

It’s amazing how laminate floors have become the trend in so many houses. Well, you can’t blame them. Laminate floors are very affordable, versatile and durable. And at that they look amazing.

So why bother waste money on something that would cost a fortune and still look similar to this? That must have probably been the thought of people when they chose laminate floor.

And not to also mention the fact that laminate floors can be placed on any other floor type. So you wouldn’t have to break into the floor before you can have this set up.

Laminate floors are composed of several materials that are bonded together under a very high pressure. And is made up of a lot of layers. That’s why laminate floors are known to be very hard and durable.

Similarly, this gives laminate floors an amazing look. Homes with laminate floors look simply amazing. Because it isn’t possible to have this gem in your home and it would still look the same.

Well, installing laminate floors is the easiest flooring you can do. It does not take time, since you don’t need nails and glue. Similarly, it’s very affordable.

When compared to tiles and even hard floors this is way better. It’s better than tiles in terms of price. And in terms of easy cleaning it’s better than hard floors.

Most people who install laminate floors usually encounter little or no problem while using it.

It’s quite easy to install and affordable but the main challenge here is maintaining it. Maintaining any floor type can be a challenge most times. Since you have to know the particular means with which you can clean it.

Since most floor types have different cleaning techniques, you have to learn the specific one for your floor type.

6 Ways to Keep Your Floor as New and Good-looking as Long as Possible

But not to worry, there’s a way out. You’re in luck to have come across this review. We have come up with top tips that can keep your floor shining. And that’s for a very long time at that.

In this section you will find out about things you can do to keep your laminate floor looking the same for years. And you can be sure that if you would apply these tips, your laminate floor would look amazing.

Ensure you clean the floor frequently

It’s true that cleaning at times can be really a hectic task. And it would require a bit of your energy. But the fact is that you would still have to clean whether you like it or not.

Especially when you have a really sensitive floor. Any floor type you have would require you to clean frequently. If not cleaned frequently, it would lead to build up of dirt. Which isn’t that good for a floor.

Since cleaning laminate floors isn’t that hard you should try as much as possible to clean it frequently. Cleaning it frequently wouldn’t be too much.

Once you remove dirt and dust from its surface almost every day, it would remain sparkling clean for a long time. And this way you would be able to enjoy using the product.

Sweep first, mop later

This is the very first thing you have to take note of when cleaning laminate floors. And this is because of the texture of laminate floors. They are sure strong and durable but need gentle touches.

If you are to apply the force used in cleaning a hard floor to cleaning a laminate floor, then you’re making a mistake.

Just a little exertion of force is needed in making laminate floors sparkling clean.

Also, you are to sweep the floor with a broom before you mop. This way you would remove the dust and dirt on the surface. And when you mop, it would be to make the floor shine.

When you use a broom ensure you use a broom with soft edges. A broom that wouldn’t scratch the surface of the floor. Actually if you have a broom, you could use a soft dry cloth instead.

Similarly, when mopping do not apply too much water on the surface of the floor. Excess water might end up forming spots on the surface of the floor. And you sure wouldn’t want that on your laminate floor.

The main purpose of this step is because surfaces of laminate floors are really sensitive. And any damage done to the surface can hinder it from giving you the luster you design. So it’s important to be very careful with your floor while you clean.

Avoid spills from drying up

At all times don’t allow spills to dry up on your floor. Once there is a spill on the floor a damp cloth would work well in removing it. It’s so easy to remove spills when they aren’t dry.

But when they are dry it becomes another story. Since you would have to exert a whole lot of force to get the stain out. And that might destroy the surface of your floor.

You also have to be careful with the kinds of chemicals you use on this floor. Because chemicals used can cause damage to the floor.

Once you use acetone in removing stains that water can’t remove you have to clean with water afterwards. Immediately you apply the chemical and the stain is gone, you have to clean with water.

For stains that can’t be removed with chemicals and water you have to contact an expert. So as not to completely scratch the protective covering of the floor.

Once the protective covering of the floor is still intact you have nothing to worry about.

Always avoid chemicals and abrasives

This next tip on our list is quite similar to the previous one. For laminate floors you have to be careful on substances that get in touch with the surface.

And this is simply because any chemical or abrasive that come in contact with the floor can cause damage.

This is why it is very important to be careful of the kinds of chemicals you use on the laminate floor. Water is all you need to make the floor look sparkling clean.

And even when you need to use acetone you have to use it at a very minimal rate. So that it doesn’t make any marks on the floor.

Similarly, do not try to use wax or polish on the floors to make it shine better. You could use it on any other floor type and it would work out well. But if you use it on laminate floors, you wouldn’t like the outcome.

Instead of the surface shining, it would probably make marks in the floor. And the protective covering would be gone. When this happens, the laminate floor wouldn’t shine as it’s meant to.

Avoid using too much water

Too much water on the surface of your laminate floor is another dangerous moves. Yeah, it’s true that water is the most suitable liquid to be used on a laminate floor.

But it should also be controlled. Too much of something isn’t always good. That’s what applies in this case.

Too much water on the surface of your laminate floor would make spots. And these spots would remain there for a very long time. And when this happens, your laminate floor wouldn’t shine as it’s supposed to.

Go for a deep clean at least once a year

There’s no doubt that most people only have the time to do light cleaning on their floors. Since there is a lot to attend to every day, you might not be able to spare 1 hour in cleaning your floor thoroughly.

Well that’s okay, most people don’t have the time.

It’s true that laminate floors would look great even when you only clean it with water. The materials used in building it can be thanked for that.

A daily cleaning routine is important, likewise an occasional deep cleaning routine is also needed. Since its deep cleaning, you should find at least a time of the year when you can do this.

You are not required to deep clean your laminate floor daily. This might end up destroying it. But once in a year you have to clean the floor thoroughly.

Even with cleaning your floor daily, there would still be a build of film somewhere. It’s actually unavoidable. So when you carry out this deep cleaning you would be able to reach every part.

Parts that you wouldn’t be able to reach on a day you are rushing to go to work.

And if this is done, you can be sure that your laminate floor would remain sparkling clean for a very long time.


It’s good to note that with an enzyme cleaner, you can clean up much better than with traditional means. You may be skeptical to hear that. But that’s understandable, given the fact that we’ve been used to doing it the conventional way. 

But know that without those enzyme cleaners in your system as a human, you may not be able to get the nutrients you need. And it’s highly likely you’ll suffer big time.

Why? Simply because these enzyme cleaners in our body help us digest food, breaking them down so the body can absorb them. Imagine how unfortunate it would be if you ate a full meal but won’t be able to make the most out of it.

You’d go hungry right? That only shows how powerful these enzymes are. And how helpful they can be.

Truly, using only traditional chemicals isn’t the only way to clean up.

Who wouldn’t want something better? Something more effective.

It’s also the reason why we give top recommendations to Pet Stain Cleaner and Odor Miracle. It hasn’t just claimed it can do the job. It has done the job as thousands of satisfied customers guarantee.

Further, you have money back guarantee here. Telling you this one is the real thing! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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