Dyson or Shark

Dyson or Shark? Battle of the Best Vacuums 2017

Dyson or Shark? If you want the best vacs, your search may have to end with these two names right in front of you. There was a time when Dyson had a lion’s share of the vacuum market. Today, that case may not be holding up. The British cleaning giant is being challenged by a name that has since made a mark in many American homes: Shark. 

And like any rivalry, this one is neck-to-neck. Perhaps because both are learning from each other, adapting to a very competitive market that’s changing at a frenetic pace. It’s true Dyson was the first to get its share – after Hoover and the rest of the American cleaning moguls have carved their own niches. But Shark was feisty right from the onset.

The European manufacturer streamlined its operations, placed majority of its manufacturing in China, and did what it had to do: come out with well-researched superior products. The end result: It’s gaining ground, eating into the market that once was beholden only to Dyson.

So if you want to make the most of your vacuum experience, knowing which of these models upends another is key. And that’s exactly what we’re showing you here.

Even better, we’re giving you the best models that rocked the American world from both brands. Showing you how each would fare against the other. What are the strong points and the weak points of each one.

So you can make the most bang for your buck. Read on.

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

You can see why this Dyson is well-loved. All the features show why this definitely a winner. You can’t really put this one down. It won’t do everyone justice.

You have a meticulous machine here. For one, the brush bar is strengthened by as much as 25% so dirt will really be driven out even from the deepest of carpets. But if you think this one is good only for carpets, think again.

This Dyson has self-adjusting great cleaner head. That way you get to seal in the suction no matter the floor – from high carpets to bare floor. That’s simply amazing.

Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

This may not be your cheap alternative but with every feature it has, you will know that this vac is definitely worth the buy. Yes, we’re not kidding about it. And you should know from all those people who’ve seen it.        

First up, you got radical technology here. With Radial Root or Cyclone technology, this Dyson is able to get more dirt compared to any other product under the British manufacturer’s banner. That’s truly amazing!

Plus, you have the self-adjusting cleaner heads so you get the clean you need no matter the floor – be it bare or carpeted. That’s another great point for this Dyson. Put in the mix its durable material and you know this one shouldn’t be left out in any consideration.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum 

You may think of the Rotator as the older brother of the Shark Navigator. For it has the same amazing features that are just too hard to find in any other brand or model. This time around the significant difference may be the weight. Here, you have a product just a little bit above 15 pounds. 

Now, that’s still very light. So with its Lift Away function, you would be able to clean those hard-to-reach areas in a cinch. No worries!

Plus, you’re ensured you will enjoy the clean air with this model. With a HEPA filter that blocks the resurgence of dirt and dust back to the ether by as much as 99.9 percent, it’s a done deal. Telling you this Rotator could be in the running as the best of the bunch.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads 

If you’re wanting to know which is the better brand,  starting with this model may end your search. Why? This one is the most popular of the bunch. And we know it’s no coincidence. 

Yes, given the same power and flexibility offered by its brother models, this Navigator is sure turning heads more than any other model in the A-list.

This one is 2 in products in 1 as most, if not all, of the Navigator series is. This way you get the convenience of a portable handheld and the power of a true upright. What makes this model a rare find is its reliability. For there never is a model that has been trusted with so many people than this one.

We know this one is making waves. You can’t really fabricate all those positive reviews.

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

If you want it to be light, this stick vacuum from Dyson should get you going. Why? It’s not just super lightweight; it’s also very powerful.

Well, light always means a lot less burden for you. And that’s what Dyson is giving you here. At just 8.8 pounds you’d be surfing yourself to glory land while cleaning your way through all the dirt. Yes, you’d be happy about cleaning.

But what’s really important is this one’s all powerful. With 3 times the power of any cordless vac system. Yes, you heard that right. This one’s three times more powerful – telling you this cordless is a must-have.

Let’s Compare the Best Vacuums of 2017

Detailed Comparison List










Dyson DC65

 Animal Upright

Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

10.7 x

11.5 x

 36.4 inches

21.2 pounds

Dyson DC40

Origin Upright

Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

8.8 x

10.8 x

 36.2 inches

14.6 pounds

Shark Rotator



 Upright Vacuum

Check prices

12.2 x

13.4 x

45.7 inches

15.5 pounds

Shark Navigator



with Dust-Away

& 2 Microfiber


Check prices

15 x

 11.4 x

45.5 inches

13.7 pounds

Dyson DC59

Animal Cordless

Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

29.2 x

10.7 x

6.1 inches

8.8 pounds



Check prices

47.2 x

13.4 x

 102 inches

8.6 pounds

Shark Rocket


Check prices

33.4 x

 12.2 x

10.7 inches

19.2 pounds

Shark Rocket


Check prices

10.5 x

 9.8 x

46 inches

7.6 pounds

Best Vacuums review

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

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Short review

Shark or Dyson? There are a lot of vacuum cleaner brands out there and these two might be the first ones that come to your mind.

Coming out of the Dyson lineup is its DC65. With its sleek built design, the suction power doesn’t come second. It pulls in significant amount of power and we are impressed by it.

The workmanship is very well done. The sturdiness is something that should be admired. Not only that, the Dyson DC65 is lighter, quieter and more compact thanks to its updated features. Also don’t forget the improvement in maneuvering.

The HEPA filters are a nice bonus. The DC65 breathes out clean and fresh air. It also comes with a number of accessories too such as:

·        Combination tool – a tool that can be switched out as a debris nozzle to a nice brush. Great 2-in-1 tool for dusting.

·        Stair tool – a handy tool that has 2 red felt strips just below the side. Used for removing debris and dirt from edge of the stairs, nooks and crannies.

·        Tangle-free turbine tool – a large device that comes with 2 rotating brushes and a red filter wheel on top of it. Often used in removing dust and pet hair on furniture, carpets, stairs and closed spaces.

However, this unit tends to heat up with constant usage. Also, there are only 2 rooms available to store it.

Things We Liked

  • checkSleek built
  • checkGreat workmanship
  • checkSturdy
  • checkGood attachments
  • checkHas HEPA filters

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tends to heat up in constant use
  • Limited storage are for the attachments

Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

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Short review

Also from the Dyson, here is the DC40. Just taken out of the box and we are impressed by the overall built. It is light, compact and sleek. Setting this up can be done fast with ease.

The ball is a great feature that enables the user better mobility in just a flick of the wrist. It allows reaching out into hard and tight places without using the wand to get under the furniture. Edge cleaning is just a click away from you.

You have the total control over your Dyson. The suction performance isn’t what we expected. It didn’t leave track marks in our low pile carpet and unable to grab on it. Nevertheless, it is capable to pick up fine dust and dirt.

Emptying the bin is also convenient and fast to do. The wand is too long and rigid that we find it awkward to work with but in constant use, it will loosen up. The cord is a little short. It could get a bit annoying but manageable. There may a lot of thoughts in your head such as Shark versus Dyson but this list may help you for settling in a decision.

Things We liked

  • checkLight
  • checkCompact and sleek built
  • checkEasy to set up
  • checkGreat mobility
  • checkCool edge cleaning

Things We didn’t like

  • Decent suction power, not great
  • Too long wand
  • Cord is a bit short

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum 

Check prices

Short review

In just 10 minutes, we already set the Shark Upright Lift-Away. Getting it together was easy and intuitive. All the switches and knob are close or on the handle.

It is on a reasonable price and the suction sucks in with incredible force. Its HEPA system is fully automated. Not just its filter, it is also equipped by Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. For guaranteed great quality and service, Shark offers a 5 year warranty.

It comes with good accessories such as Premium Turbo Brush, dusting brush and canister caddy completely for your comfort use. It also has LED lights.

However it comes with couple of cons. The cord isn’t retractable that may constrict your movement.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to assemble
  • checkConvenient to use
  • checkReasonable price
  • checkHas HEPA system
  • checkHas 5 year warranty
  • check Comes with good variety of accessories

Things We didn’t like

  • Lack of cord length

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads 

Check prices

Short review

The overall built of this Shark Lift-Away NV356E has fairly good construction but it is made of completely plastic. It is a bit flimsier and cluttered so handle it with care.

Having to argue between Shark versus Dyson about their appearances might get tricky here. We must say that Shark NV356E isn’t the handsomest vacuum out there but looks decent. It does its job neat and well.

While the ergonomics has holes here and there, its handle is comfy, well placed and easy to use. The main roller base can be navigated with ease and balancing is effortlessly done. Suction power also sounds great. However, it doesn’t come with any soft brush attachments.

The unit breathes out clean air. It smells clean which a huge bonus is. The filter is one of the specs that we really liked. It has multi-step filter system in two separate places. Popping out the base filter will give you a cringe on how dirty it was. It was astounding that it can still go on even if the filter is drenched in filth. Cleaning it regularly is still a must.

Things We liked

  • checkFunctional
  • checkInexpensive
  • checkLight
  • checkEasy to navigate
  • checkHas good balance
  • checkGood suction control
  • checkGreat filter system

Things We didn’t like

  • Flimsy design built
  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • No soft brush accessory

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

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Short review

Dyson Cordless DC59 screams out simplicity and convenience. With its fun, compact and light built, you can take it away anywhere within your home. It works quietly while it sucks in dirt, dust and even spider webs in nooks, crannies or vents.

It is capable to reach high and tight places with great ease. It is cordless so you are free to mobile while you’re cleaning. It is also great on stairs, hardwood floors and low pile carpet. You don’t have to bend down to get all those filth under your sofas and other furniture thanks to its thin and long head.

However, it isn’t a complete package. Long hairs tend to clogged up or tangled at the rotating bristles. The duct bin is also small and inclines to be messy every time you try to clean it. We also noticed that when we set it to highest speed, the battery goes down rather rapidly.

Things We liked

  • checkSimple to use
  • checkConvenient
  • checkCompact
  • checkCapable to reach tight and high

Things We didn’t like

  • Long hairs gets tangled at the rotating bristles
  • Small duct bin
  • Battery easily drained

Shark Rocket TruePet 

Check prices

Short review

Choosing between Shark versus Dyson might be tough. Another from the Shark family is the Shark Rocket HV322. It has intuitive and simple built which we find very easy to use. All hands down on the vacuuming power. The suction is powerful that it could take your face off. It works great on carpets and low pile carpets.

This unit is capable for a “grab and go” as a cleaning partner. The ergonomic is wisely designed to enhanced mobility by putting the dust bin on top. Storing it takes up small space. The attachments are in good quality and are nice additions.

 But it is incapable of standing on its own. It is the only trade off that we had noticed. It would have been perfect if it comes with a small plastic stand to prevent this from happening.

Things We liked

  • checkIntuitive
  • check Very easy to use
  • checkPowerful suction power
  • checkAllows great mobility
  • checkComes with good attachments

Things We didn’t like

  • Unable to stand alone

Shark Rocket DeluxePro 

Check prices

Short review

There is a lot of hype on buying vacuum suits your every need. Shark or Dyson has raised a question and there is a thin line differentiating both. That’s when Shark DeluxePro HV321 comes in.

Shark presents this unit as their new improved vacuum by recognizing few design flaws. They have included a rubber padding to ensure that the dust cover stays in put. It helps to avoid the cover from slipping and opening up. They also added an accessory specifically for floor cleaning.

With its light built and sturdy, it gives you a boost of mobility and less time exerted. It can use in just one hand effortlessly. The suction is great as it should be. The unit also has couple setting that you can freely use. For instance, the Area Rug setting allows you to vacuum the rugs without its corners getting sucks in.

The only thing that is off is that it is quite difficult to clean it. When you open the dust bin, it can be messy to clean.

Things We liked

  • checkImproved functionality
  • check Lightweight
  • checkHas additional attachments
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkGreat suction

Things We didn’t like

  • Dust bin can be messy to clean

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light 

Check prices

Short review

The competition is still high about the Shark versus Dyson best vacuum. The Shark Ultra-Light Vacuum, as the name suggests, is lightweight. In fact, it is the lightest here in the list. Regardless if you are going to choose Shark or Dyson, it all comes down to your lifestyle.

When you turn this little beast on, it mercilessly devours dirt and dust from carpets and rugs. It picks up any filth that comes its way. The transitions from high to low speed are easy to adjust.

Cleaning and emptying the dust bin can be done in a jiffy. The filter is completely washable and we highly recommend cleaning it regularly when you first using this unit. Otherwise, it will lose some of its suction power.

Due to its light weight, maneuvering it is piece of cake. Getting under your furniture and sink cabinets is not a problem. The cord has a good length without switching to your outlet to outlet.

It’s a bummer that it tends to topple over. The top is pretty heavy so it is unable to stand alone. Added to that, there is no room for the attachments to be on board. Shark provided a separate bag for it to store in. You have to take the bag with you whenever you clean and need it. We also noticed that the dust bin gets full fast. In the end, Shark or Dyson vacuum wouldn’t matter because this matter will be heavily decided by you based on your own preferences.

Things We liked

  • checkGreat suction
  • checkEasy transitions
  • checkEasy to clean
  • check Good maneuvering
  • check  Lightweight

Things We didn’t like

  • Tends to topple over
  • Unable for the accessories to be on board
  • Dust bin gets easily full


Dyson or Shark Vacs: 5 Criteria to Judge which is Best? 

If we are to count the biggest names in the cleaning industry, you may not end that conversation without mentioning Dyson or Shark vacuum cleaners. Yes, there are other prominent names in the field. But over the years, these two have gotten what we may call a lion’s share of the American market.

For sure, it’s no accident these two are on top of the list. But then again, if you’re wanting to get the best vacuum today, then you may have to look over which of these two are worth your time.

To get your search up to speed, we’re bringing you key areas to look into when you want the best between these two well-established brands.

1. Suction Power

Isn’t it obvious? Yes, that truly is but sometimes what’s obvious can really slip our minds. In terms of the ability of the vacuum to do away with dirt, a lot of methods have been devised to know how powerful a machine is.

Now that should be worth knowing – especially if you’re serious about getting the best vacuum for your abode. Know that convenience should be the order of the day. Exactly what  James Murray Spangler, the maker of the first upright vacuum wanted in 1908.

Suspecting his carpet sweeper to be the aggravating factor of his asthma, Spangler made some adjustments to his Bissell carpet sweeper creating a machine that stood upright that would become the forerunner of Hoover, another great American vacuum brand.

For your part, to know how powerful a suction is you got to familiarize yourself with a few measurements. But if you want to try for yourself firsthand, get your vac working at “carpet mode”. Max power.

Proceed to attach the floorhead’s machine to a nearby wall. A powerful vac shouldn’t have problems attaching itself to the walls – sans any external support.

But if you want to check numbers. The following are some of the most useful means to check on how powerful your Dyson or Shark machinery is:

  • Airflow

Airflow is measured by CFM or cubic feet per minute. Strictly speaking it’s the amount of air your vacuum is able to suck in a span of 1 minute. Area is measured in cubic feet. It’s truly useful.

And you’ll know that the higher the value the greater the suction power. Usually standard vacs operate within the range from a minimum of 50 CFM to maximum of 100 CFM.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not put this measurement on their list.

  • Water Lift

This is a more visual way to check how powerful a vacuum is. To do this, you need to seal the unit. After which, you should get it connected to a tube which contains a bag of water. You will know how strong the vac is by looking at how high the water rises when you make it do the vac action.

  • Air Watts

Another convenient method of knowing sucking power is air watts or AW. Basically, it’s the amount of watts your machine will use to get one unit of air through the vacuum’s nozzle. The higher the air watts, the greater its vacuum power.

You will realize, however, that a canister vac will require more AW than an upright one. Why? Simply because the canister variety will need to pull all the dirt through the long hose.

Then again, there is wattage (watts) and amperage (amps). Generally those with higher watts and amps are bound to be stronger as a vacuum. Still, it’s not really a very accurate way to measure suction.

Now, you can get a better idea which of the two machines you’re comparing is more powerful. Of course, you can’t really compare a handheld Dyson with a Shark upright. To get a better POV (point of view) you need to compare two similar machines – a Shark upright to a Dyson equivalent.

2. Feature for Feature

This is where it gets tricky. Before you set your eyes on a Dyson or a Shark, you should already have done your due diligence. That means, you will have figured out which particular variety of vacuum best fits your area of responsibility.

If you’re looking for one for a carpeted floor, then the rotating brush should be on top of your must-have list. However, if you’re more keen on keeping the beauty of your hardwood alive, then one which can put away all the brushes to avoid untimely scratches is definitely spot on.

It’s important therefore for you to know which particular vac type will save your day more than anything else.

On this note, you may say that these two European brands which are making a splash in America are pretty even in terms of features. For instance, both have models that has an on/off option when it comes to the powerful rotating brush.

Which simply means greater comfort for you.

3. Price

Most, if not all, of Shark’s machines are manufactured in China. Small wonder that the company is giving Dyson a tough time in terms of pricing.

Must be the reason why Shark as a brand is getting the lion’s share as it moves forward through the years. If you want to make the most of the dollar, you may be inclined to get the Shark brand. Even better, Sharks usually gives you a shorter leash. The power cord, usually shorter – making them lighter.

Thus, you’re bound to see a Dyson usually not only come at a higher price tag, they’re also heavier.

So it seems Shark may win on this round.

4. Warranty

It would really look like Shark is besting Dyson. Though that may be simplistic, the analogy can be applicable to the American market. Of course, there’s still Bissell – and Hoover is still a mainstay.

But warranty is another venue where we can have a glimpse why Shark is slowly wining more American hearts through the years.

Dyson may flaunt a 5-year warranty and other brands may shy away from competing with the European brand. It sounds like it’s getting the best out of its competitors.

But Shark vacuums boasts of 7-year warranties on most of their main models. It’s a big improvement. Most of the cordless Dyson variety have a standard 2-year as warranty; Shark with its Rocket lightweight models give 5 years on the product line.

As one columnist in Forbes wrote, Shark may have eaten Dyson’s lunch these past years. Then again, Dyson established itself way earlier than Shark so you should be very careful in your comparison.

Both are European manufacturers with Dyson based in Britain and Shark made by Euro-Pro.

Which is Better Standup vs Canister?

It may be design; it may be weight and all the things you need to drag with you with cleaning; but there is always a healthy debate which is better: a stand-up vac or one that is of canister type.

Well, this is a judgement call on your part. Like cars, you alone has the final say on which is best for you. That is why getting your choices right matters. A vacuum isn’t a candy bar that you consumer in one day and throw out.

To get you started right, here’s a lowdown on what makes each product offering tick. And what makes it a no-no. So you don’t have to live with a cleaning equipment you never wanted in the first place.

Upright Pros:

  • Budget-constraints

If your cash is tight, you may have to go for upright. They’re usually cheaper.

  • Best for carpets 

Traditionally, they’re best for thick rugs and carpets since by nature they used brushes that are motorized. Reason why upright is the more popular model before.

  • Easy Operation

You can transition from bare floors to carpeted ones by a simple foot action. No sweat.

  • No Backbreaking Work

With an upright, you need not bend just to get going. Unless of course you’re using a hose attachment.

  • Quick and Easy to Use

As everything is all set, you can work in a flash. No attachments to connect. It’s quick and easy. It also calls for easy storage. Nothing to dismount or take away.

Upright Cons:

  • Noisier than Most

If you have a baby or if you’re living right next to a nosy neighbor, the upright model may not be the best as it’s bound to be noisy. This is because it usually does not have a good insulation. Yes, to quality that, uprights are usually noisier than canister-types.

  • Heavy to Push Around

Yes, you can use them in a jiffy. No sweat. That’s because everything is there intact. The problem is all that machinery can take a toll on weight. Uprights are usually heavier than canister type models.

  • Not Suited for Hard to Reach Places

The upright design is best for big spaces where your work is mainly to get the room cleaned. When it comes to the corners and all the hard-to-reach areas, you may have an issue. Uprights, even with their hose attachments, are not the best design to clean these areas.

Canister Pros:

  • Power

If you want a strong suction, the canister is your man to beat. Without a significant limit on the size of its engines, these machines carry bigger ones compared to uprights. Thus, they have better suction and faster flowrate.

That can only mean a faster more efficient cleaning for you.

  • Lighter

As many would realize, canister types are lighter. This means you won’t have a weight issue pushing the around.

  • Peace and Quiet

Even with their big machines, canister variety are lighter. That should give you a lot more leeway cleaning a big room.

  • Well-equipped

You’d be surprised at all the tools available to you when using a canister model. You not only have a crevice nozzle which is good for getting dirt from the most hard-to-reach places, you have an army of attachments you can use (e.g., upholstery brush, mechanized brush).

Canister Cons:

  • Takes Time to Operate

All that attachments can take a lot of assembly time. An upright will get you running in no time. Not with a canister vac. All those accessories simply takes time to assemble.

  • Storage Issues

That long hose and separate wand can sure make you sweat when finding for a place to store the unit. Until, of course, when you disassemble them.

  • Dragging Issues

This is unique to canister models. Unlike an upright which you push forward the canister has to be dragged behind you. That can be troublesome for many. So if you don’t like to have to drag weight around everywhere you clean, canister isn’t for you.

  • Bend Over Issues

This may be the biggest case against canister-type. With upright, it’s simple. You clean, you move forward. You won’t have that benefit in canister as you’ll have to bend over every so often. That can truly be lost of trouble if your back is having pain issues. Or if you’re aged already and a backbreaking work is simply out of the question.


Whether it’s Shark or Dyson may not be the primary question after all. The best way to fill your need for the best vacuum is through due diligence – the conscientious way of looking at your needs in earnest and weighing which product offering suits you best.

Both Shark and Dyson have their strengths. They wouldn’t have lasted this long without putting their best foot out for everyone to see. And it’s plain and simple. If a product is bad chances are people will start throwing flak at it. And it will stick.

So far both these European brands have complied with the requirements to satisfy a largely discerning market. So you should carefully look into what particular model suits your needs best.

Whether it’s a canister type, an upright or a handheld doesn’t matter. Both these brands can deliver.

So how do you know which is best for you? Well, since we don’t know your circumstances we can’t really get down and dirty to push one product as most fitting. However, there’s a caveat.

If you want to know which one has delivered the most, then we have an answer for you. And that should be the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E).

We are not saying Dyson is far greater than Shark or the other way around. What we’re saying is this product has made its users most productive – more than any.

Why? It has received more positive reviews than any of the product listed. Well, you can say that could be accidental. But we beg to differ.

People don’t have a motive to lie. They post their reviews because it’s what they’ve experienced. So that leaves us to you. If you’re wanting to get the best the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E) is spot on.

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