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Most Energy Efficient Space Heater 2018

Most Energy Efficient Space Heater 2018

Why suffer the cold when you can have an energy efficient space heater? Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that. As you may know very well by now, there are a lot of ways to fry an egg. Without using oils, however, you may be in for a long day. Same goes for dealing with cold problems.

It’s a complex issue, right from the onset. One that should get you doing a little math. Why? Because it’s about energy efficiency. Without putting in the effort you could be throwing dollars without you knowing it.

Here’s a take. The most efficient electric heater can save you some – that’s true. A Minnesota Chamber of Commerce piece detailed recently the merits of a space heater. But when you do it in excess – for extra ‘comfort’ for instance – you’re courting disaster.

You could end up inflating that which you don’t want to bloat – your electric bill. And you wouldn’t want that. Would you?

Of course, there’s a right way to do things. Same goes for your airconditioning, right? When you crank up the thermostat you could be spending more than you have to.

To get you started right, we’re putting on the line the best space heaters this side of the planet has known. When you come to think of it, it’s all a matter of due diligence. Our job is to help you make yours a lot easier. Faster. So you can get more bang for your bucks. Read on.

​Dr Infrared Portable Heater

A well-endowed product indeed, this Dr Infrared Heater could be just the space heater you need to get you going. But why infrared? That should be a great advantage for you, truly. Add this product’s great price and you know this one’s a great buy right from the onset.

Infrared radiative heaters don’t waste time keeping you warm. Unlike convective heating, infrared doesn’t warm the air around it. Instead the heat goes directly to the clothing or to the skin. This way, it’s truly a godsend for giving people the warmth they need in rooms with poor insulation. Also, this is ideal for outdoor heating.

What  makes this Dr such a must-buy is this one has got your safety in mind. With its overheat protection and tip-over protection, you’re assured you won’t have to think twice about your safety with this running in your abode. Note, thousands of ER visits and hundreds of deaths have transpired due to faulty space heaters. Not with this one.

Add its remote control and light weigh at 24 pounds and you this one’s a treasure find. A real doctor to warm you.

Lasko 6435 Ceramic Heater

Wow! You really won’t think this one’s a heater with its sleek artsy design. You’re bound to think of it as a decorative piece. But don’t get us wrong. The Lasko is armed to the teeth when you talk about giving you the heat you need. 

The advantage with an oscillating heater is that you get full room coverage – thanks to the wave-like nature of oscillation that travels the lengths of the room in a jiffy. Plus, you have overheat protection here that’s automatic. No worries.

And when you get this one, no assembly is required as this 1500 watt-powerhouse comes fully-assembled. Truly neat! Add its’ designer finish and remote control and this one’s surely a top contender in your search for best space heaters.

​DeLonghi EW7707CB Safe Heat

Like the entry before it, this DeLonghi is a 1500-watt beast. But even with all that power, this electric fan looking heater is as silent as you want it. So you’d be assured you can be up to the task to the work at hand when you get this one. No loud noises to interrupt you.

Plus, you’ve got a steel assembly that’s patented here which doesn’t require you to refill its oil. It’s definitely a win-win situation for you.

And if you want to minimize energy costs, just press the ColorTemp Button and you get to maintain optimal temperature without shedding too much needed energy. If you want to move this around, it’s no sweat. With no-assembly-needed wheels you can bring this one just wherever you need it most. Truly neat!

Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater

Wow! Dyson may be a noted brand for vacuum cleaners, a household word in that industry. Here, however, you can say Dyson has truly topped itself – coming out with a space heater that also acts as a cooler when you need it to. A true marriage of commitment.

Yes, in winter this Dyson draws air heating it over its PTC plates and out comes the warmth you need. That should be enough to get you going. As amazing as that may sound, that’s not everything it can do. This Dyson with its patented Air Multiplier tech sucks air around you putting out a powerful airflow that should get you the cool you need in the middle of summer.

Amazing right? This 2-in-1 is truly a treasure find. No doubt about that. What’s even more interesting is that heat or cold wave is distributed evenly thanks to the oscillating motion of the fan.

On the down side, this product offering’s definitely not cheap. But looking at what it can do (and it’s cool design) it’s a bargain, if you ask us.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Heater 

If you’re looking for a formidable heater that won’t harm your budget, this DeLonghi should be spot on. At its price, you should be running to buy it – granting your needs aren’t that pronounced. 

First up, you’re looking at another 1,500-watt unit here. The good news is this space heater can be toned down to 750 watts for low setting.

As for safety, no worries. You have thermal cut-off here that along with its internal tip-over switch and the nifty power/caution lights (indicator) should give you all the safety you need to rest assured.

Plus, this one’s sleek enough to add glamor to any room. Heck, you can even have this wall-mounted, telling you if you need a piece to warm you that won’t cut a hole in your wallet, this should be top of your list.

Let’s Compare the Most Energy Efficient Space Heater of 2018

Detailed Comparison List










Dr Infrared

 Portable Heater

23.5 po​​​​unds

13 x

11 x

16 inches

Check prices

Lasko 6435

Ceramic Heater

10 pounds

8.2 x

8.2 x

16.1 inches

Check prices



Safe Heat

24.1 pounds

13.8 x

25 x

10.8 inches

Check prices

Dyson AM04

Hot + Cool


1.3 pounds

7.8 x

7.9 x

 22.8 inches

Check prices


HMP1500 Mica


15.5 pounds

27 x

10 x

22 inches

Check prices

Ambia Ach-

120 Portable

Ceramic Heater

5.3 pounds

18 x

7 x

8.5 inches

Check prices



 Safe Heat

4.9 pounds

7.5 x

9.8 x

 13.8 inches

Check prices

Most Energy Efficient Space Heater Review

Dr Infrared Portable Heater

Check prices

Short review

This very first heater has earned its place on this list. It’s been proven and tested to be one of the best energy efficient space heater. For a heater that helps heat up your room this fast you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling cold in your home. 

When this heater was compared to other space heaters it heated up the same amount of space in a short period of time.

And what’s even better is that this heater works way better than space heaters with more than twice its price.

It also uses a dual heating system that helps transfer heat easily. This system uses convection to transfer the heat around the home and also infrared heat. With this in no time you would be feeling warm.

Also, with this energy efficient space heater it consumes less energy but gives a greater output. This 1500 watts delivers 250F 3.5m/s of heat in your home which is higher than a regular heater.

So with this energy efficient space heater you get more while you spend less.

This energy efficient space heater is also an efficient blower. It generates a very high pressure and moves it at a very low speed. That’s why it does not makes any noise.

You would use this space heater in your home and you wouldn’t even remember that an appliance is on.

Also, this heater is built to be able to handle so much stress. Which is why it lasts for a very long time. Actually this heater is known to be able to function well for 80,000 hours. So you would be able to use this heater for a very long time.

That’s why this heater still remains one of the most efficient electric heater.

Things We Liked

  • checkCan heat up a large room
  • checkRemote control
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkQuiet
  • checkDust filter isn’t efficient

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Dust filter isn’t efficient

Lasko 6435 Ceramic Heater

Check prices

Short review

This heater looks just like a flower pot placed in its stand. And with its unique design it has crept into the hearts of many. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s already finding its way into your heart.

It has an oscillation which is suitable for full room coverage. This energy efficient space heater would be able to provide heat for a large room. So if you’re looking for a heater that would be suitable for your living room you can opt for this.

Also, you can easily adjust the temperature settings with this heater. So you can choose which would best work for you at that point in time. And with this you would get to reduce energy consumption.

This heater also has an automatic shut-off. So once it’s 7 hours after you switch it on it would automatically go off. This is also to help conserve energy in your home.

Interestingly, this energy efficient space heater is very affordable. So you wouldn’t have to break into a bank to get one.

One thing though is that the material used in building this heater isn’t so strong. It might start melting when the heat it’s producing is quite much.

Things We liked

  • checkOscillation for full room coverage
  • checkOverheat protection
  • checkWell assembled
  • checkAutomatic thermostat setting

Things We didn’t like

  • Material isn’t do strong

DeLonghi EW7707CB Safe Heat

Check prices

Short review

Top quality heater you’ve got here. This next heater on our list is a true definition of high quality product. Just by looking at it you can tell from its well compartmentalized parts that it’s a good heater. And it was built specifically to provide a high output.

And what’s even better is that this heater is very affordable. You wouldn’t have to pay through your nose to have one in your home. And when compared to other pricey heaters it performs way better.

That’s why customers are raving about this energy efficient space heater.

With its ComforTemp button you would be able reduce energy cost. This button helps maintain an optimum temperature. So with this your heater would provide less energy or too much energy.

Also, its patented thermal slots helps to maximize the heat being released. And with this still maintains a cool surface area.

Without doubt, this energy efficient space heater deserves a spot on this review.

One thing though that can be fixed in this heater is the light that is indicated in the thermostat control panel. It would be better if the number of the temperature is indicated on the control panel.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to use
  • checkComfort temp temperature
  • checkNo assembly required
  • checkEasy to transport

Things We didn’t like

  • Temperature isn’t indicated

Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater

Check prices

Short review

You have here another quality heater. Mere looking at this Dyson heater you would know it isn’t a regular heater. With amazing features this heater remains one of the most efficient electric heater.

First, this heater is an expert at projecting heat at a very fast rate. This works very fast in making your room very warm. It attracts all the air in the surrounding and releases a hot air.

So within minutes of you putting this unit on you wouldn’t be shivering any longer.

Also, this heater is able to transmit hot air at a very wide range. And when it does this hair is distributed equally around the room. This way you would be able to feel direct heat at every part of your room.

Using this heater right here is also very safe. It has safety features that automatically cuts off heat once this heater falls. So you don’t have to worry about the heater setting your carpet or rug on fire.

Similarly, this heater unlike most other heaters has no visible heating materials. It’s a good heater but it uses a totally different technique in making your room warm.

Well, controlling this heater is also very easy. It is accompanied by a remote control. And this remote control can be used to make different temperature settings. It can also be used to control how hot the heat produced should be.

This way from a far distance you can put on this heater. And this makes it less stressful for you especially if you are too tired to stand on your feet.

That’s why this heater is known as one of the most efficient electric heater.

Although this energy efficient space heater is a bit expensive it is sure worth the price.

Things We liked

  • checkAir multiplier technology
  • checkSafety features
  • checkPrecise
  • checkCooling fan

Things We didn’t like

  • A bit more expensive

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Heater

Check prices

Short review

This is one heater is very light in weight. And its lightweight makes it very easy to place it anywhere in your home. It also has small tires that allow this heater to move freely. These tires make it very easy for you to transport.

So if you do decide to change the position of your energy efficient space heater it wouldn’t be a problem.

Also, this heater has a sleek design that would fit most likely in any part of your home. It can stand on its own in your room or can be attached to the wall. Either way it fits in well in any part of your home.

Similarly, using this heater helps lower electricity bills. It has a thermostat with which you can control the power consumption. So if you are in a big room you can opt for the 1500 watt energy. And if you are in a small room you can opt for 750 watt energy.

This way you wouldn’t have to waste energy in a small room that doesn’t require that much heat.

With this heater you also get to enjoy the peace and quiet while you sleep. Even though it provides so much heat it doesn’t make noise. So you can have a good sleep at night while you feel warm.

Actually it doesn’t use a blower. Instead it uses a Mica-Thermic technology that provides electromagnetic waves. This way it efficiently heats up the room even without the use of a blower.

That’s why every review list in town has this energy efficient space heater on its list.

Although, you must also know that this heater isn’t so suitable for large rooms. You might feel its impact in a large room but in small room you wouldn’t feel cold with this heater on in your room.

Things We liked

  • checkProvides instant heat
  • checkQuiet
  • checkLower energy bills
  • checkMica-Thermic technology
  • checkEasy to move

Things We didn’t like

  • Not so suitable for large rooms

Ambia Ach-120 Portable Ceramic Heater

Check prices

Short review

With a unique design this heater would most likely fit in well in any part of your house. No kidding, this heater’s design is one that will look quite good even when placed by the corner. Which is why many people opt for this energy efficient space heater.

Well, that’s not the only reason why customers are raving about this heater. It also small in size. So that means while this beauty is lying just by the side of your room it wouldn’t disturb you.

This would be a good option to opt for if you have a small apartment or you live in a dorm.

You might think that because this heater is small in size it wouldn’t be able to provide enough heat for your room, but no. This is one power house you’ve got here. This portable heater is able to provide enough heat that would keep you warm for a long time.

As well, this heater has two compartments where heat is released. And these two compartments are separable. Which means you can keep one compartment on one side of your room and on the other side you can keep the other compartment.

This way the heat would be able to circulate well in every part of the room and this allows the heat to diffuse a bit faster.

Also, it also has a control panel that allows you to choose from 6 different temperature settings. This way you can easily choose a temperature most suitable for you. Depending on how cold it is in your room.

With this and many more this heater is known as one of the most efficient electric heater.

But you must also know that this heater is a bit noisy and this can be really annoying.

Things We liked

  • checkHeat modules separate up to 6 feet
  • checkAdjustable thermostat
  • checkSmall in size
  • check6 different temperatures settings

Things We didn’t like

  • It’s a bit noisy

DeLonghi DCH5090ER Safe Heat

Check prices

Short review

This is the last but not the least product on our list. It’s small in size but functions way more than its size. Consuming just 1500 watts this energy efficient space heater is able to provide heat for small to medium rooms.

With its side to side oscillation, the heat is well distributed in your home.

Not to also mention the fact that it has multiple heat settings. Ranging from EcoEnergy to boost to minimum you get to choose what would suit you. If the temperature isn’t that cold you could opt for a lower heat temperature. And if on the other hand it’s very cold you can opt for a higher temperature.

The good thing is that this multiple heat settings helps you to cut down on electricity cost. You get to choose when you want a little increase in temperature and when you want a very high temperature. This helps you cut down on energy consumption.

Well adjusting this energy efficient space heater is very easy. It has a digital control panel just in front. And with this panel you can easily choose whatever mood you want it to be. And it also has an LCD display where you can view the changes.

That’s not all. You also don’t have to be anyway close to the heater before you can control it. It has a remote control that functions well in adjusting the temperature. This remote control just makes a lot easier.

You could just stand by the corner of your room feeling and with a remote control you would put a heater that would make you warm in no time.

Also, because of its small size you can keep this just by the corner of your room. And it wouldn’t occupy so much space. So if don’t have that much space to free up for a heater you can opt for this.

Although, if the handle of this heater is a lot stronger and improved using it would a lot easier.

Still given its unique features this still remains one of the most efficient electric heater.

Things We liked

  • checkReduces electricity bill
  • checkSafe to use
  • checkAdjustable thermostat
  • checkEase of use

Things We didn’t like

  • Handle is not so strong


Zeroing in on The Pros and Cons of Electric Heaters

True, there’s a lot of ways to skin a cat. And a handful ways to get your room the desired temperature when you’re in the middle of winter. It’s a no-brainer. You don’t have to feel the numbness getting to your fingers to know you got to stay as warm as possible to stay sane and healthy. Unless you want to end up stiff and alone.

You need not put your fate in the balance. Not employing any outside forces to get you the right temperature is plain stupidity. Of course, you can always rely on the services of oil furnaces or boilers. But what’s the best way to get it done.

To help you solve such a conundrum, we’re looking into the more recent addition to the team: electric heaters. We would like to show you why employing the electricity-driven heating mechanism may be the best decision you can make to warm your abode. Or not. Read on.

The Pros

1. Quick to Respond

Most electric heaters you find out there work at a magnificent rate in make your room warm. It takes little or no time for you to start feeling the heat your heater is producing. And this is a very big advantage because you wouldn’t have to die of cold before the heater produces heat.

Actually some heaters produce heat at a very fast rate because of their blowers. Some heaters have blowers while some don’t. Heaters with blowers blow warm air and circulates it around the whole house. So in little or no time you would feel warm.

While some use other means like waves and convection method of heat transfer. This can be actually said to be a bit faster. Because these waves travel a bit faster and circulate faster also.

2. Temperature can be easily controlled

Gone are the days where you wouldn’t be able to control the amount of heat the burner produces. With an electric heater is an entirely different story. You get to control how much heat you want in your room.

Most electric heaters outs there have a control panel and a thermostat. With this you get to regulate the amount of heat and you also get to reduce electricity consumption.

Here is where it comes in very handy. For instance it’s cold but not too cold so you can decide to opt for the minimal heat temp. And when it’s very cold you can decide to opt for the maximum heat temp.

This way you get to conserve energy while using your electricity heater.

Also, most electric heaters you find out there have remote controls. So you would be able to easily adjust the temperature any time. And you also don’t have to be that close to the electric heater do do that. As long as the remote is directed to the heater, you’re good to go.

3. Less Expensive and Easy to Install

Compared to other types of heaters electric heaters are less expensive. And also easy to come by. Just pressing your phone or laptop you can find really good electric heaters( not like others are hard to find). And they come at really catchy prices.

So you wouldn’t have to break into a bank to be able to have one in your home.

That’s not all. Installing electric heaters is a piece of cake. No rocket science is needed for you to be able to set this unit up. And this is because most of them are really portable in size. You could just place it by the side of your room without any stress.

And those that need attachments to the wall are also very easy.

Since it uses electricity all you have to do is plug your electric heater to the wall and you’re good to go.

4. Saves you from being stranded

Ever been in a situation whereby you were so cold but there was no heater? Simply because your only heater stopped functioning? Well, that isn’t such a good experience to remember. But is something you can avoid happening next time.

Here is another advantage of electric heaters over other heaters. Because they are small in size and affordable you can afford to have more than one in your house. So in different corners of your home, there would be different heaters.

So on the occasion that one of the heaters stops working you would still be kept warm all thanks to the other heaters in the home.

That just simply means electric heaters provide back ups once there’s failure with one.

5. Occupies less space

One great advantage of an electric heater is that it helps conserve space in your home. Most electric heaters you find out there are really small in size. and they do not occupy so much space. Most of them fit in well by the corners of rooms.

So if you need a heater that wouldn’t take up so much space in your home this is a good option to opt for.

Also it makes it suitable for you if you have a small living apartment. A heater is sure important during winter. So you would need one that can fit in well into your small home. and that heater is an electric heater.

The Cons

1. Expensive to operate

One great disadvantage of most electric heaters is that they consume a lot of electricity. Although you can limit the amount of electricity it consumes daily, that isn’t enough. The only source of energy for this heater is electricity. And a lot of energy is needed to get this heater working.

So there would be an increase in your electricity bill. Lucky you, if the charge isn’t much. But if on the other hand the charge is really high you might want to opt for other types of heaters. This is because in the long run the money you spend on electricity bill can be pretty much.

2. Electricity hazard

Some people suggest that this can lead to a fire outbreak in the house. And if you analyze it well it can be true. But this can only be true when your connection has a problem or a disconnection issue.

Your heater produces heat, and uses electricity to generate this heat. If there is an electricity issue in your home all appliances connected to a power outlet at that time would be affected. And when this happens it can lead to your heater blowing up.

In the end it all depends on how strong that electricity problem is. And also on the type of material used in making the heater.

3. Circulation is limited

Actually this depends a lot on the number of space heaters you have in your home.If you can count at least two your living room then this might not be a problem. But if it’s only one this might be a problem.

This is because the space heater would only be able to provide heat to a particular area. And circulating it round might be a little bit difficult. With this there would be an unequal distribution of heat in the room.

Why Saving Energy Matters to Mother Earth?

Have you ever imagined how living in other planets would be? Probably Mars or Jupiter? Well, as easy as the movies may depict it; it’s not easy. Factors necessary for our survival aren’t present on these planets. Which is why you can’t find humans living on those planets.

Anyway, one of those factors is energy. There are actually different types of energy. But the interesting part is that this energies work together to make living on earth a lot easier.

For instance, solar energy. Just by spreading our clothes outside they get dried up. Also water energy, which helps generate electricity which has become a necessity in our everyday life.

But as humans we are prone to misuse things and this has led to pollution and increased greenhouse effect. Here’s a lowdown on some of the things America is known to have wasted Mother Earth:

Hungry America

America is like a giant child that has to be fed by villagers or it may wreck havoc on the whole village. You may detest the imagery but it’s true. America is the biggest consumer of energy in the whole wide world.

And we’re not messing around. Scientific American calls it “Oversize America”. The distinguished magazine speaks how America consumes a lot more natural resources than anyone developed nation in the world. Worse, we’re living a lot less sustainably. Think about it.

It is said a child that is born in America is going to cost nature a lot more than any child on Earth. It is observed a “child in America will give Mother Earth 13 times more damage than one born in Brazil”.

Now, you may be taken aback by all this. But the data shows specifically how we put to waste nature’s power. And still do. It’s a tragedy of sorts.

Here are some of the horrid details of America’s excess consumption.

  • America’s population is yet to approach 5 percent of the whole world but it consumes 1/3 of the paper produced globally

  • ¼ of the world’s oil

  • 23 percent of total coal

  • 19 percent of total copper

Even the biggest nations doesn’t compare. Fuel consumption by Americans is double that of people from Great Britain. We use public transportation the least – just a measly 7 percent do it on a daily basis. Most people prefer to ride cars.

China may be the most populous nation with a population many times bigger than America and yet Americans are by far the undisputed leader in per capita consumption in most resources globally.

Getting It Done

It’s an uphill climb but it’s possible. Starting with one. With you.

And it may not take much too. Saving energy starts with just something small like removing your charger from the socket when you’re done charging, putting off bulbs when they are not in use and many other instances.

This way we get to reduce the amount of electricity we consume daily. So what’s the advantage? Well we reduce our electricity consumption we get to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

And fossil fuels are a source of contamination to the air around us. It helps pollute the environment and also helps increase greenhouse effect.

This indeed has led to a great change in climate and it is affecting mother Earth. But once we are all able to reduce fossil fuel consumption we would help restore our climate. And also reduce pollution and greenhouse effect.


An energy-efficient space heater is no guarantee you’ll be cutting your electricity bills anytime soon. That should be made clear. No matter how energy efficient your desired unit is if you don’t know how to use it right, you’re bound to lose some precious dollars. No doubt about it. 

Central heating systems have also their way of giving you the comfort you need. That, compared with a space heater, could be a lot more economical for you.

For instance, using a space heater to bring heat to more than 1 room can be a formula for an electrical overflow for you. As pointed out by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, space heaters work best when you confine them to one room. Over that number of rooms, they become less cost-effective. In fact, they become a burden to your wallet.

Even then they’re energy-efficient. How much more if they aren’t?

Also, there’s that instinctive possibility that could lead us to ruin. When we enjoy something, we tend to abuse it. You could say that of anything – from sex, drugs to alcohol. Reason why so many addictions are spreading all across America.

Same with the most efficient electric heater. If you feel comfortable around it, you may use it even in times when you don’t actually need it.

It’s for this reason that we tip our hats to Dr Infrared Portable Heater. Why? Because given all these circumstances, it still performs best. In short, it’s the least likely to cause your monthly bill to spike up. And also, it won’t cut a huge hole in your wallet right from the onset.

It’s as energy-efficient as can be. And more people attest to that than any product on the list. Solid proof you can bank on.

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