Best Mop for Hardwood Floors

Best of the Best Mop for Hardwood Floors 2018

Well, if you want your floor to shine then wood is your go-to guy. You should be able to get all the shine you need in the world. With the right wood, that is. To make it all happen, however you need to have the best mop for hardwood floors. Otherwise, those shine will just become lost in the wind. 

For sure, America’s infatuation with carpet has made a lot of homes beaming with pride. There’s simply more houses choosing the thick rug over plain wood.  But if you’re looking to have your floor as shiny as can be, you certainly won’t be doing it with carpet.

And yet, wood needs to be taken care of. A good steam mop can help get the job done neatly. But a bad one can also damage your precious wood like no other.

To arrive at your desired result, you need to evaluate various kinds of mops for your wood. Not all mops are the same, much as you may want them to be.

On the same token, you need to apply your mop properly. When not done right, the same mop that made your wood clean can destroy it. A steam mop could take away the beauty of your wood. It can cause what we call as buckling right at the seams, issues that could be avoided with the right application of the device.

To help your search, therefore, we’ve made it a point to gather the best mops for hardwood floors. That way, your search should be a lot faster. Even better, we’re showing you how each one stack against each other. So you can choose better and not settle for less. Read on.

Professional Dust Mop for Hard Floor 

This one’s truly professional and you should rest easy using this one. Already, this is good for multi-floors. Not just a wet mop but a dry mop too. So if you want to use it for hardwood or tile or laminate, it’s no problem. This mop has you covered.

What could really get you is the support. The manufacturer is giving a lifetime warranty. Imagine that! That speaks volumes on the kind of great offering you’re getting here.

That warranty is a treasure trove. It doesn’t matter if the product bends or gets broken, it can be replaced. At no cost. Really amazing!

Add the 60-inch easy to assemble handle and you have a real winner here.

Mopnado Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop

Well, if you’d like to upgrade your mopping experience, this Mopnado product offering should get you going. You have a stainless steel product here telling you you’re getting something really reliable when you buy this one. 

We’re talking about the spin dry basket. While others are still left in the Dark Ages with a basket made of plastic or aluminum, you got steel here. Stainless variety to be exact.

Plus, this is a spin mop which won’t get your energy to a low. It’s a cinch to rinse with its patented technology. So you won’t need to spend a great deal of energy just to clean up. No wonder people are flocking by the thousands to use this one.

Scotch-Brite Microfiber Mop 

Well, if you want a simple way to your cleaning problems, this Scotch-Brite is spot on. The biggest draw for this one is its price, in comparison to the rest. You have here the cheapest of the bunch.

The great thing about this microfiber mop is it is capable of trapping dust and dirt easily. Just a lift and you got everything covered. Best for hardwood – also for bamboo floors and laminate. That’s telling you this is best suited for hard floors.

Commercial Grade Dust Mop

Here’s another microfiber mop, a traditional one to be exact. What you want to know is this is using commercial grade materials. That only tells you this is built for the kill. For whatever heavy cleaning you need.

And this is perfect for hardwood with its microfiber material. This is a dust mop that’s washable allowing you to get rid of pesky dust and dust mites plaguing your hardwood. That with its lightweight durable aluminum will get you all the cleaning you need without losing too much energy.

Another microfiber tool you have here. That should allow you to get all those pesky dirt, hair and whatever minutiae left behind to be taken care of. Quite simplistic actually. Must be the reason why you have not much of a price here. So that should save you some.

Even better, you can use this like a broom. With its nifty design, you can utilize a sweeping effect to get you the deeper clean you need. In a jiffy. You have two versions of one product here. You can use the microfiber if you want to or have the terry cloth. It’s not a spin mop but it should do the job like those traditional mops do.

Let’s Compare the Best Mop For Hardwood Floors of 2018

Detailed Comparison List











Dust Mop

for Hard


32.5 x

6.5 x

2.5 inches

1.1 pounds





Rolling Spin


20 x

14 x

11.5 inches

9.9 pounds




59 x

 6.2 x

2 inches

1.1 pounds


 Grade Dust


6 x

32 x

2 inches

1.8 pounds



Hard Wood

Floor Mop

56 x

9 x

2.5 inches

3.7 pounds




 Spray Mop


30.2 x

6.8 x

 4.5 inches

3.1 pounds



Floor Spray


5.8 x

4 x

28.8 inches

5.1 pounds

Best Mop for hardwood floors review

Professional Dust Mop for Hard Floor

Short review

Are you tired of the way your hard floor looks after every clean? Simply because you use a regular mop that isn’t suitable for hard floors? Well, there’s good news for you. This very first product on our list might just be what you need for a change. Professional Dust Mop for Hard Floor is an ideal mop for hard floors. 

And you can sure expect a great change once you start using this amazing piece for your hard floors.

This is one of the many reasons why it is regarded as one of the best mops for hard floor in town.

It removes any form of dust and dirt with ease. And gives your hard floor an amazing look. You would be surprised at the turn out of events once you’re done cleaning your hard floors.

Another amazing feature about this dust mop is its weight. This mop weighs a measly 1.1 pounds. You definitely won’t call something that weighs 1.1 pounds heavy, or would you?

Anyway the point here is that this mop is light in weight. And this makes it very easy to carry around the house while you clean your hard floor.

As well it also won’t be heavy for a teenager to carry. So if you want to delegate the task to your child, you can be sure he would be able to handle this well.

This among many other reasons is why customers say it’s one of the best mops for hard wood you could ever use.

Similarly, this mop has a really strong extendable handle. The good thing is that you can adjust its handle to whatsoever height you desire. Any height comfortable for you as you clean.

Also, it’s very strong. The probability that it would break or bend is very small. And in case it does happen there is a lifetime warranty available, for replacement at no cost.

No doubt, this still remains one of the best mops for hard floors but it also has its flaws. One of which is that its extended rod keeps collapsing. So you would have to hold it all the way while you clean.

Things We Liked

  • checkLifetime warranty
  • checkExtendable handle
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkLight in weight
  • checkDry and weight pad
  • checkVersatile
  • checkAssembly instructions are available

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Extended handle keeps collapsing

Mopnado Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop

Short review

Looking for a mop that is very easy to handle? And would make your cleaning a breeze? Well, your search might just be coming to an end very soon. Mopnado Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop is known to be one of the best mops for hard floors.

Not only because it is very easy to handle but also because it makes cleaning a lot faster and interesting for you.

So if you don’t enjoy the part where you have to clean your home every now and then you have to check this out. You would most likely be motivated to clean your home more often.

No wonder customers rave about this mop as one of the best mops for hard floors.

This mop was specially designed for the main purpose of making cleaning hard floors a lot easier. It has specific parts that play a role in reducing your stress while you clean.

One of which is its extended length handle. With this feature you wouldn’t have to bend every now and then because the height isn’t comfortable. You can easily adjust the height to something very comfortable for you.

Similarly, you don’t have to exert so much energy in rinsing the mop head. All thanks quality to its mop plates, the mop head would spin well.

Also, the mop bucket that comes with this mop is simply the bomb. This mop bucket has a wheel that makes it very easy to transport around the house.

Similarly, you can be sure that this mop would last for a very long time. The high quality material used in building this mop makes it able to withstand stress well.

So even if you plan on using it on a regular basis, it still wouldn’t bend or break.

One of its flaws though is that it is that replacement parts are not been sold. So if in case a part malfunctions you wouldn’t be able to replace it.

But still given its features it still remains one of the best mops for hard floors. And having one in your home would be a plus.

Things We liked

  • checkExtended length handle
  • checkEasier to use
  • checkTop quality product
  • checkDurable
  • checkMakes cleaning a lot easier

Things We didn’t like

  • Parts aren’t replaceable

Scotch-Brite Microfiber Mop

Short review

If what you are looking for is something really simple that would still be able to do the trick you are at the right spot. This next product on a list is very simple in design but also very efficient. Scotch-Brite Microfiber Mop works fine just like any other mop out there.

But one main reason why it is known to be one of the best mops for hard floors is its microfiber pad. This microfiber pad does wonders in cleaning up the surface of the hard wood. It is known for trapping and lifting dust and dirt.

So if the hard wood in your home has accumulated more than enough dirt and dust you should consider getting this mop.

The reason being that it would take in all that dust and dirt and make your floor look exceptionally clean.

Similarly this light weight mop is quite easy to lift. You sure wouldn’t be stressed out if you are to carry this around the house all day long. Since you wouldn’t want to be stressed out any further by the weight of the mop, you should consider getting this.

Also as long as you have a good floor cleaner this mop will function well in making your floor sparkle.

All these and more is the reason why you would find this product on the list for the best mops for hard floors.

Although it has amazing features it also has some flaws. One of which is that it isn’t as strong as some other mops out there.

Things We liked

  • checkCleans dirt easily
  • checkAlso good for laminate and bamboo floors
  • checkReusable microfiber
  • checkWashable microfiber
  • checkEasy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Handle is not so strong

Commercial Grade Dust Mop

Short review

Are you in for a totally different experience with your mop? Well, this next product would be able to provide you with that amazing experience. Commercial Grade Dust Mop is known to be one of the best mops for hard floors. This amazing mop has a unique feature.

Which is its ability to work well on any floor surface. This might be exactly what you need if you have different floor surfaces in different parts of your home. It’s so good to know that a single mop can perform multiple functions.

At least you wouldn’t have to buy another mop that would fit all other floor surfaces.

This mop is made of highly durable aluminum which makes it last for a very long time. This makes it withstand so much stress and compression without any issues. And this way you wouldn’t be replacing it any time soon.

Similarly, this mop’s head has a Velco backing which makes it very easy to wash. So you can re-use the pads after you wash them.

At least you wouldn’t have to be wasting more money to replace the pads every now and then.

This is one of the reasons why customers are raving about this product as one of the best mops for hard floors.

Although it’s one of the best mops for hard floors it has its own inadequacies. One of which is that there are some times are packaging issues. And the mop arrives broken.

Things We liked

  • checkGood for hard floors
  • checkHighly durable
  • checkReusable pad
  • checkAffordable
  • checkQuality product
  • checkEasy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Packaging issues

O-Cedar Microfiber Hard Wood Floor Mop

Short review

With an amazing structure this mop has thrived well even among its competitors. O-Cedar Microfiber Hard Wood Floor Mop is well-built for the purpose of ease of use. This well-structured mop is also quite easy to handle. So if you are looking for a mop that would make your cleaning experience a whole easier, you could opt for this.

Certainly one of the many reasons why customers say it is one of the best mops for hard floors.

That’s not all. Similarly, this mop is made of high quality material. For a mop made of high quality material, you wouldn’t expect any less.

This makes the mop highly durable. That it is able to withstand so much stress and compression without breaking. So you can be sure that you would be seeing this mop in your home for a very long time.

Not to also mention the fact that it uses a microfiber pad. This just changes the perceptive with which you’ve been looking at this mop. It’s so amazing how this microfiber pad works.

It takes in all the dirt and dust with ease and gives the hard floor a new look.

And the good thing is that this microfiber pad is washable. You could put it in a washing machine and it would still remain intact once you’re done washing.

This simply indicates how strong the microfiber pad is.

And at least you wouldn’t have to keep replacing its microfiber pad every now and then.

Similarly, this mop can function in two different states. Can act as a duster when dry and can be used for deeper cleaning when it is damp. This way you get to first dust your hard wood before you clean it.

Well, this can also be an advantage if you don’t have the time to do deep cleaning. You could just dust the surface of the hard wood. And it would still look clean and presentable.

One problem you might encounter is shipping issues. Some parts might be broken upon delivery, so it’s advisable to check upon delivery.

Things We liked

  • checkMicrofiber pad
  • checkEco-friendly
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkEasy to wash microfiber pad
  • checkCleans up dirt well

Things We didn’t like

  • Shipping issues

Rubbermaid Reveal FG1M1600GRYRD Spray Mop Kit

Short review

Are you more particular about the versatility of your mop? Well, this next product on our list is very versatile. Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop boasts about being able to work well on most surfaces. And that isn’t even vain boasts.

Customers have testified to the fact that it is able to adapt to any floor type in your home.

No wonder this product is included on every list of reviews for the best mops for hard floors.

Similarly, if you need a mop that would help you spend less while you have more, you should consider getting this mop. It’s very affordable and at the same time its top quality product.

The quality is so good that it lasts for a very long time. Customers who have used this product said it lasted for a long time. And yours wouldn’t be an exception.

No wonder why people say this is the one best mops for hard floors in town.

Also, this mop is suitable for different surfaces. From hard floors, to tiles to laminate and vinyl, it works efficiently well.

The same output you would notice in one floor type is the same you would notice in another floor types.

All these and more has landed it a place in the list of the best mops for hard floors.

Although you must also be aware that some customers have complained about it having leaking issues.

Things We liked

  • checkVersatile
  • checkDurable
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkAffordable
  • checkQuality material

Things We didn’t like

  • Leaking issues

Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

Short review

Talk of a mop that is very distinct in terms of design. Most mops you find out there have a really simple design but that isn’t the case of this mop right here. Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop has an amazing design and is stylish. You most likely wouldn’t be able to resist not taking another quick glance.

All thanks to its amazing design this mop has earned a place in this list as one of the best mops for hard floors.

Mere going through customer’s review on the product you would know it is simply one of the best mops for hard woods in town.

One other amazing feature about this mop is that is easy to use and quick. So with this mop there is no delay of any kind. As you get to clean your hard floor as fast as possible.

The good thing is that the floor gets dry really fast. Within few minutes of you cleaning the floor with this mop it would look absolutely new.

Like when you first had this floor in your home.

This mop has an inbuilt part that contains the non-toxic cleaner. So while you mop the floor this cleaner gets deposited in the mop head. Thus resulting to a higher output.

It also gives your hard wood an amazing look once you get all the dirt out.

Once you exhaust the initial cleaner, you can easily replace it. The cleaner cartridge is made available. And it’s very affordable, so you can easily replace it anytime you run out of this cleaner.

Way to go!

You wouldn’t have to spend too much to be able to keep using this mop right here.

One of its flaws though is that the spray function does not respond all the time. But it still remains one of the best mops for hard floors.

Things We liked

  • checkDurable
  • checkLight weight design
  • checkReplaceable cleaner cartridge
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkNice design
  • checkDries fast easily

Things We didn’t like

  • Spray function does not function at all times


Top 5 Advantages of Hardwood Floors

You could be wondering why hardwood is a rising star in America. Yes, it’s true. Carpet may be the reigning king of floors today. But Americans are appreciating the luster of a floor that came from trees.

If you need some convincing read on. You could be passing on one of the greatest means to have the best home. Below are 5 reasons to get your floor the hardwood it needs.

1.  Strong and Durable

Hardwood floors are known to be strong and resilient. They are basically built to be able to withstand so much stress and compression. And with this they are very durable.

That’s one of the reasons why people install this floor type in their homes. It fits well in high traffic areas in your home where people walk on frequently. Simply because it would be able to withstand the day to day external force from people’s legs.

So if you want a floor type that would remain intact for years to come you have to try out hardwood floors. Customers who have used hardwood floors in their home have testified to the fact that they owned it for a long time.

2. Easy Installation

Installing a hardwood floor in your home is very easy. Although you wouldn’t be able to have it installed on your own, you can get a professional to do that. And with a professional installing your hardwood floor it would take a long time to have it all set up.

Hardwood floors that are of high quality are quite easier to install. Simply because they easily blend with the floor and they form a uniform and stable fit as soon as it’s fully installed.

Similarly, installing this floor type does not cost too much even though a professional’s touch is needed. So you have nothing to worry about. You wouldn’t be spending way too much than you already have spent.

3. High Quality Look

Hardwood floors are known to have an amazing look on floors. With their elegant look they offer a sense of warmth and beauty in your home. And the good thing is that they never go out of style.

This floor type is known to maintain its lustre for a very long time. It remains beautiful and elegant given that it’s properly taken care of. Once you clean a hardwood floor you wouldn’t have a problem maintaining its elegance.

Its high quality look is simply the reason why hardwood floors always look the same even for many years.

4. Easy to Clean

Hardwood floors are actually very easy to clean. And because it’s easy to clean it is also very easy to maintain. So you wouldn’t have a problem maintaining this floor in your home.

Most hardwood floors don’t accumulate dirt, dust and debris. And because of this you can easily dust off dirt from your hardwood floor. Just by cleaning regularly, vacuuming and mopping you can maintain this hardfloor for a long time.

With this you wouldn’t have to stress yourself in maintaining your hardwood floor.

5. Adds Beauty to Your Home

Hardwood floors are elegant and beautiful. And this elegance and beauty is usually transferred to any house with hardwood floors in it. Which is why most homes with hardwood floors look amazing.

With its distinct color, shape and size it makes your home look nice. And with a good installation it blends in well into your home.

So if you want a totally different look for your home this floor type would be a good option to opt for.

How to Get a Mop for Your Hardwood Floor?

It’s safe to assume there isn’t any house on Planet Earth without floors. Maybe you could find that on Planet Mars, but we definitely wouldn’t want a house without a floor. Unless you’re living on a tree.

It’s exactly why you need a mop. Hard wood mops actually come in varying types and sizes but their job is the same: To keep your home clean and livable. So how should you get one.

Let’s quickly dive into 5 amazing features you should look for in a mop.

High quality product

Well, this is the first feature on our list because it plays a major role in the functionality of the mop. It’s very important that the mop you would be purchasing is of good quality. This will tell whether it would last for a long time or not.

The price of a mop does not determine its quality. There are many mops out there that are quite expensive but don’t perform that well. And there are some that are very affordable and they function exceptionally well.

So don’t be deceived!

You don’t have to purchase an expensive mop for you to have the maximum output you desire on your hard floors. Although it’s not so common there are still affordable mops that are top-notch in quality. And these types of mops are out there, all you have to do is search.

Anyway, for you to know that a mop is suitable for a hard floor it must be of high quality. Why? Cleaning a hard floor isn’t an easy task. Because it requires so much effort to keep it in shape.

So it is necessary that the mop used in cleaning the hard floor would be top-notch so that the output would be amazing.

Now how would you know that a mop is of high quality? Well, all you have to do is take note of the material used in building it. Either plastic, aluminum, or chrome finishing. Once you find out the material, try to make a research on how strong this material is.

Once you have an idea about this you would be able to know if the material is good for a mop or not.

Similarly, you have to check other parts of the mop to see whether they are strong enough, especially the handle. If the handle of the mop isn’t strong you wouldn’t enjoy using the product.

And in little or no time it would break or bend. Which automatically implies you would have to get another mop.

So if you don’t want to keep going around in circles you have to pick a good mop with high quality material.


Durability is another feature you must find in any good mop for hard floors. As mentioned earlier cleaning hard floors isn’t so easy. So it’s important that your mop would be able to withstand so much stress and compression.

If the mop is able to withstand so much stress and compression without breaking, this means it would last for a very long time. And if that happens it means you wouldn’t have to waste money on replacing mops.

Durability of a product is very much connected to the quality of the product. So once the quality of your mop is very good there is a larger probability that it would last for a very long time.

Most mops you find out there are so durable, so you probably won’t be making the mistake of getting a mop that isn’t durable.

But you still have to make sure that the mop you get would be very durable. And you can find out by going through customers reviews. And also other reviews on the best mop for hard floors. Once you go through this, you would know if the product you want to purchase would last for a long time, or it wouldn’t.

Strong Handle

This right here is another important factor to consider before you get a mop. It’s very important because this would determine how well you would be able to handle the mop.

Once the handle of a mop isn’t that strong it would be difficult for you to have a firm grip. And this would limit the way you would be able to maneuver the mop.

But on the other hand if the handle of the mop is really strong, you would be able to have a firm grip. And once you have a firm grip you would be able to exert the necessary force needed to make your hard floor sparkling clean.

Similarly, a strong handle makes it very easy for you to use this mop. And you can be sure that you wouldn’t be stressed out while you use this mop.

It would actually be better if the mop handle is actually extendable. If it’s extendable, you would be able to extend its handle to any comfortable height.

Since it’s important that you would feel very comfortable while you do the cleaning this would be of great benefit.

Also, you wouldn’t have to strain your back while you clean. You sure do not want to have back pains after a hectic day cleaning the house.

So the best way to avoid this is for you to get a mop that suits your height perfectly. Or you get a mop that has an extendable solid handle.

Absorbs Dirt Well

The next feature is its ability to absorb dirt very well. This feature is also very important because it’s a main determinant in how well the mop will function.

For a mop to be able to absorb dirt well the mop head must be made of quality material.

The first thing you have to check is the material the mop head is made of. Either a material that can absorb water well or one that doesn’t.

For a mop suitable for a hard floor, it’s important that the mop head would be able to control the amount of water it absorbs.

If a mop head absorbs water way too much, it causes the floor to get wet easily. And if it doesn’t absorb water at all the mop wouldn’t be able to remove dirt properly.

Well, one of the best materials your mop head can have is a microfiber pad. A microfiber pad is able to absorb just about the right amount of water. And when it’s dry it’s as well suitable for dusting the surface.

That’s one reason why most manufacturers prefer using microfiber pads for mops suitable for hard floors.

Similarly, microfiber pads are as well very easy to wash and are reusable. So you wouldn’t have to keep replacing your mop’s head every now and then.

So you have to be very careful in choosing a mop so that it would be able to absorb so much dirt on the hard floor.

Easy to Maneuver 

Another feature to put into consideration is the ease to maneuver. This one right here is very important. Especially if you plan on using this mop on a regular basis.

When a mop is very easy to maneuver you wouldn’t have a problem using the mop. And when you find it easy to use you would enjoy every minute you use the mop.

But if the mop isn’t easy to maneuver you have the problem controlling this mop. And when you have a problem controlling the mop you wouldn’t be able to get the appropriate output.

And you sure wouldn’t want to waste your money on a product you wouldn’t even enjoy using.

Now how would you know that a mop is very easy to maneuver? Well, that’s quite easy. You have to check if the handle is stiff or easy to move. If it’s stiff, you would most likely not be able to handle it well.

But when it’s easy to move you would be able to maneuver the product around the house.

Also, when it’s very easy to maneuver you would be able to reach every part of your home. Thus making every part of the hard floor look sparkling clean.


You can enjoy your shiny hardwood floor but to make it all matter, you need to put in mind a couple of things. One of the most important is getting the best mop for hardwood floor.

While wood seem hardy and may look really sturdy, it’s not invincible. A wrong mop can bring as much harm to your wood as much as it can strengthen it.

A steam mop for instance can blow a cloud of hot air into the wood – something that could be disadvantageous as the floor’s finish isn’t always consistent. There will be micro cracks and crevices that could attract water to accumulate and stand by, damaging your wood in the process.

Yes, water destroys wood. You may find that hard to believe but water that gets a tree to grow strong can get the wood that comes from the tree weakened.

A good mop is one end of the equation; proper application of that mop is another end.

It’s therefore recommended that you do your due diligence before you get to purchase a particular mop. First stop, you should be able to discern what type of wood is your floor made up of. Secondly, your search should go down to which particular type of mop fits it best.

For us, we strongly recommend you start your search with Mopnado Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop. Not only is it going to clean your wood effectively, it’s bound not to cut a big hole in your wallet. 

Best of all, it’s easy to use and very effective. Small wonder, it’s something that has caught the attention of more buyers than any other mop for hardwood does. All the positive reviews should get you going. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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