Bissell Symphony Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum

Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop Review

Cleaning your house does not always have to be a difficult task. It can be an enjoyable and a productive experience. Perhaps the most challenging aspect is how to save time in cleaning. The Bissel Symphony can help you with that.

Modern products bring new methods to simplify daily household chores. If you are looking for such product, this review of the Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop (1132 A Model)  will guide you through its specifications.

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Detailed Review of the Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop

Bissel is a family-owned company that is known for its home cleaning machines. The brand has over a hundred years of manufacturing experience. Today, they continue innovating products to help consumers effectively and easily clean respective homes.

One of the brand’s offerings is the Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop (1132 A model).  This product vacuums and steams the floor at once. It does the task without the usual mop and bucket. All you need is water sans the harmful chemicals.

The Bissel Symphony is ideal for those who would like to shorten their home cleaning time. It vacuums debris and steams the floor while you maneuver to your home spaces. The vacuum and steam features can run at the same time or can be controlled to function separately.

The 1132 A model has the same machine with other variants of the Bissel Symphony 1132 series but carries a different set of accessories. Included in this model are two pieces each of soft and scrubby pads. Blue is the color of the machine specific to the 1132 A model.

A good number of actual users find the product easy to use. Its digital controls conveniently allow users to switch from one function to the other.  

Are you particular with disinfecting your floors? The product’s steaming function is said to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria when used as directed.

The product man​​​​ual states that the floor cleaner can be assembled without any tools. You just have to properly insert the body into the foot. Once you hear a locking tab clicking sound, the machine is all set.


The product offers 3 ways to clean: vacuum or steam dirty floors separately or use both functions at once.

It helps cut home cleaning time into half.

The machine is easy to use.

User reviews find the digital controls simple to follow.

This product works great with different types of floors (tile, vinyl, hardwood).

It comes with a long cord that allows the machine to cover adequate floor space.

The vacuum can suction small to medium-sized debris.

The steaming function is powerful enough to kill germs and bacteria.

The product does not need harmful chemicals to disinfect floors.

Debris canister is lightweight and easy to empty.

Warranty covers two years on significant product defects.

A number of users find the company’s customer hotline accessible.

The four mop pads included can be reused after washing. Additional pads can be ordered too.


Water tank cover does not open quickly.

Steam temperature seems to evaporate quickly and drops when used during vacuum mode.

The product does not feature on and off buttons. It must be plugged or unplugged to begin or end-use respectively.

The steam trigger does not feature a secure engagement and disengagement component.

Best Features  of the Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Simple Finger Digital Controls

The digital controls are smartly placed on the front portion of the handle. These controls allow users to easily switch between the vacuum and steam functions. The users can also choose to use both functions at the same time.

The digital controls include two settings: (HI) for High Steam Use and (LO) for Low Steam Use.

The HI control is advised to be used for durable floors. It works great effectively for floors with sticky messes. Just press once to begin the function and click again to turn the steam off.

The LO control can be used daily for light floor cleaning. It also works best for homes with delicate flooring. Click once to begin and press again to end steam function.

Do you want to use the vacuum and steam at the same time? It is important to note that you must choose the steam setting first. This step is followed by holding down the trigger to produce the steam.

The VAC button represents the vacuum function. Just press once to begin picking up debris.

Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads

The Bissel Symphony 1132 model comes with four mop pads. Two of which are the white microfiber pads. Another two come in gray and white striped pads.

The white pads are the soft ones. These are good for everyday floor cleaning. Your delicate flooring will be maintained properly as these pads are recommended for laminated and sealed hardwoods.

If you are to scrub the floor, the white and gray striped pads are perfect to use. Your heavily soiled floors will be cleaned. Say goodbye to tough floor messes.

You can easily throw the pads in your washer after cleaning. They are easily washable and can be used for next cleaning sessions.

Natural Sanitizing

This product does not require harsh chemicals to sanitize your floors. It uses water to produce steam to effectively get rid of sticky floor messes. Steam option effectively kills bacteria as tested by the company through controlled lab conditions.

Easy To Follow Mop Installation

Set your unit back on top. This step clicks the unit into place.

No Hassle Water Tank Filling

The unit comes with a water cup. Use this to fill the tank with water. (Do not overfill to avoid spilling).

Internal Thermal Protector

The thermal protector resets after two hours.

What you get in the package

The Bissel Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop 1132 A model comes with the following contents:

  • Steam trigger
  • Easy Touch Digital Controls- LO/HI Steam and Vac On/Off
  • Cord Clip 
  • Adjustable Handle 
  • 25 ft Power Cord 
  • Water tank with Easy Fill Opening 
  • Vacuum filter 
  • Bottom Empty Dirt Bin 
  • 4 Microfiber Mop Pads 
  • Quick Release Mop Pad Tray 
  • Water cup 
  • Vacuum Nozzle 

How long is the cord?

Our verdict

The claim of getting rid of 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria remains to be subjective. But most user reviews suggest that after steaming, their floors appear to be squeaky-clean. 

Majority of users find the vacuum component function well. Though it does not pick up larger pieces (as expected from most vacuums), it effectively picks up dirt, pet hair, and sand off the floor on the first bypass.

With all the advantages noted, Bissel should look into improving the product’s functional longevity. A good number of users report damage in less than a year of use. The causes of the damages may be product-based or owner misuse.

Adding on and off buttons may help to easily use the product rather than the current plug/unplug method.

Further, temperature regulators may be beneficial to monitor the steam. This feature allows users to assess steam function while on vacuum mode.

Overall, the Bissel 1132 Symphony is a superb machine. Its simple and logical design helps users conveniently clean floors. It works great on almost every floor type while saving time.

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