Best affordable Vacuum Cleaner

Best of the Best affordable Vacuum Cleaner 2018

You might think that it’s just a walk in the park but choosing the right appliance to help the cleaning can be a tall order. Reason enough why the best affordable vacuum cleaner should matter. 

There’s that generalization that when it comes to buying products the pricier model always delivers best. That may be right for some.

For a vacuum cleaner, however, it may not apply. Of course, if you’re planning to employ robot vacuum cleaners, you’ll have to spend a fortune. But if you give it enough effort, you may still be able to get the cleaning job done with a not-so-pricey vac.

That’s the beauty of the best. Their manufacturers made sure they carry a lot of features. Features that truly matter. But not the price that scares people off.

Cleaning is not an easy task. Carpets do not come in uniform thickness. Even dirt come in all forms and sizes. Worse, you need to put your commitment on the line.

Here’s telling you, you don’t need to go for the priciest to get the best vacs in town today. Of course, one that should fit your needs is a treasure find.

What makes the best vacuum cleaner matter is its capacity to handle all the challenges without bogging down. In short, it’s effective minus the hefty price tag.

That’s the reason why we want to fill you in. We’ve worked the fields, scoured the net, to give you the best affordable vacs. What’s more we’re going to show you how each and every model can be of service to your needs. Read on.

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV42

If there was a poster boy for best affordable vacuum this Shark Navigator will mostly likely be the strongest candidate. Right off the bat, this one cleans house – from top to bottom.

Whether your concern are those shag carpets or the more compact low pile ones, you’re going to find a friend in this Shark. Fact is you’d love the consumer reviews. This Shark sure stands out with very minimal negative critique.

What may get you even more is this is just in a great price. The price is truly a selling point. But we tell you, this is armed to the teeth. From hardwood to deep carpet, even your pet hairs are taken care of. This 15-pounder will stun you.

What more can you ask for a price so low? Well, unless you have a house as big as a castle, this upright should do it.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum

Well, this one is a low-pile carpet master so if you have those shag carpets or the extra high-pile ones, you may have to look somewhere else. A good entry level upright that’s going to stun you with its powerful 6,500 RPM helix brushes.

But of course, you should be aware that this is a certified must-see if you’re looking for the top affordable vacuum. It may not be the cheapest in our A-list but it certainly is packed with a punch.

Just imagine a less than 10-pound powerhouse cleaning its way through your house. Yes, this one’s weighing but a measly 8.2 pounds. That’s as light as you want it.

But this is definitely no pushover. That Helping Hand grip which has caught the attention of the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use should tell you this upright is a certified must-have.

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Well, if you’ve been tired of all the wires, all the complexity they give you, and the lack of freedom, then the Hoover Linx cordless is your man for the job. Ideal for tight spaces or if you want something to take care of the spills.

Thus, you should be on double time – buying this in a jiffy. Not only is this lightweight at just 12 pounds you got a cordless one here. It’s the best of both worlds.

Best of all, it’s capable of doing basically all the thing you need done for a standard vac – carpet cleaning, hardwood, pet hair, you name it. Of course, it’s not as heavy-duty as a canister or a conventional upright.

But for its power and utility, this can certainly be one of the best cheap vacuum.

Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology-3583

Don’t look now but you won’t do your list justice if you pass this one. The Bissell CleanView is certainly worth looking into. That’s if you’re serious about getting the high rated vacuum.

One of the greatest test a vac can have is suction. But with this CleanView that may well be taken care of. And with finality.

Thanks to the OnePass Technology, you need not put too much effort cleaning. Why? This Bissell allows you to clean in just one stroke – the first pass. Yes, it may sound too good to be true but that just shows you this model’s brush design is simply amazing.

Put in the mix a host of tools (e.g., dusting brush) and you know cleaning can be a walk in the park with this Bissell in the house.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 Pro Upright Vacuum UH70931PC

Just one look at this power horse and you know this Hoover means business. Yes, this one’s armed to the teeth. Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Terminator-actor himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger – would endorse this product.

Truly, a beauty to behold. And certainly, in the running as one of the top cheap vacuum.

For starters, you have HEPA filters here. That means you have 99.97% certainly you’re getting all those dirt – however small. Imagine 0.3 microns small and you know this upright vac means business cleaning your house.

Put in its 12-feet reach to clean above the head and pet tool attachments and you know this one’s hard to resist at the price it’s at.

Let’s Compare the ​Best affordable Vacuum Cleaner – 2018

Detailed Comparison List










Shark Navigator

 Deluxe Upright

 Vacuum NV42

Check Price

11.4 x 11.8

 x 45.5




Oreck Commercial


 Commercial Upright


Check Price

6 x 13

 x 35




Hoover Linx

BH50010 Cordless

 Vacuum Cleaner

Check Price

10.6 x 8

 x 25




Bissell CleanView

Upright Vacuum

 with OnePass


Check Price

12.5 x 13.5

 x 44




Hoover Vacuum


 WindTunnel 3 Pro

 Upright Vacuum


Check Price

16.9 x 12.6

 x 34.

5 inches



Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV42

Check prices

Short review

This very first product on our list is simply the bomb. Even with its simple design and small size this product performs exceptionally well. You’re probably thinking “what can something this small do”? Well, you’ll be shocked at how well Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV42 sucks up all the dirt in your home. It does it easily without flinching. That’s why you would find this unit on all the reviews for the best  affordable vacuum cleaners.

Well this Shark Navigator product you have right here is very versatile. It boasts about being able to clean just about any surface. Even the hard surfaces. And that’s not vain boast.

This model from Shark Navigator cleans almost all surface types, if not all. Ranging from cleaved rug to the couch to a toilet rug and even the floor. Name it! It does all this without even blinking.

Simply amazing!

Do you know what’s even better? This beauty cleans up your home within a few minutes. It does not waste time in sucking up all the dirt and making your home look super clean.

Might be exactly what you need if you have a lot of people in your home and it gets so untidy easily.

This is probably one of the reasons why customers say this is one of the best affordable vacuum cleaners.

And to think that this product from Shark Navigator does not cost much.

Anyway, one other feature you would love about this product is it’s weight. It’s so light in weight that you can easily carry it around the house. It just makes your cleaning a whole lot easier.

Now you wouldn’t have to stress yourself out before you can make your home look neat and tidy.

Way to go!

Similarly, this unit is relatively quiet. As much as this this vacuum cleaner produces so pressure to suck in all the dirt it makes little or no noise. Which when compared to other traditional vacuum cleaners is way better.

Most conventional vacuum cleaners you find out make irritating noises which can be very annoying at times. But with this particular vacuum cleaner you have nothing to worry about.

You can clean your home for hours without anyone knowing that you are doing something so tedious.

Good news! You would most likely not encounter any problem in using this model from Shark Navigator brand. Why? This is one of the easiest vacuum cleaners you can ever handle. So easy to use that even a child can use this well.

So be rest assured that you would most likely have an amazing experience with Shark Navigator Deluxe right here.

Although it’s one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market it still has its flaws. One of which is that it breaks down if the motor is overloaded frequently. So in using this piece you have to careful not to over work its motor.

Things We Liked

  • checkCleans all surfaces well
  • checkLight weight
  • checkRelatively quiet
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkAffordable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Easily gets spoilt if overloaded

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum

Check prices

Not ready to spare over $500 for just a vacuum cleaner? Well, this next vacuum cleaner on our list is simply a good option to opt. Not only because you wouldn’t have to pay through your nose to get one. But also because it functions as efficiently as the pricey vacuums out there. With Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum in your home you may never go wrong. Just going through other reviews about the best vacuum cleaners at affordable price you would know this model from Oreck brand is simply amazing.

People who have used this vacuum cleaner have testified to its functionality. And yours wouldn’t be any different.

With a powerful working motor this Oreck product works efficiently in removing dirt. This unit is simply superb. Without any issues it easily removes even the tiniest bit of dirt you can find in your home.

For a vacuum cleaner this small you would expect less. But that isn’t the case with this model from Oreck brand.

It works as efficiently as any other expensive vacuum cleaner out there.

So why bother waste money on something so pricey when you can get the same output from something less expensive.

And to think that this model from Oreck brand has a way of deceiving people because of its price. When people purchase this product they don’t expect too much from it. But once you put on this vacuum cleaner it becomes a beast.

So don’t be deceived by its price.

Similarly if you have pets in your home this is a good option to opt for. Well, this vacuum cleaner is so good at removing pet hair in your home. No matter how much they might be.

So be ready to have you home completely clean from pet hair.

With this in your home you can now lie on the sofa comfortably without feeling pet hair sticking all the way to your body.Also, maintaining the parts of this Oreck vacuum is very cost efficient. You don’t even spend up to $10 in replacing the belts and rollers.

And you only have to replace them when they get spoilt, of course. Although you can be sure that this parts might not malfunction for a decade. So that’s just 10 bucks in decade.

Wow! What else could you ask for in a vacuum cleaner.

Probably nothing more.

But there is one more feature you would probably love. This vacuum cleaner is really light in weight. It’s so light in weight that you can easily carry this as you clean.

Even if you are to tell a child to lift this he would be able to carry it well. Talkless of a full grown adult like you. This would probably be a piece of cake for you.

This model from Oreck brand is indeed one of the best vacuum cleaners for its price but it isn’t perfect.

You have to bear in mind that if you purchase this product from another store apart from Oreck store your warranty isn’t guaranteed.

Things We liked

  • checkLight weight
  • checkEasy to maintain parts
  • checkGreat suction power
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkEasy to fix

Things We didn’t like

  • Warranty is only guaranteed if purchased from Oreck

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Do you believe that the price of a product does not determine its quality? Well if don’t believe it, this next product on our list might be the one to change your perspective. This model from Hoover brand is a proof of quality and affordability. Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is simply one of the top vacuum cleaners. If you are to compare the functionality of this cordless vacuum cleaner to other pricey ones, there isn’t much difference.

Believe it! This model from Hoover brand functions like a beast. This cordless vacuum cleaner uses battery. Obviously because it has no cord that can be connected to an electricity outlet. Which you could say is one advantage over other vacuum cleaners that use cord.

Well, since this vacuum cleaner uses only battery all you have to do is charge up the battery and use it when you wish.

And the good thing is that this battery’s life last for a long while. Long enough for you to finish cleaning every nook and cranny in your home. So you can be sure that you wouldn’t be disrupted by low battery charge while you try to clean your home.

Damn right!

You get to save on the amount of electricity you consume monthly. Because definitely every appliance in your home that uses electricity counts. They all add up to either give you an outrageous bill or a regular electricity bill.

Good thing you get to save a few bucks when you start using this vacuum cleaner from Hoover brand.

Even better, this Hoover product is very easy to assemble. No rocket science is needed to be able to set up this vacuum cleaner. You won’t have to break a sweat to start using this unit.

And even when you do start to use this vacuum cleaner you still wouldn’t have to break a sweat. Why? This unit has a strong brush that is easy to use and rolls well.

This brush helps remove the debris in your home with ease.

Well, this model from Hoover brand boasts about being able to remove even the tiniest bit of dirt. It sure does. Removing pet hair and other debris isn’t a problem for this vacuum cleaner.

Similarly, it’s also very suitable for hard woods and carpets. So if the wood in your home is hard wood this would be a good option to opt for. At the same time if you have a carpet in your home you can be sure this vacuum cleaner would clean it perfectly.

Way to go!

As for its canister it’s very clear and easy to dispose. This vacuum’s canister is very easy to empty. So when you have dirt piled up in its canister you can easily remove it. So that there would be more space for accumulation of dirt once you start using it again.

Even if this is known to be one of the top rated vacuum cleaners it still has its flaws. One of which is the number of batteries that come with this Oreck vacuum cleaner.

Things We liked

  • checkCordless
  • checkUses battery
  • checkEasy to assemble
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkCanister is easy to empty
  • checkCleans edges and stairs well

Things We didn’t like

  • Only one battery
  • No attachments

Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology-3583

Check prices

A beauty you have here! This product looks completely stunning. Even though it’s just a vacuum cleaner it has maintained it nice design. That’s probably one of the reasons why customers are raving about it. Among other products Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology-3583 is known to be very distinct. Chances are that you would decide to opt for this product because of it’s nice design. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to say that the amazing design of this product has earned it a spot in this list. But that’s not all. It sure has other unique features. 

One of which is its great suctioning power. If you have ever used a vacuum cleaner that has a very low suctioning power you would know it can be very annoying. And stressful at that.

You would have to put in extra energy for the vacuum cleaner to be able to suck up the dirt.

But that’s not the case with this Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaner. It sucks up all the dirt with little or no stress at all. Even to the tiniest bit of dirt.

That’s why customers love this product. It’s definitely no mistake that this vacuum cleaner is on this list for the best affordable vacuum cleaners.

And the good thing is that even though it has such a great suctioning power it does not disturb you in any dorm it makes little or no noise. So you can be sure that you wouldn’t have to disturb everyone in the house just to clean up your home.

Similarly this model from Bissell also has a very long cord. The cord is so long that could say far away from where it is connected and still have a good clean.

This makes it a lot easier for you since you don’t have to remove the cord every now and then once you want to clean another spot in your house.

Additionally this vacuum cleaner from Bissell has attachments. And what’s their use? Well, these attachments make it very easy for you to clean corners and other places that are hard to reach.

With compartments like Turbo brush tool, dusting brush, crevice tool and extension wand in your vacuum cleaner you may never go wrong.

All you have to do is have fun while you make your home look amazingly clean.

One problem you might encounter with this vacuum cleaner is that you have to constantly clean the brush after every use.

But given its amazing features this still remains one of the top vacuum cleaners.

Things We liked

  • checkGreat suction
  • checkLong cord
  • checkEasy to empty canister
  • checkHas attachments
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkAffordable

Things We didn’t like

  • Hair easily gets trapped in the brush

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 Pro Upright Vacuum

Check prices

Short review

This last product on our list is definitely not least. It’s simply amazing. All it takes is a quick look at this beauty to know it isn’t like any other you’ve come across. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 3 Pro Upright Vacuum UH70931PC is simply one of the best out there. And that’s all thanks to its well-structured design. Its well-structured has indeed earned it a place in this list.  So it’s no mistake that this Hoover product is regarded as one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. This model from Hoover is indeed worth it.

For a vacuum cleaner that looks this amazing you wouldn’t expect anything less for its quality. This model from Hoover is made of high quality product. That’s why it’s very durable.

So if you need a vacuum cleaner that would last for a very long time this is a good option to opt for.

All thanks to its high quality this vacuum cleaner is able to withstand so much stress and compression.

Probably one of the reasons why customers say this is one of the best cheap vacuum cleaners.

Similarly, this model from Hoover has a great suctioning power. It’s has the ability the to remove any kind of dirt. On any surface at that.

Most especially suitable for you if you have hard floor surface in your home. You can be sure that it would clean your floor surface with ease.

Although this is one of the best vacuum cleaners, it is very heavy to carry. So you might find it easy transporting this unit around the house.

Also, the hose of this vacuum cleaner is very short. So you might not find it very easy in cleaning surfaces that are far or too high.

But even still, this still remains one of the best vacuum cleaners for the price.


Things We liked

  • checkLooks great
  • checkEasy to assemble
  • checkGood attachment
  • checkGreat suction power
  • checkAffordable
  • checkCleans hard surface well
  • checkClear canister

Things We didn’t like

  • Very heavy
  • Hose is too short


Top 5 Vacuum Cleaner Types

Before we go into what is the best affordable vacuum cleaner for you, let us look into the different types to get you going. Knowing their existence will help you decide which particular model is best to serve your needs.

After all, it’s all about getting work done. And you shouldn’t stray away from that goal. The moment you do, you will have bought a model that’s not only a waste of money, it’s useless to begin with.

1. Robot

Ah, technology. We may not have ones that talk like the ones in “I, Robot” the movie but truth be told, we have vacs that do your biddign without you having to look over its shoulder. Or handle them personally.

Last look, they need to be set-up though. Or technically, programmed. But it’s no big deal. A little instruction and off they go. They’re really hi-tech but they come at a steep price most may not be willing to pay. So unless you’re address is in Beverly Hills 5210, this model may be out of the question.

Advantage: They can clean even the most-hard-to-reach areas. They won’t need your extra attention.

Disadvantage: Pricier than most

2. Stick

Well, the name should tell you how this one looks. This model is slender – even having a stick-like handle. As its’ not really designed for heavy carpet jobs, this one is best for wooden floors and lighter rugs.

Cleaning is a breeze with this vac type. Not that heavy. Of course, with its sleek frame, you can’t expect too much from it in the cleaning department.

Advantage: Easy to store; can do light carpets; light.

Disadvantage: Not designed to do heavy cleaning.

3. Upright

This model is the one that’s printed on everyone’s mind when people start talking about vacuum cleaners. No doubt this is as famous as a vacuum type can ever be. 

Needless to say, this is the most used too. Doing the heavy duty work and the wider area. So if you’re serious about cleaning the upright model is most likely the model to beat. As has been before.

Advantage: heavy duty

Disadvantage: heavy weight; pricey

4. Canister

These models aren’t as slim as the stick but they’re not as bulky as the upright variety. So in a lot of sense, they’re the models in the middle. But these models are no pushover models. 

They can do heavy task like the upright and yet carry not much weight. The identifying feature is a canister attached to the slim handle. As such, it can give upright models a run for the money.

The good news is they can be used to clean up wide areas of the floor carpeted or not.

Advantage: Not too heavy; powerful

Disadvantage: pricey

5. Handheld

These are the smallest of the bunch. Some are so small they’re touted to be able to fit in a pocket. Though we highly doubt that. 

Handhelds can weigh as much as 5 pounds – Or less. What makes this little guys indispensable is they can be made to clean just about anywhere. You can bring it too just about anywhere as diminutive as these are. Just don’t make them clean the whole area.

Advantage: Lightweight; portable

Disadvantage: limited power

Top 5 Advantages of Handheld Vacuum Clean You don’t Want to Miss

For a lot of times there, a handheld vac seem to be the butt of jokes in the vac community. They’re really the smallest in the bunch so it’s not surprise they’re causing the negative attention. But truth be told, they’re a force to reckon with. 

By definition, a handheld is the most portable version of a vacuum cleaner. If it were a boxing match, the handheld would weigh on the featherweight class – or even less. While a traditional one can be a heavyweight.

However, there are things that the heavyweight simply cannot do – it can be a fish out of water too even if it’s a whale.

The following are timely justifications why you should consider owning one – even when you’ve made a good deal getting the best cheap  vacuum cleaner. Read on.

1. Flexibility

True, these diminutive guys aren’t muscled enough to clean the whole house floor. Fact is they’ll hardly do half of the house. But their uncanny ability to reach the hardest-to-reach places is beyond reproach. Unless you’re willing to bring the old heavy vac to the car to clean the insides.

Note, technology has been so kind some units are approaching the size of your pocket. Now that’s truly cutting it to pieces.

But size like that has a distinct storage advantage too. Not only can you carry them around to places most heavy vacs only dream of, you can store them just about anywhere. And the list is endless:  shelf, closet corner, cabinet in the kitchen, just to name a few.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of Tiny House Nation and is making the most of small quarters, then you wouldn’t have to worry about the handheld vac. They fit to your lifestyle to a T.

2. Easy to Operate

As lightweight as they come, handheld vacuum makes cleaning a walk in the park. Imagine carrying a five-pound appliance – or less. That’s like carrying a new born baby. 

But that has its distinct advantage to get you going. For one, cleaning the stairs with this one in your hand is a lot easier than doing it with a traditional heavyset. You need not worry you’re going to risk a fall lobbing around an enormous vacuum cleaner.

Now, you may not have problem with putting on the heavy variety but it’s a different story for the elderly. They’ll definitely be at a great disadvantage tinkering with a heavy model.

As light as they are, handhelds do not get easily damaged even when dropped giving you a perfect way for your child to pitch in.

On the same token, you could let younger members of the family help in the cleaning. The handheld would be the best tool to get it done. You could even put Little Junior to work, right?

On the lighter side, a handheld can be the best way to make your children clean up their mess.

3. Anywhere on the Planet

Ever heard of bringing a heavy vac to the beach? Maybe. But that maybe will certainly become a yes when you talk about handhelds. You can put them in your car or in the 4×4 and off you go. Anywhere in the planet. 

Corded or cordless, handhelds rule everywhere. You can put them to use on the outdoor. Anybody who’s bringing dirt from the outside can be cleaned up right at the door. How about in the attic? Or for that matter, when you go to Yellowstone? No sweat, the handheld is rearing to go.

You can hardly say so for the traditional models.

4. Clean More. And then Some

There’s just a lot of things that you can clean up using the handheld more than with a traditional one. One fine example is wooden floors.

While you may not be able to clean a big area, it won’t hurt wood floors to be cleaned up by a handheld. But not with the heavy ones.

The heavy ones will cause scuff marks if you’re not too careful. And destroy your wood in the process.

For a handheld, it’s all a breeze. Other types may need certain attachments but not the little guy.

Even better, a handheld vac can be used to track lost items. You can call it a life hack if you will. It could be an anniversary ring, a precious earring or just a small toy that’s valued immensely by your child.

All you have to do to get this tweak going is utilize a pantyhose. Just stretch the ladies garment over the nozzle, point the vac to the place where the item was lost and voila. You should have the item in your hands in no time.

You can do this with the bigger models too. But as they’re too big to go to the smallest crevices, it’s an act in futility.

5. Price Issues

If you haven’t figured it out already, price is bound to jump up to these reviews. We are not up in arms against the best affordable vacuum cleaner. No sir. Each has its particular uses. 

But what we want to tell you is that there are things the small guy can do that simply cannot be done by the big guy. And by our last count, it’s all adding up.

And one of the biggest consideration you should take is the price. It may be half the size and half the weight but it’s all for a good cause. As the handheld is also half the price – if not even less.

Telling you it’s all a matter of knowing which fits your needs best.


You may not believe it but the best cheap  vacuum cleaner can truly deliver. And yet each of them can boast of great performance. 

Of course, we had to really work the field to get to the list to you. Due diligence however should start not with the list.

The analogy is like going shopping in the mall. If you’re going there just to see if you’ll find something worth buying, chances are you’ll end up going home with things you bought that you never really need.

It’s tricky.

The first thing you ought to do before checking any of these items, therefore, is to take a long hard look at your area of responsibility. What particular place in the house or office needs cleaning? How big is it? What are the particulars? Does it have stairs?

Will it be big enough for it to warrant a standard vac? Or a handheld would do? Without doing these things, you will end up buying something that you don’t actually need.

The good news about the A-list we’ve just propped up is these are quality buys that won’t bore a hole in your wallet. In short, they’re a treasure find.

If you’d like to know which is the most sought-after, then we’ll have to tell you it’s the Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. And that’s all because it’s the most reliable of the bunch. 

Other models here are worth looking for sure. You should be able to see which one fits your needs most.

But when it comes to true reliability, you certainly won’t go wrong with the Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It’s cordless convenience simply can’t be ignored. And at 12 pounds, the mighty power house is getting the attention it deserves.

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