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Best of the Best Backpack Vacuum 2018

The merits of a backpack vacuum can’t be overemphasized. Truly if every American would put it to mind, it may not be long before everyone would be using a backpack vac. No kidding!

And this may be most useful when youre talking about carpets. The best backpack vacuum for carpet should get you not just the clean but the least amount of energy wasted.

It’s no secret using a vacuum is tedious. Especially if you have to push it around like you do when you use a canister or an upright vacuum. An upright most specifically may tire you out like crazy.

As ergonomic as it is, a backpack vacuum won’t make you sweat as much as an upright. Fact is you’d be taking a lot of load off your shoulder when you do. Just think, how much tiresome an upright is when you have to a lot of motions just to keep it going.

Plus, it’s a lot healthier too. The design of a backpack ensures all those allergens and dusts goes up to your bag and not be scattered back into your environment. It’s a given. Air rises. If you cannot direct it right, air brings about the allergens you loathe.

If you have been wanting to get the best backpack vacuum for carpet but don’t know where to start, don’t fret. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest names in backpack vacuum technology. What’s more, we’re showing you how each stack against each other. So you get to have an educated decision to know which is best for you. Read on.

​Oreck XLPRO6A XL Backpack

Well, if you’re big on what’s artsy, that orange color and sleek design is sure to make you fall in love with this backpack offering from Oreck. Most importantly, you have a vac that should get you going. Get the cleaning done in record time. 

The good things about backpack vacuums keep adding up. Not only is it a lot healthier than an upright vacuum or a canister one. It’s a  lot easier to operate. For one, you need to stoop low and do all sorts of motion to clean up with an upright but not with a backpack. Your motions are a lot less with the ergonomic design of a backpack.

Now, this Oreck is putting it in perfection. You got here a tapered design. That should get you better airflow passage and greater efficiency. Here you’re given even greater freedom with the 50 foot staylock extension cord. Add its full set of tools and you know getting this product could be the best thing that may happen to your cleaning life.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum

For a backpack, this ProTeam offering simply has all those corners covered. And you should rejoice at meeting this one. For this model has your comfort in mind right from the get-go. With its powerful suction and wide array of tools, no cleaning job may be too hard with this under your belt.

Note that comfort is one of the issues that has plagued backpacks. How much weight will I carry on my back? Says a lot of buyers. But it’s not really a concern. Especially with this one.

Why? The harness aptly called FlexFit has extra padding giving you the means to greater comfort more than any other backpack models in town. Plus, you have every conceivable accessory here for the all-around cleaning you need around the house.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re facing hard floors, upholstery or tiles. No sweat. You’re getting it all cleaned up in a jiffy. Add the HEPA filters and extra long 50-foot cable and you know why this one’s ideal for any commercial application – for your resto or your bar.

​Hoover Commercial C2401 Vacuum Cleaner

It seems all the experience Hoover has in making the best vacuums in the world is showing in this model. And a lot of people are clapping their hands. If you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful backpack, this Hoover may as well be the solution you need to get going. 

Note this one weighs less than 10 pounds. Imagine that! That puts to the closet a lot of backpack competition. And you should be happy about it – jumping up and down. Why? Because that means you’d be enjoying far superior mobility when doing the cleaning. And with that you can reach farther, and get more places cleaned in record time.

And if you’re worried about noise, fret not. You’re looking at a silent operator here. So even when other people may be fast asleep, no sweat. You won’t wake them up with your cleaning.

To add even greater weight to this buy, you have a harness that’s chiropractor designed. How’s that for a change? Meaning, you’d have greater comfort waiting for you here. Add its tools (e.g., crevice, dusting) and you know nothing stands in your way from the squeaky clean you need.

Rubbermaid 1868433 Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Operating at just 66 decibels, you’re definitely looking at a quiet operator here. No worries on waking Baby Sue. Or disturbing a conference while you’re at it. But most importantly, you have a powerful vacuum here that’s commercial grade. Truly  a prized catch!

Yes, imagine 110 CFM along with a waterlift of 100 and you know we’re seriously talking business here. Note you’re looking at a product with CRI Seal here. That’s a seal of approval that many want to get but have failed.

But what may catch your attention aside from the light weight this one has, it’s the swivel hose which should get you going even around those obstacles like you’re a professional cleaner. No sweat!

​GV10 Quart Backpack Vacuum

For starters, you have a top lightweight yet very powerful product here. So, if you’re serious about getting the utmost clean done in a jiffy, this could be your best bet. But don’t take our word for it. Instead, have faith on thousands of users who have found this product ideal.

And why not? You have an 11-pound product offering here. That may not be the lightest but that’s light enough for you to carry around. But what could get your immediate attention is the 3-stage filtration that you’ll find here. That means those HEPA filters will make sure you won’t get a share of those pesky allergens. And by the way, you’re looking at 6 10-quart bags.

That tells you this one is serious about helping you get not just clean. But free from allergens. Add the 2-year warranty and you’re good to go!

Let’s Compare the The Best Backpack Vacuum 2018

Detailed Comparison List












 XL Backpack

31 x

 13 x

 11 inches






31.3 x

 18.3 x

 12 inches





 C2401 Vacuum


13.2 x

 13.2 x

 30 inches






 Backpack Vacuum



GV10 Quart



9 x

 9 x

 26 inches






19.5 x

 12.5 x

 10 inches







33 x​

10.5 x

 19 inches



GV 8 Qt




10 x

 13.5 x

 44 inches



New GV 6



10 x

 10 x

 20 inches








12.8 x

 11.5 x

 24.5 inches



Oreck XLPRO6A XL Backpack

Short review

This is one backpack vacuum that is built specifically to make cleaning a lot more interesting and less stressful. It has a tapered design that increases the amount of air that flows out. And at the same time helps increase efficiency. 

Talking about efficiency this backpack vacuum has a full set of 5 tools. And at the same time as a convenient tool belt. These tools help make your home cleaning without you stressing yourself. And with its convenient belt you can easily carry this vacuum.

Also it has a backrest which makes it very comfortable for you while you carry it. You wouldn’t have any form of back pain once you’re done cleaning all thanks to this back rest.

It also has a very long extension cord. And this makes it very easy for you to use. Since it’s a backpack vacuum you wouldn’t need a cord that would hinder you from moving. Instead you need a long cord that would make you move freely while cleaning.

Also, you wouldn’t have to keep changing outlet as you clean. And this makes it less stressful.

One thing though is that it might feel a little bit awkward to use if you’re just trying it out for the first time. But over time you would get used to using this backpack vacuum.

Things We Liked

  • checkTapered design
  • check5 set of tools
  • checkLong extension cord
  • checkBag support plate
  • checkBackrest

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not so comfortable on first use

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum

Short review

Do you have tough stains on your carpet? Well, you might want to try out this backpack vacuum. This vacuum is an expert at removing tough stains. The accessories this vacuum has is used to removes these stains on most surface types.

And before you know it your home would be looking sparkling clean.

Carrying this vacuum as well is very comfortable. All thanks to the additional padding in this vacuum you would feel any form of pain. The same feeling you get when you carry a backpack is the same feeling you get when you carry this vacuum.

The fact it’s very comfortable to carry makes it easier for you to carry it around the house. This way you wouldn’t be stressed out once you’re done cleaning.

It also has an extra-long cord. This vacuum uses a power cord that is 50 feet in length. With this you can easily clean every part of your home without having to unplug it. So at one stretch you would be able to clean every part of your home.

Although you have to bear with the noise this backpack vacuum makes.

Things We liked

  • checkLightweight
  • checkHandles tough messes
  • checkComfortable
  • checkProductive
  • checkImproved air quality

Things We didn’t like

  • Makes a little bit of noise

Hoover Commercial C2401 Vacuum Cleaner

Short review

This next vacuum on our list is light in weight. Weighing just 9.2 pounds you would be able to carry this vacuum anywhere you go. You could even go for a walk in the garden with this on your back and you wouldn’t feel any pain.

The fact that it’s lightweight makes it very easy for you to use.

Accompanied with this vacuum cleaner are also other cleaning accessories. And these other accessories play a major role in making your home look clean at every use. With these attachments also you get to reach corners and other hard to reach places.

Also, this vacuum has a positive lock hose. And this helps the hose remain intact when using it. You can be sure that the hose wouldn’t come off while cleaning your home. Likewise this assures you that the dirt would be going directly into the canister.

That’s why this vacuum remains one of the best backpack vacuum for carpets.

One thing though that can be improved in this vacuum is its motor. If the motor is made a bit stronger then it would be a lot better.

Things We liked

  • checkLightweight
  • checkAccessory pack
  • checkHEPA filter
  • checkLock hose
  • checkExtra-long cord

Things We didn’t like

  • Motor is not so strong

Rubbermaid 1868433 Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Short review

Although this vacuum is known to have a really strong motor, it makes little or noise. For a vacuum that has so much power you would expect it to make a very loud noise while sucking in the dirt, but no. While using this vacuum cleaner no one would know you’re cleaning until you tell them.

At least, this way you wouldn’t be disturbed by an annoying noise and you also wouldn’t disturb others.

Also, it has an adjustable harness. Which makes it very easy for you to carry it on your back. But on the brighter side it also makes it easy for people of different sizes to use it.

Similarly, this vacuum has a part that helps prevent cord damage and strain. With this the cord is held properly and also prevented from getting spoilt. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a new cord for your vacuum anytime soon.

Its controls are also very easy to reach. The on and off switch is mounted on top. And this makes it very easy for you to use this backpack vacuum.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best backpack vacuums for carpets. But one thing you might not like though is that it’s not so suitable for bare floors.


Things We liked

  • checkAdjustable harness
  • checkHard-mounted cord resistant
  • checkEasy to reach controls
  • checkQuiet
  • checkPowerful

Things We didn’t like

  • Not so suitable for bare floors

GV10 Quart Backpack Vacuum

Short review

This is one mean vacuum cleaner you’ve got here. It’s got no respect for any form of dirt and debris. This powerful machine has a great suction that helps remove dirt within the twinkle of an eye.

And what’s even better is that this backpack vacuum is suitable for deep cleaning. So if you’ve been on the lookout for a vacuum that can clean your carpet properly you are at the right spot.

The probability that you would find any other backpack vacuum this powerful is very low.

That’s why it’s regarded as one of the best backpack vacuums for carpets.

It also has easy to use tools that makes cleaning easier. These attachments are mainly to clean corners, crevices, hard to reach places and other surfaces that the hose can’t clean. This way you get to completely clean every part of your home.

But you must bear in mind that these tools are not that strong. So if not taken care of properly they can easily get damaged.

Things We liked

  • check3 stage filtration
  • checkPowerful
  • checkEasy to use tools
  • checkLightweight
  • checkEasy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Tools are not so strong

Atrix-VACBP1 Backpack Vacuum

Short review

With its lightweight carrying this vacuum wouldn’t be a problem. You would have to stress yourself out before you can have your home cleaned. And this makes it very easy for you to reach every corner of your home.

Also, the belt loop contains storage for the accessories. This way you can easily access the attachments while you clean. You wouldn’t have to keep moving back and forth just to use the attachments.

This powerful vacuum is suitable for both commercial and residential use. All thanks to its strong motor it is able to handle heavy cleaning well without any problem.

So you can use this vacuum in warehouses, hospitals, schools and other places with ease. You can be sure it would do a great job at making the floor sparkling clean.

It also has 4 stage HEPA filtration. This filtration helps to produce a clean air while vacuuming. It traps about 99.9% of the dirt in the vacuum. This way you wouldn’t get to inhale all the dust while cleaning.

This is sure one of the best backpack vacuums for carpets. But one thing though that can be improved is the overheating of this vacuum. If this is sorted out then it would be a better backpack vacuum.

Things We liked

  • checkLightweight
  • checkGood for commercial and residential use
  • check4 stage HEPA filtration
  • checkMany attachments
  • checkPowerful

Things We didn’t like

  • It overheats

Sanitaire EURSC412B Backpack Vacuum

Short review

This next vacuum on our list has a great suction power. This vacuum is able to remove every form of dirt on your carpet and bare floors. And it can make your home completely clean within a short period of time.

Similarly, this vacuum is also very easy to use. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself before you can clean your home. Its lightweight is one of the reasons why you would find this vacuum very easy to use.

With its lightweight you wouldn’t have to worry about how you would transport this vacuum cleaner as you clean your house.

Also with its attachments you would be able to reach corners and crevices and with this cleaning will be lot easier. Similarly, with this attachments you get to clean every part of your home.

One thing though that you might not like about this backpack vacuum is that its quality isn’t so strong. So you have to be a bit careful when using this vacuum. So that you wouldn’t damage it.

Things We liked

  • checkGreat suction power
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkLightweight
  • checkMany attachments

Things We didn’t like

  • Material used isn’t of high quality

GV 8 Qt Powerful Backpack Vacuum

Short review

With its very large bag size this vacuum is able to collect so much waste. And you would be able to clean a large space in your home without having to dispose it every now and then. This way you wouldn’t be too stressed out while you clean.

It’s also lightweight. So lifting this vacuum and carrying it around the house wouldn’t be a problem. Weighing just 10 pounds gives you the opportunity to carry this vacuum like you’re carrying your backpack.

Also all thanks to its weight you wouldn’t have any back pain. You would be comfortable all through cleaning.

It actually comes with a 25 ft. cord. Although this quite long enough to clean a particular area in your home it isn’t long enough for a wider space. And it’s also not as long as other backpack vacuums.

And you might actually have a little difficulty in moving from one side of the room to the other.

Apart from this, this still remains one of the best backpack vacuums for your carpets.

Things We liked

  • check4 stage HEPA filtration
  • checkPowerfu
  • checkLightweight
  • checkLarge bag size

Things We didn’t like

  • Not so long cord

New GV 6 Quart Vacuum

Short review

Do you have hardfloor surfaces in your home? And you’ve been looking for the right backpack vacuum for it? Then you are lucky to be reading this review. This next vacuum is very suitable for hardfloor surfaces.

It cleans hardfloor without blinking its eye. And makes the hardfloor look sparkling clean within minutes.

This way you get to save a lot of time from cleaning.

Also, this vacuum has a powerful motor. This vacuum comes with a powerful 10 amps motor that works powerfully in making your home clean. It consumes less energy but gives out more output.

Similarly, this vacuum is also light in weight. So if you are worried about how easy carrying this vacuum would be you have nothing to worry about. It’s so light in weight that wouldn’t feel stressed after carrying it for a very long time.

Way to go!

The good thing is that this vacuum is designed to be able to take up tough jobs. So if you have cleaning jobs that are really hard you can put this vacuum to work. And you would be surprised at how well this vacuum can do the job.

But one thing you might not like about this vacuum is that it has a heavy wand.

Things We liked

  • checkLightweight
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkPowerful motor
  • checkHEPA filtration
  • checkFor commercial use

Things We didn’t like

  • Heavy wand

Shop-Vac 2860010 Industrial Backpack Vacuum

Short review

With its dual surface nozzle you would be able to clean two different surfaces with this vacuum cleaner. This makes it a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. And this way you get to reduce the cost of cleaning your home.

Also it has an adjustable harness system. And this system makes it very easy for you to adjust the backpack. And this way it would easily fit you or any other person carrying the vacuum.

It also has two metals wands. And these metal wands make it very easy for you to clean high surfaces. This way you get to touch every part of your home while cleaning.

This is known to be one of the best backpack vacuums for carpets. But if more accessories are to be added then it would be a lot easier to use.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to access on/off switch
  • checkGreat suction
  • checkPowerful motor
  • check25 ft. cord
  • checkEasy to storage belt

Things We didn’t like

  • Only one accessory


Why Choose a Backpack Vacuum in the First Place? 

Brooms lasted for a very long time in the market. Well, they still do but aren’t on high demand as they used to be. That’s all thanks to innovative people that thought using a broom is really stressful.

So they thought what can we use instead of a broom to clean our homes? And boom, the idea of a vacuum popped into someone’s head. After that so many companies adopted this style and started making different types of vacuums.

Do you know what’s even interesting? There has been modifications made to the conventional type of vacuum cleaner. And with that different types of vacuums have been developed.

Actually this is not to burden you the more, but to make cleaning very easy. One of those vacuums is the backpack vacuum.

But if you’ve been asking yourself this question “why is a backpack vacuum better?” Well the answer is right here. In this section you would find out reasons why a backpack vacuum can be your first pick.

1.Powerful Suction

The probability that you would find a backpack vacuum with a very low suction is very small. Why? Most backpack vacuums are known to be able to suck in so much dirt within a short period of time.

And do you know what’s even better? They are able to suck in any type of dirt and debris.

This makes them very suitable for heavy duty cleaning. You would be able to clean a large area in your home or office with the help of this vacuum. So if you’ve been looking for a vacuum that would take in so much dirt, this vacuum type is capable.

When compared to other vacuum types this helps you save a lot of time and energy. This is because with a backpack vacuum you clean a place with just one pass. Which is unlike other vacuum types that would need you to clean twice.

This way cleaning would be a lot easier for you.

And if you plan on using this in your office or business this is a good option. It helps reduce man labor and this way you get to save money. How? Well, your workers wouldn’t have to spend too much time cleaning a place before they move to another area.

For instance initially 30 men are cleaning a large premises for 3 hours each with a canister vacuum. With a backpack vacuum they can carry out the job within 1 hour. And with this you would not need 30 men any longer. But instead 10 men to do all the job.

2.Ease of Use

Using a backpack vacuum is one of the easiest means to cleaning your home and your offices. The reason being that you carry the dust canister like a backpack and use the brush to clean. So you would feel at ease while cleaning.

With a backpack vacuum you wouldn’t have to bend down every now and then just to clean. You would be able to stand upright while you clean. And this helps reduce back strains and back aches.

So cleaning very often wouldn’t be a problem for you.

Similarly, they are also very portable and lightweight. Because of their small size carrying it wouldn’t be a problem. And also you would be able to maneuver it well.

One problem that users face with other vacuum types is how to maneuver it. But with this vacuum type that wouldn’t be a problem. Its structure makes it easy for you to clean every part of your home.

Also most backpack vacuums you find out there have adjustable harness. And this makes it every easy for you to easily carry the canister. At the same time it makes it easy for different sizes of people to use.

So it wouldn’t be like only one person can use a particular backpack vacuum. And this would come in very handy in businesses where many people are cleaning.

Similarly, they also have space for storing tools on the belt. This makes it easier for you to reach the tools when you want to use them. You wouldn’t have to go back and forth when you need a particular tool to clean a place.


As powerful as backpack vacuums are they make little or no noise. You would expect that a vacuum with such great suction power would make so much noise, but no. Contrary to that this vacuum cleaner is so quiet that someone upstairs wouldn’t know that you’re cleaning.

This makes it ideal for offices and other businesses. Well others are cleaning with this vacuum cleaner, people wouldn’t be disturbed. And at the same time they wouldn’t be distracted from what they are doing.

If you are to compare this to other traditional vacuums this is a lot better. Most traditional vacuums you find out there make a lot of noise. And this can be very annoying and distracting.

4.Long Hose Attachment 

One other thing you would love about backpack vacuums is its hose length. This vacuum is known to usually have really long hoses that make cleaning a lot easier. Well, most of them have but that doesn’t mean that all of them have long hoses.

The good thing about having long hoses is that they make cleaning less stressful. With just one stretch you would be able to clean far places. And with this you wouldn’t have to move a lot.

Also you wouldn’t have to bend over every time you want to clean. And once you don’t bend that often it reduces the risk of having back stains.

5.Large Canister 

This one feature that is very rare in other vacuum types. Most other vacuums have really small canisters that require you emptying every now and then. And this can be very stressful for you.

With this vacuum type you would be able to clean a large area in your home and offices without stress. That’s why it’s suitable for heavy duty cleaning. With this vacuum you can clean every part of your home without having to empty it every now and then.

This way cleaning becomes stress free.

How to Get the Best Backpack Vacuum that Works like Magic for You!

With so many companies out there making so many different types of backpack vacuums you have a large variety to pick from. But that’s not the only thing. You also easily get confused on which one to pick.

The fact is that these vacuums vary in size, model and even design. And most brands tend to catch your attention with the looks of the backpack vacuum. Not saying that looks don’t matter in choosing a vacuum. But it can be very deceiving.

Just like the saying that says “all that glitters is not gold”, there are some backpack vacuums like that. They look amazing but have a really weak suctioning power and weak motor. And when this two go wrong your vacuum becomes useless.

So for you not to waste your time and money we have come up with this section. In this section you will find out features to look out for other than its looks. And with this you would be able to make good decisions on the backpack vacuum you finally buy.

So let’s quickly dive into these features.

1.Must be Lightweight

It’s true that most backpack vacuums are usually light in weight. But there are still some that are very heavy to carry. And if you make the mistake of buying such you wouldn’t enjoy cleaning.

That’s why it’s very important to ensure that the model you are buying is lightweight. Once it’s lightweight, carrying it wouldn’t be a problem. And with this you would always look forward to another cleaning experience.

Also, if it’s lightweight you wouldn’t back strains and pains from carrying it. It would be like you’re carrying a normal backpack.

So how would you know that it’s lightweight? Well if you’re buying it online you have to check the weight. If it weighs just a bit you can opt for it. And also check for customers reviews. Product description can be a bit deceiving but customer’s reviews can’t be deceiving.

Well, it’s a lot better if you’re going to a shop to get it yourself. All you have to do is try carrying the vacuum. If with its weight you can have a nice walk in the park then you are good to go.

This is important so that every time you clean it wouldn’t be the weight of the vacuum that would weigh you down.

2.Suction Power 

Another important feature you have to consider is its suction power. Once the suction power of any vacuum isn’t strong then the vacuum is useless. And this is the reason why. The reason being that the suction power is the determinant of how well this vacuum sucks up dirt.

Yeah, there are other factors but this is the major one.

A vacuum with a very low suction would waste your time and make cleaning stressful. You would have to clean it over and over again before you get a perfect clean. Because it would keep littering dirt all over the house.

So to avoid this you would have to get a vacuum cleaner with a great suction power. With its great suction power you wouldn’t waste time cleaning. And also at the same time you wouldn’t stress yourself just to clean your house.

3.Must have Dynamic Filters 

For you to have maximum output your backpack vacuum must have a dynamic filter. By dynamic filter we mean a filter that can absorb dirt efficiently. And this is very essential if you want your home and office to be sparkling clean.

If you constantly have to empty your canister every time you clean then you don’t have a good filter. One feature of a good filter is that it is able to filter the dirt that goes into the canister.

And with this your canister wouldn’t be filled up easily. At the same time cleaning with the vacuum would be a lot more efficient.

4.Cleaning Tools 

One other thing you should consider before getting a backpack vacuum is its cleaning tools. And this because there are places that the brush roll wouldn’t be able to reach. That’s where a cleaning tool comes in place.

With cleaning tools like crevice tool, wand and other accessories you would be able to clean hard to reach places. And with this you would be able to clean every nook and cranny in your home.

But if your vacuum is lacking all these accessories you would only be able to clean parts that you can see. And also parts that the brush roll can get into.


A backpack vacuum is a godsend. If you truly want to get thorough cleaning, getting the best backpack vacuum for carpet may be the best decision you can make to make it all happen.

You definitely are much wiser getting one. Why? It’s simply giving you a lot lesser stress. The ergonomic design of a backpack allows you to clean up – minus all unnecessary motions most associated with cleaning with an upright. Just thing about it. It’s saving you the energy you need for work, where you need it most.

Plus, the best backpack vacuum for carpet gives you the healthier choice. You need not worry about those allergens escaping to the ether. You’re safe from all that. Thanks to the design, dust and allergens go straight to storage. No need for all the scum to go back to the air around you – not akin to what happens with an upright.

So, if you’ve been wanting to see which is most useful for you, listen up. You need to decide for yourself. And to do that, you have to do your due diligence. Which simply means checking your thoroughly your situation – the amount of space to clean and all that details. After which you can start to carve out a solution.

For us however, we can’t but tip our hats to the Hoover Commercial C2401 Vacuum Cleaner. Why so? Because we care about customer satisfaction. Which only means if you want to know the viability of the product, you’ll have to check how it fares when people use it.

And there’s no question about it. The Hoover Commercial C2401 Vacuum Cleaner is a winner. It has proven to be for most of its users, more than any product on the market today. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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