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Best of the Best Carpet Shampoo 2018

The best carpet shampoo may seem a no-brainer, right? But when it comes to carpets, it’s actually just the start of the story. Carpets aren’t as indestructible as tiles. You can bet your precious penny that tiles will outlast a carpet given the same amount of traffic. Of course, nobody wants to lie down on a tiled floor except your fave pooch perhaps. 

But the rug and the carpet attract us. Whether high-pile or low-pile, they beckon us to come enjoy their warmth. Perhaps it’s our instinctive desire to get clothed all the time. To feel the belongingness.

Truth of the matter is that a carpet will last as long as you take care of them. The moment you let them be and leave them to chance, you’re looking at a disaster heading your way. Why?

Simply because some time or another, spills and cases of accidents will happen. It could be the coffee. Or it could be spurt of a ballpen ink. Or worse, your dog’s mess.

It’s for this reason that getting the best carpet shampoo can be a good start. It’s not a be-all end-all kind of thing. You need to apply your shampooing right to make it all happen.

To get rid of all the confusion, we’ve rounded up the most sought-after carpet shampoos of this age. Even better, we’re showing you what makes them tick. So you can get the best choice for yourself. And get the most bang for your buck. Read on.

Hoover AH30330NF Carpet Cleaner 

Well, Hoover is one of the most established vacuum cleaner brands in America. It’s high time you get a cleaning product that helps you keep your carpet as squeaky clean as possible. Despite your gargantuan efforts, your carpet is going to be soiled and stained. Making this Hoover a timely addition to your cleaning repertoire.

What’s even better is not only does this carpet cleaner fits perfectly with Hoover machines, it’s also a Bissell replacement. Of course, you know Bissell is another great American brand. Along with Hoover, a name that also means vacuum cleaner in Europe attesting to its great influence.

What makes this carpet cleaner a must-have. First up, you’re looking at an environmentally sound product here. Not only does it clean, it’s also 100 percent non-toxic and biodegradable. How’s that for a change? Plus, you’re looking at a way to clean not only carpet but also upholstery and your most comforting car interiors. Truly neat! And at an affordable price too.

Bissell 78H6B Pro 2x Cleaning Formula 

Now for a Bissell cleaning agent. You shouldn’t act too surprised one of America’s foremost brand has this one. It’s but timely. And much better too.

Yes, you could say this Bissell formula is a godsend. For one, it promises twice the number of cleaning agents compared to other formulas. That should translate to a better clean for you. Put in your triple-action formula and you have a cleaning agent that not only keeps your carpet clean and stain-free, it also makes sure it smells best.

Much better, you have an EPA certified product here. That means this is safe for everyone – you, your kids and even pets including. No harmful formula that could cause alarm. Plus, you can use this one for use with the most widely-utilized cleaning machines to date – from Rug Doctor to Bissell. It’s truly a pro.

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner 

Well, this one’s got a lot of people smiling. This Bubbas Super Steamer is a fave of many people. And we may have an idea why. You have here a not-so-expensive way to get your carpet the clean it needs. For one, just an ounce of this formula is enough to make a gallon of the needed mixture. Add its promo price you have a great way to get some dollars saved.

What’s amazing is this one claims to succeed where its greatest competitor may fail. A great claim actually. And that may be because this one is a commercial grade cleaning agent. Something serious about the job.

Much better for pet lovers. If you don’t want your upholstery or your carpet smelling pee all over, this product is spot on. So you get to clean and smell good, without spending a fortune.

Hoover AH30035 Platinum Collection Carpet Detergent 

This may look like a car lubricant or add-on but truly this is one powerful cleaning agent for your carpet. If you get to list everything it can work against to get you the clean you need, you know this one means serious business. Yes, we’re talking about vomit, pet pees and other accidents, blood, grass stains and what have you. The list could go on and on.

Plus, you’re not left on the smelly end here. You got the fresh linen as your scent here giving you the smell you want for your rugs and carpets.

The formula is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute showing you this one is environmentally safe. Best of all, it tells you no harmful toxic chemicals are used here.

Biokleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo 

This Biokleen is a blessing and you should be happy to look into it. That if you’re serious about giving your carpet the clean it needs. For starters, you’re not looking at a pricey option here. 

Most importantly, you got one that’s safe on clothes and your washable fibers. That’s great. Telling you you can rest assured when having this as your cleaning agent. A great find indeed!

Let’s Compare the Best Carpet Shampoo of 2018

Detailed Comparison List












 Carpet Cleaner

6.2 x

 3 x

 11.5 inches

1 pound


78H6B Pro

 2x Cleaning


3.2 x

6 x

10.8 inches

3.5 pounds


 Super Steamer

Carpet Cleaner

9.5 x

3.5 x

3.3 inches

2 pounds





Carpet Detergent

13.2 x

 8.1 x

14.2 inches

7.8 ounces


Carpet and

Rug Shampoo

10 x

4.9 x

 4.9 inches

12.6 ounces



2x Pet Stain


4.5 x

 2.8 x

10.2 inches

4 ounces

Oreck 40257

-01 Allergen

 Control Carpet


9 x

6 x

2 inches

1.25 pounds



Urine Stain


3.4 x

 3.4 x

9.2 inches

27.4 pounds

Best Carpet Shampoo review

Hoover AH30330NF Carpet Cleaner

Short review

Not only does Hoover brand produce one of the carpet cleaners, they also do make one of the best carpet shampoos out there. This very first product on our list is a product of Hoover brand. And you can be sure that it works efficiently in making your carpet sparkling clean. Hoover AH30330NF Carpet Cleaner works amazingly well. 

Now wonder customers say this is one of the best carpet shampoo you can ever use.

For your carpet to look sparkling clean it is important to have a good carpet shampoo. Once the carpet shampoo is good, the carpet cleaner would function well. And would clean dirt easily.

After every use your carpet would look sparkling clean.

The good thing is that this carpet shampoo is suitable for most surfaces. It cleans carpets, rugs, and upholstery and car interiors well. So if you need a carpet shampoo that would work all round for most surfaces in your home you could opt for this.

Another good thing is that this carpet shampoo has a really nice smell. Its fresh linen nice scent gives your carpet an amazing smell once you’re done cleaning.

This in turn makes your home smell really nice and fresh every time you clean your home.

If you’ve worried about the toxicity of this carpet cleaner, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s non-biodegradable and non-toxic. So when you use it, it wouldn’t stain your carpet or any other surface.

It’s definitely no mistake that this Hoover shampoo is on this list for the best carpet shampoo.

Things We Liked

  • checkFresh linen scent
  • check100% non-biodegradable
  • checkNon-toxic
  • checkSuitable for all machines
  • checkSuitable for all surfaces
  • check2x concentrated

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Scent might be too strong for sensitive nose

Bissell 78H6B Pro 2x Cleaning Formula

Short review

This next product on our list is simply amazing. When it comes to its cleaning capability it’s unbeatable. Yeah! you heard that right. This is known to be one of the best carpet cleaners out there, if not the best. With Bissell 78H6B Pro 2x Cleaning Formula in your home you may never go wrong.

That’s one of the reasons why reviewers always include this cleaning formula in the list for the best carpet shampoos you can find out there.

Do you know why this carpet cleaner is unbeatable? It has twice the amount of cleaning agents you would find in a normal cleaning formula. And this makes it effect way stronger than the regular cleaning agents out there.

So if you want a change in the look of your carpets, you should consider getting this carpet cleaner.

Once you’re done cleaning your carpet with this cleaning formula you might not be able to recognize your carpet.

And another thing is that even after cleaning your carpet with this carpet cleaner it remains clean for a very long time. That’s if of course it isn’t stained.

Similarly, this cleaning formula has triple action formula. It deep cleans, protects and removes very tough odor. For a cleaning formula you couldn’t ask for anything more. Since most of the issues you have with carpets are being resolved.

Also, this formula is also suitable for common carpet spot cleaners. Such as Hoover, Rug doctor, and also including Bissell of course. It works perfectly in these products and helps remove even the toughest stains.

No wonder customers are raving about this product as one of the best carpet shampoos.

Things We liked

  • check2x cleaning agents
  • checkTriple-action formula
  • checkSuitable for most surfaces
  • checkSuitable for common carpet cleaners
  • checkRemoves deep stains

Things We didn’t like

  • Not suitable for those with sensitive nose

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

Short review

Do you have a pet in your home? And they keep wetting the carpet with their pee and it keeps smelling? Well, there’s a way out. This next product on our list might just be the solution to your problem. Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner has the ability to make your home smell good again.

Even when you have cat and dog pees on your carpet this carpet can help remove the odor. It cleans the surface of the carpet and at the same time makes your carpet smell so good.

Way to go!

That’s why most reviewers include this in their list for the best carpet shampoos.

This top rated carpet cleaner is able to clean deep stains on your carpets. So if you are concerned about how well it would clean your carpet you have nothing to worry about.

Similarly, this carpet cleaner is one of the best carpet shampoos when it comes to cleaning other surfaces. This carpet cleaner is an expert at cleaning stains on chairs, couches, stairs and even car seats.

So if you need a carpet cleaner that would function in multiple ways you have to check this out.

Interestingly, this shampoo is suitable for most standard carpet cleaners. Including Bissell, Hoover and many others.

The good thing is that you only need 1 oz. of this carpet cleaner when you want to clean your carpet. This way you get to reduce consumption of the shampoo. Thus making it last for a long time.

Things We liked

  • checkTop-rated shampoo
  • checkSuitable for most surfaces
  • checkCleans tough stains
  • checkProvides a nice smell
  • checkOnly 1 oz. is needed

Things We didn’t like

  • Does not remove UV strains left behind by cat spray

Hoover AH30035 Platinum Collection Carpet Detergent

Short review

In search of a carpet cleaner that is affordable? Well, you are in luck. This next products on our list is very affordable. You definitely won’t have to pay through your nose to purchase Hoover AH30035 Platinum Collection Carpet Detergent. Well, amongst the list of the best carpet shampoos this is quite affordable.

And that doesn’t imply that it wouldn’t clean your carpet well. You would be surprised at how well this carpet detergent works. It takes your carpet back to the way it used to be when you first bought it. Believe it!

Customers are raving about it because it is one of the best carpet shampoos in town.

Interestingly, this carpet detergent caters for a wide range of stains. Ranging from grass stains, blood, vomit, pet accidents and other stains. This way you have a way out whenever there is any kind of stain on your carpet.

Might be exactly what you need if you frequently have different stains on your carpets.

Anyway, you should also know that this carpet detergent works perfectly with any deep cleaning machine. Once this carpet detergent is present in your carpet vacuum you are good to go.

Within seconds you would see the effect of the shampoo on your carpet.

That’s one of the reasons why reviewers never fail to include this shampoo in the list of the best carpet shampoos.

Things We liked

  • checkRemoves variety of stains
  • checkUsed with deep cleaning machines
  • checkProduces fresh linen scent
  • checkAffordable

Things We didn’t like

  • Packaging issues

Biokleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo

Short review

This next product on the list is simply unique. A specially designed carpet shampoo. And you can be sure with Biokleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo in your home, your carpet would always be clean.

That’s one of the reasons why customers say this is one of the best carpet shampoos.

And that’s the truth, you would not have an encounter with this carpet and rug shampoo and I wouldn’t make an effect. The components used in making this shampoo work exceptionally well. And some of these ingredients are corn extract, grapefruit seed, pulp extract and other things.  

That’s why it is able to remove to remove even the toughest stains.

So be rest assured that once this shampoo is in contact with your carpet and rug it changes its appearance.

Not to forget, do you know that this Biokleen carpet shampoo emits a nice smell? Well, now you know. The smell that emanates from your carpet once you’re done cleaning is a refreshing one. And again it removes odors.

So if you have a pet that keeps peeing on your carpet you might want to opt for this.

Similarly, this shampoo is safe for any kind of fiber that is washable. So if you have other surfaces other than your carpet, if would be suitable for it. So you get to use a single shampoo for many purposes.

Way to go!

Given these amazing features you would find this product on every review for the best carpet shampoo.

Things We liked

  • checkRemoves tough stains
  • checkEmits nice smell
  • checkRemoves odor
  • checkSuitable for any washable fiber

Things We didn’t like

  • Suds up too much

Hoover AH30325NF 2x Pet Stain Remover

Short review

Do you need a totally different experience with your carpet cleaner? Well, you have a way out here. This next product on our list would provide you with an amazing experience. Hoover AH30325NF 2x Pet Stain Remover boasts about being able to remove tough stains.

When we say tough stains we mean really tough stains. Like coffee stains, hot chocolate stains and many other tough stains.

One of the many reasons why customers think this is one of the best carpet shampoos in town.

Similarly, this shampoo is also useful in high traffic areas like your stairs for example. Since so many people walk back and forth on the stairs it definitely would get dirty. Especially if it’s rugged.

But not to worry, there’s a solution on ground. With this carpet cleaner in your home your stairs would always look absolutely clean.

And also every other part of the home you use this shampoo for.

All these and many more are the reasons why reviewers can’t resist having this shampoo on the list for the best carpet shampoos.

Things We liked

  • checkSuitable for carpet and upholstery
  • checkRemoves dirty stains
  • checkIdeal for different surfaces
  • checkNice scent
  • checkNon-toxic
  • check100% non-biodegradable

Things We didn’t like

  • Doesn’t work for cat urine

Oreck 40257-01 Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner

Short review

If you are looking for one the best carpet shampoos in town, you are at the right spot. This next carpet cleaner on our list is simply amazing. With unique features, Oreck 40257-01 Allergen Control Carpet Cleaner has earned the trust of customers.

Well, every review for the best carpet shampoos in town proves that this is truly a unique product.

No doubt, this carpet cleaner is also able to remove tough stains. Once you use this carpet cleaner in any carpet vacuum it would function well. But something unique that it does is that removes allergen.

If you are very familiar with different carpet cleaners you would know that most of them remove only stains and odors but not allergen.

But with this carpet cleaner right here, it removes stains, odors and allergen. This way your carpet smells good, looks good and is also free from germs.

What more could you ask for in a carpet cleaner?

This is one of the reasons why customers say this is one of the best carpet shampoos in town.

Similarly, it keeps your carpet from resoiling by cleaning 235 square feet of carpets and hard floors. So you can be sure that your carpet won’t be smelling once you’re done cleaning. It sucks in all the water used in removing the dirt.

Things We liked

  • checkRemoves allergen
  • checkRemoves tough stains and removes odor
  • checkBrightens color of carpet
  • checkPrevents carpet fibers from resoiling
  • checkNo mess when you clean carpet

Things We didn’t like

  • Packaging issues

Nature’s Miracle Urine Stain Eliminator

Short review

Need a great change in the looks of your carpet? Well, you have to check out Nature’s Miracle Urine Stain Eliminator. This might just be what you need for a great change. As the name implies this carpet cleaner boast about being able to perform a miracle on your carpet.

Customers that have used this carpet cleaner have testified to the fact that there was a great change. It’s definitely no mistake that this product is on the list for the best carpet shampoos.

One of its amazing features is the ability to remove strong pet urine odor. So you have pets in your home you should consider getting this carpet cleaner. Not only does it remove the odor, it also removes the stain.

Damn right!

This carpet cleaner helps remove any form of stain on your carpet making it sparkling clean. So if you want your carpet to go back to the way it used to be when you first purchased it, this would the trick.

Amazingly, this does not help remove stains on carpets but also on other furniture and even clothes. So with this in your home you would be able to remove all kinds of stains on all kinds of surfaces.

Things We liked

  • checkBio-enzymatic formula
  • checkEliminates strong pet odors
  • checkRemoves stains
  • checkPermanently eliminates stains and odor

Things We didn’t like

  • Smell is too sensitive to some people


Top DIY Tips to Make your Carpet Always Looking like New 

Life is full of choices! But it’s so funny how so many Americans make the same choices in terms of flooring systems. They find carpets really dope that they all have at least one in their homes. Amazing right? How can they be so fond of using carpets?

Well, the answer is staring you right in the face. Carpets are a beauty to behold. Who wouldn’t want to have a nice carpet in their home when it can beautify their homes? Guess no one right?

The advantages of a carpet over other flooring types can’t be overemphasized. Carpets come at a really affordable price which is why majority can afford it. Compared to other flooring types that are way more expensive.

Similarly, carpets are usually made in a really nice design. And they have really attractive colors that turn around the looks of your home.

That’s why homes that have carpet in them look amazing.

Not to also forget the fact that they are easy to put in your home. Not much expertise is needed in laying a carpet. And you could even place it over any other many surface types.

All these and more makes people prefer carpets to any other floor types.

But as people started using it, there as being difficulty in maintaining carpets. Maintaining carpets isn’t as easy as it sounds. It actually requires a lot of patience and consistency.

So if you want to know how to keep your carpets in good shape for a long time you have to keep reading.

The fact is that maintaining it isn’t easy, but with the right guide you would find it quite easy. And that’s why we have come up with this section. So that you would be enlightened on how to make your carpet clean always.

And also how to maintain its color and texture for a long time. If you follow these tips well you would see a big difference.

Let’s quickly dive into these tips.

1. Follow the Proper Vacuuming Technique

It’s very important that you regularly clean your carpet. And when you do that you have to do it the appropriate way.

So many people don’t pay attention to a lot of these thing while they use the vacuum. And once the result is out they don’t appreciate the result.

The inappropriate result is simply due to the inappropriate technique used in vacuuming your carpet.

So what’s the appropriate technique?

The very first thing you have to do before you clean is to check for any object on the carpet. Any object that could tamper with the activity of the vacuum should be removed.

Once the coast is clear, the next thing you have to do is check your vacuum. Ensure that the canister isn’t full and also ensure that every part is functioning well. If that is settled then you can move on to the next step.

Since carpets are known to take in so much dirt, cleaning them would also take time. When you want to clean your carpet ensure that you take your time. Don’t try to clean your carpet while you are rushing to go to work.

That would be a waste of time because cleaning a carpet takes a lot of time.

You would sure notice a change if you take your time to clean your carpet. The amount of dirt that would accumulate in the canister would be a surprise to you.

2. Vacuum Often

Since you already know the appropriate technique needed in cleaning your carpet, you should know how often you should apply this technique. Ensure that you clean your carpet regularly. Although it might not be so easy for you to clean it daily, you have to do so often.

If you fail to clean your carpet regularly, there would be a pile up of dirt. And when that happens it would a lot more difficult to get your carpet back in shape.

But once you clean your carpet regularly, you would be able to remove as much dirt as possible when you do so. And with this you would be able to maintain the good texture.

Once you are able to maintain the texture for a long time, your carpet would last for a very long time.

3. Never leave Stains to dry

It’s sure unavoidable for your carpet not to get stained. Especially if you have children in your home and also pets. Regularly you would have coffee spilled, hot chocolate spilled and even when your pet pees it leaves a stain.

When all these happens your carpet wouldn’t be able to escape being stained. That isn’t a big deal. But it would be a big deal if you leave that stain there to dry.

Once the stain dries on your carpet, removing it would be a big deal. You would have to use a lot of techniques just to get that stain off. You could be lucky and the stain leaves without causing a damage.

But if not, you can be sure that the stain would completely change how your carpets looks.

That’s why you should remove stains as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate cleaning it, because you would not like the result.

Also when trying to remove stains do not rub the stain into the carpet. Slightly touch the surface of the stain with white cloth. This is to prevent the stain from spreading any further.

4. Be Careful of Carpet Cleaners and Chemicals

It’s actually very good to use a good carpet shampoo for your carpet. So that the outcome would be great. But at the same time you have to be careful.

Many carpet shampoos are made of different components. And some of them are corrosive in nature. It might actually be suitable for some other textures of carpets and might not be suitable for yours.

So you have to find out the particular type of carpet shampoo that would be suitable for your carpet.

The same goes for other chemicals you use in removing stains on your carpets. If the chemical is very strong it might cause holes in your carpets. And this would destroy the beauty of your carpet.

If it doesn’t cause holes in your carpet, it might cause a change in its color. Which means different parts of your carpet would have different colors. And you sure don’t want that to happen.

So for this not to occur you have to be very selective in the type of carpet shampoos and chemicals you use on your carpets. So that your carpet would still be looking good for many years.

5. Clean Professionally

You don’t have to hire a professional to clean your carpet before you can thoroughly clean your carpet. There are so many shops where you can borrow capable machines at an affordable prices.

These machines are used for deep cleaning. You would be able to touch every part of your carpet. And with this you would be able to wipe off all the dirt in your carpet.

Once you get these machines you have to deep clean your carpet. And this should be for at least 2x a year.

This is because no matter  how much you think you are cleaning your carpet, there would still be places that have pile of dirt stuck up. So to make your carpet completely you have to deep clean it.

And once you’re done you would be sure that your carpet would look completely new.

Similarly, the lifespan of your carpet also increases. So you can be sure that it would last longer if you do this at least 2x a year.

Top 3 Reasons Why a Carpet Steamer is Best for Cleaning Your Carpets

Since cleaning a carpet isn’t child’s play, it’s important to learn the different techniques with which your carpet can remain clean. One of the techniques is using a carpet steamer. And this technique has proven to be reliable.

Although there are other methods you can use in cleaning your carpet, they haven’t proven to be better than a carpet steamer.

So if you want your carpet to remain dazzling clean even for many years to come you have to pay attention starting from now. Why? Simply because we have come up with top 3 reasons why a carpet steamer is the best for your carpet.

In this section you would be enlightened on the power of a carpet steamer in restoring your carpet. And the great effect it would have on your carpet once you use it.

So find in a jiffy why a carpet steamer is considered the best for your carpets.

1. Cleans well

A carpet steamer is known to clean carpets really well. By removing any form of dirt. Because a carpet steamer uses heat to capture the dirt, it’s a whole easier.

At the same time it has a pad or brush that helps absorbs all that amount of dirt. And this pad does well in attracting dirt.

Similarly, a carpet steamer releases dry heat that helps moisturize any form of stain. When the stain is moisturized it becomes easy for the pad or brush to remove the stain.

That’s why a carpet steamer is known as a rejuvenator. It immediately transforms the look of your carpet without any stress. And makes it look like when you first purchased it.

Also, carpet steamers are known to be able to remove tough stains. They remove it with the help of the dry heat produced.

2. Helps Disinfect Your Carpet 

Normally, in a normal vacuum a disinfectant is used to remove both dirt and microorganisms. But with a carpet steamer dry heat is used to remove stains and also microbes.

And dry heat is known to better effective at killing microbes than disinfectants.

So this way you don’t only get to make your carpet completely clean but also makes it free from microbes.

With this your carpet becomes completely free from microbes and also save.

3. Keeps Your Carpet Clean for a Long Time

Compared to a vacuum cleaner a carpet steamer is known to keep a carpet clean for a very long time. When a carpet steamer is used, it completely removes all the dirt.

And that’s one thing a vacuum cleaner can’t do. It removes dirt fine, but not all the dirt.

Because a carpet steamer removes all the dirt and leaves nothing behind in your carpet, it doesn’t get dirty that fast. It takes quite some time before the dirt accumulated becomes obvious.

That’s of course if you haven’t spilled coffee or any other thing on your carpet.

This way you wouldn’t have to go through so much stress in cleaning your carpet daily. You would just have to clean it 2x-3x every week. With this you would be able to maintain your carpet.

And you would be able to use it for a very long time.


The best carpet shampoo is a must. That’s if you really want to take care of your carpet. And show it how much you love it. 

Carpets attract us like no other. In America, more homes are carpeted than not. But all that desire for comfort also means a lot of responsibility for all of us. Responsibility that must be translated to action.

Why so? It’s simple. If you let a carpet be, it’s bound to disappear. Literally, yes. Just try looking closer at all the high-traffic areas of your carpet. What do you see? Since it has taken a lot of beating, it’s bound to pressed hard. And a lot thinner – if not dirtier.

Traffic is bound to happen on your carpet. It’s the reason why they exist. To provide timely support for people on the go. Or for the matter of your little tyke. People on the play.

And with traffic comes all sorts of accidents. Whether you like or not, carpets will be the receiving end of coffee spills and all sorts of liquid and semi-liquid falling on the floor.

It’s for this reason that we tip our hats to Hoover AH30035 Platinum Collection Carpet Detergent. Of all the product on the market to today, this one has gotten the nod of more people than any. More than any on our list, in fact. 

And that cannot be refuted. When you talk about people who have tried the product and shout its positive merits like there’s no tomorrow, it must be heard. Loud and clear. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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