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It’s intriguing.  The best central vacuum may sound like something that’s out of this world. And you may not want to look into it at all. But know however that if you’re serious about getting your abode as clean as possible, then the merits of a centralized vac should be investigated.

Think of a centralized air-conditioning. You’re looking at enjoying certain comforts not otherwise possible with portable aircon units. Just imagine a mall. If each shop would have to invest in its own airconditioning how likely are you to visit the big store. Not likely.

For, there will be parts of the mall that won’t be enjoying better-than-average temperature. And you know a place like that will always be second rate to a shopping experience with a centralized airconditioning in full throttle.

That is also the case for a centralized vacuum unit. If you think you can clean your house with a portable vac, then you may have to adjust your thinking just a little bit.

For one, you really can’t beat the power of a central vac. By design, it can muster twice to thrice the suction power a standard portable unit can give. And the cleaning results are separated by a mile.

Even better, you won’t have the issue of dust and dirt reentering your environment. With a central unit in place, every bit of dust and dust mite gets thrown to the central motor. No spillage whatsoever.

But of course, the best way to know how good a central vac is is to install it. To help your quest, we have done the hard work and put in one place the top 5 central vacuum systems. So you may get only the best for your loved ones. Read on.

Dust Care DCC-2000C 

This powerhouse is going to give you the power you need to get your abode the bestest best clean it deserves. Yes, say goodbye to the limited power of portable vacs and say yes to central vacs.

You may not believe it but this Dust Care boasts of 85 CFM. That’s setting the ball game into the 21st century. Note that traditional portable vacs have way lower suction power. Most have only but 60 CFM.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at an upright or a canister or a handheld. All these models pale in suction power to Dust Care. Even better, you have true quiet here. Operating at a little over 70 decibels, this model is a true godsend to operate.

Just make sure you get your circuit breaker working to prevent untoward voltage fluctuation incidents.

Hoover Platinum CVS 

Hoover has been making waves in the portable standard vac market and it shouldn’t be any different here. Centralized vacuums are a  breath of fresh air. Imagine all the work it will save you. You won’t have to worry about all that allergens escaping as you got it all hooked directly to a centralized storage. 

And this one is no different. What makes it even more awesome is you have steel tanks storage here. That would mean you won’t have to worry about rust. Add the power of a 12-amp motor and you should be getting all the debris and dirt out of the way – allergens including.

Now you need not worry all those nasty things that make your living room a living hell will have their way. You have superior suction power here. One distinct advantage is there is no way all those dust, dirt and allergens will ever escape again. It’s all directly stored remotely out of your living room.

Of course, just make sure you got plenty of dollars when you buy this one. Or you’re going to fall short.

H-P Products 9614 

Yes, this Dirt Devil should provide the timely solution to keeping your RV clean. Come to think of it, when you have tight spaces, getting a standard vac may be the worst decision you can make. Because with that comes along all sorts of mess. 

Now you need not put your faith in traditional methods composed of brooms and dustpans, you have everything centralized. With the Dirt Devil CV you need not find big space for storage as this unit can fit in the smallest of spaces – from under your seat to closet compartments.

Even better, you can now clean the whole house or the whole RV without having to look back over your shoulder worrying about all the dust and dirt escaping into the ether. With this product, you living space is respected.

This truly is a treasure find for your RV and for similar small spaces. Now you can clean without creating a mess of it all yourself.

Allegro MU4500 

Now, if you’re serious about getting a central vac for your home, then this Allegro should do it. No sweat! Especially designed to cater to houses as big as 6,000 square feet in area, this model  is most likely to capture your heart in no time.

Made of all-steel construction you will see how durable this product is right from the get-go. This one is made to last.

Even better, you have a motor here that’s not only powerful it’s also very durable. Most standalone vacuum cleaners carry but a measly 60 – 80 CFM. Not this one. This powerful Allegro can clean as powerful as 124.1 CFM. Think of raw power. And that’s it.

What’s more this workhorse comes complete. You have long crevice tools, a 25-ft hose and an array of cleaning tools to wow your end. Add the maintenance-free micro fiber and you know this one’s for keeps.

Honeywell 4B-H703 CVS 

Have you become tired of all the wires stopping you from getting free? Yes, it’s true. You really can’t go around if you have a corded vac. You’re limited that you  must plug it in everytime. Not with this cental vac. Well, this one is cordless and it must be the reason why this one’s a favorite to many.

Yes, you’re looking at another very powerful machinery here. Meant to clean up to 8,000-ft area, this Honeywell is truly a blessing for mid-sized abode. What’s more we’re talking about 124 CFM here. That’s more or less twice the normal suction power of traditional portable vacs.

That can only mean this one can suck better than the best portable out there. Even better, it keeps it all under wraps.

With this all-steel model equipped with a self-cleaning reliable HEPA air filter, you’re ensured all those allergens, debris and dirt gets to be thrown out. Efficiently and most importantly, effectively.

Let’s Compare the Best Central Vacuum of 2018

Detailed Comparison List





 Cleaning Space



Total Reviews



Dust Care


9,000 sq.









 H-P Products 9614

12 x

18 x

 14 inches





6,000 sq.


15 x

 15 x

 42 inches






8,000 square


14.9 x

14.9 x

42.8 inches






3,000 sq.


11 x

11 x

33 inches



best central vacuum review

Dust Care DCC-2000C  

Short review

Goodbye having to tug along a heavy portable vac, time to get going with this one-of-a-kind central vacuum system. It will definitely give you the comfort you need to get going. 

Have you been wondering when will you be able to get rid of all the dust? How about those pesky pet hairs that seem to have gotten permanently stuck to the underside of your upholstery? Or for that matter the debris and pesky microorganisms that could be thriving right in your living room, when are you going to be able to contain them.

Well, the answer is with this Dust Care is may well be today. The problem with portable is basically power. You are limited by a suction power that goes at just 60 CFM or cubic feet per meter. That’s not what you actually need. You need something powerful to get you by.

And that’s exactly what this central vac will give you. At almost 90 CFM, you will be able to give your abode the clean it needs. Just like that.

Even better, you get to have all the quiet you need. At just approximately 70 dB, you’d be singing while doing the work.

And what work? A central vac is as light as you want it. No need to bring along a heavy machine. All you have to do is plug it into the nifty port and cleaning from room to room is a walk in the park.   

Just don’t forget to set up a circuit breaker to thwart voltage overload.

Things We Liked

  • checkBroad coverage: 9000 square feet.
  • checkReally quiet at 71 decibels
  • checkPowerful with 2 motor system (Ametek lamb)
  • checkWarranty: 1 year plus, 7 year on motor
  • check153“ water lift capability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Need circuit breaker

Hoover Platinum CVS 

Short review

Well, you know Hoover. For decades it has become one of the most sought-after names in household cleaning. Yes, our idea is often that of the standalone independent portable system. This time around you Hoover nails it right on the head.

For starters, you got a steel tank here. So you won’t have to worry about getting all the rust and foregoing a storage. Steel is probably the world’s most dependable metal today.

If you’re serious about making sure your abode is spic-and-span clean, then this one should be top of your list. A trusted name that you should bank on.

The problem with standard standalone units is you won’t really have the 100 percent assurance that all those debris – the dust especially and dust mites – won’t escape into space extending your headache much longer. Not with this Hoover.

Now you’re assured all those dirt, germs and what-have-you will be thrown where they should be thrown – out of your way. It’s like having a centralized aircon system. Every part of the house gets the benefits.

Things We liked

  • checkHuge storage: 6-gallon dirt
  • checkGood for carpet and bare floors
  • checkWell-rounded tool kit
  • checkRust-proof steel tanks

Things We didn’t like

  • Pricey
  • Heavy

H-P Products 9614 

Short review

Anyone with an RV will know how easy it is to get everything upside down? That vehicle seems to have a life all its own when it comes to keeping dirt under rein. Now, however with the Dirt Devil you won’t have to worry about all the mess.

The centralized vac takes care of it all. One, it has the needed power to get everything under control. Unlike traditional vacuum models, this central vac boasts of suction power a lot higher than the 60 usual CFM threshold. Definitely a powerhouse!

Now you definitely won’t have to go back to your old broom-dustpan routine. Everything just gets sucked in to a remote position. It’s like having a black hole to get all the dirt under rein.

What makes this model even worth your money is it’s pretty silent. You won’t have the same noise problems you experience when using an upright vac. Fact is, you won’t need any other vac as this one can cover the whole place.

Even better, no allergens and no dirt is bound to escape to your surroundings.

It’s truly astounding. As marketed it is able to capture 100 percent of all dirt vacuumed. No slippage. No escaping.

What’s more you won’t need to allocate big storage space for this. Power unit itself can be stored easily under your seats. Kit packs are so compacted they’ll fit into just half cubit worth of foot storage.

Yes, this model is best for small spaces (compared to a house) so an RV, a boat or a motorhome of your choice.

Things We liked

  • checkSilent operation
  • checkHEPA filter
  • checkLight at 15 pounds
  • checkPowerful suction
  • checkCompact storage
  • checkaffordable

Things We didn’t like

  • not for big houses

Allegro MU4500 

Short review

Now, it seems it’s getting better and better. The Allegro is bound to amaze you. This one’s best for bigger houses – 6,000 square-foot big. That’s a lot bigger than your usual RV. And you should be happy!

What makes this product tick is it’s virtually built to last. Of course, nothing lasts forever. What we’re telling you is the build is really good.

First up, you have an all-steel construction here. That speaks volumes on the kind of strength being harnessed here. Then, you have anti-corrosion perforation for the motor. That’s because it’s Powder Coat finish is baked epoxy. That’s inside and out. Imagine that.

That means this motor should last a lifetime and beyond. Add the 7-year warranty on the motor and you know this one’s for keeps.

Only thing is that promise may have been broken for some. At least one customer review refutes all that. To be fair, majority of users sing praises to this product.

Things We liked

  • checkGood for big 6000-ft houses
  • checkComplete system with attachments for whole house
  • checkLong crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas
  • checkMaintenance-free filter (micro fiber
  • checkCorrosion-resistant unit (For life)
  • checkAll-steel made

Things We didn’t like

  • Durability issues

Honeywell 4B-H703 CVS 

Short review

Central vacuum systems may be a surprise to you. Most of us think of vacuum as standalone. That’s the way we saw it. But things are changing for the better. Just think, if you need centralized aircon then why not centralized vacuum system.

To a large extent, getting the standalone standard versions may give you a lot more problems. Of course, unless you’ve experienced a centralized vacuum system then you won’t really know the difference.

What separates this model to every other model in this A-list is this one is cordless. You get to operate this one without having to worry if the wire will stay with you. In that sense, you’re free to clean any where in the house.

How many times have you been limited by a cord? Now, you need not.

And best of all, you get to clean truly. For this one is built to last.

For one, know you have a steel body here. Your vacuum is steel. How durable indeed. That means you can expect this one to last a lifetime and you need not worry.

Steel, in fact is one of the strongest metals on Earth today. And it’s no surprise you’ll find users who have used their units for years.

And forget about the time you had to wash your filter with the usual vacuums you had. Here, everything is taken care of. The filter is self-cleaning permanently. No need to wash it or clean it in anyway.

Best of all you’re looking at a model which can clean as much as 8,000 square feet of territory. That’s a lot. And that tells you how amazing this piece is.

Oh and did we mention this one has a 5-year warranty. Yes, that’s truly reassuring knowing that you have here a powerful 124 CFM machine. That’s almost twice the sucking power of your traditional standalone which usually has but a measly 60 CFM.

Theoretically, this one would be a treasure find. No question about that. But it’s marred by a lot of flak. Or to be exact, there are still many who feel happy about this one but a substantial many felt shortchanged. The gist of the matter: durability issues.

Of course, that should be taken into account given that this is not your below 100 bucks machinery.

Things We liked

  • checkMeant to clean 8,000 square-feet space
  • checkPowerful at 124 CFM
  • checkAll-steel construction
  • checkCleans and delivers 100% of sucked dirt
  • checkHEPA self-cleaning, no maintenance/washing needed

Things We didn’t like

  • Durability issues
  • Customer support issues
  • May need expert installation

  Electrolux 4B-H403 CVS 

Short review

Welcome to the big, wide world of central vacuum systems. Yes, if you want to get real clean, getting the standalone versions may give you a lot more hassle. Of course, you won’t know that until get to experience the power of a centralized vacuum system.

And that’s what this ever-popular Electrolux CV has to offer. What’s amazing is you’re looking at real raw power here. You have above average power that should suck in all the dirt and dust – dust mites including. It gets even better to know that all those sucked trash will go directly to the dust bin.

No escapee. Unlike traditional vacs where there is always the chance that all those dirt will go to the ether – and mix with the environment once again.

Know that you have a 13.4-amps motor in this model telling you all that is going to give you real suction power. Above all, you’re getting a sturdy all-steel product offering here. That should make it durable enough to last for years to come.

This beast is meant to clean as much as 3,000 square foot of space. That’s a lot. Don’t be surprised. You’re dealing with a tried-and-tested model here.

The down side? It seems motor burning issues have surfaced. Fortunately, these incidents are few and may be isolated.

Things We liked

  • checkPowerful: 13.7-amps motor (dual stage)
  • checkSturdy Steel construction
  • checkHEPA filter (self cleaning)
  • check3,000 sq. ft.-efficient cleaning
  • checkQuiet operation thanks to noise-reducers
  • checkAbove-average suction power

Things We didn’t like

  • Motor burning issues


7 Reasons Why the Best Central Vacuum is a Must-Have

Well, we’ve always looked at vacuum as a standalone product that we push around. It’s independent; it’s portable; it’s the best thing to do when you need to clean up. That may be true to some extent. But when you think about the dirt that’s affecting the whole house, wouldn’t it be better if we take care of it centrally, like a centralized air con would?

The idea isn’t totally alien. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It sure sounds a bit over-the-top. But as far as innovations and inventions go, that’s always what people say when something new comes along. It’s a given.

The best central vacuum is keeping things practical. A little look closer and you’ll see that it’s a much more acceptable practice. If your parameter is getting your house cleaned up as best as you can, then the services of the best centralized vacuum is spot on. You may likely not want to part with it once you experience it. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. Unbelievable Power Suction

If there’s one action that would best describe vacuums, it must be their suction power. That ability to pull things in. It’s the action that is lies at their essence. Without that prowess, vacuums are nothing but empty tin cans worth nothing but a kick.

And as time goes by, suction power has become a way to measure the ability of a vacuum. The stronger the pull the greater the vacuum. No question about that.

Here, however, is where you might experience a bit of an eye-opener. A coming to your senses.

While the best standalone vacuums can muster great sucking powers, they’re basically limited. The most acceptable way to measure suction is airflow – that is the amount of air pulled in in matter of minutes.

What do you know? A normal vac can pull in 60 – 90 CFM (cubic feet per minute). And you may say they’re awesome.

But your eyes may shoot up to know that a central system can have an airflow that goes as high as 185 CFM. Whew! That’s double the power. Imagine how much dirt you’d be getting with twice the pulling strength.

If pulling power of a vac is to be compared to vehicles. A portable vac would be like a car. A central system like a tow truck.

The reason for all that power is the motor. If you’re going to do a side-by-side comparison, central systems have larger motors. And that can only mean one thing.

2. Incomparable Ease of Use

Oh this is a big one. By mention alone, cleaning is already a word that’s heavy on everyone’s heart. No one wants to sweat it out. If only there was a way to automate everything like a dishwasher. On second thought, there is. At a very steep price.

Thinking of all the routine however is enough to get you looking the other way. But a central vac makes it the session a lot less burdensome.

One big consideration is weight. Now, you don’t have to walk around with a weighty vacuum on your heels. As the main unit is fixed and the one you need to carry is the light vacuum hose and the attachment you’re getting a job that’s as light as can be.

With this centralized vac in your abode, you just have to carry the light hose wherever you need cleaning, plug it into an inlet and voila, it’s all set.

Even better for you, the light hose can only mean damages to walls and furniture are a minimum. It’s truly win-win.

You can even improvise to ensure things are really safe. You can employ a soft “hose sock” to soften the corrugated vac hose.

3.  Total Clean

That should be obvious you might say. It’s true all that powerful suction should get you a much more superior clean. But that’s just the start.

All the increase in airflow is bound to collect a lot more dirt and dust than your portable unit. The end result: you have a significantly cleaner place to live. Everybody happy.

But there’s another aspect to all this. Another key factor. And that has to do with the bag every portable vacuum uses to dispose all the dirt. Traditional units tend to leak dirt back to the very environment they were cleaning. So it becomes a treacherous cycle.

However, such a cycle doesn’t happen in centralized vacuum systems. You may not believe it. But once dirt, debris and what-have-you gets sucked in, it never goes back. It goes straight to the fixed unit for dumping. Absolutely no dust leakage. Dust mites including.

This also means you won’t have those noxious odors many identify with portable vacs. This is because all the air sucked in aren’t recirculated in a central system. To note, that “vacuum smell” so common to portable vacs is actually the combination of fine dust with hot air that’s being recycled.

4. The Peace and Quiet

Come to think of it, noise is one way to get you irritated. It reminds you of traffic. It reminds you of chaotic environments. Sadly, that is one of the characteristics of a portable vacuum, the upright version most commonly.

With a centralized unit, you won’t be hearing much of the motor for the simple reason that it’s located far away from you. It’s located out of the house usually. If not, it’s definitely far from the usual set-up where you have the motor right in front of you.

Further, the motor’s also thoroughly insulated so you will hear but a whisper. That means there will definitely no ‘evil eye’ when you do the cleaning while your kids are out playing the Xbox360.

5. No Frequent Emptying

Yes, if you’re tired of constantly having to monitor your portable vacuum bag if they’re about to be full, then it’s high time you get to set your sights to better systems. And the centralized vacuum should be top of your list.

Note that central vacs can get up to 22 pounds of filth. That’s a lot of dirt, debris and dust to be processed. And you should be happy for it.

Because that will only mean you need not empty the bag every so often. You will still have to attend to it every now and then but it’s definitely a lot less frequently than before.

Take note that these disposable bags for filter won’t take a lot of effort when you need to empty them. You must however make sure that these bags fit properly so airflow is maximized without leaks.

If you’re wondering how everything goes so smoothly, know that it’s because everything has been laid out as perfectly as possible. These centralized systems utilize PVC piping which runs from every inlet port towards the central point where the motor is located. It’s really like a centralized air-conditioning system with pipes distributing the coolness all throughout the house. Further, there are low-voltage wires running with the PVC all over the system. This way, the machine is activated once a hose gets to be inserted.

6. Unparalleled Versatility

There are simply a lot more places you can clean with a centallized vac. Thanks to its lightness. You can just glide it along just about anywhere. Not to mention a whole lot more surfaces that you can clean.

That’s because there are a wide variety of accessories available to central vacs. This way you would make short work of cleaning your RV or your boat and vehicles even. The long hose won’t fail you.

One concrete example is your garage. Bringing a portable vac in that place may be counterintuitive as dust and debris could be caught in a vicious cycle. Not with a central unit.

Unlike a broom, you won’t have dust stirred up. So you can clean without having to endure all the dust (and dust mites) on your face, something that will definitely happen with a broom.

What’s more, men may actually want to handle the cleaning. It shows them that they’re in control. The super-strong vacuum should make them feel powerful.

Now, they see the cleaning hose as a tool of power, and not just another cleaning appliance they have to contend with.

7. Budget Concerns

This may be the last thing on your mind looking at the hefty price tag attached to a central vac. It’s true; the central unit will cost you more than a portable one. But that’s just one side of the story.

First stop, you will incur low to nil consumable cost with a central vac. This is especially true in a filterless system. The most that you’re going to buy is a new motor brush or perhaps a new vacuum hose. And that’s it.

You can’t say the same thing for portable systems. Over time, you will realize these non-centralized units will give you a lot of headaches in the maintenance department.

Secondly, there’s simply no comparison. While a standard independent vac can get debris, it’s not as powerful as a central vac. Hard-to-get substances which will give standard vacs a hard time would be an easy target for centralized units.

We’re talking about laser printer toners which may have spilled and attached heavily to the floor. Or for that matter wire clippings and broken glasses.

Lastly, a central vac last through the years. It’s not unusual for one to last as long as 10 years. That means you won’t have to spend on another set of vacuum cleaners during that time.

That can only mean you’d be adding value to your home. Should you want to sell it, the central vac could be the deciding factor.

What makes a Central Vacuum Disadvantageous?

Like any tool, a centralized vacuum system also has its weak points. Remember that it’s but a service and there will be times its services aren’t as appropriate.

Knowing these disadvantages will help you decide on the merits of a central unit better. And get the most out of it if you decide to have them. Here are a few quick points:

1. Installation Costs

As you may be aware by now, the whole idea of a central vacuum isn’t as forthcoming as that of a portable one. Why? Because it will have to involve the whole house. So you’re talking about a slew of experts working together – from plumbers to electricians to carpenters. Inserting all those hoses that travel from the main unit to each room will take time – and considerable effort.

That’s why a centralized unit is best when you’re still in the construction stage of the house. You will be able to put it in without causing too much effort. However, if your plan to do it to an already-constructed one, the costs could add up.

2. Storage Issues

There will be a host of accessories that will make your central vacuum a lot more efficient in its cleaning function. All these central vacuum tools will somehow weigh you down given that you will have to find a suitable place to store them.

You might think that the attic is the best place to do it. But, considering that  you would need to clean every now and then, getting all those tools from a remote place can be additional work. That will definitely drag you down and getting a quick clean may not be possible. No, sir.

3. Forget Moving

If you’re planning to sell your house, know that you may not be able to bring the whole unit with you. It’s alright. You sure can have it taken away as that is within your prerogative. All the convenience may not be something you’d want to leave behind.

Know however that the decision may mean leaving holes in an otherwise beautiful house. Giving the wannabe owners second thoughts on the whole deal.


The best central vac is a godsend. For what else could it be? There simply is no plain words to describe a machine that makes your house utterly clean. It cannot be forgotten.

The thing is you could have been eating but crumbs. Just think about it. When you say clean, what do you really mean is clean to a certain standard. The thing is you will never know clean unless you’ve seen it right before your very eyes.

Let’s cite a concrete example so we may be able to illustrate the issues further. And we’re talking about spillage.

When you use a portable vacuum, you know that there’s a good chance some of those dust and dirt won’t really reach the bag. Some of them will crawl their way to crevices in your vacuum unit.

If you’re holding one right now, check if your unit has holes. If it does, those apertures could provide just the escape route for dirt and dust to revert back to your room’s atmosphere. Yes, we’re not kidding you.

But not with a centralized vac. As the top 5 central vacuum systems will show you, there simply is no way dust and dirt sucked in will ever be recycled back to your ether. Everything will be shipped right into the main unit downstairs. No sweat!

And we’re talking about 100 percent absolutely no spillage.

That’s just one of the examples how powerful a central vac is.

But of course, the best way to know which is best for you is to start with the area recommendations for each model. If you don’t follow the recommended area, you could be in trouble.

That’s exactly the reason why we tip our hats to Electrolux 4B-H403 CVS. If you’re unsure about which central vac to choose then we would highly recommend this unit. Granting the recommended area of operation is right. 

It’s not only reliable, it stands the test of time. When you want truly clean, the Electrolux 4B-H403 CVS is your man. You need not worry. You have the recommendation of more people than any other product can give.  people have spoken. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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