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Best of the Best Commercial Vacuum 2018

A commercial vacuum is giving cleaning a best shot. It’s efficient and most importantly it’s effective. When you talk about doing cleaning right the services of a commercial vacuum cleaner is putting a priority on the people at work. 

Cleaning isn’t just about taking away what is seen to the naked eye. It’s all about productivity. And you don’t want to put a damper on that.

Putting your trust on the domestic variety of vacuum may feel good. At first, you’d think you have given your business huge savings. But that’s not being realistic actually.

An office is not a house. It’s a workplace. That alone should tell you it could take more beating than an abode. Everybody sweating it out doing the best there is to do to make the business viable.

A home variety vacuum cleaner simply can’t measure up. Those thick carpets will give it a hard time. It will never be up to the task.

Why? Unlike at home, you would need to be squeakier clean in the office. That’s because you will have to make it as presentable everyday for every client, every supplier, every worker to make the most of.

An unclean office doesn’t just mean full of litter and a dirty carpet. It means an unhealthy one too. Meaning: bacteria, even pathogens could thrive. Which is what will eventually happen if not cleaned up.

That’s why the man for the job is the commercial variety. Commercial vacuum cleaners are the way to go!

If you’ve been wondering whether the commercial vacuum is your best pick, read on. We’ve assembled some of the best models in town. Even better, we’re showing you what makes them tick. And why they’re the wise choice to bring more bang to your buck.

Orek Commercial U200R-1 Vacuum

Commercial vacuum cleaners should have greater standards than their home counterparts. To a large degree, this Orek upright vacuum not only meets that mark, it goes beyond it. 

For starters, don’t fret about using this one. At 9 pounds this one should be lightweight enough to get your shoulder off the hook from strains. Yes, you can really tell this one is made to do the hard work.

Another big clue is its 40-foot power cord. That will allow you to clean just about any area in the office. No sweat!

And yet, this one is no pushover. At 5000-6500 RPM, you’re looking at a powerful workhorse here. The best part’s its carry is a cinch. You won’t have an issue pushing it around. And with fingertip controls that our cutting edge, you should be able to finish the job effectively and efficiently as you want it.

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Commercial Canister Vacuum

Well, this Hoover looks like a stick model but it’s actually a canister vacuum. So that should mean you won’t have problems reaching out to the most unreachable places in the office – under the table, upholstery. No sweat!

And that could be its greatest advantage. Its compact form will allow you to clean greater areas and places that an upright model can.

The 110-V powerhorse comes with a 2-year warranty, something to lean on when you’re using this over the years. With a 33-foot cable and a price that’s simply unbeatable, this may well be the key to your office getting all shiny and true.

Hoover C2401 Commercial Vacuum

Well, commercial vacuum cleaners shouldn’t be close to innovation and thanks be to God this Hoover provides a timely twist to all the hullabaloo. Yes, we’re not kidding. And you shouldn’t be laughing too. 

What are we talking about? You may have a hard time figuring this one at first but think of a fumigator, one carrying insecticide as a backpack spreading all the chemicals to plants or to the house to do away with pesky rats. Yes, this one is a backpack vac.

You wear the canister at your back. It’s ingenuous really. So you won’t have to slide along a canister as you move along. You get to move effortlessly as you clean. With an extra-long power cord that extends up to 48-foot and you know it’s definitely a great design.

But no worries. This one packs with a punch. Especially good for wooden floors even for large areas. Really wow!

If only instructions were that straightforward, this would have been perfect.

Santaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum

This canister vacuum should be worth looking into, especially so if your office is filled with carpet to the brim. The Santaire is a blessing!

You can take the most advantage of a canister vac here as this one’s not only lightweight it’s armed to the teeth. Thus, even when you have really messy house that require lots of cleaning, it should be a short order with this one around. Thanks to its powerful suction!

What makes it even more lovable is this one can do your pet hair problem in a cinch. No worries. Plenty of attachments to make this one a treasure find both in the office and at home.

Rubbermind Commercial 1868435 Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaners face a great task and must therefore sport great features. Luckily this Rubbermind is up to task. 

A canister vac, this one is another powerful backpack vacuum cleaner. Not really that light at 25.7 pounds but it’s suction power is sterling. So much it’s ideal for thick rugs and carpets. But no worries, as you won’t have much problem moving around with this one.

What should catch your attention, however, is its quiet existence even when doing its job. With just 66 dB noise produced, this one should be the epitome of how an office vac should get working. Quiet yet diligent.

And as this is a canister vac, getting to all those dirt shouldn’t be a problem, wherever they may be.

Let’s Compare the Best Commercial Vacuum 2018

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12.5 inches







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13.2 x

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30 inches








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31.2 x

 14.7 x

14 inches






XL Pro

5 Vacuum

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13.5 x 

5.2 x

8 inches








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19.7 x 

14.6 x

7.5 inches




Pro CPU 2t




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31.8 x 

16.8 x

10 inches








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14.8 x 

12.8 x

44.5 inches








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44 inches



best commercial vacuum reviews

Orek Commercial U200R-1 Vacuum

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Short review

Tired of having to bend all the time to sweep your office? Well, there’s a way out. And that’s using a vacuum. Not just any vacuum at that, but one of high quality. Just like Orek commercial U200R-1 here. 

Yeah you heard that right. Of the many commercial vacuum cleaners in town, this one should stand out.

Merely looking at this vacuum you would know it’s quality is top-notch. Actually the first time you see this piece you wouldn’t think it’s a vacuum cleaner. Why? It’s very well packaged.

With the compartment that stores the dirt being covered. It simply looks amazing.

Well, you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Small wonder that with its look this commercial vacuum has gained the attention of customers.

But that’s not all. This vacuum has a really strong handle. That gives you a very firm grip once you hold on to it. A great advantage in cleaning large areas of the office.

Truly, that makes it very easy for you to use.

Even better, this commercial vacuum works excellently well in cleaning your floor. In retrospect, this certainly is way more better than using a manual broom. What’s more, it absorbs even the tiniest dirt. And with this your office should be spic and span.  

It’s all thanks to its high speed roller brush that works at a speed of 6500 rpm. With such speed, this roller brush would be able to suck in all the dirt in one powerful motion. And before you know it you are through cleaning the facility.

This way you get to save time. Since cleaning the office at times can be really time consuming.

You can be sure that having this vacuum in your office wouldn’t be a mistake. On one end, just ready to be disturbed by a loud noise from this model.

But that shouldn’t be a major issue since you wouldn’t be using this machine for a long time. At its efficiency, you need not spend so much time.

Things We Liked

  • checkStrong handle
  • checkWell packaged
  • checkEasy to use
  • check6500 rpm
  • checkHigh speed roller brush
  • checkAutomatic floor adjustment

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Loud

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Commercial Canister Vacuum

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Short review

In need of a vacuum cleaner that is compact in size and easy to carry about? Lucky you! You might just decide to opt for this product because it can surely attend to your needs. However, CH3000 PortaPower commercial canister vacuum is so small that it could even fit in the tiniest place in your office.

In the world of big commercial vacuum cleaners, this one is small and seemingly unassuming. But wait till you hear how powerful it is.

Probably why customers are raving about this commercial vacuum as one of the best. And that’s why you would find it on ever commercial vacuum reviews.

It’s spot on.

Why should you consider getting this vacuum? Well, one feature has been mentioned earlier. It’s so small in size that you can carry it on your shoulder while you clean. Yeah right! Just like a hand bag.

That tells you how powerful this diminutive device is. Small and powerful!

Also, because this unit is small in size you get to clean tight spaces. So be ready to go dig out some real dirt in tight corners once you have this unit.

Not to also mention the fact that you can dismantle this commercial vacuum within minutes and also easily reassemble it. This just helps you save space in your office. Because this unit only consumes little amount of space when dismantled.

One more added advantage is it’s built in blower. So you have here a versatile commercial vacuum. One that is able to clean your office well and also make it easy for you while you do it.

With this built in blower you can be sure you wouldn’t feel any form of fatigue or stress once you’re done cleaning the house.

Although, this is one of the best out there it still has it’s inadequacies. One of which is that it’s parts are not so strong.

Things We liked

  • checkCompact size
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkCan be easily dismantled
  • checkAllows to clean tight corners
  • checkReduces stress while you clean

Things We didn’t like

  • Some parts are not so strong

Hoover C2401 Commercial Vacuum

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Thinking this is but yet another Hoover product like the ones you’ve come across? Well, you might just be wrong this time because it isn’t. This is one unique product from Hoover brand with high functionality. Hoover C2401 commercial vacuum works so well that it makes your floor look sparkling clean in no time.

Although most vacuums you find out there these days can do that, this commercial has a unique feature. Which is its size. Weighing a messly 9.4 pounds, this is like a dwarf in the vac world. And yes, you can easily carry it.

In the world of commercial vacuum cleaners, you can consider this one a stand-out – in a whole different way.

Not to also mention the design with which this vacuum was built. It’s actually built in a way that you can carry it on your back. Just like a school bag. This sure makes it very comfortable to use.

You could sure go for a long walk with this on your back and you wouldn’t feel any form of discomfort.

Well, that’s not all this model from Hoover brand offers. It also has an extra long hose that helps get dirt in the most uncanny of places. This way you can easily stretch this hose to grab dirt at the darkest places in your office. You can be sure it would carry out that job well.

Not forgetting the fact also that although this vacuum isn’t 100% efficient in collecting dirt, it’s close to perfection. Or what would you call a vacuum that has 99.97% efficiency?

Similarly, this vacuum is also very quiet while you carry on with your cleaning activities. It could be really annoying to have so much noise while you get stressed out making your house clean.

Things We liked

  • checkLight weight
  • checkQuiet
  • checkExtra long
  • checkHypercone filter
  • check99.97% efficient
  • checkEase of use

Things We didn’t like

  • A little more expensive than other commercial vacuums

Santaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum

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Having issues with cleaning your rugs or carpets with your present vacuum? Well, you should consider getting a stronger vacuum that can clean rugs perfectly. And Sanitaire SC3683B commercial canister vacuum is one among the many vacuum that can do the job. The only difference is that this particular product functions more efficiently.

It’s definitely no mistake that this vacuum is on this list of the best commercial vacuum cleaners. It has truly earned its place.

For its specialty this vacuum works perfectly in making carpets and rugs clean. That doesn’t mean that it can’t clean a regular floor. Of course it can. Since it can handle something as thick as a rug then a floor would be a piece of cake.

Damn right!

Similarly, this vacuum has two plastic wands. What are these meant for? Well, these wands are meant for burrowing into difficult spots to clean it. So if there have been places you haven’t been cleaning because it’s too hard to clean, be ready to make it clean.

Sparkling clean at that.

Things We liked

  • checkCan clean hard floors
  • checkGood for rugs and carpets
  • checkStrong brush
  • check2 year warranty
  • checkEasy to dismantle
  • checkAffordable
  • checkEasy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Plastic wands are not so strong

Rubbermind Commercial 1868435 Vacuum Cleaner

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This is product is simply amazing. Just looking at this would make your jaws drop. You would keep wondering if this was built on planet Earth. Rubbermind is simply stunning in it’s looks. It has an impeccable design that easily draws your attention.

Once you set your eye on this vacuum you would also know it’s top quality. That’s why it should last for a very long time. And that’s something worth looking into. When you’re looking for the best commercial vacuum cleaners, durability can never be undervalued. 

Most importantly, you should know that this model from Rubbermind is very powerful. Truly, you would be surprised at how something so small can generate so much power.

It’s hard to imagine but the power generated could be so much that within the twinkle of an eye, all the dirt under it gets cleaned up. And your floor would be looking sparkling clean just like that.

What’s amazing, even though it generates so much power this vacuum does not make any noise. So when you are using this unit you can be sure you wouldn’t disturb people busy putting their all on work.

Plus, this unit is also very light in weight. Not as light as a feather though, but definitely light enough not to provide you with any form of discomfort. This just makes it a lot easier for you to clean house.

Especially since you have to carry this about the whole house while you do your cleaning.

Things We liked

  • checkPowerful
  • checkQuiet
  • checkNice design
  • checkAllows for airflow
  • checkLight weight
  • checkFlexible hose
  • checkEasy hose

Things We didn’t like

  • Not so easy to set up

Orek Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Vacuum

Check prices

Have you been on the lookout for a vacuum that is light in weight and easy to carry? Well, you might have just found one. So your search might just be coming to an end. Orek Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 vacuum is so easy to carry. All thanks to it’s light weight.

No wonder customers are raving about this product. It’s simply one of the best commercial vacuum you can come across.

It’s so amazing how a vacuum this small in size is able to perform so efficiently. By removing even the tiniest bit of dirt. And making your office look completely clean.

And at that removes the waste within the twinkle of an eye.

With its long hose you get to clean even the unreachable places in your office. There sure are places you don’t get to clean anytime you clean the house. All because it’s not so easy for you to reach these places.

But with this vacuum you are at an advantage, because this flexible hose extends to places you haven’t cleaned in months.

The overall good thing is that you would enjoy using this product and it’s quite easy to use.

The only problem is that it’s not so easy to set up this piece. In the end you would end up setting this up, the only issue is that it isn’t a piece of cake.

Things We liked

  • checkPowerful
  • checkAdjustable extension wand
  • checkLong hose
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkLight weight

Things We didn’t like

  • Vital product information on setting up not found

Sanitaire SC679J Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 

Check prices

Do you want to have a totally different experience with your vacuum cleaner? Then you should check out this product. It’s most likely that you would have an amazing experience with this piece. Sanitaire SC679J commercial vacuum cleaner is one of the best out there.

When you talk of one of the lightest vacuum you could ever find, this would be on the list. It’s so light in weight that even a child can carry. The only problem the child would have is its height.

Also this vacuum has one of the strongest motor you can find in a vacuum. It so powerful that it removes every form of dirt and debris with ease.

Exactly what you need to keep your floor sparkling clean.

And for rug and carpet users you have nothing to worry about. This powerful model from Sanitaire brand is able to remove any kind of dirt on your rugs.

That indeed confirms that this commercial vacuum is very powerful.

The good thing is that although this piece takes in so much dust it still doesn’t clog up the motor. Usually the exhaust air gets filtered to prevent the dust from piling up. Thus leading to its malfunction.

Things We liked

  • checkLight weight 
  • checkEasy to use 
  • checkAffordable 
  • checkAutomatic locking system 
  • checkPowerful motor 

Things We didn’t like

  • Motor stops working if there’s an overload of dirt 

Carpet Pro CPU 2t Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 

Check prices

Short review

In need of quality vacuum for your office? Well, you have just have the answer to that right on this review. Carpet Pro CPU 2t commercial vacuum cleaner is made of high quality material. And this makes it last for a long time. 

Perhaps the reason why customers are raving about this product.

The first thing you would notice is its quality stainless steel material. This quality material provides this vacuum with a sturdy look. And making it look very strong. Well it is indeed very strong.

From the bottom plate which is made of metal to the brush which is also made of metal, you can tell that it can withstand compression and stress.

Talking about its brush, do you know that this unit is able to wipe off stains easily. No matter how dirty your floor might be.

No wonder mothers consider getting this vacuum because they know their child will keep making the house messy. And a good vacuum would do the trick within seconds.

Although you might not appreciate the fact that this vacuum is not so portable in size. So you might not be able to easily dismantle this piece.

Things We liked

  • checkMetal bottom plate 
  • checkLong lasting 
  • checkHigh quality 
  • checkStretchable hose 
  • checkHeavy duty vacuum 

Things We didn’t like

  • No so portable in size 

Panasonic MC-V5210 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 

Check prices

Short review

Are you familiar with Panasonic brand? If you are, then you would know this is one of the best out there. Well if you’re not familiar with the brand count yourself lucky to be reading this review. Panasonic MC-V5210 commercial vacuum cleaner is simply amazing. It works so well even though it’s small in size. 

This commercial vacuum is a power house. It cleans several kinds of carpet types. Without any problem at that.

Similarly, this unit works with a powerful motor. This 10 amp motor works so well in removing any form of dirt and debris.

You couldn’t ask for anything more in a vacuum cleaner.

It also has a bypass valve that helps prevent motor damage. So you can be sure that this vacuum would last for a very long time.

And that means in a long time you wouldn’t be thinking about replacing this commercial vacuum. No, not at all.

One downside of this vacuum is that it’s force at times is too strong for some carpet types. So it might tear the carpet up. Yikes!

Things We liked

  • checkHigh quality 
  • checkAffordable 
  • checkPowerful 10 amp motor 
  • checkBypass valve 
  • checkClean out pork 
  • checkCleans various carpet types

Things We didn’t like

  • Damages carpets sometimes 

Hoover Commercial C1660-900 Vacuum Cleaner 

Check prices

Short review

Be ready to be wowed by this product right here. Hoover commercial C1660-900 vacuum cleaner is simply stunning. First stop, it’s so gorgeous you wouldn’t be able to resist taking a second look. Its amazing design has certainly found its way to the heart of its customers. 

Perhaps why consumers are raving about this product.

One interesting feature about this model from Hoover brand is its powerful 12 amp motor. There’s no doubt that vacuums work with motor. But the efficiency of each motor differs. This one right here is one of the strongest.

Not only can it remove dirt or debris but it also can pick up staples and paper clips effortlessly. So you can be sure that once you are done cleaning your house it would be extremely clean. With no single dirt on the floor.

Actually this product has a power surge switch. What’s this even meant for? Well it’s for heavy duty dirt or debris on the floor. So if the dirt isn’t the regular day to day amount you come across this would be of help.

Also it has a hush mode that helps keep it silent while you carry on with your chores. So you wouldn’t be disturbed in any way.

This is indeed one of the best commercial vacuums out there. But at the same time it has its flaws.

One of which is the space it occupies. It does not occupy too much space but it doesn’t at the same time help conserve space.

Things We liked

  • check12 amp motor 
  • checkPower surge switch 
  • checkHush mode 
  • checkAffordable 
  • checkNice design 
  • checkEase of use 

Things We didn’t like

  • Does not help conserve space 


Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Advantages You don’t Want to Miss

Cleaning house is important. A clean office not only give your visitors a sparkling unforgettable experience, it’s bound to make everyone in the workplace productive. You wouldn’t want to work in a dirty one right? But if cleaning is all we do, it’s going to take a huge toll to our business. Reason enough why a commercial vacuum is a must.

There’s always the resistance to buy a much cheaper residential-type vacuum to save on the dollar. But being taken for the low initial purchase price could be a bad move. As you know very well, the most important thing about cleaning is getting the job done. And fast.

The following are 5 reasons your business will fare better using a commercial vacuum than with a domestic type. This should get you over the illusion of safety a cheap buy may have over your team.

1. Lesser Cost

At the onset, you may think you’ve gotten yourself a good deal buying the less expensive vacuum for office use. It would certainly look like you have the vested interest of your company in mind but is it?

The truth of the matter is you may have been taken in. While it’s a cliché to say appearances can be deceiving, this time around it may ring a certainly holds up.

First stop, know that a commercial vacuum model lives longer than its officey counterpart. That’s because, as we are going to discuss more intently later, its parts are meant for greater wear and tear.

In the long run, that means greater savings for you as you won’t have to spend so much on maintenance once your unit breaks down – or for that matter buying a new unit.

2. Effectivity at the Core

Perhaps the biggest concern you should have is “Will it get the job done?” When you get a vacuum, most people will think of dust and those things that go dirty your floor space. That’s what vacuums are for.

What may slip past the minds of many is the fact that a vacuum isn’t just to make sure that the visuals of your office stay great. Those paper trails sure won’t make a good impression to your visitor, true. But more than all that, a vacuum cleaner caters to your work environment.

Simply put, it’s a tool that makes sure you have a healthy and safe working place, away from the torments of disease. It may not be obvious but sans a clean environment, sickness can easily find its way to everyone.

The problem is a house-intended vacuum is meant to be a weekend warrior at best. And not an everyday routine.

And that analogy is spot on. One who plays basketball on weekends will not hold a candle to a professional athlete. And that’s what commercial vacuums are. They’re designed to perform.

Now, any health issues can mean a worker not reporting to work. It can surely slow down your business in the long run. If you don’t want that to happen, you know which cleaning unit to pick.

3. More Durable Parts

At the back of our heads, a voice could be telling us, “This could work!” And putting the residential vacuum in place may just work after all. Your cleaning team could handle it well and still get the job done.

Right off the bat, we’ll tell you it’s no contest. Unless your office is but a two-square-meter room, there’s no way you can put so much punishment on a house appliance without it breaking.

Because, whether you like it or not, your office needs to be clean day in day out. No exceptions. A day without a clean office is a day too many to lower your productivity.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to take the abuse, the daily wear and tear. And that could be their greatest advantage over office-use ones.

Think about it. A commercial model will have a more powerful motor, usually ranging not lower than 1HP and up to 4HP. Office variety have less.

That means more power. More power equals greater suction. Making short work of thicker carpets over larger areas. gm

Even better, commercial have longer cords with heavier-set bodies. Built with greater structural integrity, they simply survive better the rigors of cleaning.

4. Do More with Less Time

Not all carpets are the same. Industrial carpets are thicker, designed not to give in to all the stress. Of course, your office will carry more people than a house – unless your house is a fraternity house, which is another story.

Not only is a residential model smaller, its ability to take on dirt is also limited. That means you will have to spend more time cleaning with that on than with the commercial variety.

Size and features matter when you’re cleaning. By deploying a commercial vacuum, you spend less man-power to do the cleaning. Quite simply, the appliance is meant to do the hard work.

So, all those thick carpets will be a breeze. Now, you’ll have more time with pressing tasks more than ever.

5. Environmentally More Viable

The worse thing that can happen is to feel complacent. You may think your office is clean because you’ve employed a vacuum. Without proper disposal mechanisms however, your choice vacuum could come out empty. We’re talking about the ability to trap not only dust but also allergens from your floor space.

Manufacturers incorporate industrial variety of vacuums with such mechanism to make cleaning a cinch. That way a healthy and clean environment isn’t a shot in the dark.

In the end, when you have a healthier environment, you get a more productive workforce. Eventually, a more productive business.

Canister vs Upright Vacuum: Which is Better?

Commercial vacs fall generally into two types. One that you can operate upright, which traditionally is the model to beat. And one which has the canister detached from the unit so you have greater freedom to clean.

Which do you think is better? The debate for which is the best commercial vacuum cleaner may start here. Still, it’s a tough choice and will only be validated for you if you look at your needs first and foremost.

It’s a given. There will be a throng of people who would swear canister is superior to an upright; however, some people just can’t believe others would find canister as better. While both these models have their pro’s and con’s, looking intently on their strengths and weaknesses can help you assess which is the better fit for you.

Thus, in your search for the best commercial vac, considering each type should be worth the effort. At the end of the day, it’s the which product would serve best your purpose that matters most. Below is a closer look on the benefits of each type.

1. Suction Power

You may not believe it but when you talk about which would be able to give you the more powerful sucking power, it’s not really clear. The answer would depend on the model and the particular brand.

Because as you go along you will notice that each model offers similar grades of sucking power. From the most powerful to the least.

So we can say that in this criteria, it could be draw. With no clear winner in sight. And it would all depend on the model and the brand in question.

Advantage: Draw

2. Maneuver Ability

This criterion is tricky. But anybody can tell you the canister would have greater flexibility in getting to the most hard-to-reach areas. So if you’re talking about the stairs, under the stairs or under our sofa, you know who wins hands down.

The problem is you will have to drag the canister as you move along. It’s nothing short of annoying. It’s like being tied to a piece of rock when you’re running in a marathon. You can cut the rock off you so you run with added burden.

If it were a handheld, we all would know which product is superior.

That’s why if you’re looking a large space – a living room for instance – the upright leaves the canister eating dust. You just flow through it. No sweat! No dragging of cumbersome canisters.

Then again, there’s the weight factor. Uprights are known to be super-heavy.

Advantage: Canister

3. Versatility

Over-all, the light suction of a canister allows it to clean a wider variety of surface areas. It doesn’t matter if hardwood or a tiled floor, you just point the vac and it leaves everything clean. It can get to the most inaccessible crevices thanks to its easy-to-sway head.

Then, you can use a canister to clean cupboards and even your fave pet. But not an upright. Unless the unit’s a high-breed wherein you can take away the canister and off you go.

Of course, uprights are keeping abreast of all the technological advancements. Thanks to ready attachments, it can somehow mimic some of the flexibility of a canister. Now, there are more surfaces that an upright can get into.

Still, it’s no contest. Canisters simply have so much more on the table.


A commercial vacuum is like a pro athlete. It has the skills. It has the muscle. If you want to get the job done, you can’t do the cleaning with a subpar variety of vacuum.

For some reason, others would put their faith on the domestic vacuum cleaner. But that’s like letting a weekend warrior basketball club member show his wares in the NBA. It’s no contest. Someone is bound to get hurt and it’s not the pro players.

An office cannot mess up. If, by any reason, it looks dirty as hell, it’s bound to get the flak. And if that continues, an office could be branded negatively.

Who would want to do business with an office that can’t even take care of its dirt? You wouldn’t want it right? That’s why getting your office cleaned up is important.

Perhaps most importantly, you have the health of your workers taken care of. That’s why we strongly advocate you get the Santaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum.

Sure all the others in this listing are the top of the line. We wouldn’t have scoured the field like there’s no tomorrow if they weren’t. But when you talked about effectivity, the Santaire tops everyone.

It simply does.

And that’s the center of it all. The power behind the machine simply is irresistible. When you want to get the job done, getting this Santaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum is like getting a pro athlete. At a bargain.

Yes, it’s true. It’s light and it’s powerful. Plus, it doesn’t come at a high price. It’s no surprise it has gained the most attention in the consumer reviews with the most positive reviews and the least negative ones.

The others have their strongpoints too. You should be able to assess for yourself best accordingly. Note that the list for one is the a good lineup of the best commercial vacuum cleaners in town. No doubt about that. But all told, this particular product packs the strongest punch of them all.

For sure, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

The best part’s people are shouting all this in their reviews. And as always, experience is the best teacher. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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