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Best of the Best Hard Floor Vacuum 2018

A hard floor vacuum may seem like an outdated idea. Why buy one when you can just use just about any vacuum out there? But that is where you could be wrong. 

It’s easy for us to generalize vacuums. These cleaning machines that has made every American home its own is certainly making a big wave. Oh, yes. There are some we believe that has chosen to go by the broom-and-dustpan routine. But believe you me, everyone’s itching to have one.

So why the heck get to it? Why put the best vacuum for wood floors out there? Why not just use a regular standard vac?

That’s actually good. Putting on effort to arrive at the right vac. Because to tell you, your floor is not piece of cake. Assuming you love it. And the thing is as much as a vac can be the best ally hardwood can have, it can also tear it up to pieces.

Wood is a peculiar floor. If you don’t put any attention to it, it’s bound to show. You will have scratches and scuff marks in no time.

And that’s the reason why you need the best hard floor vacuum. Because anything else could be bringing your floor down.

If all this is getting a bit cloudy, fret not. We’ve assembled the best vacuum for wood floors that has stolen the attention of most Americans. Even better, we’re giving you the finer details on why each one matters most. So hang on. This 3-minute read should get you on the way.

Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner 

I​​​​f you ask us, this Miele is heaven sent. The S6270 is lightweight, ideal for your going about the hardwood. And truly this one is in the running as the best vacuum for wood floors. No kidding!

Because behind all the power is a quiet performance. You will just hear a whisper from this ever-so-gorgeous canister vac. But this comes packed with a punch with its set of mighty tools – from the dusting brush to crevice nozzle. You’re ready to roll here.

Plus this German technology is going to surprise you. It’s meant to clean the air of your home with its filtration system. How’s that for a change?

Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Deluxe Vacuum

This one’s not called an expert for nothing. And best part’s this one’s designed for your hard floor. Why? Specifically because it’s designed to be so. And no other product may be better.

You have a lightweight canister vacuum here so you get the freedom to move about when cleaning your floor. And you need not worry about the weight destroying your floor. Yes, that’s usually the case with heavy vacs.

But not this one, with its rubber wheels you will not leave a mark on your wood. Ever. Plus, you got fingertip controls that along with a powerful suction should get the hard floor job done in no time.

Miele S2121 Canister Vacuum Cleaner 

You have a stunner here. As a canister vac, this Miele should be on top of your list. A serious candidate for the best hard floor vacuum. 

Because you have a professional cleaner in this powerhouse. First up, this guy can clean carpets thanks to its turbo brush that is best for medium to low piles. But don’t fret. You got parquet floor as a tool so you can have your hardwood all shiny and bright. No sweat.

Hoover SH20030 Vacuum Cleaner 

This right here may be the best candidate so far. Yes, we’re telling you you shouldn’t get your eyes off this piece. Really worth the dollar. That if you’re serious about keeping all those wood floor shiny and bright. This has got to be one of the best hard floor vacuum in the list – with the exception of a few.

First up, this is a stick. So portable and light. Lugging this about should be no problem. Ideal truly for your hardwood. And even better you have a superlong 20 feet cord that should allow you the biggest leeway in cleaning.

But its’ no pushover. You have a power brush that along with a cyclonic tech should get you the clean you want no matter the floor – from hardwood to carpeted.

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless vacuum Cleaner 

This Hoover may well be your dream come true when you talk about hard floors. Right here, this is the answer to your prayers. When you’re talking about the best hard floor vacuum this has got to be it.

First stop, this is a stick vac. You don’t want to be lobbing around with a heavy canister or a standard upright that’s going to break your back. You have here the perfect solution to your floor cleaning.

Now you need not complain of a heavy work load. With this stick you have the lightest burden to get it done. Plus, that windtunnel technology is going to make short work of all the dirt in the wood floor. It’s truly a pleasure!

Even better, you have your controls right under your fingertips. Literally. So you don’t have to move a lot of muscle just to get things done.

And perhaps what really got everybody going for this is this is battery-operated. Yes, goodbye to all those wires. You got the whole covered wherever you may go.

Let’s Compare the Best Hard Floor Vacuum of 2018

Detailed Comparison List









Miele S6270





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12.6 x

23.2 x

14.6 inches



Bissell 1161

 Hard Floor



Check prices

10.7 x

 13.2 x

 8.7 inches



Miele S2121




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17.2 x

 23.2 x

14.6 inches







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10.6 x

8 x

 25 inches



Hoover Linx





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10.6 x

8 x

25 inches



Best hard floor vacuum review

Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Short review

Top quality product you’ve got here. The very first product on our list is a model from Miele brand made with high quality material. Lucky you! You wouldn’t have to worry about how long this vacuum would last. Or how well it would perform. Simply because Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum cleaner is one the best out there.

What even makes it better is the fact that it’s very versatile. This canister vacuum cleaner works well with most surfaces. Ranging from carpets to rugs and even hard floors. Wow! That means it can clean every nook and cranny in your home.

Simply amazing!

That’s one reason why you would find this hard floor vacuum on every review  list in town.

It works perfectly on hard floor and removes any trace of dirt within the twinkle of an eye.

Not to also mention the fact that this hard floor vacuum cleaner is light in weight. Although it’s light in weight, it’s definitely not too light that you wouldn’t be able to get a hold of this vacuum. You sure would be able to handle this model from Miele brand well.

It’s very easy to use.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why customers attest to the fact that this is one of the best hard floor vacuums.

Well, this is one of the best hard floor vacuums you can find out there. Its suctioning power is simply amazing. For any kind of dirt and amount of dirt this hard floor vacuum is good to go. It would suck in all the dirt effortlessly.

Way to go!

This way you can get your hard floors to look sparkling clean within minutes.

Here is one thing that would also surprise you. Even though it produces so much force that sucks in all the dirt, it makes little or no noise. So you can be sure that you wouldn’t be disturbed by any annoying noise.

At the same time you wouldn’t have to disturb others in your home.

At the same time, this model from Miele makes it easy for you to clean edges and stair cases. This is particularly a great advantage. Since most conventional vacuums cleaners out there don’t clean stair cases and edges well.

So you can be sure that every part of your home would look absolutely clean.

Similarly, because this vacuum cleaner is also small in size it’s easy to store. So it does not occupy so much space in your storage.

So if you are trying to conserve space in your home this is a good option for you to opt for.

Suitable for small homes.

Additionally, because this vacuum is well constructed. So you can be sure that this would last for a long time. Since it’s well constructed it has the ability to adapt to stress and compression.

So even if you are using this unit on a regular basis it would still remain strong and intact.

One of the problems you might have with this hard floor vacuum cleaner is that the exhaust puffs air into your face. And the air is not usually clean.

But still given its unique features this still remains one of the best hard floor vacuums in town.

Things We Liked

  • checkEasy to use
  • checkSmall in size
  • checkLight in weight
  • checkDurable
  • checkWell constructed
  • checkQuiet
  • checkSuitable for most surfaces

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Exhaust puffs air into your face

Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Deluxe Vacuum

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Short review

Bissell brand has been known for producing some of the best vacuums in town. And with this product they haven’t proven otherwise. Simply one of the best out there. Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Deluxe Vacuum looks amazing. Its design is simple breathtaking. You wouldn’t be able to resist not taking a second look.

With its amazing design it has made a mark among competitors and customers. That’s one of the reasons why customers are raving about this product.

If you think that you would find it difficult then you might just be wrong. This vacuum cleaner is so easy to use. Well, that’s all thanks to the remote control that comes with this vacuum cleaner.

Using a remote control to control your your vacuum cleaner sounds really cool right? You can count the number of vacuum cleaners that use a remote control. They are quite few. So this is something you wouldn’t find in just ant regular vacuum.

Lucky you! All you need is remote control in your hand to be able to control this unit. So you wouldn’t have to bend down every now and then while you clean.

Makes cleaning much more fun and easy.

Well that’s not all. This model from Bissell brand has a great suction power. And this makes it suitable for most floor types out there. Especially hard floor.

Although you have to be careful on using this vacuum cleaner with soft surfaces. The strong suctioning power might end up making marks on that surface.

But apart from that this still remains one of the best hard floor vacuums. It simply sucks in all the dirt without flinching. It’s that good.

It’s most likely that the experience you would have with this model from Bissell won’t be like anyone you’ve experienced before.

Similarly, one thing you would find easy to do with this vacuum cleaner is emptying the canister. It’s so easy that you could do it within seconds.

This way you won’t be stressed out by having to wash the canister and make it dry before you can use it. It’s far simpler than that.

That’s another reason why customers feel this is one of the best hard floor vacuums.

One more thing you should know about this hard floor vacuum is that it’s user friendly. This is one vacuum cleaner you could easily get accustomed to. It’s so easy to use.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you would want to use this vacuum cleaner everyday because you simply love it.

Well you wouldn’t be the first and definitely not the last.

Things We liked

  • checkRemote control
  • checkGreat suction
  • checkWell designed
  • checkEasy to empty canister
  • checkUser-friendly
  • checkQuiet
  • checkCleans most surfaces

Things We didn’t like

  • Force might be too strong for some surfaces

Miele S2121 Canister vacuum Cleaner

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Short review

Looking for a vacuum that would be able to handle the hard floor in your home well? Since all the regular vacuums don’t do the job so well? Count yourself lucky to have come across this review. This next product from Miele brand would be able to do the trick. Works perfectly well with hard floors. Miele S2121 Canister vacuum Cleaner would be a good option to opt for.

This is one vacuum cleaner that works well on most surfaces. It’s simply versatile. That’s why with this is your home you would be able to touch every part of your home.

Simply amazing!

Not to also mention the fact that it works so well on hard floors. This is a unique feature since not all vacuums out there.

Once you put this on and want to use it on your hard floor you would be shocked. It would most likely surpass your imagination. Except your imagination really runs wild.

Way to go!

Do you know what else is so good about this vacuum cleaner? Its weight is. Being light in weight makes it so easy for you to carry about the house as you carry on with your chores. You would definitely not want to be stressed out by carrying something so heavy.

This just makes cleaning a whole lot easier for you.

Probably why most reviewers have this vacuum on their list for the best hard floor vacuums.

One of the easier things you can do with this product is to set it up. You would not need to go to a special school before you can set this vacuum cleaner up. So easy that even a child can set it up.

If you would like to confirm just give your child this vacuum cleaner to set up. You would be surprised that hr would be able to put this up within a few minutes.

Similarly this model from Miele brand has 29.5 cleaning radius. Which simply implies that you would be able to use this vacuum cleaner in places so high.

So if you’ve not been able to reach some really high places and clean it in a while, you would be able to do that with this unit.

Although this still remains one of the best hard floor vacuums you might not like the fact that this vacuum does not have a bag. This way you wouldn’t be able store it so well.

Things We liked

  • checkLight weight
  • checkAirClean filter
  • check29.5 cleaning radius
  • checkAverage size
  • checkEasy to set-up
  • checkAffordable

Things We didn’t like

  • Bag not included

Hoover SH20030 Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

Ever tried out any Hoover product? It’s simply the bomb! Here is one model from Hoover brand that works like a beast. Although it’s so small in size it has the ability to function efficiently. So don’t be deceived by the small size of Hoover SH20030 Vacuum Cleaner. It sure doesn’t function according to its size.

It’s indeed a power house. So be rest assured that it would work so well on your hard floor. If that’s what you are so concerned about.

Yeah you heard that right!

This hard floor vacuum cleaner has a strong motor. And with this motor all the parts function efficiently well. Even you use this vacuum frequently it wouldn’t break down.

It’s that strong.

Customers who have used this model from Hoover have testified to the fact that it’s one of the best hard floor vacuums. So you have nothing to worry about.

It’s cyclone technology motor helps control a power brush roll that helps take in all the dirt. Well without the help of the motor this brush roll wouldn’t function well.

But still, this vacuum’s brush roll is simply amazing. Being able to work well on most surfaces. And at the same time doing it at a very fast rate.

So if you are very particular about functionality you are at the right spot.

For edges you have not been able to reach with your regular vacuum, be ready to clean these edges. Why? With this model from Hoover brand you get to reach edges and corners you haven’t been able to reach for years.

It’s small structure does the trick.

So be ready for a thorough clean up in your home.

Now every nook and cranny in your home would look sparkling cleaning.

Similarly, this vacuum has a cord that’s very long. It’s about 20 feet long. That’s quite long right? Compared to some conventional vacuum cleaners that have really short cord lengths. And this makes it very difficult to use.

But with this model from Hoover brand you can be sure that you would find it easy to use. Since you wouldn’t have to keep removing the cord every now and then.

You could easily clean a large area on your home without even breaking a sweat.

Not also forgetting the fact that this hard floor vacuum has its flaws. One of which is that the warranty provided for this unit is very limited. Only some certain parts are covered under this warranty.


Things We liked

  • checkStrong brush roll
  • checkCyclone technology
  • checkRemoves dirt in edges
  • check20 feet cord length
  • checkGood for most surfaces

Things We didn’t like

  • Limited warranty

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

Oh, if you’re thinking this is but another regular Hoover product you might be mistake right there. Because it isn’t. It sure does has features similar to that of a regular Hoover product. But it also has its own distinct features. When you are looking for products that are affordable and efficient this product would make that list. Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless vacuum Cleaner is a complete package.

Even though it does not use cord like most other vacuums it still works efficiently. Well this model from Hoover utilizes a battery. So you can be sure that your electricity bill wouldn’t come out so high by the end of the month.

This way you get to save a few dollar bills.

Similarly, the fact that the battery being used is of high quality there are limited chances that you would have a problem using this piece.

It’s battery lasts for a very long time. So if you want to keep cleaning for hours you are good to go. This model from Hoover would last all the while why you make your home look clean.

Also, this hard floor vacuum cleaner boasts about being able to pick up pet hairs well. That doesn’t imply that it can’t clean other dirt well.

So if you have a pet in your home you should consider getting this unit. It would help remove every pet hair. This would be particularly good if your pet moves in every nook and cranny of the house.

By the time you are done cleaning your house with this Hoover product, you wouldn’t be able to point at even the smallest strand of hair.

That’s why one of the reasons why reviewers say this is one of the best hard floor vacuums.

As for its weight it’s very light in weight. So carrying this Hoover product wouldn’t be a problem. Since you would have to carry this around the house, you would sure need a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

So that it wouldn’t add to your stress while you clean.

Although customers say this one of the best hard floor vacuums, it still isn’t perfect. And one of it’s flaws is that you would have to clean the brush every now and then. Since hair gets stuck in it. That can be really stressful at times.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to assemble
  • checkLight weight
  • checkEasy to empty
  • checkEasily picks up hair
  • checkLong battery life
  • checkCleans up edges well

Things We didn’t like

  • Hair easily gets caught up in the brush


5 Quick Ways to Zero in on a Hard Floor Vacuum

Hardwood floors are a sight to behold in any home. Its flat, smooth and shiny sheen gives an overall sense of wellbeing. It can be the pride and joy of any homeowner. Just walking barefoot on the hardwood can give you a sense of comfort you can hardly find in any other textured floor.

No wonder more and more designers are taking them in – putting them as choice floor material. In 2016 alone, wooden floors obtained the highest demand flooring, a survey by National Bath & Kitchen Associate detailed. Even the amount spent on hard floors rose by 400% recently.

No doubt, they add beauty to a room.

But all that beauty comes at a price. Keeping it clean, smooth and shiny, is a challenge. A broom-and-mop approach simply is too simplistic to get your floors the spic-and-span allure they deserve – not to mention it’s time-consuming. To add injury to insult, most homeowners don’t know the job calls for a special kind of vacuum cleaner – and not just any vac.

What is worse is that their first impulse is to buy the first vacuum cleaner they see in the catalog or in Home Depot.  

Truth be told, if you want your hard floor taken care of, then it’s but logical a hard floor vacuum is the man for the job. It’s not only equipped; it’s designed to serve your precious wood.

But buying the right one can also be difficult. There are so many brands and types of hardwood vacuum cleaners that choosing the right one to fit your specific needs can be draining.

To solve that problem, these five tips will educate you on what type to buy for sucking dust and other debris off the floor. What type can help maintain its smoothness and glow and what features that will make cleaning your home a lot easier and why a certain feature is better than others. Read on.

1. Shun the rotating brush.

It’s true, rotating brushes are designed to suck dirt, debris, pet hair and what-have-you off the floor. The nifty attachment has become standard to many vacs. But that should be as far as it can go.

If you want to continue to be a proud owner of an immaculately shiny hardwood floor, you’d do well staying as far away from a rotator brush feature in your vacuum. Simply because it’s going to destroy your floor.

Rotator brushes are a common thing for the carpeted floor. They’re needed there and they thrive there. The rotating action sits well with that kind of floor – sucking as much dirt in the process. But not for hardwood.

Your wood is sensitive to scratches. You may even scratch them with your overly-long nail. This is also the reason why it’s highly advisable for you to observe a no-shoe policy when someone walks through your beautiful floor made of wood. A stiletto can do as much damage as a full-size cooking knife dragged across the room.

Well, you might ask what if I decide to buy a vacuum with rotator brushes? Can I not choose them? Of course, you can.

The trick is to choose a model that can regulate the use of these rotator brushes. One with and “on” and “off” switch. For your wood’s posterity.

2. Keep it light.

One of the greatest downsides of using a vacuum to clean up is weight. As sturdy as a wooden floor is, it can only carry so much without getting dented. It’s for this reason you should be wary of movement within the designated floor area.  

Unlike concrete, a wooden floor is susceptible to dents. If you’re not too careful, you could be causing a lot of dents on your wood without you knowing it. That’s why you need to be extra careful when you move things around.

If you can’t help it, in your spring cleaning for instance, and you have to transfer large pieces of furniture, you’d be doing the floor a huge service by putting cardboard on its designated path. That way, you won’t cause your floor any harm.

The same goes through with your vac. You should choose one that would pose less risk to your hardwood. And that can only mean something that’s light.

Weight considerations therefore should be foremost in your mind. Good news is lightweight is the new trend for vacs today. Even better, those that are light already (e.g., handhelds) are gaining power too. So you can see battery-operated cordless vacs that pack a powerful punch, despite their diminutive size.

Some of these babies can do away with dirt and give your floor the thorough clean it deserves. Of course, hopping around with a handheld over a big floor area can be a pain in the neck. Getting a stick or a canister-type may be the more logical solution.

A good rule of thumb: A good hardwood vacuum cleaner must be light enough to lug easily around any part of the house and compact enough for easy storage.

3. Tag rubber wheels and extra padding along.

To give your precious wood the protection it deserves, it’s best you take a look what’s underneath your choice vacuum. Chances are, when you’re pushing the beast around, you’re going to forget about its weight.

It’s best therefore that you choose a unit that has rubber wheels. Or if not extra padding. That way, you will not bring harm to your hardwood whenever and wherever you park it.

These features will help prevent your hardwood vacuum cleaner from leaving scratches or grooves on the floor surface. Or for that matter, ugly dents and nicks on the walls.

4.  Good suction power

Be sure that the hardwood vacuum cleaner you buy can to the job.

Many manufacturers are wishy-washy – not directly specifying their product’s suction capacity. Keep away from them if you want your unit to do a good job. Instead keep your eye on tried-and-tested brands that put these data out for everyone to see.

There’s just too many microscopic dirt and dust that the vacuum can clean that the broom can barely touch.

Having a string suction capability is a huge lift too. That means your vac can get the dirt out of your carpet fiber. It should be strong enough to suction small particles (e.g., dust) hidden in the most unreachable crevices of your wood floor.

Thus, it behooves upon you to look at suction power. Your vacuum should be able to suck dirt where it matters most.

As a rule, pick a model that is rated between 50 to 100 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of suction power. That should bid your wood well.

5.  Buy a canister type.

As you may know by now, there are basically two types of hardwood vacuum cleaners: canister and upright. Other types do exist (e.g., handheld) but for the sake of what’s preferred by most we look into these to.

If ever the choice comes down to this two, taking on the canister type can be the best decision you can make.

Both have their pros and cons but more and more home-cleaning DIY experts prefer the canister type.

Of course, nobody is stopping you from going all over the place using a cordless vac. That can be possible!

For starters, canister types give you a lot more flexibility. They are easy to move around giving you less headaches when you have to clean a large room filled with wooden floor to the brim.

Further, canisters are compact, lightweight and portable. All these traits make them the choice vac for two or three-story houses.

In one end, you can see how much the canister type fit our need of a vac that’s lightweight and easy to push around.

Uprights, on the other hand, can be a tall order. Not only are they heavy, they’re bulky too and are difficult to more around the house.

A hardwood floor is aesthetically pleasing and can definitely increase its value over years. That’s the goal!

However, you need to keep your eye on their welfare. For they can be more complicated and difficult to clean and maintain.

The good news is the best hard floor vacuum can make it all a cinch, making your job a lot more palatable than without.

By choosing the right hard floor, you need not worry about damaging your floor. It will make be as gorgeous as new.

ADDENDUM: Well, you can also explore the benefits of high-breed vacuum cleaners. Today, there are units that with a little adjustment act as a handheld when you need one, but also can be a canister type if the job calls for it. That’s the beauty of an all-in-one.

These models come at a price. But boy they can clean your house. There may be no unreachable nook and cranny for them. And that includes your hard wooden floor.


A hard floor vacuum is your best ally in your fight to keep your hardwood as proud and shiny as possible. It must be the fact that these came from trees. You may be able to find comfort in a carpet. Your pet may even enjoy sleeping on it. But when it comes to comfort, only wood shines with warmth. 

You can run your feet on wood and you’ll feel so blessed. That’s granting they’re spic and span. Reason why the best vacuum for wood floors are spot on.

It’s important however to look at pretty specific features to be able to narrow your search. First up, you have to check if the vac isn’t going to harm your precious wood.

Does it have paddings so it won’t leave scratches all over the place. If it has a powerful brush, will you be able to control it? Put it on and off when you need it to?

Most importantly, will it be able to leave the clean you want? To wood specifically.

The rest is of course, a great add-on. Because you would definitely want to take care of your upholstery too. And that feline on your lap. So an army of assorted tools would be a welcome addition.

It’s in this scenario that we tip our hats to Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless vacuum Cleaner. As a product offering, it has epitomized what an amazing wood cleaning tool should be. 

Now, you may not be able to take just about anyone’s word to the bank. But if we’re telling you this product has heaped more positive reviews than its closest competitor, you would definitely turn your head.

For after all, experience is the best teacher. And that’s what we are showing you here.

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