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What is the Best Shark Vacuum 2018?

What is the best Shark vacuum? You may be asking that question now but know that Shark wasn’t really considered the best decades before. It was a virtual unknown in a market dominated by Hoover et al.

The product of Euro-Pro, a European-Canadian company which started with sewing machines, Shark gained but a measly 1% of the market way back in 2008. Now, it’s cornering the lion’s share of the market, getting as much as 20% of the total American vacuum cleaner market – slated as the biggest and most lucrative market of them all.

You may have heard of Shark and may have aspired to own one. Without a doubt, the 100-year old Euro-Pro company is making a mark in a highly competitive market – slicing a large portion of the pie from bigger rivals like Dyson.

It’s really ironic that one which was not first to establish itself can be so competitive – trumping those which started with gusto. Hoover, Dyson and Bissell all have made their mark in America way before Shark. But if you’re serious about your search for the most reliable portable vac, putting Shark on top of your list may prove to be the wisest decision of all.

It’s good to note that most – if not all – of Shark’s vacuums are manufactured in China. What’s more outstanding is the fact that sales have increased at a compound growth yearly rate of 25%. Due to the increasing demand, workers in the manufacturing plant have increased in numbers numbering from hundreds to thousands.

The company has relied on suitable expertise, getting top consultants from Gap International years ago. And steadily it has pushed forward, gaining up to $1.6 billion in revenues in 2014 effectively taking the scepter from Dyson as the foremost vacuum cleaner in the world’s biggest market.

If all the data has you dazzled, there’s but one thing left for you to do: Experience Shark first hand. And that should open new doors to your home.

To get you started, we’ve assembled the best Shark vacuum in the market today. Even better, we’re showing you what makes each product offering tick. That way you’d have a wider option to choose from and get more bang for your buck in the process. Read on.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 

You won’t believe what you’re getting with this Shark Navigator. At the price attached to it, you certainly won’t think this is a treasure find. But it is. And if you look deeper what makes this tick you will have an inkling on why Shark is getting a lion’s share of the market today.

This is a hi-breed. That alone should tell you this Shark is out to serve you best.

First, you have the upright vac. That’s obvious. Anybody can see that. But even its upright isn’t just an ordinary one. It sure has the needed attachments so you can get that wide living room cleaned up. From Pet Brush to dusting brush to a nifty crevice tool.

Those wide open spaces won’t be such a problem. Add the swivel feature that allows you to take a curve with the unit and you know this truly is one serous cleaning machine.

But that’s just for starters. 

Shark Rocket HV322 

This time around you need not pull out the canister to convert it to a handheld vac. The Shark Rocket is truly an efficient cleaner. You can use it fully as a lightweight upright vac plus make the most of it as a portable, best for cleaning those above-floor areas no ordinary vacuum cleaner dare reach. 

This is truly another amazing Shark creation. Right from the get-go, the manufacturer Euro-Pro has envisioned a vacuum that cleans the whole house in a cinch. No need to buy another vac. This one fits the job best as it is.

As an upright vac, you have Dust-Away, an attachment for hard floors that allows you to pick up the finest of dust and the largest of debris all from the barest of floors.

Plus, you get LED lights to make sure you get to see your cleaning through when you use the handheld. No dirt may escape under such timely tech. And you need not worry as you get a TruePet brush that’s all motorized for hand vac cleaning. Telling you you’re needs are covered with this one.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 

Now, now. If there’s a product to sum all products in the Shark arsenal list, it has to be the Navigator. And you shouldn’t be surprised. This one combines the all-business nature of a true upright with the flexibility of a handheld. Truly amazing!

There aren’t many who can truly compete with this one. In a sense, this model right here has given Shark the complete edge to get your home the clean you want it to have.

First up, you have the upright portion of this vacuum under your command. Now, you will have to say goodbye to large rooms which defy cleaning. As you know very well, it takes the magic of an upright to clear a room from dirt. Even better, it won’t matter if you’re doing bare floors or carpeted, this Shark is ready to bite.

With a weight of just 12.5 pounds, you know that you can definitely utilize the handheld to as many ways as you want it. Now, there will never be a place too hard to reach for you to clean up.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, Red  

You may think of the Rotator as the older brother of the Shark Navigator. For it has the same amazing features that are just too hard to find in any other brand or model. This time around the significant difference may be the weight. Here, you have a product just a little bit above 15 pounds. 

Now, that’s still very light. So with its Lift Away function, you would be able to clean those hard-to-reach areas in a cinch. No worries!

Plus, you’re ensured you will enjoy the clean air with this model. With a HEPA filter that blocks the resurgence of dirt and dust back to the ether by as much as 99.9 percent, it’s a done deal. Telling you this Rotator could be in the running as the best of the bunch.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads 

If you’re wanting to know which is the best Shark in the planet, starting with this model may end your search. Why? This one is the most popular of the bunch. And we know it’s no coincidence. 

Yes, given the same power and flexibility offered by its brother models, this Navigator is sure turning heads more than any other model in the A-list.

This one is 2 in products in 1 as most, if not all, of the Navigator series is. This way you get the convenience of a portable handheld and the power of a true upright. What makes this model a rare find is its reliability. For there never is a model that has been trusted with so many people than this one.

Let’s Compare the Best Shark Vacuum of 2018

Detailed Comparison List










Shark Navigator


Check prices

15 x

11.4 x

 45.5 inches

13 pounds

Shark Rocket

Check prices

47.2 x

 13.4 x

 102 inches

8.6 lbs.

Shark Navigator


Check prices

15 x

 11.4 x

45.5 inches

12.5 pounds

 Shark Rotator



Upright Vacuum,


Check prices

45.7 x

12.1 x

 12.2 inches

15.5 pounds

Shark Navigator



with Dust-Away

& 2 Microfiber


Check prices

15 x

11.4 x

 45.5 inches

13.7 pounds

best shark vacuum review

Shark Navigator Lift-Away 

Check prices

Short review

If you’re serious about knowing what is the best Shark vacuum, start your search with the Navigator series. This set of product offerings may well be the flag carrier of the European brand. And all that popularity lies primarily in one nifty set-up: the Lift Away.

It’s true this is an upright vac. At over 13 pounds it’s not really that heavy. Which should make you smile. Pushing a heavy upright is the last thing you want to clean the house.

Then that’s good news. The advantage of uprights has long been linked to getting the rug and all the carpeted floor to clean status. It’s what really made the variety equated to big wide rooms. And throw canister models aside.

And this Shark shouldn’t fall short. In fact it’s more than capable to get that job done. For one this is one bagless vacuum that boasts of the capacity to trap dust and pesky allergens 99 percent of the time. That’s huge.

Add its powerful suction power and you know this one is worth the attention. That along with a host of addendums should get you the result you want.

Definitely a Shark. You have the Pet TurboBrush so you can take care of all those pet hairs wherever these abound; crevice tool for hard-to-reach places; motor nozzle for easy suction.

But what really should be getting your attention is the Lift Away feature. This only means you can transform the beast into a handcarry vacuum. No sweat! It’s like taking the heart of the machine and using it to clean those places which an upright would not be able to get into.

Truly amazing!

Well, no product’s perfect. And though we certainly believe in this product’s superior prowess, a few users complain about warranty issues. Seems the product failed to deliver on the first days. Good thing these users are but a drop in the bucket.

Things We Liked

  • checkUpright with Lift Away
  • checkPowerful yet portable
  • checkTraps 99% of dirt/dust
  • checkBagless
  • checkPlenty of tools (e.g., crevice tool)
  • checkPet TurboBrush for pets

Things We Didn’t Like

  • First year durability issues
  • Warranty issues

Shark Rocket 

Check prices

Short review

If you’re out looking for light this Shark should stun you. The Shark Rocket weighs no more than 10 pounds but you wouldn’t really be able to judge it based on its stick figure. This one is a beast!

Yes, it’s easy to be fooled by apprearances. The Rocket may seem unhealthy – not fit for the job. Given its gaunt figure. But beware, this one is truly a powerhouse.

First stop, you’ve got the dust-away hardfloor attachment. It may not sound much too but to tell you it’s packed with muscle. Because of this, the Rocket can pick up the smallest of dirt/dust to the largest of whatever debris is lying on the floor.

Truly amazing!

But what may get your attention like the first Shark offering here is the handheld dressed-down version of this reputable model. This way you get to enjoy cleaning the most unreachable of places without spending too much of your precious energy.

Even with the handheld, you’re assured of deep cleaning thanks to the Motorized Brush aptly called TruePet. It’s like you have a pet that cleans the most inaccessible of places under your command. No sweat.

So this model would be really commendable for seniors since it won’t give them a hard time. A super-light stick vac is perfect. Plus, you got the handheld version to clean upholstery and crevices without sweating it.

The down side? It may not be meant for large work. So if you’re looking at a big house, this model may not be your cup of tea.

Things We liked

  • checkUltra lightweight stick vacuum
  • checkConvertible to hand vac
  • checkPowerful suction
  • checkDust away
  • checkTruePet motorized easy handheld cleaning
  • checkPowerful LED lights on handheld to spot dirt

Things We didn’t like

  • Does not stand up; need to be supported
  • Small dust cup

Shark Navigator Lift-Away 

Check prices

Short review

Well, you really won’t be disappointed with this Shark. It really has a lot of class and bites. Not only is this light enough to move around, it’s got the Lift Away portable vac you can make the most of when you want to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Tired of pushing around uprights that weight as much as 20 pounds? This Shark should be a godsend. Truly, Shark has made vacuums a lot more efficient and effective reducing weight but boosting features so much you might not believe it’s true.

As light as it is, this Shark is one powerful machine. Armed with a powerful suction, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to maneuver this one with its swivel steering to give you topnotch control when you have to maneuver through a lot of furnitures.

Even better, you have a bagless system here with HEPA filter capable of trapping 99.9 percent of allergens and dusts. And don’t you worry about going to and fro carpet and hardwood, this model has a brushroll automatic shutoff. So you can transfer your vac to any surface and still maximize on the cleaning process.

What may be the biggest asset of this model however, is its Lift Away canister portable vac. Yes, when you need to clean up those places that your upright simply can’t reach the solution is just simple. You lift away the canister and voila you’ve got yourself a workable portable vac that will allow you to reach those inaccessible places. Like a walk in the park.

If that has you baffled, know that those brush rolls can be like a plague to hard floors. These rolling brushes may seem to be the perfect tool for cleaning. The truth of the matter is that will only happen when you’re applying them on carpet or rug.

Because if you do apply that one to wooden floors, chances are your floor is going to get scratches. And it wouldn’t look too fine and dandy at all. No, sir.

The same goes true for tiled floors. Those brushes are more of a bane than a boon. The good news is this Shark allows you to shut off those brush rolls just like that. So you can effortlessly clean whatever surface you need to without having to sweat for it.

However, a few users complain this model did not deliver as promised. One found the suction was too much eating carpet and rug in the process. Others found it too weak unable to clean up dirt and dust as intended.

The good thing is these people are but few and their voices far between.

Things We liked

  • checkLift-away for easy hand-carry vac
  • check2-in-1 vacuum cleaner
  • checkCan clean wide areas and hard-to-reach ones
  • checkUpright vac with anti-allergen and HEPA tech
  • checkPowerful suction
  • check12.5 lbs.
  • checkQuiet

Things We didn’t like

  • Eats carpet
  • Not enough suction

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, Red  

Check prices

Short review

Who wouldn’t love this Shark Rotator. Like most of the Navigator on this list, this model would give you plenty of reasons to fall deeply in love. It isn’t as stick-looking and sure carries a bit of weight but it’s all packed with a punch to clean your place however you do your floors.

Yes, the kind of floor matters. Hardwood isn’t the same as carpeted ones. Those bare floors can easily be injured by brush rolls. Wood is definitely susceptible to scratches.

In its upright mode, this model give you an enjoyable experience. You can say it’s the classic way to do your cleaning. Why? With the swivel steering you won’t have a problem going through furniture and whatever obstacle a room may have. Plus you have a larger-than-usual dust cup allowing you to trap larger-than-usual amount of dirt.

Then, there’s the magic of the Lift Away mode. With this on, there’s simply no place in the house that you can’t clean as you can just bring the portable yet powerful vac along. This would make it best for stair cases, upholstery and those small inaccessible areas in the house.

And lest you forget, you can extend to the areas above the floor too. Nothing’s out of reach with the portable vac option of this Shark Rotator. Plus, you need not worry about finding dirt as you have the convenience of LED light to show the way. No sweat!

What’s more you have a completely sealed HEPA filter here. That way you get to trap those pesky allergens and dust 99.9% of the time. Along with the convenience of dual foam filters.

It’s truly a treasure find. How else would you see it? But unfortunately some don’t see it that way. A few voice complained about not being honored with a true 5-year warranty and getting a runaround instead. The good news is these people are very few compared to those who found the product worth the buy.

Things We liked

  • checkUpright with Lift Away
  • check2-in-1 vac to clean just about anywhere
  • checkPowerful yet portable
  • checkTraps 99% of dirt/dust
  • checkBagless
  • checkHEPA filters
  • checkPlenty of tools (e.g., crevice tool)
  • checkPremium Pet PowerBrush for pets

Things We didn’t like

  • Void 5-year warranty issues
  • Picking issues

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads 

Check prices

Short review

One thing you have to remember is this particular Shark Navigator could be the darling of the crowd. This model has pleased so many customers, it will put every product offering on this list to shame. What gives?

You may be wondering what makes this one a treasure find of the highest order. For starters, you can see that this one doesn’t carry a heavy price tag. For all its features, that truly is a big bonus.

It may look like it’s giving everyone something to be happy about.

Note that like most Navigators, this one has the famous Lift Away option. So you can just snatch the canister in the middle and lob it around to clean the most inaccessible places.

To be precise, the reality is even easier than you think. Why? You just have to push a button for the canister to offer itself to you. Simple as that.

Know that such a combination is lethal. As an upright, this model allows you to clean carpeted and bare floors with ease. So you need not attach anything to it. In just a matter of seconds you can start your cleaning routine.

And you need not worry you’re going to be carrying a heavy load. At just 13.5 pounds it’s truly a blessing compared to the 20-or-more pounders from other brands.

Your floors are covered here. Whether they’re carpeted or bare, this Navigator will get them cleaned in no time. For the simple reason that you have a brushroll shutoff. So you need not fret you’ll bring harm to those precious wood when you use this vac on them.

Just tuck in the brushrolls and the unit should keep your rugs and carpets clean. And truly clean it is. With closed HEPA filters, you’re assured you’re getting 99.9 percent of the dust and debris no matter how thin and not matter how big.

This Navigator truly is a superstar! It has got longer crevice tool than its younger brother. You may not have a pricey Dyson here but truly this one is not pushover. It can certainly hold its own against the best. And still come out superior.

As for negatives, not much. Except for a few people who had durability issues. Five negative out of thousands positive.

Things We liked

  • checkUpright with Lift Away
  • checkPowerful yet portable
  • checkTraps 99% of dirt/dust
  • checkBagless
  • checkDust-away attachment for hard floors
  • check8 inch crevice tool
  • checkPet Power Brush

Things We didn’t like

  • Heavy hose
  • Durability issues


Zeroing in on the Best Shark Vacuum in 5 Quick Easy Steps

You can call it a ‘Dark Horse’. But who would think a newcomer would bend everyone’s wishes and proceed to corner the lion’s share in the vacuum cleaner market. In many categories. Yes, today Shark is besting most everyone in the market – most everyone that came before it. From Bissell to Hoover to Dyson.

For sure, it’s no accident that the European brand is a top contender in America. If you’re really serious about getting the best vacuum, starting your search with Shark would really give yourself a huge favor.

To get you a head start, we’re bringing you 5 reasons why Shark is overwhelming its competitors:

1. Check Suction Power

It may be obvious but sometimes what’s obvious can really be unseen to our minds. But if you want to know how useful a vacuum is, then you should start with suction power.

No matter how catchy a vacuum is from the outside if it doesn’t have a powerful suction, it’s not worth looking into. Know that the ability of a vac to pull the dirt into it is its essence. It should be foremost to your mind.

And you’re not alone.  If not for his search to better his situation, James Murray Spangler, the maker of the first upright vacuum wouldn’t be putting success to his side.

Suspecting his carpet sweeper to be the aggravating factor of his asthma, Spangler made some adjustments to his Bissell carpet sweeper creating a machine that stood upright that would become the forerunner of Hoover, another great American vacuum brand.

For your part, to know how powerful a suction is you got to familiarize yourself with a few measurements. But if you want to try for yourself firsthand, get your vac working at “carpet mode”. Max power.

Proceed to attach the floorhead’s machine to a nearby wall. A powerful vac shouldn’t have problems attaching itself to the walls – sans any external support.

But if you want to check numbers. The following are some of the most useful means to check on how powerful your Shark machinery is:

  • Airflow

Airflow is measured by CFM or cubic feet per minute. Strictly speaking it’s the amount of air your vacuum is able to suck in a span of 1 minute. Area is measured in cubic feet. It’s truly useful.

And you’ll know that the higher the value the greater the suction power. Usually standard vacs operate within the range from a minimum of 50 CFM to maximum of 100 CFM.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not put this measurement on their list.

  • Water Lift

This is a more visual way to check how powerful a vacuum is. To do this, you need to seal the unit. After which, you should get it connected to a tube which contains a bag of water. You will know how strong the vac is by looking at how high the water rises when you make it do the vac action.

  • Air Watts

Another convenient method of knowing sucking power is air watts or AW. Basically, it’s the amount of watts your machine will use to get one unit of air through the vacuum’s nozzle. The higher the air watts, the greater its vacuum power.

You will realize, however, that a canister vac will require more AW than an upright one. Why? Simply because the canister variety will need to pull all the dirt through the long hose.

Then again, there is wattage (watts) and amperage (amps). Generally those with higher watts and amps are bound to be stronger as a vacuum. Still, it’s not really a very accurate way to measure suction.

Now, you can get a better idea which of the two machines you’re comparing is more powerful. Of course, you can’t really compare a handheld Dyson with a Shark upright. To get a better POV (point of view) you need to compare two similar machines – a Shark upright to a Dyson equivalent.

2. Get the Right Features

This is where it gets tricky. Before you set your eyes on a Shark, you should already have done your due diligence. That means, you will have figured out which particular variety of vacuum best fits your area of responsibility.

If you’re looking for one to clean up a carpeted floor, then the rotating brush should be on top of your must-have list. However, if you’re more keen on keeping the beauty of your hardwood alive, then one which can put away all the brushes to avoid untimely scratches is definitely spot on.

It’s important therefore for you to know which particular vac type will save your day more than anything else.

On this note, you may notice that Shark and Dyson are both European brands which are making a splash in America. They may have many models that are pretty even in terms of features. For instance, both have models that has an on/off option when it comes to the powerful rotating brush.

Which simply means greater comfort for you.

3. Double-check the Price

Most, if not all, of Shark’s machines are manufactured in China. Small wonder that the company is giving Dyson a tough time in terms of pricing.

Must be the reason why Shark as a brand is getting the lion’s share as it moves forward through the years. If you want to make the most of the dollar, you may be inclined to get the Shark brand. Even better, Sharks usually gives you a shorter leash. The power cord, usually shorter – making them lighter.

So it seems Shark may win on this round.

4. Gun for a Longer Warranty

Shark is generally cheaper and it would really look like Shark is besting its nearest competitor like Dyson. Though that may be simplistic, the analogy can be applicable to the American market. Of course, there’s still Bissell – and Hoover is still a mainstay.

But warranty is another venue where we can have a glimpse why Shark is slowly winnng more American hearts through the years.

Dyson may flaunt a 5-year warranty and other brands may shy away from competing with the European brand. It sounds like it’s getting the best out of its competitors.

But Shark vacuums boasts of 7-year warranties on most of their main models. It’s a big improvement. Most of the cordless Dyson variety have a standard 2-year as warranty; Shark with its Rocket lightweight models give 5 years on the product line.

As one columnist in Forbes wrote, Shark may have eaten Dyson’s lunch these past years. Then again, Dyson established itself way earlier than Shark so you should be very careful in your comparison.

Both are European manufacturers with Dyson based in Britain and Shark made by Euro-Pro.

5. Check the Weight

This is one feature that has made Shark vacs greatly useful. And you should watch out for it too if you want to have one. Shark machines weigh less than their counterparts. Even Dyson models would be put to shame. To a certain extent that is.

Why? Because Shark pound for pound is simply lighter. If you’re going to put side by side same variety of vacuums from different brands, you’ll see that the water animal-branded model is way lighter than most.

That’s a big advantage as the only person who wants a heavy vac may be the bodybuilder who just can’t get out of the house because of the weather.

Which is Better Standup vs Canister?

It may be design; it may be weight and all the things you need to drag with you with cleaning; but there is always a healthy debate which is better: a stand-up vac or one that is of canister type.

Well, this is a judgement call on your part. Like cars, you alone has the final say on which is best for you. That is why getting your choices right matters. A vacuum isn’t a candy bar that you consumer in one day and throw out.

To get you started right, here’s a lowdown on what makes each product offering tick. And what makes it a no-no. So you don’t have to live with a cleaning equipment you never wanted in the first place.

Upright Pros:

  • Budget-constraints

If your cash is tight, you may have to go for upright. They’re usually cheaper.

  • Best for carpets 

Traditionally, they’re best for thick rugs and carpets since by nature they used brushes that are motorized. Reason why upright is the more popular model before.

  • Easy Operation

You can transition from bare floors to carpeted ones by a simple foot action. No sweat.

  • No Backbreaking Work

With an upright, you need not bend just to get going. Unless of course you’re using a hose attachment.

  • Quick and Easy to Use

As everything is all set, you can work in a flash. No attachments to connect. It’s quick and easy. It also calls for easy storage. Nothing to dismount or take away.

Upright Cons:

  • Noisier than Most

If you have a baby or if you’re living right next to a nosy neighbor, the upright model may not be the best as it’s bound to be noisy. This is because it usually does not have a good insulation. Yes, to quality that, uprights are usually noisier than canister-types.

  • Heavy to Push Around

Yes, you can use them in a jiffy. No sweat. That’s because everything is there intact. The problem is all that machinery can take a toll on weight. Uprights are usually heavier than canister type models.

  • Not Suited for Hard to Reach Places

The upright design is best for big spaces where your work is mainly to get the room cleaned. When it comes to the corners and all the hard-to-reach areas, you may have an issue. Uprights, even with their hose attachments, are not the best design to clean these areas.

Canister Pros:

  • Power

If you want a strong suction, the canister is your man to beat. Without a significant limit on the size of its engines, these machines carry bigger ones compared to uprights. Thus, they have better suction and faster flowrate.

That can only mean a faster more efficient cleaning for you.

  • Lighter

As many would realize, canister types are lighter. This means you won’t have a weight issue pushing the around.

  • Peace and Quiet

Even with their big machines, canister variety are lighter. That should give you a lot more leeway cleaning a big room.

  • Well-equipped

You’d be surprised at all the tools available to you when using a canister model. You not only have a crevice nozzle which is good for getting dirt from the most hard-to-reach places, you have an army of attachments you can use (e.g., upholstery brush, mechanized brush).

Canister Cons:

  • Takes Time to Operate

All that attachments can take a lot of assembly time. An upright will get you running in no time. Not with a canister vac. All those accessories simply takes time to assemble.

  • Storage Issues

That long hose and separate wand can sure make you sweat when finding for a place to store the unit. Until, of course, when you disassemble them.

  • Dragging Issues

This is unique to canister models. Unlike an upright which you push forward the canister has to be dragged behind you. That can be troublesome for many. So if you don’t like to have to drag weight around everywhere you clean, canister isn’t for you.

  • Bend Over Issues

This may be the biggest case against canister-type. With upright, it’s simple. You clean, you move forward. You won’t have that benefit in canister as you’ll have to bend over every so often. That can truly be lost of trouble if your back is having pain issues. Or if you’re aged already and a backbreaking work is simply out of the question.


When you want to know what is the best Shark vacuum, you’d be giving yourself a huge favor. Not only is Shark known for quality products, it gives longer warranties on its product. That’s truly a steal knowing that it’s not as pricey as its closest competitors.

Shark as a brand is a winner. Its struggles to be on top should be a testament on how resilient the company is, Euro-Pro. Initially dealing only with sewing machines, the European-Canadian company has breathed life to its so-so existence.

Before, Shark was not in anyone’s radar. It simply was a small fish in a big bowl. Nothing more.

But it didn’t stop from innovating. It didn’t stop from improving on irs products. Most importantly, it did what it had to do – even against the odds.

For one, the 100-year old company has relied on China for its manufacturing. And indeed through the years, the company has earned the top spot, toppling such well-established leaders as Dyson and Hoover.

Thus, it’s important that we look into all these to be able to weigh what’s the best Shark vacuum out there. That product should embody the warrior spirit that Shark has embodied.

You may have a product that would best fit your needs. Still we tip our hats to Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E). For the simple reason that it’s as functional as can be.

You won’t find any other Shark product that has so much uses. Its design simply cannot be ignored.

You won’t find any other Shark that has been so much praised. More than any.

We believe that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E) can help more people than any other product on Shark’s belt. We believe it can help you best. As the product reviews show, it truly has done so, more than any other Shark in the market today. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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