Mightiest Carpet Spot Cleaner

The Mightiest Carpet Spot Cleaner 2018

Above and beyond, the best carpet spot cleaner should take care of the carpet. If it fails to do that, it has failed its job. And you could be a lot worse than when you started. 

There are a thousand and one things that could happen to your carpet. As you may be aware by now, you really can’t control every little motion that happens within your carpet hemisphere.

Chances are, if you have pets, you’re going to have to take care of all the mess it entails. From pet pee to solid waste. It’s going to be ugly. A lot uglier for your carpet.

If the poor guy can talk he’d say he’d rather become something else. The ceiling, perhaps.

That’s why getting the best carpet spot cleaner matters the most. If you fail to do that, you’re failing a lot on your carpet. You’re making it disappear in time.

To give you closer to your best carpet cleaner we’ve rounded up some of the most in-demand products in the market today. Even better, we’ve trained our eyes on them – showing you how each one stack against each other.

That way, you can choose which is best for you. And get the most bang for your buck. Closer to the best spot carpet cleaner. Read on.

Bissell 6324 Spot Clean Carpet Cleaner 

This snail-looking beast is in the running as the most efficient carpet cleaner in town. Or that should make it the best carpet spot cleaner to beat. What makes is such a wonderful find is its wide array of uses.

First stop, you can’t get as diligent as this power house when you talk about taking all those spots and pesky stains out of your carpet. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the stairs or if it involves those big rugs and upholster. This model delivers. Even hard to reach areas don’t stand a chance.

Add its variety of add-ons which allows you to clean up your pets should tell you this is one powerful spot cleaner you dare not miss.

Hoover Spotless FH11300PC Carpet Spot Cleaner 

Well, if you’re wanting to save some more on the dollar, this Hoover Spotless should bid you well. We’re talking about the cheapest of the bunch here. But don’t fret. This one may not be a pricey option but it has brawn when you talk about getting your carpet all cleaned up.

Fact is, it’s armed to the teeth. This one may be portable and lightweight compared to the rest on this list but it’s ability to clean – to get into motion all the scrubbing, the suctioning and the spraying – is above par. It’s a treasure find. What’s even more amazing is you have a self-cleaning hose here which does away with not just dirt but bacteria too after every use. Looks like the competition is showing chinks in its armor given everything this Hoover Spotless is throwing on the table.

Plus, you’ve got a real worker here. The lethal combination of powerful cleaning solutions and unequalled suction power is enough to get your precious carpet the clean it needs in a cinch.

Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner 

Frankly, this one doesn’t look like much. It seems by its figure alone, it’s something that belongs to the kitchen. But hear ye hear ye! This Bissell is a serious spot cleaner. So much you might want to buy two of the same. 

And the best part’s you can use this one for small and wide areas. No sweat! It can remove the toughest of stains and spills in a dry fashion. No need to use that liquid.

What’s amazing is the parts for this product comes from recycle plastic used by consumers. Add the PVC-free tank and needed hose and you know resisting this one could be futile.

Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Spot Cleaner 

Rug Doctor has been known the world over as one of the most efficient carpet cleaners anyone can find on the planet. And true enough, this one doesn’t disappoint. For starters, you don’t have a pricey option here. Making the process, more palatable. 

What’s the secret of its success? Here you have a powerful hand held brush that’s motorized. This allows the unit to clean even the most hard-to-reach of areas – from the car interior to the carpet.

Even better, you’re not using steam or any sort of damaging heat here. That’s Rug Doctor giving you all the leeway to do the scrubbing for you minus all the harmful actions. Plus, you need not worry you get to discolor your carpet. With this portable spot cleaner doing the feathering so those just-cleaned area doesn’t look pale. Instead it just blends in neatly.

Let’s Compare the Best Carpet Spot Cleaner of 2018

Detailed Comparison List










Bissell 6324

Spot Clean

Carpet cleaner

Check prices

10 x

14 x

14 inches





 Carpet Spot


Check prices

9.7 x

13.9 x

15 inches




1400B Portable

 Carpet Cleaner

Check prices

8.2 x

17.2 x

12.5 inches



Rug Doctor


Carpet Spot


Check prices

17.8 x

12.5 x

 17.8 inches



Best Carpet spot cleaner review

Bissell 6324 Spot Clean Carpet cleaner 

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Short review

When you talk of a vacuum cleaner that was built solely for the purpose of making a difference, you have one here. Mere looking at this carpet spot cleaner you would know it isn’t a run of the mill product. With an amazing design, that looks like a helmet, Bissell 6324 Spot Clean Carpet cleaner has thrived well. 

The fact that it has a unique design has distinguished it from all other carpet spot cleaners. That’s one of the many reasons why customers are raving about this product.

Well, this Bissell model that has amazing features. One of which is its design. But you must also know that there are many other features that qualifies this Bissell product as one of the best carpet spot cleaners.

First, this popular Bissell model has an amazing suction. Well, if you are very popular with Bissell products you would know this isn’t something new. But you must also know that this one right here is different.

Well, all other vacuum cleaners you have used might have had great suctions to suck in dirt and pet hair. No doubt that makes it a good vacuum cleaner. But for this Bissell model, it’s way more than that.

It boasts about being able to suck in all the dirt on your carpet and even remove tough stains. Yeah, you heard that right. So if you have coffee stains on your carpet you might want to consider getting this vacuum.

You would be shocked at how well this carpet spot cleaner removes all that stain within seconds.

And the good thing is that this carpet spot remover is very affordable. You wouldn’t even have to pay through your nose to have this quality product in your home. That’s like winning on both ends right?

You get to use a very strong carpet spot cleaner and at the same time you get to purchase it at an affordable cost.

Way to go!

Secondly, this product from Bissell brand is so small in size and light in weight. Well, one common problem people encounter with using vacuum cleaners is the size. Most vacuums out there occupy too much space and are very heavy. But with this carpet spot cleaner that’s not the case.

This 17.2 pounds carpet cleaner is so easy to carry around the house. So you would be less stressed while you make your home look clean.

By the way, do you also know that this spot cleaner is suitable for many surfaces? So far there is a stain on that surface, this carpet spot cleaner is right there to come to your rescue. You might want to opt for this to clean your stairs, car seats and many other surfaces.

And you can be rest assured that this Bissell product would clean up all kinds of stains.

Similarly, this popular Bissell product has a really long cord. For a carpet spot cleaner that has a 22ft long cord you’ve got nothing to worry about. This long cord allows you to work around the house without stress.

You would be able to cover a large portion of area without having to remove the cord every now and then. This way you get to enjoy every bit of your cleaning.

And this would be a good option for you if you are considering this majorly for your stairs. You would be able to move all the way up the stairs while cleaning without any issue.

Way to go!

No doubt this is one of the best carpet spot cleaners you could use. But you have to bear in mind that nothing is perfect. So there are some flaws in this Bissell model. One of which is that its hose is not so strong. So you have to be careful while handling it.

Things We Liked

  • checkGreat suction
  • checkCleans multiple surfaces
  • checkLong cord
  • checkVersatile
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkCleans tough stains
  • checkBissel professional cleaning formula

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Hose is not too strong

Hoover FH11300PC Carpet Spot Cleaner 

Check prices

Short review

This next product on our list is the bomb. If you regularly patronize Hoover brand you would know that they always produce top quality product. Well, if you’ve not tried any Hoover product you’ve been missing out on a lot. But since you’ve come across this product you are in luck. Hoover FH11300PC Carpet Spot Cleaner is one of the top quality products Hoover has produced.

That’s why you would find this product on every review for best carpet spot cleaner.

Well, this product doesn’t have an extreme design that would easily catch your attention. It sure has a simple design and a nice design at that. You might actually not want to opt for it on a normal day. But be advised, don’t be deceived.

Not all that glitters is gold, and not all that doesn’t glitter isn’t gold remember that always.

And one good example of that is this product from Hoover brand right here. It looks simple on the surface but is a beast on the inside. Well, customers that have used this have confirmed that it’s one of the best carpet spot removers out there.

One good thing about this product is that it’s very portable in size and also light in weight. So carrying this around the house while you clean wouldn’t be a problem.

Another amazing thing about this Hoover model is its suctioning power. You would be surprised at how well this Hoover product removes stains. With an amazing soap formula this vacuum functions efficiently in removing even the toughest stains.

So be ready to make your carpet look absolutely clean with this carpet spot cleaner in your home.

One other unique thing you must know about this product is its self-cleaning technology. Truth be told, it’s rare to see a carpet spot remover with this feature. What does this self-cleaning technology do? After every use, it completely cleans up the hose used in cleaning.

This helps remove dirt, bacteria and debris from the hose. Making it completely clean after every use.

The good thing is that this helps reduce the chances of clogging in the hose.

Also, this carpet spot cleaner has two different tanks for storing water. Clean water is stored in one tank and dirty water in the other tank. This makes it very easy to discard because this two tanks function separately.

And also it doesn’t get all messy while you clean your carpet.

Well, you must also know that customers have complained about having leaking issues with this Hoover model. Probably due to over usage and improper set up.

Things We liked

  • checkDeep clean
  • checkSelf-clean technology
  • checkMultipurpose tool
  • checkRemoves tough stains
  • checkLight weight
  • checkPortable
  • checkDual tank technology

Things We didn’t like

  • Leaking issues

Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner 

Check prices

Short review

The next product on our list is another product from Bissell brand. But if you think it’s just like every other Bissell product you’ve come across you might be mistaken. This Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner is simply unique in its features. And this is why it’s one of the best carpet spot cleaners out there.

Let’s have a quick rundown on why this would be a good option to opt for.

First, its design is very unique. All it takes is a quick glance at this product to know it isn’t like any other you’ve come across. It’s easy to tell that it was well constructed into different parts. And all these parts work together to give an amazing output.

Although small in size, this model from Bissell brand functions efficiently. Even better than some big vacuums out there. So would you prefer to have a carpet spot cleaner that is big in size and inefficient? Or one that is small but works powerfully in removing stains?

Of course, you would opt for the latter since it’s all about efficiency.

Anyway, this amazing product comes at an affordable price. So you don’t have to break into a bank before you can have this piece in your home.

It’s so good to know that there are still top quality products that come at affordable price. You get have a taste of higher efficiency while you spend less.

Similarly, this Bissell product is suitable for cleaning carpets, rugs, auto interiors and upholstery. So this implies that with this 12.4 pounds carpet spot cleaner you can touch just about everywhere in your home.

And the good thing is that it removes deep stains within seconds.

Also, this Bissell model has a cord that is about 15 feet in length. Although this can’t be said to be a very long length for a cord since there are longer cords. But you can be sure that you would still find it very easy to clean your home.

At least a 15 feet cord would be able to stretch and cover a particular area while you clean. So you don’t have to go through the stress of having to change the power outlet every now and then.

You would not be wrong if you regarded this as one of the best carpet spot cleaners out there. But you would be wrong if you expect it to be without flaws. Because even humans aren’t perfect.

One of its downside is that there are leaking issues. Well, it’s not in every product but some customers have complained about this. Given that you clean this carpet spot cleaner well and set it up well, you shouldn’t have this problem.

Things We liked

  • checkGreat suction
  • checkPortable
  • checkLight weight
  • checkHighly efficient
  • check15 feet cord

Things We didn’t like

  • Leaking issues

Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Spot Cleaner 

Check prices

Short review

Looking for something totally unique? Well, count yourself lucky to have come across this review. This next product might just be what you’ve been looking for. Lucky you! Your search might be coming to an end very soon. With Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Spot Cleaner in your home be ready for a totally different experience.

It’s no mistake that this last product is on our list. It has gained its reputation among customers and even competitors. And has maintained it for a long while.

Now let’s mention but a few of its amazing features. The first feature is its maneuverability. Amongst many other spot cleaners this is one that you can use with it. It’s so easy to maneuver that even a child can operate it.

This way you get to enjoy cleaning your home and always look forward to the next one.

Secondly, this product is very small in size and light in weight. It’s so small that it could fit anywhere in your home. So you can be sure that this would not occupy too much space in your home.

As for its weight you have nothing to worry about. Its weight makes it very easy to carry as you move around the house to clean. You sure don’t need something to weigh you down as you do the cleaning.

Similarly, its suction is about 2 times greater than other carpet stain removers out there. From its name you can tell that it knows the trick of most stains. And has a way of removing them.

Rug Doctor Portable carpet spot cleaner removes all kind of stains within seconds with ease.

So you might want to consider getting this piece if you have a child that keeps spilling hot chocolate or coffee on the carpet, rug and couch.

And the good thing is that this popular Rug Doctor cleaner is suitable for many surfaces. Starting from your carpet, to the stairs, couch and chairs and even your car. So if you are looking for an alternative for cleaning your car seat you might opt for this.

You can be sure that it would remove all stains on your car seat within seconds.

Now your car seat will look sparkling clean always.

Way to go!

Well a package that comes with the purchase of this product is the cleaning formula. Unlike other products that make only one available, Rug Doctor provides two. Damn right! So you be rest assured that for some time you wouldn’t have to buy the cleaning formula.

At least this way you get to save a bit.

One of the best carpet spot cleaners out there? Yes it is. Given its amazing features and capability. But is it perfect? No it isn’t. And one of its imperfections is that the spray nozzle clogs after some time.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to maneuver
  • checkMotorized brush
  • checkGreat suction power
  • checkTwo cleaning formulas
  • checkSuitable for most surfaces
  • checkSmall size
  • checkLight weight

Things We didn’t like

  • Spray nozzle clogs


Top 5 Must-have Features to grab in a Carpet Spot Cleaner

America is gaga over carpets; bare floor may be catching up but in most homes in the continent, carpets account for about 51% of the flooring system. Amazing right? So if you really want to get your carpet always at their best you need to put your attention into the matter.  

Just try checking in the neighborhood, most homes you enter today have carpets at different places in their homes. You would find it in the living room, bedroom and many other places in the house. And that’s not surprising.

There’s no doubt that carpets are trending, and people love having carpets in their homes.

Interestingly carpets come in different forms, sizes, materials and also price. That’s why customers have a wide variety to choose from when they want to purchase one.

Carpets are really soft fabrics that are known to beautify homes. And there are many reasons why people use carpets in their homes.

One of these reasons is because of the great style, design and colors with which carpets are made. Most carpets you have out there have really great amazing designs. And these designs help compliment the beauty of your home.

With a carpet in your home, your home would not look the same again.

Similarly, people get carpets to cover any form of lapses in their floors. Since carpets are placed in homes just by placing it on bare floors. It completely covers cracks and other imperfections on your bare floor.

Also, carpets help make your floor look clean. With a carpet, dirt isn’t easily noticeable. So your home would look clean most times all thanks to your carpet that helps absorb dirt well.

These and many more are the reasons why so many people opt for carpets in their homes. Cleaning a carpet isn’t as easy as it might look. It requires a lot of energy and work to keep it clean for years.

Well, there’s good news. Carpet spot cleaner is now the solution to keeping your carpet always clean. With the best carpet spot cleaners in town your carpet would look amazing.

Carpet spot cleaners are known to remove even the toughest of stains. And they do that easily without stress. So what do you say? Would you like to try it out?

If yes that’s good but therein lies another issue. Having a carpet spot cleaner is a very good idea. But having the best carpet spot cleaner is the best idea.

But how will I know that this is one of the best carpet spot cleaner? Good question you’ve got there.

We have come up with this section to provide you with top 5 must-have features to grab in a carpet spot cleaner. In this section you would find out things you ought to find in every carpet spot cleaner.

And with this you would be able to make a right decision while you press that “buy” button on the site you want to order it from.

1. Powerful Suction

Power is key! A carpet spot cleaner that can’t boast about having a powerful suction doesn’t qualify to be called a good one.

This is one of the most important features that a carpet spot cleaner must possess.

For a carpet spot cleaner to be able function efficiently it must be able to suck in so much dirt within a short period of time. That’s not all. It also be able to remove even the toughest stains on a carpet.

When a carpet spot cleaner has a powerful suction, it would be easier for you as you clean your carpets.

Its suction should not only deal with removing dirt but also sucking in all the water used. Since a carpet spot cleaner uses water to remove stains, it’s important that your carpet remains completely dry after cleaning.

If your carpet spot vacuum cleaner is able to remove all the water it wouldn’t be good for you and the carpet. Why? The carpet would stink all day long. And that automatically implies that you would have to do the cleaning all over again.

So to save yourself from that stress, it would be better to get the best carpet spot cleaner for your home, with a powerful suctioning power.

2. Portability

The size of a carpet spot cleaner matters as much as it’s suctioning power. One important factor to consider before you get a carpet spot cleaner is how easy it would be to transport.

You sure would not want a carpet spot cleaner that would be as heavy as a rock. The reason being that you might be tired to carry it on a day you would love to clean.

Having a portable carpet spot cleaner would make cleaning a lot easier and as well would make it a whole lot interesting.

A portable carpet spot cleaner comes in really handy when you’re trying to clean corners and places that are hard to reach. Since it’s so small in size it would be able to fit in well to even the smallest space in your home.

Compared to a carpet cleaner that is so big in size that wouldn’t be able to fit in well into a small space.

Similarly, a small carpet spot cleaner makes it very easy for you to clean the stairs. So you could carry it up and down the stairs without any issue.

3. Dual tank system 

The last thing you would want while cleaning is for everything to get all messy. This would be a disaster and you can be sure it wouldn’t end well. And this can easily happen with a single tank in your carpet spot cleaner.

With a single tank water, clean water and dirty water wouldn’t be separated. Which means it would be mixed together. And you can be sure that would get all messy. You can imagine dirty water spilling out instead of clean water when you want to clean your carpet.

Not a good sight to imagine at all.

But with two different tank systems the clean water is separated from the dirty water. This way things don’t in any way get messy. And when this doesn’t happen cleaning goes on smoothly.

That’s why it’s important that you check if the carpet spot cleaner you would be getting has a single tank or two separate tanks.

4. Large Removable Water Tanks

One other feature is the size of its tank. It’s important that you take note of the tank of your carpet spot cleaner. The reason being that this is what is going to determine how long you can work with your carpet spot cleaner at a time.

For carpet spot cleaners that have really small tanks, it’s usually stressful for the user. Since they have to replace the water every now and then. And also have to empty the dirty water all the time. Because the reservoir isn’t big enough.

If you don’t want to go through that kind of stress it would be better to get a carpet spot cleaner that has a really big tank.

Similarly, you have to consider how easy discarding dirty water would be. You don’t need to get a carpet spot cleaner that would be very difficult to use. This in turn would make it very stressful for you.

5. Long hose length

Ensure that the length of the hose of the carpet spot cleaner is long enough. Because this will determine how far you would be able to reach while cleaning.

For hoses that are very long in length you have nothing to worry about. It would be easy to reach corners and stairs well.

But when the hose length is really short, it would hinder you from having a proper cleaning on your carpets.

Top 3 Features That Makes Bissell Carpet Spot Cleaner a Must-have

Customers are raving about this brand! Bissell brand has been known to produce one of the best carpet spot cleaners since the existence of carpet spot cleaners. And that’s not all, they have been consistent for a very long time.

That’s why many people opt for this brand right here.

Bissell carpet spot cleaners sure possess unique features that distinguishes it from other products out there. And that’s why we have come with this section.

Here, you would find out top 3 features why you should have a Bissell spot cleaner in your home. And from these features you would learn the distinction of Bissell brand and how well their products perform.

1. Powerful Suction

Over the years, Bissell has been known for making some of the strongest carpet spot cleaner. In terms of suction, they are very powerful. They suck in so much dirt with ease.

Bissell carpet spot cleaners are known to be highly efficient in removing stains. With a suctioning power as great as that you wouldn’t expect any less.

Well, its great suctioning power is all thanks to its powerful motor. Bissell brand is known for making carpet spot cleaners with one of the strongest motor.

This motor works so well in generating so much force that would allow the brush to suck in so much dirt. The force generated is so strong that even tough stains are easily removed.

Similarly, it helps suck back in all the water used in cleaning. So this way your carpet wouldn’t stink once you’re done cleaning it.

2. Long Cord

They are also known for having a very long cord length. Bissell carpet spot cleaners have an average length of 22 ft. That of course is way longer than the average length of any regular carpet cleaner.

With this long cord length, it’s quite easy for the user to get across to corners and other hidden spaces. Similarly, you wouldn’t have to unplug every now and then because it can’t reach where you would like to clean.

So that automatically implies that you would stressed the less with this vacuum cleaner.

Similarly, it makes it very easy for you to clean the stairs. Since it’s really a long way up you would be needing a cord that is really long. This way you would be able to clean the stairs all the way without having to remove the cord even once.

3. Portable

Most Bissell carpet spot cleaners you find out there are known to be really small in size. And because they are small in size it makes it very easy for to carry about as you clean your carpet.

Usually they are really small in size that they could fit into a hole. And at the same time they usually have a handle that makes it a whole lot easier to carry.

With this handle you can transport it easily around the house and even carry it comfortably on the stairs.

This way you wouldn’t be stressed out as you carry this carpet spot cleaner around the house.

Also, its small size makes it possible to fit in well into small spaces. So it wouldn’t be difficult for you to clean corners or spaces that are hard to reach. Since this vacuum cleaner would be able to fit in well into where you would like to clean.


The best carpet spot cleaner is a must. You have to put that in mind. If you don’t, you could be inching your carpet to a disaster and you don’t know why. 

You may be able to do all the things you need to do to prevent all types of incidents to happen in your carpet. You can use doormats for instance – giving you the merit of cleaner feet when entering the room.

On the other end, you can vacuum daily giving your carpet the care and pampering it needs to be as clean as can be. You can even groom your carpet like it’s alive. Just like your pet.

Still, spills and all sorts of incidents are bound to happen. Things go out of hand no matter how you shout against it.

Getting the best spot carpet cleaner, however, is being wise about it. Vacuums can only clean so much. No matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, it may not be able to get the job done.

And down your carpet goes, in the process.

This is why we tip our hats to Bissell 6324 Spot Clean​​​​ Carpet Cleaner​​​​​​​​​. One thing’s certain. This product has delivered more than any. 

Marketing can do a lot of work hyping things up. But when consumers talk, we should listen. For above and beyond, experience isn’t just the best teacher. It’s going to be the gauge to tell you which product’s worth your hard-earned bucks.

All you have to do is listen.

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