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Wahl Guard Size Chart and the Mightiest Clippers 2018

Wahl Guard Size Chart and the Mightiest Clippers 2018

A Wahl Guard size chart should let you rest easy. It shows you the best way to keep your fave clipper going. And going. You really can’t trick yourself to thinking that there’s no need to be detail-oriented. When you want the most from your Wahl, getting your eyes fixed on the right Wahl guard size is a must. 

In the clipper industry today, there are but a handful of names that have become a household word. And Wahl is top of that list. Of course, along with Wahl is Andis. These two manufacturers have cornered the lion’s share of the American market.

Chances are, if you’re to survey your friendly neighborhood barber, you’ll see either of these two brands. Well-established brands.

While you could be tempted to put your faith on a pair of scissors and comb to get the hair of your life. One you can flaunt wherever you may go. It’s imperative you put your faith on a Wahl. Or a barber that uses one.

Granting you want speed of course. A pair of scissors may get you greater liberty to cut the hair you want. But it’s also prone to errors. So if you’re not adept in using it, don’t use it.

Instead use a clipper. Clippers get you the speed you need in a fast-paced world. A pair of scissors is a doubtful prospect. You need a lot more experience with a pair than doing it with a suitable clipper.

It’s truly a no-brainer. If you’ve been doubting, you’re always welcome to try. Ultimately, getting your hair done can be a walk in the park with the right tools by your side. Especially when you’ve privy to hair trimmer sizes in mm.

To shed light on such an endeavor, we’ve pooled the most sought-after clippers in town.  In the hopes of showing you what makes each one tick. Read on.

Wahl Sterling #8779 

You definitely would need a Wahl Guard size chart to get the styling you want. But that’s only possible with the best Wahl trimmers on board. And one of the best is this Wahl Sterling. Don’t expect this to be cheap. This definitely is not the cheapest of the bunch. But we’re talking premium trimmer here. 

One that shouldn’t put you to shame when you want to show your hair styling skills. This Sterling Mag Trimmer is designed for discerning professionals who wants nothing but the best. Because sharp performance doesn’t just happen by accident.

And the best part’s you have a cordless variety here. That will give you freedom you need to more about – and deliver those awesome cuts that make people want to get their hair done only from you.

You need not worry about losing power here. Once you’re finished with the trimmer just put it into its stand where it should charge as niftily as you want it. Add the snap on blades and you know you got yourself covered when you want a clean cut that has precision and beauty written all over it.

Plus, you have a complete line of accessories here to put the competition on its heels. From trimming guides, to needed oils and cleaning brush. Showing you this Wahl Sterling means serious business.

Andis Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer 

Oh, you should rejoice. This one will give you the flexibility you need to get going. Whereever you may go. Why? Simply because you’re looking at a cordless model here. Not really cheap. But if you want to get rid of all the wires, this mode is as spot on as you want it to be.

Yes, thanks to the LiOn battery, you can take up to 2 hours dedicated time to cut hair. Amazing right? If you’re just using it at home, it’s more than enough to get you the style you need. Even for a James Harden-kind of hair. After which, you need to charge about 2 hours and some minutes to get going once again.

And as expected, Andis has you covered here. You not only have a charger stand just like those used for smartphones, you got blade oil, and combs brush of various sizes. Telling you this manufacturer is taking care of everything. To get you the styling you want. With the comfort you need.

Wahl Professional #8991 

To boot, this is the cheapest of the bunch. So if you’re looking for a trimmer for personal use, this one may cut it best. But don’t get us wrong, this may be small but it’s packed with a punch.

For one, you’ll notice that this one isn’t as long as the 5-inch trimmers you may be expecting. This measures but a measly 4 and one-fourth inches long. Not really that long. But that could be a great advantage on your part. As that means this one would fit your hand neatly. Even for those who have smaller hands.

That should translate to better control and added comfort. Making it just right for your craft. Thus, it won’t matter if you want to create customer styles – or lining, or push the envelope by creating an artwork. You’re covered. Thanks to the powerful corded T Blade Trimmer. You got the sharp performance you need without sacrificing the price.

Let’s Compare the Mightiest Clipper of 2018

Detailed Comparison List

Product Name








Wahl Sterling

12.8 ounces

1 x

1 x

1 inches

Check prices

Andis Slimline

Pro Li T-

Blade Trimmer

11.7 ounces

8.1 x

2.8 x

 5.2 inches

Check prices

Wahl Professional

6.4 ounces

1.2 x

 1.2 x

6 inches

Check prices

Mightiest Clipper Review

Wahl Sterling 

Check prices

Short review

On the first look at this product you would know it isn’t just any Wahl product. It’s very unique in terms of design. And this has provided a distinction for it among many other clippers. 

That’s the reason why so many barbers opt for this Wahl trimmer.

This Wahl clipper is well built with a very small design. It’s portable size is why it’s very easy to use. With a portable size like that holding it in your hand wouldn’t be a problem.

That’s not all. It’s small size is why you can easily store this piece. You can put it anywhere in your home and it would fit in well. It’s so small that it could fit in well into your pocket.

With this you wouldn’t have to create any special space to store this clipper.

It’s not only small on size but light in weight. Well, that’s a big advantage. This is because not all small equipment are light in weight. And this makes it very difficult for you to carry it about.

But with this clipper you would be able to lift it easily. And also carry it in your hand for a long time while you cut the hair.

This makes this clipper a good option to opt for if you have a big barbing salon that would be attending to a lot of customers. You wouldn’t need a trimmer that would stress you out and right here is one.

Also, it’s lightweight is the reason why you can easily maneuver this clipper. And when you find a clipper easy to maneuver getting the right result wouldn’t be difficult. You would be able to carve out a very nice style with this Wahl trimmer.

Similarly this is one clipper that professionals enjoy using a lot. It has the professional precision and accuracy. Which is why when an expert uses this clipper it gives amazing results.

And if you are a barber that might be all you need to increase the number of customers you have daily.

Also, with its sharp blade you can get a great output. The blade moves through the hair with ease without causing scars and cuts on your head.

The good thing is that you can make adjustments to your guard type. Just by checking the Wahl guard size chart you can tell which one would work well for your hair style.

With this Wahl guard size chart you can tell the hair trimmer sizes in mm.

So all thanks to the Wahl guard size chart you are easily guarded on the type of guards you can get.

Given these amazing features, this Wahl trimmer remains one of the best in town.

Also, Wahl trimmer also uses a Lithium ion battery. And this battery lasts for a very long time. Also charging this battery is something that is very easy. With this long lasting battery you would be able to use this clipper for some of your customers before you run out of charge.

And if you are using this personally, you would sure be able to use it to cut your hair easily.

Also, this Wahl trimmer is also very affordable. It’s top quality product but comes at a really reasonable price. So if you are looking for a clipper that you can get for low budget this is a good fit.

You wouldn’t have to pay through your nose to have this beauty in your home.

Although, if the charging cradle of this clipper can be fixed it would a lot more appreciated by the customers out there.

Things We Liked

  • checkProfessional precision
  • checkComfortable accuracy
  • checkAccessories
  • checkQuality material
  • checkEasy to use

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not so strong charging cradle

Andis Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer 

Check prices

Short review

Another amazing product you have here. Although not a Wahl product this is one of the best hair trimmers in town. You may never go wrong with this clipper in your home or your barbing salon.

It’s well built with a unique design. This Andis clipper is small in size. And this makes it very easy for you to store. You would be able to keep this Andis trimmer safe in any part of your home.

Well you have less to worry about since this clipper has a stand where you can store. With this stand you can easily place the clipper on any table. Not to worry the stand is strong enough so it would be able to handle the clipper well.

This clipper has an improved motor which is very strong. And this motor works at a very fast rate and also it lasts for a very long time. With a motor like this in your clipper, you would have an nice cut.

For a motor this strong every other part of the clipper works well. Most especially the blade. If a clipper has weak motor but a sharp blade it wouldn’t give a nice cut. But with a strong motor and sharp blade you can expect the best.

This clipper sure has a very sharp blade. But its motor is the reason why this blade moves at a very fast speed. Its blade moves through the hair without any problem. And with just one pass your hair is well trimmed.

So you wouldn’t have to exert so much force in cutting the hair.

Similarly, with a strong motor you can be sure that your clipper would last for a very long time. And this way you wouldn’t have to replace it any time soon.

The good thing is that even though this clipper has a really strong motor it does not heat up. So there is no way that your clipper would heat up and the motor would blow. Similarly, since it does not heat up you would still be able to hold on to the clipper even after using it for long.

The same goes with its noise. Although so much energy and power emanates from this clipper it doesn’t make any noise. So you wouldn’t be disturbed by any noise while you use it. And also it wouldn’t disturb your customers.

Also, this clipper has a Lithium ion battery. And this battery is known to last for a very long time. Once you charge it up for 2 hours 15 mins you would be able to use it for 2 hours. With this you would be able to use this clipper even when there is power outage.

Within the 2 hours you would be able to attend to all your customers before power is restored.

Accompanied with this clipper is a combo brush. you might be asking “why do i need a brush for my clipper?” Well, it important especially if you use your clipper for many people. To stay hygienic and clean you have to clean your clipper.

And one of the steps of cleaning your clipper is to clean with a brush.

All thanks to it’s amazing design and style buying this as a gift would be a great idea. It is presentable to whoever you are buying it for. And at the same time it’s top quality products.

You might have just find the right gift for your brother, husband, boyfriend, uncles and other close relatives and friends.

One thing though is that this clipper is not durable enough. It can’t handle so much stress and compression.

So you have to careful not to overwork this guy right here. If you overload it, it might actually stop functioning. and that might leave you stranded if you have a customer to attend to.

Things We liked

  • checkImproved motor
  • checkStrong battery
  • checkHigh speed motor
  • checkQuiet
  • checkCombo brush

Things We didn’t like

  • Not so durable

Wahl Professional 

Check prices

Short review

Do you know why so many barbers use this clipper? Well, it’s because of its high precision and accuracy. This  is one Wahl trimmer that helps bring out the best in an expert.

It trims the hair with ease and also provides a sharp performance that experts want.

So if are an expert and you need quality clippers for your salon you should consider getting this one.

Talking about quality, do you know that this clipper is made of top quality material? It’s made of quality materials that give a strong build. Which is why holding this clipper wouldn’t be a problem.

Also, all thanks to its top notch quality this clipper is known to be durable. With its durability it lasts for a very long time. And it is able to withstand so much stress and compression well.

So you can be sure that this clipper would last for quite some time.

That’s one of the many reasons why customers are raving about this product.

And what’s even better is that this quality trimmer comes at a really affordable price. That’;s why if you’re low on cash and you really need a clipper this would be a good fit. You would be able to have a good result with just spending a little.

Way to go!

This Hero T blade corded clipper is known for making cuts with speed. And when it does it makes these cuts with ease. Which is why using this trimmer is less stressful when compared to other trimmers.

You wouldn’t need to exert so much force before you would be able to able to get a nice cut.

Well, that nice speed is because of the strong motor. This Wahl trimmer has a very strong motor which is very efficient in making other parts function well.

This strong motor is known to be able to handle large amount of work well. Because it’s powerful it stays intact for a long time. Even customers who have used this clipper have testified to the fact that it remained intact even when used on a regular basis.

So if you plan on using this clipper on a regular basis for your barbing salon you can go ahead.

Another thing you should know is that the manufacturer had you in mind when he was building this trimmer. It’s specifically built to be able to fit in well into your hand. With this you can now easily hold this trimmer and it would lay gently in your palm.

Accompanied with this clipper are 3 guards. And these guards are (1/16”-3/16”). To find out what the hair trimmer sizes in mm you can have a look at the Wahl guard size chart. .

In the Wahl guard size chart you can have a look at the different sizes of guards. You would find out different sizes that would be suitable for your trimmer. And with these different guard sizes you can have a better cut.

One thing though that you must bear in mind is that this clipper uses a cord. And that means it would consume electricity. And that might increase your electricity bill if you plan on using it on a regular basis.

And that automatically implies you would have to spend extra cash.

Also, if the cord of this clipper is increased in length it would make it a lot better and easier to use.

Things We liked

  • checkProfessional precision
  • checkStylish
  • checkFunctional
  • checkEasy to operate
  • checkAccessories
  • checkLightweight
  • checkSharp blade

Things We didn’t like

  • Cord is short
  • Consumes electricity


How to Land the Best Clipper Size if You’re in a Hurry?

Most certainly, having a Wahl Guard size chart would go a long way to getting the right clipper size for you. If cutting your hair was the sky, having the chart is being given a telescope so you can survey it better. Much, much better. Especially if you’re in a hurry.

And who is there to say you shouldn’t be in a hurry? In a time when races are won by micro-seconds, it’s a must that we make the most of time. Just to note. If you’re not quick to kill a computer virus which is ravaging your files, you’d be sorry for the rest of your life. As many big brick-and-mortar stores have learned – after being hacked. Causing millions of dollars in data breach. Of course, that’s another story.

Before we digress, know that it’s certainly possible to get the best clipper. With the right guide you should be on your way. No sweat. In this regard, below is a lowdown on how make that much-coveted hair-cutter possible.

Tip #1: Choose your style

The style and look you desire to have is a major determinant in choosing the right clipper size. Why? The style and shape of your haircut would tell you the clipper size you should get.

Here’s the drill, the style of clothe you want to make would determine the amount of material you should get. Although this does not apply directly they have the same principle.

Now, back to clipper size. Once you have the style and shape in mind choosing the right clipper size wouldn’t be a problem. It’s like the main ingredient needed in cooking the soup.

Here is the tip, if you want your hair cut down to be very low a blade with small teeth would do the trick. Because of its small size it would be able to penetrate well into the hair and give it a nice cut.

The same goes with the guard size. You have to choose a guard size that is small in number.

With this you can have your hair trimmed down to be very low.

On the other hand if it’s a long hairstyle you can go for blades with bigger teeth. With its large size there would be a limit to how fast it cuts down all the hair. And it wouldn’t be able to penetrate each strand like the smaller teeth would.

The same goes for guard sizes. You have to get guard sizes that are also large. This way you get to have your desired haircut.

Clipper blades are really sharp and using them the wrong way can damage your hair. That’s why you have to be careful while getting one. And also while using one on your hair.

Since clipper blades are really sharp, you wouldn’t want to mess up your hairstyle with the wrong blade size. Although if that happens you can fix it. But it would be a lot better if the mistake isn’t made in the first instance.

Tip#2: Briefly check through the chart

Most clippers out there have charts for their guard sizes. And this is for the sole purpose of guiding buyers when they want to purchase different guard sizes for their clippers.

So when you go through the chart you would be able to know the hair trimmer size in mm and other things. And with this you would be able to make the right decision while picking a clipper size.

Actually there are times that the hairstyle you want to cut needs different guard sizes. And for you not to make a mistake you would need the guard size chart in your hand.

Also this prevents you from picking a guard that wouldn’t fit in well in the clipper. So you would be able to know which particular guards will work well with your own clipper. This way you wouldn’t waste your money and time.

Do you know the good thing about guards? They are attachments you use with the clipper blade. And they provide efficient cutting of hair.

With guards trimming is easily controlled. And you get to have maximum output once you’re done cutting/ trimming the hair.

That’s why it’s also very important to take note of the guard size you would be getting for your clipper. Because it can either make your hair look amazing or it could damage it. Depending on how good it is and how well you use it.

Tip#3: Choose a clipper size slightly longer than what you need

When choosing a clipper size, one thing you should also do is pick a clipper size a bit longer than what you need. This is just being on the safe side. And the reason is because you can go shorter anytime you decide to.

Why Buying Your Own Clipper is a Wise Decision?

For many, especially for men, the constant battle against hair overgrowth is a reality one must face daily. Or risk being branded as a rebel in a free society. Of course, you can have some leeway, as the ‘Fear the Beard’ James Harden has shown with much bravado in the NBA. Or the ponytailed legendary actor Steven Segal has detailed over the years.

And as it’s a decision you should face, giving it an extra thought would be wise. Why go to the barber every time when you can do it all by yourself at home. Through the services of a clipper.

It that has you dumbfounded, afraid you’d be losing your sanity if you do, fret not. We’re giving you concrete reason why it could be the best decision you can make. To a better life. And a better you. Read on.

1. Save on Gas

Going to a barber’s shop would need you going out with your car (expect if you barber is your next door neighbour, which is very rare). So you would have to take your car to a place that is quite far from your home. And you would have to consume gas to get there.

That at times can be really annoying especially when you have to refuel your car to get your hair cut.

But with a your own clipper you wouldn’t need to move an inch from your home before you can look good. All you would need is a mirror in front of you and probably a chair to sit on (that’s if it would take a while).

And if you can’t do it yourself you can get your brother or friend to have your haircut. But at least you know you would have to waste gas on having to travel all the way down to your barber’s shop.

So there you go, you get to save yourself from the stress of having to drive all the way down. And you also get to save the money you would have used to refuel your car.

2. Save on Barber Fees

Sometimes the money you spend at a barbing salon in a month would be enough to get yourself a clipper. That’s how expensive it can be at times. Especially when you want a professional to do the job. And also when the style you want is really hard to carve out.

But that would be solved with the help of your own clipper. You would have to go to a barber’s shop to get your hair cut. And with that you can save a few dollar bills.

Way to go!

3. Save Time

If the barbing salon you use is very far from your place having your own clipper would be a good option. You wouldn’t have to drive for minutes to get to your barber’s shop. And driving down to the place can be very annoying if you just got back from a really stressful day at work.

That’s not all. You would have to wait for your barber to be through with other customers you met in his shop. All these can be really tiring and time wasting. And the best option is to get your own clipper and cut your hair at home.

4. Stay Safe from Skin Infections

It’s true that some barber’s are very meticulous with cleaning their blade and other equipment. Well, yours might be one of those barbers. But being neat isn’t 100% assurance that the microorganisms hiding there are gone.

Ever heard of resistant microorganisms? They are resistant to antiseptics and some other cleaning agents. So no matter how much you clean it would still remain there.

And since in barbing salon a lot of customers are attended to, there is no assurance that they all free from skin infections (you can only speak for yourself).

So once you have your own clipper you would be able to able being infected with any skin disease.

5. You Get to Choose Your Own Style

It’s not like you can’t choose the style you want at your barber’s shop. But what’s the probability that he would understand the style and give you a good look? Although the probability is high (that’s his expertise) mistakes are made sometimes.

But there are really times when the barber doesn’t get the hairstyle but because he wants you to have your haircut at his salon he tries his best. And in the end it turns out disastrous.

So to avoid all of these mistakes from happening you can do it yourself. And once you do it yourself you would be able to make right adjustments.

And the good thing about doing it yourself is that you get to learn. Wherever you made a mistake this week you wouldn’t repeat that mistake again. And before you know you are already an expert at cutting your hair.

6. Learn as you cut!

One other advantage of owning your own clipper is that you would learn a lot while you do it yourself. Sure, you’re not an expert at this and you would just like to give it a try. So it would take quite some time to master the skills needed in making a nice haircut.

But if you do this constantly you would get so good at it within time. Remember the saying “practice makes perfect”, with time you would become an expert at trimming and cutting hair.

And when this happens you could help out your friends and family.

7. Give Your Friends and Family a Nice Haircut

This is another advantage of having your own clipper. It’s not like you want to switch profession but you just want to have fun. Just for the fun of it you can have your child’s haircut, your brother or your friend.

Well, you can count that as an opportunity to know them better. And at least you would have a sense of fulfilment just helping them out.

And at the same time you also help them save money since they wouldn’t have to go to a barber’s shop anymore.

Even better, you can help them learn the trade of cutting hair too. That way you increase their chances of getting the hair they want in a jiffy.

The good news about teaching is it comes back double to you. Best of all, you’d be happier for it.


You can’t really put your hands to fate when it comes to hair. If you do, you could be looking like the Neanderthal man in no time. Yes, hair and how we take care of it is what sets up apart from the chimpanzees and the apes. And if you’re serious about the hair-cutting business, getting a Wahl guard size chart could be the best thing you could do to put everything in order. 

Those hair trimmer sizes in mm can sure help you get things going. In a jiffy.

In the field of cutting hair, there are but two names that have come to be most trusted. Andis and Wahl. As many barbers and professional hair stylists have tapped the strength of these two brands, so should you.

To be able to choose what’s best is the tricky part, though. However, you must note that you can’t really do that if you haven’t done an honest-to-goodness assessment of the situation.

You must ask yourself first and foremost, what is it that you need the clipper for? Is it for personal use or for business?

As for us, we would gladly tell you that we tip our hats to the Wahl Professional #8991. Why? Simply because it’s most reliable. 

Customer experience is the shield that you can use so you need not be lost in the ever-widening jungle of today’s products online. Yes, it’s no easy job. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Manufacturers can lay claim to a lot of things. That their products are the best. But one thing’s for certain. A satisfied customer speaks volumes on the kind of product before us.

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