Best Laminate Floor Cleaner

Best of the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner 2018

If you look closer into it, laminate floors sure come at an advantage. These compressed mixture of wood covered with a lovely exterior is a stronghold you will treasure. Unlike hardwood, laminate isn’t as susceptible to your cat’s scratching. Even better, the sturdy material doesn’t easily get damaged by too much moisture. Given its cheaper price over pure wooden floors, it’s a godsend. 

So why do you need a laminate floor cleaner for? Or for that matter, the best laminate floor cleaner.

Indubitably, laminate doesn’t need that much attention. You don’t have to worry much that it will fade over time. But that’s not to say it should be left alone. Not much attention isn’t the same as no attention at all.

For one, laminate hates water. Yes, that may be is hard to believe. But it’s true. Laminate and water don’t mix. If you put one to the other, careful. Water doesn’t break; laminate does.

To be able to get your cleaning right, you have to understand laminate’s unique traits. For starters, it doesn’t behave like hardwood or stone or tile. It’s unique.

You can put the blame on laminate’s wear layer that’s transparent. Which actually rests on the more eye-pleasing photographic layer. It’s one concoction to catch your attention no doubt. Deep in all that is the particle board made of wood. The problem is this board is moisture-hungry, and must therefore be protected.

The best laminate cleaners working together with anti-static mops will give you the solution you need. Treating your wood-pressed laminate with the care it needs.

If all these however, seems giving you a headache, fret not. We’re giving you the best mops for laminate floor. What’s more, we’re showing you how each one would benefit you best. Spicing your abode with beauty and grandeur without putting a big hole in your wallet.

Bissell  Steam Mop PowerFresh (1940) 

This Bissell Steam Mop must be a super-tool for your laminate floor. Yes, that’s the only logical way to describe this one. With so many cool features, it’s no accident this one has earned the positive attention of thousands of followers.

And truly yes, Bissell has nailed it this time. For one, you have a very effective steam mop here. A steam mop, mind you, allows you to take care of stubborn dirt better. By the power of the heated water.

But this product goes beyond the normal. Imagine this one taking care of the toughest messes – which include grout and all those sticky spots that may have dried up over time. And yet, this product does more.

This Bissell eradicates 99.9 percent of germs and harmful bacteria. How cool is that? Now you not only clean, you have something’s that’s free from dangers of pathogens. That’s putting your clean a notch higher than average.

Plus, you get to do your job in a cinch here. Thanks to this mops easy scrubber that’s built-in to the mop. And don’t forget, this one is best for every modern house – bare floors that need not just cleaned but sanitized as well.

LINKYO 2-Pack Microfiber Mop Head 

If you want to get to the cleaning for your laminate floor without spending a fortune, this Linkyo microfiber is just the man for the job. Yes, this is probably the cheapest in the bunch. Some super-burgers in town could even be more expensive.

But don’t get us wrong. This one’s no pushover. First stop, you have not one but two microfiber heads that’s super absorbent. These mop heads are just what you need to attach to the Linkyo mop system.

And if you don’t apply water to it, this mop head can effectively act as a duster. That should get your laminate floor all cleaned up.

Professional Microfiber Mop 

One thing’s certain, without the right tools you’ll be wasting a lot of time. Not with this professional microfiber mop. Here, you’re looking at a miracle worker that can take on a wide range of floors – from laminate to stone to concrete. Allowing you to clean faster than before. 

And that should speak volumes on the kind of product you’re getting here. For this one’s armed to the teeth. You not only have mop pads that are meant for dry floors, you have microfiber wet pads included in the package. That alone with the sturdy mop frame made of aluminum should give your cleaning a timely boost.

O-Cedar Steam Mop Microfiber 

Well, you may think this one’s a weird-looking flat iron with a handle. But truth be told, this is a killer steam mop to get your laminate floor the squeaky clean it needs. With just a 20-second steam after plug-in, you sure won’t be wasting anytime cleaning. 

Best of all, this 5-lb. lightweight cleaning powerhouse is capable or eradicating 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria that could be embedded on the floor. E.Coli and the rest of those pesky monsters simply don’t have a chance with this on. And yet, this one’s not as popular as the Bissell steam mop we have first on the list. Perhaps over time.

O-Cedar Flip Dual Action Mop 

As there a thousand and one ways to skin a cat, there’s a lot of ways to get the cleaning job for your laminate floor done. This one mop looks simple but truly has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. 

First one, you have a mop head that’s double sided. The convenience? This allows you to clean either for wet or for dry cleaning. No sweat!

Add the mop head that is capable of rotating 360 degrees and you have easy cleaning factored into your job. Plus you can machine wash the mop head. For a limited period though. About 100 times. Which should get you to a year if you do it once a week. More or less if our math is correct.

That’s a long time for a mop with a very affordable price tag.

Let’s Compare the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner of 2018

Detailed Comparison List











Steam Mop



11.6 x

7.1 x

28.6 inches

8.3 pounds




Mop Head

10.2 x

9.4 x

0.4 inches

3.2 pounds




51 x

7.2 x

0.2 inches

3.2  pounds


Steam Mop Microfiber

27  x

10 x

6 inches

7.4 pounds


Flip Dual

Action Mop

58 x

6 x

 2 inches

1.5 pounds


Steam Mop


6.6 x

 10.5 x

 24.8 inches

6.4 pounds





1 x

2.7 x

 1 inches

2.1 pounds


Mop Spray


57.3 x

 4.4 x

6.9 inches

3.9 pounds


Spin Mop

6 x

5 x

3 inches

5.7 pounds

Dirt Devil

Steam Mop

8.5 x

 11 x

 47 inches

5.5 pounds

Best laminate floor cleaner review

Bissell  Steam Mop PowerFresh (1940) 

Short review

Assembling the Bissell is intuitive and easy. It only takes a minute best to get on to laminate and use this as your floor cleaner.

The price is very charming. For its quality, you will get the pleasure on not buying cleaners again since this is a steam mop. It will be more than enough sanitizing your floor with its blazing steam.

The steam heats up pretty quickly without much effort. It is fully capable to cover 800 square feet of you flooring and your tank can get it done in 20 minutes. It has been no easier to just pull the handle off and pop out the lid for access of changing and refilling of the water that it will only take around 30 seconds to do it.

Merciless on the grout since it can reach down in just 2 minutes of time. Your floors will be squeaky clean and perfectly dry even after 2 to 3 repetitions.

This guy is very skinny and light so hauling it up to the stairs us no biggie. The long cord is a very nice feature. However, you might get burn on stepping on the scrubber so use this with precaution.

Things We Liked

  • checkPowerful steam
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkLight
  • checkGood access on refilling and changing the water

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Might get you burn

LINKYO 2-Pack Microfiber Mop Head 

Short review

Spin mop is what Linkyo is specialized in for. With its reasonable price tag, you can be sure that using this might be your golden ticket to easier cleaning spree.

The built is nice and screams out functionality. The handle is a nice touch with a stainless steel material covering it up. The spin dry basket also made out of similar material.

The bucket itself is capable to do a 360 degree movement thanks to its swivel wheels. Adding the drain plug to the mix makes it easier and faster on clean up. The package comes with two mop heads, a chenille mop pad and also a scrub brush.

The mop system is neatly set-up in just a wonderful price. It has a couple of butt holes however. It feels cheap and thin. Its bucket is made out of plastic. Also, the lock is positioned really low which is inconvenient to lock and unlocked when you use it.

Things We liked

  • checkGreat price
  • checkFunctional
  • checkGood handle
  • checkAllows good mobility
  • checkHas drain plug

Things We didn’t like

  • Feels cheap and thin
  • Lock is placed very low

Professional Microfiber Mop 

Short review

One of the best picks as your mop to laminate floors is the Professional Microfiber Mop. With its 18 inches width, it made it easier for you to clean and faster.

This comes with a microfiber pad that you can get it drenched in plain water then mangle it out. And finally you are going to stick it in at the end of the mop.

Use it like that till it is too dry to go on anymore then bring it back to step one.

As we have said, this beast is simple and always ready for a cleaning war. You can use it whenever you like even you are on your pajamas. Thanks to the handle and pivot, it makes it so easy to use with incredible accuracy. The extendable handle lowers the chances of the users back pains.

The only thing that keeps us from giving this a five star is that the dust pad is useless. It can’t pick up the hair, dust and stuff.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to use
  • checkFlexible
  • checkHas a wide head
  • checkGreat handle
  • checkGood mobility

Things We didn’t like

  • Dust pad is useless

O-Cedar Steam Mop Microfiber 

Short review

O-Cedar is easy to assemble and can be done in a jiffy. It also has a cleaning pad attachment which is lovely to use. It has a nice built overall.

One of your best bet for mops could be this guy since it works wonderfully to laminate the floors. It is light but durable. The swivel head can get to the corners with ease and in swift movement.

This guy is awesome that it can clean so smooth and quiet. Mobility is not a problem since it glides over to the tile and wood floors as child’s play.

The con is that the filling cup is hard to turn. Even with a dash of Vaseline to the side didn’t make it budge.

Things We liked

  • checkNice built
  • checkHas cleaning pad attachment
  • checkLight
  • checkDurable​
  • checkGood mobility

Things We didn’t like

  • Hard to turn filling cup

O-Cedar Flip Dual Action Mop 

Short review

O-Cedar flair on cleaning is that it can easily go under and behind the furniture without breaking a sweat. This is one of the reasons on why this little cub got a spot on our best picks for you to works on as a mop to laminate floors effectively.

It smoothly sweeps in the floors with minimum effort. The head is large enough to catch the dirt and dust without you knowing it. The best part is that this cub is affordable!

This unit is simple and straightforward to use. It is a bummer that the handle tends to be on loose from the base really easily. It can be irritating and hassle to use.

Things We liked

  • checkAffordable
  • checkMobility​
  • checkVersatile
  • checkEasy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Loose handle

Shark Steam Mop Original

Short review

Mopping has been easy with Shark. If you are tired on using cleaners every time you clean, then this mop might be your best bet to help you laminate floors.

It helps your floors to be squeaky clean in just a short amount of your time of using this. Using this saves you from your back pain issues thanks to its extendable wand. Just pump it in the splash of water then wring it out to do some cleaning session.

This unit, however, has difficulty on getting to tight and hard-to-reach corners. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent tool to use for cleaning.

Things We liked

  • checkEfficient
  • checkHas extendable wand
  • checkSimple and easy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Can’t get in the tight places

Rubbermaid Mop Spray Reveal 

Short review

The Rubbermaid has a light build and provides great mobility. The stick itself is long and capable to do long strokes. If this is what you are looking for, this could be your best cleaning mop partner to laminate the floors that you need.

Thanks to the long wand, you can cover up the area in better length and width because of longer strokes. This makes the task to be done faster and more efficient.

The cleaning cloths are perfectly washable. You can pump action this to use the cleaner smoothly on your floor. It also works wonderfully quiet.

It also comes with a spray that capable to cover up large area. However, this is when a setback comes in. The lever steadily in a pulled position that doesn’t lock it properly anymore that causes the sprayer to not work.

Things We liked

  • checkLight build
  • checkEnables good mobility
  • checkLong wand
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkWashable cleaning cloths
  • checkComes with a spray

Things We didn’t like

  • Spray doesn’t work at times

MopRite Spin Mop 

Short review

The MopRite works really well with its scrub brush attachment. The bucket can be easily spun with just minimum effort to push it in.

Besides it is another side spinner, it enables you to take off the dirt after you clean. You can also you it for drying. It is easy, fast, and simple to use.

It is all on you if you are going to wring it out by mop or rag it by hand.

The bucket itself is light and durable that you can haul it up easily without much effort. The advertisement is kind of misleading. The lock itself isn’t a lever like they have pictured. Instead, it is like a twist knob. This has no foot pedal and is on a very affordable price.

There are two things that are worth mentioning though. The handle is short so it can restrict your mobility. The last one is that the strings on the mop head are also short.

Things We liked

  • checkLight
  • checkAffordable
  • checkConvenient to use
  • checkDurable
  • checkSimple
  • checkHas no foot pedal

Things We didn’t like

  • Short Handle
  • Short strings on the mop head

Dirt Devil Steam Mop 

Short review

Dirt Steam Mop is a natural cleaning tool since you don’t have to use chemical cleaners. With just plain water, you can simply sploosh to get it on and start working.

This lovely mop works quietly in a smooth stroke. It looks mighty and made out of strong sturdy materials. It is easy to rinse and dry off since it is lightweight.

It comes with triangle-shaped mop head which cleans the corners thoroughly. It emits strong steam that kills bacteria in a heartbeat. It works even better with a full tank so be sure to check on it first.

It was disappointing that the mop itself is flimsy. Take care of it since this part is a little fragile that it may not last for long.

Things We liked

  • checkSimple to use
  • checkLightweight
  • checkEfficient
  • checkComes with additional mop head

Things We didn’t like

  • Flimsy


Top 4 Not-so-obvious Reasons Why Mops Are Best Floor Cleaners

It’s true. Many relegate the mop to just another lowly tool that may deserve a kick but never appreciation. And you may even not equate it with the complexity of a vacuum cleaner. But truth to told, you may never be able to throw away the merits of a mop.

If you’re still unsure if a mop is for you, here are 4 key reasons why you should have one – right from the onset.

1. Save time on cleaning

First off, mopping has made easier for you to get done. Thanks to its extendable wand and spinner, in just a wide stroke you can easily get all the sneaky dirt and dust in ease.

In result of that, you can get it done it just a matter of minutes. Drying and getting it wet is easy as splooshing it into a bucket then you are ready to go.

2. Plain water is enough

Not only that you are going to spend more time on scrubbing the floor with a wet towel on hand, you also have to use cleaner of your choice. This could pose to be a dangerous bet if you have kids or pets in your home.

Cleaners have harsh chemicals and it stays on our floor longer that you know. And using it will make you expose your little clowns and furry ones to the danger. With a mop, using only water and heat is enough to keep your home squeaky clean. At the same time, keep your kids and pets out to the risk of jeopardy.

3. Efficient

Witches use magic broomsticks to fly. Dora uses a mysterious bag to keep her things in place for an awesome adventure. But for you as a home owner, you have tools in your disposal to keep your home clean as often as possible.

One of this is a mop. It is simple and straightforward to use. With its long wand, you can reach tight and hard-to-reach places without bending down too much or moving the furniture aside.

You want to make your work to be as easy and efficient as possible and having a friendly mop may your answer to your concern.

4. Worth the Investment

Spending money on cleaners every time you clean may not be practical to save money. Why? Since you need to spend penny constantly and in the long run, this will eat a considerable large piece of your budget.

Not only that it can be a danger on one’s health, this could also pose a chance of bigger expenses.  With a cheap mop, you can save yourself spending on cleaners and in time, your initial investment will save you for more money spent.

Top Tips to Keep Your Floor always at its Best

A well-maintained floor can make your house shine. Reason enough why the percentage of homes that have floors that aren’t well furnished these days is really small. You would be surprised at the fast rate at which people get their floors furnished and covered. Well, everyone wants to have their homes looking all dope.

But getting your floor the shine and pride it deserves may not be as straightforward as it sounds. If you’re not careful, the costs could add up. This explains why the number of laminate floors are rising these days. It’s not as expensive as wood but but still looks pretty amazing.

It’s amazing how laminate floors have become the trend in so many houses. Well, you can’t blame them. Laminate floors are very affordable, versatile and durable. And at that they look amazing.

The Composition

Laminate floors are composed of several materials that are bonded together under a very high pressure. And is made up of a lot of layers. That’s why laminate floors are known to be very hard and durable.

Similarly, this gives laminate floors an amazing look. Homes with laminate floors look simply amazing. Because it isn’t possible to have this gem in your home and it would still look the same.

Well, installing laminate floors is the easiest flooring you can do. It does not take time, since you don’t need nails and glue. Similarly, it’s very affordable.

When compared to tiles and even hard floors this is way better. It’s better than tiles in terms of price. And in terms of easy cleaning it’s better than hard floors.

Most people who install laminate floors usually encounter little or no problem while using it.

It’s quite easy to install and affordable but the main challenge here is maintaining it. Maintaining any floor type can be a challenge most times. Since you have to know the particular means with which you can clean it.

Since most floor types have different cleaning techniques, you have to learn the specific one for your floor type.

But not to worry, there’s a way out. You’re in luck to have come across this review. We have come up with top tips that can keep your floor shining. And that’s for a very long time at that.

In this section you will find out about things you can do to keep your laminate floor looking like new for years to come. And you can be sure that if you would apply these tips, your laminate floor is something you can brag about for a long, long time.

1. Ensure you clean the floor frequently

It’s true that cleaning at times can be really a hectic task. And it would require a bit of your energy. But the fact is that you would still have to clean whether you like it or not.

Especially when you have a really sensitive floor. Any floor type you have would require you to clean frequently. If not cleaned frequently, it would lead to build up of dirt. Which isn’t that good for a floor.

Since cleaning laminate floors isn’t that hard you should try as much as possible to clean it frequently. Cleaning it frequently wouldn’t be too much.

Once you remove dirt and dust from its surface almost every day, it would remain sparkling clean for a long time. And this way you would be able to enjoy using the product.

2.  Sweep first, mop later

This is the very first thing you have to take note of when cleaning laminate floors. And this is because of the texture of laminate floors. They are sure strong and durable but need gentle touches.

If you are to apply the force used in cleaning a hard floor to cleaning a laminate floor, then you’re making a mistake.

Just a little exertion of force is needed in making laminate floors sparkling clean.

Also, you are to sweep the floor with a broom before you mop. This way you would remove the dust and dirt on the surface. And when you mop, it would be to make the floor shine.

When you use a broom ensure you use a broom with soft edges. A broom that wouldn’t scratch the surface of the floor. Actually if you have a broom, you could use a soft dry cloth instead.

Similarly, when mopping do not apply too much water on the surface of the floor. Excess water might end up forming spots on the surface of the floor. And you sure wouldn’t want that on your laminate floor.

The main purpose of this step is because surfaces of laminate floors are really sensitive. And any damage done to the surface can hinder it from giving you the luster you design. So it’s important to be very careful with your floor while you clean.

3. Avoid spills from drying up

At all times don’t allow spills to dry up on your floor. Once there is a spill on the floor a damp cloth would work well in removing it. It’s so easy to remove spills when they aren’t dry.

But when they are dry it becomes another story. Since you would have to exert a whole lot of force to get the stain out. And that might destroy the surface of your floor.

You also have to be careful with the kinds of chemicals you use on this floor. Because chemicals used can cause damage to the floor.

Once you use acetone in removing stains that water can’t remove you have to clean with water afterwards. Immediately you apply the chemical and the stain is gone, you have to clean with water.

For stains that can’t be removed with chemicals and water you have to contact an expert. So as not to completely scratch the protective covering of the floor.

Once the protective covering of the floor is still intact you have nothing to worry about.

4. Always avoid chemicals and abrasives

This next tip on our list is quite similar to the previous one. For laminate floors you have to be careful on substances that get in touch with the surface.

And this is simply because any chemical or abrasive that come in contact with the floor can cause damage.

This is why it is very important to be careful of the kinds of chemicals you use on the laminate floor. Water is all you need to make the floor look sparkling clean.

And even when you need to use acetone you have to use it at a very minimal rate. So that it doesn’t make any marks on the floor.

Similarly, do not try to use wax or polish on the floors to make it shine better. You could use it on any other floor type and it would work out well. But if you use it on laminate floors, you wouldn’t like the outcome.

Instead of the surface shining, it would probably make marks in the floor. And the protective covering would be gone. When this happens, the laminate floor wouldn’t shine as it’s meant to.

5. Avoid using too much water

Too much water on the surface of your laminate floor is another dangerous moves. Yeah, it’s true that water is the most suitable liquid to be used on a laminate floor.

But it should also be controlled. Too much of something isn’t always good. That’s what applies in this case.

Too much water on the surface of your laminate floor would make spots. And these spots would remain there for a very long time. And when this happens, your laminate floor wouldn’t shine as it’s supposed to.

6. Go for a deep clean at least once a year

There’s no doubt that most people only have the time to do light cleaning on their floors. Since there is a lot to attend to every day, you might not be able to spare 1 hour in cleaning your floor thoroughly.

Well that’s okay, most people don’t have the time.

It’s true that laminate floors would look great even when you only clean it with water. The materials used in building it can be thanked for that.

A daily cleaning routine is important, likewise an occasional deep cleaning routine is also needed. Since its deep cleaning, you should find at least a time of the year when you can do this.

You are not required to deep clean your laminate floor daily. This might end up destroying it. But once in a year you have to clean the floor thoroughly.

Even with cleaning your floor daily, there would still be a build of film somewhere. It’s actually unavoidable. So when you carry out this deep cleaning you would be able to reach every part.

Parts that you wouldn’t be able to reach on a day you are rushing to go to work.

And if this is done, you can be sure that your laminate floor would remain sparkling clean for a very long time.


The best laminate floor cleaner is a must. That should be foremost in your mind. If you’re still mulling over why you’re buying it in the first place, then you’re putting your flooring in grave danger.

No, we’re not kidding.

It’s true; laminate is one of the most dependable of floorings in the entire world. It’s price alone should tell you it’s worth grabbing. Cheaper than wood but a lot feistier.

Yes, you won’t see its beauty fade when attacked by the sunlight – unlike wood. You won’t see it give in to scratches – unlike wood.

But it’s not impregnable. True. The best mops for laminate floor should get you going.

Wet mops are going to be extreme punishment for your laminate, for instance. So is moisture. The wood composite that’s hidden under the beautiful exterior design is as moisture-hungry as can be. You would be in a great disadvantage if you clean up without thinking the consequences.

That’s reason enough why we highly recommend Bissell  Steam Mop PowerFresh (1940) to you. You got a miracle-worker here. Not only to get to clean up but to sanitize your laminate floor 99.9 percent from bacteria. 

It may not have occurred to you but the best way to test a product is to let other people use it. Right?

And knowing what they have in mind.

Now, you may be looking at other products, being sucked in for the wonderful ads. But hear ye hear ye! Marketing isn’t the best way to gauge how effective a product truly is. Experience is.

Getting to the bottom of all those consumer reviews will tell you there is no better product than Bissell  Steam Mop PowerFresh (1940). We can vouch for that because people vouch for it. 

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