Best Mop for Tile Floors

Best of the Best Mop for Tile Floors 2018

It’s true, a tile floor could be a real blessing. You simply do not need to attend to it as much as other floor types. Reason enough why it’s the go-to flooring for the most used and abused places in your abode. Ever wondered why it’s usually a tile floor in the bathroom. And the kitchen?

Plus, it’s as sturdy as you want it. You can’t really break tiles as easily as you break a hollow block. Whether they’re ceramic or porcelain, it really doesn’t matter.

Even better, they’re a cinch to clean up. As soon as you install them, there is not much you need to do to get them going. Unlike wood, they won’t get affected by all the fluid that gets spilled on them.

Same thing for your carpet. If you have a spill on a carpeted floor, you’re more likely to get the vac out right from the closet just to clean everything up.

However, it’s important to bear in mind the distinction. Low maintenance isn’t synonymous to no maintenance. Even with its sturdiness, you need to clean it up from time to time. And one of the best way to get that done is to get the best mop for tile floors.

Note that through a mop, you will be able to make use of some water to make your tile floor shiny once again. Putting back all the colors that may have lost luster over time. And you’d see the difference.

When you make mopping a regular thing for your tile floors, you’ll see your floor grow in beauty. Instead of getting dull over time.

To help you with your quest, we’ve assembled some of the best mop for tile in town. Even better, we’re showing you how each would fit best to your needs. Giving you the edge you need to keep your abode rocking clean as possible. Read on.

Twist and Shout Mop 

Well, you may truly twist and shout with this spin mop on. For its bright offerings, you’ll love its price. It’s definitely not the most expensive of the bunch. But this one is truly a treasure for your tile floor. 

You’re looking at an award-winning spin mop here. If you don’t know what a spin mop is, you better watch a YouTube video on it. But the idea is simple. It’s actually an upgrade of the conventional mop we’ve used to see since childhood. The difference? This one need not be wrung to dry up. It self-dries.

This one is even more special. With just one push of the nifty handle and voila! You get to dry up the device. No sweat!

No wonder this one is award winning. And most fortunate for you, you got LIFETIME warranty here. Surprised? Don’t be. This one is truly topnotch.

A mop can only be as good as the material it uses. Material-wise you’d be double-happy about this one. You have microfiber mop here that’s super absorbent. So much, it’s 3 times more absorbent than cotton.

Even better, you can wash this mop head by washing machine. Really cool!

Bona Microfiber Floor Mop with Duster 

Note this isn’t the most elegant mop of the bunch. It’s really like your conventional mop but with a secret weapon: microfiber. When you want a mop that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, this product offering from Bona is spot on. 

Yes, the biggest come-on for this one is price. You simply have the cheapest of the gang here. And the most elementary perhaps. But it still has its wonderful features.

First stop, you’re looking at a mop handle that lasts long here. As durable as the telescoping handle is, it is paired with a most useful pad that’s made up of microfiber. Yes, you have a microfiber material here giving you the clean you need for your tiles.

Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop, 1543A 

Oh you might think this one’s a vacuum with the price it’s being attached to. But truly, you can’t put this Bissell down even when it comes higher in price than most. If you’re serious about the clean your tile floor needs, this one may just give you the closest thing to it.

Why? Because this actually is a vacuum with a steam mop feature. Surprised? Don’t be. This baby right here is pricey, no doubt about that. But that’s only because you have a certified vacuum here that should give your tile floors the spic and span clean it needs.

Of course, steam gives a clean that gets all the hard-to-take dirt taken care of. Add the digital controls and you sure have one vacuum/steam mop that’s too hard to resist here.

Mopnado Stainless Steel Spin Mop 

This Mopnado sure is a strong contender for the best tile mop in this A-list. You can count it would give the Twist and Shout model a run for the money. No doubt about that!

What separates this spin mop from the rest is you’re given a really long handle that measure 56 inches. As the manufacturer claims, you really won’t need anything else. And we think it truly is all you will ever need.

Except, of course for the water and the cleaning agent. As for comfort, you may have the easiest mop to rinse here. No need to put on so much effort just to get this mop head to spin. With a 180-degree swivel, this mop will get you the hardest to reach places – even those under furniture.

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue 

Ah, welcome to the future of cleaning tile floors. If ever you want to contest this one, you may have to think really hard. Why? This one puts a very useful twist to all the cleaning. Germs and bacteria out.

Yes, this one aims to kill 99.9 percent of those harmful microorganisms the moment of contact. And that alone tells you this one sets itself apart from the rest.

Imagine how much help you can give your family when you have something like this: a cleaner that puts out potential pathogens. You’re actually putting the health of your family first and foremost. And that is truly hard to argue. We all need that.

Yes, this steam mop will astound you. It’s one that would be the timely answer to any flooring in your house. Be it tiles, wood, stone, marble or laminate. Small wonder this one is a crowd favorite.

Let’s Compare the Best Mop For Tile Floors of 2018

Detailed Comparison List










Twist and

Shout Mop

17 x

 12 x

 12 inches

5 pounds


 Floor Mop

with Duster

2 x

6.5 x

28.9 inches

1.4 pounds



Pet All-in-One

 Vacuum and

Steam Mop,


9.8 x

 11 x

46 inches

10.6 pounds


Stainless Steel

 Deluxe Rolling

 Spin Mop

with two

Micro fiber

 Mop Heads –


20 x

14 x

 11.5 inches

9.9 pounds

Bissell 1940


 Steam Mop

 Hard Floor 

Steam Cleaner,


11.6 x

 7.1 x

28.6 inches

8.3 pounds



 Cloth Mop

15.2 x

 6.5 x

4.5 inches

1.8 pounds



 Steam Pocket

 Mop (S3601D)

12 x

5.9 x

51.2 inches

4.8 pounds


00122 No

 Knees Floor

 Scrub Brush

56.2 x

 9.6 x

5.1 inches

6.4 ounces or

 0.4 pound

best mop for tile floors review

Twist and Shout Mop 

Short review

The Twist and Shout Mop works better than we anticipated. It is considered as a best mop since it is on a reasonable cost and it can thoroughly clean all sort of surfaces particularly on tile floors.

With its bucket and spin system, you can freely control its dampness by the number of spins that you will make. You can use it with just water—can be either scalding, lukewarm or cold on whichever you may prefer—or with cleaner. The extension handle makes things convenient and neatly done. This is a newer set up than the typical string mop and the wringer set up.

It allows good mobility to get all the dust and filth under the furniture, into the nooks and crannies, along the baseboard and even on the stairs. Rinsing and applying the cleaner is can be done in a jiffy just by taking the head on the spinner. Then, you can let it all washed up by holding the handle while repeatedly adjusting the length of the wand to make it spin.

In the other side, there is also a dryer spinner which also works wonderfully. It is light so storing it can effortlessly be done.

In the long run, the extension handle seems to wear off and have malfunctions. This is inevitable since it is the part that you use it often.

Things We Liked

  • checkReasonably priced
  • checkLight
  • check Great extension handle
  • checkEasy to use and store

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Extension handle wears off in time

Bona Microfiber Floor Mop with Duster 

Short review

First thing that we noticed on the Bona Microfiber Mop is its ease in use and portability. The size is the right fit and its sturdiness is what makes this mop as one of our best bet to be used on tile.

However, the handle itself is a little flimsy to be able to survive in the long run. Because of its lightweight, it becomes easier to maneuver and to drag around from places to places. It works splendidly on different types of flooring such as wood and tile floors.

It is a pleasure to store since it doesn’t eat up too much space. It also comes with a microfiber mop pad and dusting pad. Both are easily can be popped in and out without much effort. Cleaning it is also made simple.

One more thing that keeps us for giving this a full thumbs-up is that it requires exerting constant downward pressure. Doing this continuously could be tiring.

Things We liked

  • checkEase in use and portability
  • checkEasy to maneuver and clean
  • checkEfficient

Things We didn’t like

  • Flimsy handle
  • Can be tiring to use

Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop, 1543A 

Short review

Within the package, the Bissell Symphony Steam Mop felt really heavy. But after we took it off from the wrappings and box, it felt lighter even if it has a vacuum built in it.

It wasn’t automatic like we expected. It has a button that is just besides the handle that you can freely hold down for a continuous release of steam. If you think you had enough of steam, release your hold. They also designed to have a button adjustor for the high and low steam release. It is placed on the handle which made things easier for you.

It is charming that you can leave it and expect that it stay perfectly still. It automatically locks up whenever this happens. Adding water can be done in a jiffy with less effort. You can flip it open even in upright position at the back water door to fill it in.

Its best feature is that you can simultaneously mop and steam at the same time that is best suited for tile. The handle is completely adjustable for you to reach all those nooks and crannies.

However, this might backfired on you. The steam system is vulnerable to hairs so when it is clogged up, you need to turn off the heat to take it all out. This also means that you have to be sure that there are no little objects that may hinder to avoid this small incident.

Things We liked

  • checkLight
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkFree-standing
  • checkPouring water in is effortless
  • checkAdjustable handle

Things We didn’t like

  • Hairs tend to clogged on it

 Mopnado Stainless Steel Spin Mop 

Short review

First things first, the Mopnado Spin Mop is aesthetically pleasing. It has nice curves with a good color which is very presentable.

This unit is a spinning mop that allows you to completely submerge the head into the water. This enables you to completely take off the dirt and filth from the head itself. The overall built quality is top-notch. It is made out of durable plastic that fully coated the bucket with smooth wheels. The handle is very comfy on touch even during the long minutes of mopping.

The vacuum’s efficiency doesn’t falter even when you use it different types of floors like tile. It gets all the dirt and filth with ease. This task is supposedly a long and tedious work but working with this trick, it makes mopping more fun, faster and easier to get done.

 We figured that the bottom neck is somewhat vulnerable to be broken. Its design is poorly constructed thus we recommend to handle this guy with gentle hands with careful mind.

Things We liked

  • checkHas a good style
  • checkGreat overall built
  • checkComfy handle
  • checkProficient

Things We didn’t like

  • Bottom neck is prone to be broke

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue 

Short review

Taking it all out and assembling the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Cleaner is simple. Its parts are very intuitive to put together which is a sweet bonus.

With its steam, the price is too good for its quality. You aren’t requiring on putting cleaners because just water will suffice! Refilling it only took us around 30 seconds. Just pull out the handle then take off the lid and you are good to go.

This is light as a feather so yanking it around won’t hurt. Be sure to use the steam with caution. Pressing down the scrubber could be harmful for you since it tends to get hot. Using deep clean on tile floors can be wet in considerably long time and this would retain the heat. Use this with caution.

Things We liked

  • checkSimple and intuitive
  • checkCheap
  • checkLightweight

Things We didn’t like

  • Could cause accidents and injuries

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop 

Short review

Before the O-Cedar Mop came to our doorstep, we are kind of expecting an awesome telescoping handle like it was advertised. It turns out, it doesn’t.

The head works with accuracy on the nooks and crannies. This vacuum is perfectly fine to be used in various surfaces particularly on tile. It is wonderful to use when we let the head run over to a few tops and not a single streak of dirt and hair could be seen. Its cleaning skills, we must say, is superb.

However, it was getting pretty tedious to always check out if the wand is properly connected to the head. If it bulges out, it will scrapes along the floor during you mop. Positioning it right is the key to make it constantly work. Also, it takes too long for the mop head to dry.

Things We liked

  • checkEffective to use
  • checkVersatile

Things We didn’t like

  • Tedious to use
  • Too long for the mop to gets dry

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) 

Short review

We were a bit disappointed that the Shark Pocket Steam Mop doesn’t come with any attachments. But it still looks sexy enough to be considered as one of our best picks to be used as a mop for tile.

With Shark, scrubbing the floor isn’t the norm now. The stains, dirt and hairs are easily wiped away in just one or two stroke. The floor is fast to get dry and the cord is pretty long. You also don’t have to refill its tank since it sips in distilled water. It works quietly which is one of its charming points.

It is lightweight so you don’t have to worry much about maneuvering it.

Things We liked

  • checkEfficient in cleaning
  • checkFloor gets dry fast
  • checkPretty long cord
  • checkDoesn’t need to refill the tank
  • checkQuiet

Things We didn’t like

  • No attachments

Libman 00122 No Knees Floor Scrub Brush 

Short review

This lovely darling is the cheapest and lightest out of this list. The Libman scrub brush pulls us in deep curiosity which is also why we are getting the plates ready for you to know.

This splendidly checks most of all criteria as the best mop for tile. Why? Because the swivel head is capable to get all the grimes since its end is pointed. It is handy, simple to use, and has the perfect handle length. The bristle are pretty stiff and hard but that makes the cleaning nicely done and effectively.

This is the only one that requires you to do all the work since you manually use it. This could be a con or not that depends on the user. Overall, this mop is one of the best tools that we can recommend to clean your tile floors.

Things We liked

  • check Cheap
  • checkLight
  • check Capable
  • checkSimple to use
  • checkGreat handle length
  • checkEffective on cleaning

Things We didn’t like

  • No vacuum motor


Complete Lowdown on How to Choose the Best Mop for Your Tiles  

Life is full of choices. Forrest Gump may have had his version twisting it to a “bunch of chocolates” if we got that one right. Still that applies to the mop you use for your tile. You may not have an option but use one; and yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose which is best for your hard floor.

The trick here is due diligence. The hasty buyer will surely get hasty results. And far too often, far from what is right. So, before you jump in and press that buy button, hold your horses.

To help you we’ve done the hard work and scoured the field. Below we’re taking you through the different types of mops, their strong and weak points and how each one would be able to help you in your goal. After your read, you should be more than capable to achieve such.

A. Traditional

Don’t look now but traditional mops do have their merits. You may laugh but if you’re serious about keeping your tile floor clean, they could be your best ally.

Yes, we’re talking about those mops you manually carry to a pail of water. Just wring the strands with a stick and you should be on your way. No sweat!


The biggest advantage a traditional mop would give you is simplicity. You need not push a button. It’s elementary. No complex circuitry that could be complicated to operate. That way, you filter yourself against any electrical malfunction or any complex maneuver just to get the right results.

Plus, you’ve got options here. If you want you could use what’s common for many for decades now – the cotton mop head that’s classic. Then there’s also yarn.

Cons :

Well, all that simplicity is functional but it’s also limiting to a degree. It’s true. It’s like having a pencil when you were in grade school. You can draw with it but you really can’t sign any document with it. You can use the conventional mop to clean up but it may limit you when dirt becomes stubborn. 

B. Spin Mop

Since technology has taken a great effect in our society today, most things out there have improved. From the traditional mops that require you carrying a separate bucket along, spin mops have been developed. 

From having to squeeze out water with your hands (which isn’t too hygienic) a spinner has been developed in a spin mop. And all these features are basically to make life a lot easier. 

Now with a spin mop in your hand, you can easily transport the mop and also clean without coming in contact with dirty water. 

That’s why most people prefer this to traditional mops. And this also qualifies it as one of the best mops for tiles. Since you would be able to control the amount of water in the mop head. 

Usually the spinner which is controlled by either a foot or hand pedal helps squeeze out the water. You can be sure that a spinner is way efficient than your hands. It could completely squeeze out water in the mop head making it completely dry. 

And this is what you would need for a tile. Since you don’t need too much water in the mop head to make your tiles clean. 

No wonder you would find spin mops in the list of every review for the best mops for tiles. 


It has quite a number of advantages. One of which is ease of use. This is one mop you wouldn’t have to stress yourself while you clean. There is a bucket already available and a spinner is there to help squeeze water. 

Similarly this mop system is very easy to operate. For the spinner there is a pedal that is used in controlling the speed. No rocket science is needed in operating it. 

Also, most spin mops have the triangular shape mop head that makes it easy to get into corners. This way you get to access places you wouldn’t be able to access with a traditional mop. 


This mop system when compared to a traditional mop has more parts. Which means any part might malfunction at some point. And this means there would be more issues to deal with. More problems for you in the future. 

C. Steam Mop

A modification of the two types of mops we mentioned earlier. In terms of advancement this is the most advanced mop type. Unlike other mops that need detergents to remove all kinds of dirt, this mop doesn’t need it. 

Then what does a steam mop use? Well a steam mop uses dry heat to remove any form of dirt. And this makes it very unique when you compare it other mops. 

A steam mop is made up of a water reservoir, a pad that picks up dirt and also a heater. 

Well, all these parts work together to make your floor sparkling clean within few minutes. The heater heats us the water in the reservoir and the pad traps the dirt. 

The dry heat produced by this mop is able to kill 99% of bacteria on your floor. And completely remove all form of dirt. 

And good enough, you wouldn’t have to come in contact with dirt while you disinfect your floor. 

This is one of the many reasons why it is one of the best mops for tiles. When steam mops are used on tiles it gives it a sparkling look. Since it is able to remove all form of dirt on its surface completely. 

Actually steam mops are suitable for most floor types. That’s why customers say this is one of the best mops you could ever use. 


One major advantage of steam mops is that it makes your floor completely free of dirt and bacteria. The dry heat emitted from the steam jet disinfects the floor even better than disinfectants.

This way it would be save for your child to play on the floor of your home. 

Also, quality pads are used in steam mops. And these quality pads help scrub dried stains (which aren’t easy to remove) once it’s moisturized with heat.

Similarly, the quality pads in steam mops are washable. You could wash it in a washing machine and it would still remain intact. With this you can re-use the pad. And at the same time you wouldn’t have to purchase a new pad every now and then. 


A steam mop is more expensive than any other mop time. It usually cost 2x to 6x the price of a regular mop. 

Also, the internal heater of some models do not last for a very long time. And once the internal heater isn’t functional, the steam mop isn’t functional. Since that’s the major part of a steam mop. 

Similarly, they are usually heavier than a regular mop. You sure would not expect a mop with an internal heater to be of the same weight as a regular mop. And its weight might be a discouraging factor to you using it. 

D. Scrub Mop

A scrub mop is basically a brush on a long handle. Scrub mops are also a modification but aren’t advanced. Quite similar to a traditional mop you would say, the only difference is that instead of a mop head it has a brush. 

And this qualifies it as one of the best mops for tiles. It is able to remove tough stains that a steam mop or a spin mop wouldn’t be able to remove. 

In a scrub mop, a tough bristle or a pad helps in making cleaning a lot easier.

Compared to most other mops, a scrub mop would need a little bit more effort. So that you would be able to remove the tough stains on any surface. 

This is one of the reasons why this mop type is always included on the list of the best mop for tiles. 


Most scrub mops have swivel heads that makes it easy for you to access corners. And also other places that are quite difficult to reach. With a scrub mop in your hand you would be able to clean every part of your floor. 

This is one advantage it has over most other mops. 

Similarly, handles of scrub mops are typically strong and durable. They are able to withstand stress without breaking or bending (not unless too much force is applied). A scrub mop is known to last for a very long time. 

Also, for tough and stubborn stains this is one of the best mops you can use. A scrub mop helps to remove stains easily. With the help of a good floor cleaner, it removes the stain with ease. 


The swiveling head of a scrub mop can be at times difficult to control. Especially when you need it to be in a straight firm direction. And this at times can be really annoying. 

Also, the handles of most scrub mops out there are short in length. They tend to be shorter in length than a regular mop out there. And this can be very discomforting for you as you try to clean the floor.

3 Reasons Why Tile Floors Are The Best 

You may be wondering why kitchens and showers are almost always in tiles. Well, you may not be able to see such luxury when you’re in a cabin in the woods. But truly, when you’re in the city, tiles cut it best for the bathroom. Ever wondered why?

To stop you from ever wondering why again, here are 3 clearcut reasons detailing what makes tiled floor the best decision you can make for your most active rooms.


Tiles are known to last for a very long time, all thanks to their hard structure. They were designed basically to be able withstand so much stress and external compression. Which is why tiles still have that nice luster even after many years. 

So many people opt for tiles due to great resilience. It is able to thrive well in high traffic areas. Whether it’s the ceramic type or the porcelain type you can be sure you would enjoy using it. 

This is also why people install tiles in kitchens, showers and living rooms. Simply because they are places where people enter very frequently. And only a strong floor type would be able resist the amount of friction legs make with the floor.

 Given that it’s installed properly and also cleaned frequently, you can be sure it would remain intact for a long time. And you would enjoy using the tile floor. 

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Cleaning tile floors is a lot easier than cleaning hard floors or even bare floors. All it takes is a bit of water with a good mop to get your tile shining again. This way you wouldn’t have to stress yourself in making your floor look clean. 

Although it’s very easy to maintain tile floors, it’s also important to be careful on what you use in cleaning. When you want to clean your tile floor you have to use non-abrasives and non-acidic products. So as not to destroy the surface of your tile floor. 

This is because any acidic substance or abrasive substance can cause damage to your tile floor. And this would decrease the lustre of your tile floor. In the end your tile floor wouldn’t end up lasting for a very long time. 

With just a little amount of water and cleaner your tile floor would look as new as when you first installed it. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Tiles are not all built with a specific design and style. Unlike hard floors that have only a specific design, tile floors provide you with a wide range of options. They are built in different sizes, shapes and designs. 

Depending on the type of material you want you can either choose ceramic or porcelain material. These two materials are very good and would most likely fit in well into any home. 

Tiles add beauty to your home because of their nice designs and shape. It gives most homes a completely different look. 

And this is one reason why so many people opt for it. Simply because they want to make their homes look more attractive.


You’d be doing your tile floor a huge disservice if you didn’t get the best mop for tile. It’s true; tiles don’t need much. But that is not the same as not needing any.

Unlike a carpeted floor, you’re pretty assured you won’t need to attend to a tiled floor when spills happen. It won’t cause that much trouble. On a carpet, you’d have to get the vacuum wherever you may have hidden it and start the clean up as soon as possible. Or you could be cutting short the life of your carpet.

It’s all in your best interest however that you clean your tile up. While your tile may be able to survive without proper cleaning for a long time, it won’t be pretty much favorable to you. A spill can be a cause for alarm. Without getting it all cleaned up, you could be inviting untimely accidents that nobody wants.

Thanks to the best mop for tile, that may not be such a problem. Plus, the mop will enhance your floor. With the right mop on, all the colors you’ve been pining for in a mop could be brought back to life.

It’s for this reason that we tip our hats to Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue. All the product offerings featured here are top of the line. We’ve worked the field to find them. 

But we’re giving our utmost recommendation to this Bissell. Simply because it has performed. You can take a look at brochures and all the marketing people may get you looking at the other way. Through their marketing hype.

But those people who have tried the product won’t lie. And of all the products featured here, the Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue  has the most positive praises. And the least negatives.

Telling you it’s as dependable as you want it to be. Steam that powered our trains is just the force you need to your tiles sparkling with pride. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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