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It’s true, getting to your destination is key but without having a comfortable car experience getting there may be a tall order most may not want to go through. If you’ve been wandering for the longest time if your vehicle needs to be clean daily then you may have given yourself a nightmarish experience all these years. Reason enough why getting a car vacuum should be foremost in your mind. 

Just thinking about it should give us the creeps. Can you think of a room where people spend a sizeable chunk of their day everyday? It’s a place where they eat, drink and do whatever they think is best in any circumstances. And believe it or not, there are unthinkable things people do in this room. True. And yet this room is hardly even cleaned up.

Yes, we’re talking about your car. It’s true. The room inside your car may be tight compared to most rooms in your house. It’s incomparable. But when you count the number of hours you spend on your vehicle, you’ll be surprised it would seem you’re spending a lifetime inside. Don’t you think it’s high time you clean it up?

America may not have the most vehicles per person (that distinction belongs to Finland) but there may be no other country that consumes gasoline more than the Land of the Brave.

Unfortunately, our cars earn little of our attention in terms of cleaning. Many see them as a means of transport that as long as it helps you reach your destination should be good to go. The end result: cars that may be good looking on the outside but hideous on the inside.

A vacuum for your car is timely. It not only speed things up, it’s also as effective as can be in the cleaning department. If you’re wanting to get one but is wondering how to get it done, fret not. We’re giving you the best models this side of the planet has seen – and how each stack up to one another. Read on.

Armor All AA255 

You really won’t know what kind of dirt you’d encounter in a car. Yes, it’s true. That’s why this Armor is such a blessing. It allows you to have power over whatever forms of dirt your car may accumulate inside. 

When you’re so busy about getting there, you may not notice how all the dirt has made your car interior look old. Spillages are bound to happen. No doubt about that. 

That’s why this Armor will give you a real armor to protect your car. That’s because this one is able to pick up more items – be it wet or dry debris. It doesn’t matter actually as this guy will have you covered.

Bissell 3624 

This might be the only rose among the thorns. Why simply because like the first one you looked up in the first model here, this model stands out. Like a sore thumb. And why not?

It’s a given. This one is a must-have if you want to clean all those hard-to-reach areas in your car. And even outside.

Why? Strictly speaking you may not look at this one as exclusive for your car alone. To boot, this model also works best for the upholstery or for that matter the stairs.

The stairs would be short work given that this vac is very lightweight. That will allow you to work faster to finish your job soon.

Plus you’re getting two years warranty here. That gives you an idea why clients love this model so much. It may be pale compared to  the most popular product here, but it certainly can hold its own.


This must be the flagship product for this category from Black and Decker. And we wouldn’t be surprised. 

First up, this handheld is as light as can be. That is important when cleaning your car. That’s because you will never know where exactly the dirt is located. And that’s a tall order.

Not with this Black and Decker. You have a wireless handheld here, making your quest to get your car the interior it deserves a lot faster.

Plus, you get the Cyclonic action here for powerful suction power. This not only helps to make the filter work as efficiently as possible.

Speaking of filters, you have a washable set of filters here. That’s a great advantage for your part. Because you need not spend extra on these materials.

What’s more for you, you got a 2-year warrant for this product, something that should give you all the support you need to give this model a standing ovation.


Now, here’s another Black and Decker offering that should get your ears up. No kidding! Not only is this one super-light to use, you will have all the convenience you need to get the clean for your car that you desperately want. 

And one of the greatest gift this model can give you is its Li-On battery. With these batteries inside, you’re assured you will have reliable power to finish the job done. Yes, it’s true. You may not be able to muster as much power as a plugged-in vac but it’s a lot better than those old-school batteries being used today.

Plus, you got all the right tools here. Do you know that you need not worry about getting a thorough clean for your car here. Why? Because you have all the right tools to finish the cleaning job – no matter the complexity of it all.

To note, you’ll find there are a lot of dirt that will find its way to your car if you’re not careful. The mere fact that you’re bringing in your shoes is one. You don’t expect your pair to be as clean as can be right. Dirt is bound to get attached to it.

And in the process enter your car. But you need not worry, with this Black and Decker doing your bidding, you will get your car cleaned up in to time – thanks to a rotating slim nozzle and other powerful accessories.


When you want the interiors of your car clean, you need to be quick about it. And that should reflect on your tool. Without a powerful and easy-to-use system of vacuum cleaners, you may be in for a long haul.

Then, running on a bad interior wouldn’t really be a good idea. That’s why you should be happy with tool from Black and Decker. Yes, the power tool maker is set to conquer more hearts here. Why is that?

First up, you’d love the look of this portable. It’s stylish and is therefore meant to conquer your heart. And it should.

Because this one is built to make your car as beautiful internally as possible. Know that this is a cordless technology. Meaning: You can operate this one without having to worry about the length of the wires.

That’s really convenient for you. Because that would mean you need not have a power outlet just to make this work. As long as the battery is good, you’re good to go.

What makes it even better is you have a powerful suction machine here. So you need not worry you may not be getting the most thorough clean inside your car. Add its 3-stage filtration and you should be confident no untoward dirt will poison your air anytime.

Let’s Compare the Best Car vacuum of 2018

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Armor All AA255



Bissell 3624



 Portable Carpet

 Cleaner – Corded
















Eureka EasyClean

Corded Hand-

Held Vacuum,


15 x

7 x

7 inches





7.3 x

6.6 x

14.3 inches



Car Vacuum


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best car vacuum review

Armor All AA255 

Short review

If you are looking for an affordable car vacuum, the Armor All Utility Vacuum might be just for you. The suction has impressive amount of power that sucks in even to the nooks and crannies to your car.

We liked that it comes with a good variety of attachments. It weighs frighteningly light and works as wet and dry cleaner.

One of its appealing attributes is how it is easy to use. Just pop the top open, take the canister out then dump it straight to the trash. The bag is completely reusable but you can also order for more.

The motor is stable so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over. The power hose has a decent length but we think that you should also consider getting yourself a sturdy extension cord.

Just be aware that before you head out, put on the bag first. Otherwise, you will ruin the machine. Also, don’t forget to swap out the filter bag for a sponge-like filter for cleaning wet areas.

There are a few drawbacks that we had noticed. First, the top isn’t secure enough to fit the bottom. Due to this, the dust tends to blow back out which can be tiresome. We also ended up buying an extension cord. The unit itself doesn’t provide enough mobility. The Armor All Utility Vacuum works great in smaller opening which we think the ideal vacuum for car. However, the suction loses power when we use it in wider adjunct.

Things We Liked

  • checkGreat suction for nooks and crannies
  • checkReasonable priced
  • checkWide variety of attachments
  • check Light
  • check Stable motor

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Top isn’t secure enough
  • Need extension cord
  • Suction power decreases when used in wide extension

Bissell 3624 

Short review

Bissel Portable Spotclean     Pro is designed for compact use. Storing and cleaning can be done in a jiffy. It has a great suction power that also works great for sucking out all the solution on the carpet and upholstery. You don’t have to wait to dry it out.

We are pleased that the recovery tank can be thoroughly clean. The whole lid just comes off. There is no nook and crannies that can hinder your cleaning. The solution storage tank and recovery tank are considerably larger than most of its competitors. With this, you getting more stuff clean without having few trips to your bathroom to refill and dump all. It’s a great choice for your vacuum for car.

While the performance is top-notch, this vacuum is too loud. We need to wear ear plugs to avoid having hearing damage. Also, it is hard to drag around. It also used too much shampoo when it is set on automated feature.

Things We liked

  • checkCompact
  • checkGreat performance
  • checkEasy to clean
  • checkLarger storage tank and recovery tank

Things We didn’t like

  • Too loud
  • Too heavy
  • Used too much shampoo in automatic


Short review

First thing that we notice on this Black Decker Cordless Hand Vacuum is its lightness in weight and incredible suction. It operates with a lithium battery that takes around 4 to 6 to be fully recharged.

It is fascinating that the battery doesn’t easily wears out. In fact, we give out just before we fully drained the battery. It sucks up dirt, dust and even bugs nicely. This vacuum is not only for car, but also be your handy tool in gardening.

Emptying the filter bag is simple and fast. It can be reused just by washing it with running cool water. You also don’t need to fret about the cord. This comes with a cordless feature completely for your comfort use.

In long usage though, we noticed that the suction power wears out. Last minutes of usage, it goes low until the battery is gone depleted. You also have to clean the filter bag every time you use it. Otherwise, it will decrease the suction power.

You also have to clean the three main parts: main trash storage, outer filter and inner filter every single time you plug in this unit. If not, you will see that it will blow out the dirt and other stuff accumulated in it.

Things We liked

  • checkHandy
  • checkLong battery life
  • checkGood suction power
  • check Easy to clean

Things We didn’t like

  • Suction power wears out
  • Need to clean every time that is used


Short review

Getting all the hair is no longer a trouble due to the good force of the suction of the Black Decker Volt. Thanks to its lightness, lugging it around is a piece of pie.

With its thin long nozzle, reaching tight nooks and crannies wouldn’t be a problem. It also comes with a floppy brush. It works well on mats, curtains and even on car upholstery.

It is handy and effortless to clean but it is too loud to use. Even with headset on, we can still hear the noise through closed doors. The suction power was somewhat lacking. We test it on litter sand and it sucked it in poorly. In 6 hours of charging, it only took us approximately 12 minutes until it is drained.

Things We liked

  • checkLightweight
  • checkGood mobility
  • check Effortless to clean

Things We didn’t like

  • Noisy
  • Lacking on suction power


Short review

The Black Decker is praised for its handiness and portability. It has a rubber flap that helps to keep the debris to fall back out. We find it convenient that it comes with a charging stand that once makes contact, it will automatically be floor or wall mounted.

The suction is great as the Black Decker predecessors. The battery runs much longer while having more compact and light built. Added to that, this vacuum for car is easy to clean that is great for traveling.

We also noticed that it can be replaced the battery pack. This is a nice additional improvement from the past models.

However, this comes with design flaws. When we opened the motor cover, we find out that the O ring is too big. Due to that, it didn’t seal the motor from dust properly. Sand tends to be caught up and stuck on its pre-filter.

Things We liked

  • checkPortable
  • checkLight
  • checkConvenient
  • checkGreat suction
  • checkBattery lasts long

Things We didn’t like

  • Has design flaws

Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B 

Short review

There are a lot of mixed reviews on Eureka 71B EasyClean Hand Vacuum. And for that, we are here to evaluate the best vacuum for car that suits your needs.

In 7 pounds, different users voiced out own opinions. Some said it is heavy, most of us think that it is manageable. For you, weight and test yourself out by carrying a bag of potatoes or ounces of flour to your kitchen.

The hose is solid and durable. The suction breathes with great strength. Just be careful to vacuum is done by pushing this away from you, not towards you. If you did otherwise, there is a tendency to blow the dust everywhere.

This hand held vacuum tends to be on the noisy side. Also, the hose isn’t long when it is detached. The filter gets dirty unbelievably fast. Its cost is fairly pricey so taking care of it would count.

Things We liked

  • checkSuction is great
  • checkManageable weight
  • checkSolid hose

Things We didn’t like

  • Noisy
  • Short hose
  • Filter gets dirty fast


Short review

The Black Decker Cyclonic-Action Vacuum Cleaner is great as traveling vacuum for car. It comes with a portable bag and adapters. The cord is longer than we expected which is a huge plus. We tested it out in our minivan and it is perfectly capable to reach out the back and crannies.

This is very adjustable and works well to the car seats. The suction is not great but has just the right power suction for a car vacuum. The suction power isn’t powerful enough to suck in sand or other small particles. Aside from that we have no other complaints.

It folds into a very doable size. It also comes with good quality attachments.

Things We liked

  • checkGood for traveling
  • checkComes with portable bag and adapters
  • checkLong cord
  • checkCapable to reach nooks and crannies

Things We didn’t like

  • Not powerful enough to suck in small particles

Car Vacuum Cleaner,Onshowy

Short review

The Onshowy Handheld Cleaner is the very definition of portability. It is so small that it fits perfectly in hand. It is a great vacuum for car in a good price.  

While that this is compact and travel-free, it comes with a bag. We tried it out and run test in out truck and it is not something that should be underestimated about. It is capable to vacuum the entire truck. We must say that for its size and price, this is impressive.

It finely picked up grains and cigarette ashes. The cord is also in a great length. The add-on pieces are something to look out for. Thanks to this, getting to tight and hard places such as door handle and side door pockets. Creases at the car seats aren’t your worth of strife anymore.

However, this little guy comes with a few holes as your car vacuum. It doesn’t have a switch for power suction adjustment. The overall built felt very cheap so we suggest handling it with care.


How to Choose the Best Car Vacuum in 5 Easy Steps

Having a car is indeed one of the best things in life. This is simply because of the convenience that it gives people.  A car can take you to and from work; it can take you to places that you have never been before, and best of all a car can help you have a good bonding experience with your family and friends.

One of the responsibilities of a car owner is maintenance. If the car is not well-maintained, then surely it will not last for a long time. Car maintenance includes constant checking of the parts, washing of the outer body of the car, and of course the cleaning the inside part of the car.

The inside part of the car should be cleaned in absolute details because what’s inside is more important for your comfort that what’s outside – at least when you’re talking about the ride. Hence, in this regard, the usage of a car vacuum is extremely important. So, if you are finally planning to purchase one, here are the five things that you should carefully look into.


Experience truly is the best teacher. People who’ve used the vac for cars should be in the best position to get you the information you need.

Since having a car is a necessity for so many people, it’s highly-likely they have great suggestions about which is the best car vac model to buy. You can ask for some recommendations from your family and friends as to which is best.

Through their recommendations, you can hear the best features and the not so good ones. You can also hear their first-hand experience about the usage of the cleaning machine.

Moreover, you can also check out the internet. With just one click, you can see so many suggestions and recommendations vacuum cleaners. You can check out the different websites and make sure that you visit the comment section. You can read honest reviews about the car cleaner and the star ratings can also help you in choosing the right one for you.

Recommendations can ease the burden in choosing the right car vacuum cleaner for your needs.


In choosing a car vac, your main goal is to have the interior of your car to be clean. Therefore, it is very important to consider some features before deciding on which one to buy.

Buying a vacuum that is battery-operated is surely more convenient than having the wired one. You do not  want to trip over the wires as you are cleaning. Just see to it that your battery-operated vacuum cleaning machine is always at its best when using.

Moreover, one feature that you have to consider is its weight. Cleaning the car is indeed a tiresome thing to do and with the addition of the weight of your vacuum cleaner, it makes work more difficult.

Thus, it is important to choose a light-weight car vacuum cleaner.


The main point of having a vacuum cleaner is the fact that you want all the dirt and dust to be sucked out of the car. This can only be done with the right power of your vacuum cleaner. It is very important to buy a model that is strong and can be used for a long time.

A word on portables should be in order, though. While portables will give you the ease of use, allowing you to bring it all where you want it to, it’s not that simple actually.

That’s because there is a fine line to cross when you employ handhelds

It’s true you can get to places that an upright or canister won’t be able to. And that may be the biggest come-on for handhelds.

Especially true if they’re wireless. That truly is a treasure find, in that aspect.

But you need to proceed with caution also. Because even with all the portability, there is a price to pay. It may not be immediate but it will be apparent as you use the product.

For one, it may be impossible to get the same suction power that’s common to wired models. You may be able to get something at par, but these ones may not hold their end of the bargain.

Why? Because wireless portables are not as powerful as their wired cousins. That can only mean they won’t be as effective cleaning wider areas.

Your car is a good area to clean for a portable. No doubt about that. But remember that should be done within a certain window. Without being aware of these, you could be in for a pleasant surprise once you lose the battery power of your chosen model.


Since the car cleaner is an important tool for car owners, its necessity is vital. However, some car owners have seen that these vacs are also expensive. So, if you want to buy one, you may check out different sales in malls and even in online shops.

But before doing this, make sure that you also check on the reviews of the previous clients are good. If the price is cheap there are instances that the quality is compromised. Although, you do not have to go for something really expensive but it is more important to go for something that is affordable and durable.

5.Get it Online

Online shopping has always been very popular especially to those people who are busy. With online shopping, you can always check on how things look like, the variety of prices, the variety of brands as well.

With online shopping, you should be careful with the credibility of your seller. Also check on warranty and sales so that you can save more money.

In summary, looking for a vacuum for your car is indeed not an easy task but with the right consideration, you can always find the right one for you. It’s a necessity that every car owner should have and choosing the right one could extend the car’s life.

Things to Watch Out in a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

You’re likely to zero in on a handheld vac when you want to have that nifty vacuum for your car. However, it’s best you get the latest lowdown on which features to snatch before you ever settle on a purchase. Chances are without doing due diligence you could end up much worse than when you started.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to consider to get you started right. Read on.

1. Wired vs Wireless

You might think that this is an easy decision but you could be wrong. It’s not just as simple as getting all the freedom when you talk about wireless models.

For starters, wireless models aren’t as invincible as you may think they are. Sure, they are marketed as the best thing that could happen to you when you’re travelling. That’s obvious since you really don’t know when power is available.

But that advantage comes with a price.

For one, battery-operated wireless does not last long. Even with the advent of Lithium Ion batteries, an hour of usage is already pushing the limits. Well, you could say you really won’t need so much time cleaning your car.

That’s just fine and dandy. Until you notice there are lapses in your cleaning. Then, you’d have to wait, unless you have another battery on stand by to replace the exhausted unit.

Wired handheld won’t have that problem.

What’s more, wired models tend to be more powerful. That’s understandable given all the access to power. But that could also mean you’re going to be left with a less powerful machine when working with wireless.

2. Getting Enough Filtration

Filtration is your ally. Without the benefit of a good one, it would be hard for you to prevent all the dust and dirt from polluting the ether once the cleaning is over. That sure wouldn’t look all too healthy. Not to mention, it defeats the purpose of your vacuum cleaning time.

While it may not be a biggie when you’re out cleaning your car, it provides a distinct advantage to you. This is the reason why some models even don a 3-stage filtration process.

A good catch will give you a HEPA filtration system. That should get you heading into the right direction.

3. Get a Washable Filter

It’s all a matter of time. Filters will get choked up – clogged from all the dirt accumulating on it. The good news is there are reusable filters that you can use. So you won’t have to spend extra on these cleaning mechanisms.

However, those that aren’t really washable will have to be replaced one way or the other. How frequent? It’s not unusual if you will be replacing one once every month. Of course, that’s additional expense on your part.

Not with a washable filter. When you have such a nifty filter, you won’t have to buy a new one. Just wash it and it’s good to go. And even better, these filters usually last longer. And as they won’t give you a headache financially, getting them for your handheld is a treasure find.

4. Prefer the Higher Voltage Vacs

This one’s another tricky part. We were discussing about the differences between a wired handheld and wireless one. And we noted how the wired one wins in the power game hands down. Of course, that’s because it’s connected to a far greater power than what a battery can offer.

The rationale is clear. Greater power source equals greater power.

And that should be your clue when getting a wireless vac.

Go for one with the higher voltage rating. That useful piece of information will tell you what to expect when it comes to getting the work done.

A higher-voltage handheld is going to work more in far lesser time since it’s more powerful compared to the lesser-voltage one. Assuming you want your job done right – and fast.


Truly, there are a million and one ways to clean the insides of your car. But if you’re talking about getting it done in minutes and getting it done right, you’d do your car a favor if you have a car vacuum on standby.

Just think of the tiny particles that gets stored inside your car as people abuse it. Yes, people who just use it without even taking care of it can be classified as abusive. You might say but I don’t expect my guests to clean up my car. True.

But if your guests who may be riding your vehicle is truly a good soul, he’d be observing precautions to not put unnecessary dirt on your ride.

Also, thinking about how dirt can accumulate in the most unexpected places in your car tells you you need a special machiney to get your cleaning going.

Pet hair for instance. Or for that matter debris at the footrest.

A vacuum therefore needs to be as handy and as lightweight as possible to matter. Even better, it should be powerful enough even in its small stature.

That’s the reason why we tip our hats to BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L . It has shown versatility in cleaning anything and everything your car needs to throw out. It has the ample power and enough juice to make it happen.

Best of all, there are more people who have enjoyed the product before you as thousands express their positive review online. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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