Best Vacuum for Carpet

Best of the Best Vacuum for Carpet 2018

If you’re serious about taking care of your carpet, you should not just any vacuum. Rather, you should have the best vacuum for carpet.  You might think that the carpet can survive on its own. Without human intervention, however, your carpet is bound to deteriorate. And that’s the truth.

You see, whether you like it or not, dirt is going to come visit your carpeted floor. That’s a given. No matter how meticulous you are. Someone, some visitor perhaps, is going to leave mud from his shoe.

While the carpet is thick, it’s not impervious to damage. When dirt is left on the carpet, it actually weakens the fibers of the thick cloth. Worse, it could be the breeding ground for bacteria – not to mention dust mites. Without regular clean-up, you would have destroyed your carpet by default.

On the other end, vacuum that’s not the right pick may also damage the carpet fibers – instead of cleaning it. Without the right set-up, you could be doing your carpet a disservice. 

Reason enough why good vacuums for carpet are a treasure find.

If you want to make the most of your carpet but don’t know how, read on. We’ve not only assembled the most sought-after vacuums for carpet, we’ll show how each of these vacuum cleaners fit your needs best. So you can make the most of your precious dollar.

Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It’s no accident Dyson leads the pack here. The DC65 is a well-loved tool and if you’re thinking of having it, you surely won’t be at fault if you bring it home for the carpet. When it comes to the best vacuum for carpets, this product offering is designed to throw you off balance – for its stunning benefits.

Yes, that’s certainly true. Mind you, this is not your under-200-bucks model, and you will certainly have to bring the cash upfront. But it’s all worth it for this upright vac is spot on.

With top-of-the-line technology (i.e., Radial Root), you’re assured this suction right here will have the power which is amped with 25% more of that needed power drives.

Goodbye dirt! But with enough caution, thanks to its tangle-free tech for turbine, so your carpet stays as intact – clean and proud. A reflection of your countenance when you own this stunner.

No wonder Dyson is a dynasty in the vac word! And that includes the list of good vacuums for carpet.

Shark Rotator Lift-away Upright Vacuum NV501

If you’re tired of heavy vacs, this Shark should get you going. Note at 15.5 pounds, this upright beauty may put the Dyson in this list to shame. But what makes this a certified best vacuum for carpets is its set of tools that should catch your attention like no other.

First stop this model has an army of tools to take care of your lovely carpet. The wall-to-wall floor cover isn’t really what you may call a walk in the park. But with this in the middle, it may be so.

Why? Because of its power and tools. This NV501 model has bonus tools to match your desire to get the work done. That means whether you have a low pile or high pile carpet, it doesn’t really matter. Starting with dusting brush and a microfiber pad.

Truly worthy of this list of good vacuums for carpet.

You should be on your way in no time. And did we tell you, you can lift of the canister so you have basically a handy suction under your command. At the price this one’s at, you’d be floored!

Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum

For sure, this one’s a stunner. If you want a model that can clean the carpets without you breaking your back, the Dyson V6 is the man for the job. At the price it’s at, all the features certainly looks like a treasure find. 

This may look like a stick but a careful look will tell you this one is a handheld. Which can only mean lesser burden for you. But don’t thingk you’re being shortchanged here.

With a host of attachments and tools, this one can clean every aspect of the house. Upholstery, above-ground windows, pets, and yes, your carpet. Why? This one packs 75% sucking power than its predecessor, the V6.

Even better, this is a cordless model. So, this Dyson is an all-around. Granting of course, you don’t have a big house.

Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass Technology

It’s not everyday something falls out of the sky to give everyone a vac blessing. But if you think you deserve one, you should take a look at this Bissell. In our list of good vacuums for carpet, this one’s a superstar. No kidding!

We’re telling you this model is creating so much attention you can combine all the positive reviews on this list and it would still fall short. That’s how amazing this product is.

And a deeper look should tell us why. For quite simply, this one gets the work done – perhaps even better than pricier counterparts.

You may not know clean until you have this model run your carpet. Its OnePass technology is simply out-of-this-word, making short work of cleaning.

Best of all, this lightweight at 15 pounds can get all your cleaning job in order. Be it those pet hairs, the upholstery or those hard-to-reach areas above ground.

And did we tell you this one’s the cheapest of the bunch?

Hoover UH72400 Corded Vacuum Cleaner

No doubt, this one is a stunner. All the attention should tell you may have struck gold here. Plus, you’re getting this one at a very workable price. With all its features in the bag, you certainly won’t be at fault if you bring this home.

Why? Carpet-wise, you have 5-position adjustment for height here. That means, you can use this one for a wide variety of carpets – high or low pile. When was the last time a model offered you that. Maybe not many, right?

But this upright can more than just the carpet. Thanks to its army of attachments, a 25-foot cord and you got your upholstery, stairs and even pets covered.

Let’s Compare the Best Vacuum for Carpet of 2018

Detailed Comparison List











DC65 Upright

Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

10.7 x

 11.5 x

 36.4 inches









Check prices

45.7 x 

12.1 x

12.2 inches




 V6 Cord-

Free Vacuum

8.3 x 

46.6 x

8.1 inches





Vacuum with



Check prices

12.5 x 

13.5 x

 44 inches






Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

13.7 x 

11.6 x

37.4 inches




169B Corded

 Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

5 x 

10 x​

44 inches




S7280 Jazz


Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

45.1 x 

15.2 x

9.8 inches



Dirt Devi

l UD20015

 Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

10 x

 11.2 x

 43.5 inches






Corded Vacuum

Check prices

13.5 x​

12.5 x

 43.5 inches





 Deluxe Carpet


Check prices

20.8 x

 13.9 x

 22.2 inches





 Carpet Cleaner


Check prices

20.5 x 

11 x

42.2 inches




Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

Dyson lovers eyes here! The very first product on our list for the best vacuums for carpets is a Dyson product. But if you think this just like all the other Dyson models you’ve been coming across you might be mistaken. This model is simply unique. Dyson DC65 upright vacuum cleaner looks simply amazing. 

All it takes is a quick glance at this product to know its quality is top-notch.

Well, if you aren’t familiar with Dyson products this would be a good start for your journey with Dyson brand.

One among the many features that makes this product one of the best vacuums for carpets is its strong brush bar. This brush bar is so strong that it removes all dirt within seconds.

The good thing is that this brush bar is suitable for most floor surfaces. Either you want to use it for hard floors, carpets or rugs. You can be sure that it would clean it up well without any problem.

Be ready for a totally different experience with this vacuum cleaner.

Even though this is known to be one of the best vacuums for carpets it sure isn’t perfect. Be ready to be disturbed by the loud noise this vacuum cleaner makes.

Things We Liked

  • checkGood for hard floors
  • checkEasy to maneuver
  • checkBrush bar is strong
  • checkRadial root cyclone technology
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkHigh quality product

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Very loud

Shark Rotator Lift-away Upright Vacuum NV501

Check prices

Short review

Been on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner that is very strong? And would be able to withstand stress and compression without any issue? Well, you are at the right spot. This next product on our list is really sturdy in structure. Shark Rotator Lift-away Upright Vacuum NV501 does not only look strong but also has an amazing structure. 

Probably one of the reasons why customers say this is one of the best vacuums for carpets.

It sure lasts for a long time because of its solid structure. Being that it’s very durable and is able to withstand stress and compression well.

So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that would still be functioning in years to come, this is a good option to opt for.

Similarly, this vacuum cleaner is very light in weight. So it makes it easy for you to carry about while you clean your house.

Also, the canister of this vacuum cleaner is also very easy to empty. Once the canister is full you wouldn’t find it difficult in removing all the waste in it. As easy as learning the alphabets.

Surprise! Surprise! This vacuum cleaner has 5 year guarantee in store. So you have 5 years worry free.

Although, this is one of the best vacuums for carpets it has its flaws. One of which is that its hose is not flexible.

Things We liked

  • checkSturdy design
  • checkLight weight
  • checkPremium power brush
  • checkQuiet
  • checkEasy to empty
  • check5 year warranty
  • checkGreat suction

Things We didn’t like

  • Hose is not so flexible

Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum

Short review

When you talk of a vacuum cleaner that is very simple in design but also very efficient, this is an example right here. This is another product from Dyson. But it sure has its distinct features. Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum is one which is hassle free. So easy to handle and very easy to maneuver. 

This is one of the reasons why you would find this model from Dyson on every review for the best vacuums for carpets.

It’s indeed amazing.

For a vacuum cleaner that does not use cords, you wouldn’t expect it to consume any electricity. That’s obvious. But the fact that you only need batteries to get this vacuum cleaner working is indeed fascinating.

You might be asking how can something that generates so much force in clearing dirt need only batteries to function. Well, that’s all it need. And the battery lasts for a long time.

So all you have to do is charge up the battery, and keep it till you would be needing it. Easy right?

With the batteries you get to reduce the amount of electricity you consume monthly. So you can save yourself few bucks.

So if you’ve been having issues with cleaning edges and corners in your home this is a good option to consider. The reason being that this vacuum cleaner is able to reach corners and edges well.

So be ready to clean every nook and cranny in your home.

But even though this is one of the best vacuums for carpets be ready to be able to manage using only one battery for this vacuum cleaner.

Things We liked

  • checkGood for low pile carpets
  • checkSuction is great
  • checkGood for hard wood
  • checkCordless
  • checkHigh quality
  • checkEasy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Only one battery

Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass Technology

Check prices

Short review

This next product on this list would be good option for you if you need a vacuum cleaner that costs less and still functions efficiently. Lucky you! You might have just found that vacuum cleaner that would meet all your needs. Truly, Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass Technology

Is very affordable. But be ready to be wowed by this vacuum cleaner.

You would expect this model from Bissell brand to function less because of its price. But no. This unit functions as efficient as some pricey vacuum cleaners out there. There isn’t much difference.

And if there is, it would probably be on the design and the quality of parts. But for the overall performance this unit performs efficiently well.

Way to go!

You get to spend less while you have an amazing cleaning experience.

Similarly this vacuum cleaner has HEPA filter that helps filter air completely. That’s why the air that is being exhaled by this vacuum cleaner is completely clean. So you can be sure that none of the dirt being cleaned up would escape back into the air.

One of the problems you might probably have with this vacuum cleaner is that its cord is really short.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to assemble
  • checkEasy to maneuver
  • checkIt’s easy to replace canister
  • checkYou can easily adjust vacuum height
  • checkGood for carpets
  • checkNice design

Things We didn’t like

  • Cord is too short

Hoover UH72400 Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

With HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner you may never go wrong. This next vacuum cleaner provides amazing output with this HEPA filter. That’s why people who use Hoover UH72400 Corded Vacuum Cleaner enjoy using the product. The air being released is completely clean. 

A completely fresh and clear air that doesn’t indicate the presence of dirt.

This just indicates how strong its exhaust pipe is.

Probably one of the many reasons why reviewers say this is one of the best vacuums for carpets.

Compared to other vacuums this is quite affordable. Even though it’s top quality product you wouldn’t have to pay through your nose to get one.

You have here a product that doesn’t compromise its quality with its price.

Similarly this vacuum cleaner also has other accessories that make it easy for you to use. These accessories allow you to clean tight corners, stair cases and high places very easily.

So you wouldn’t have to break a sweat while you make your home look sparkling clean with this high functioning accessories.

One the downsides of this vacuum cleaner though is that its hose is short in length. So you might not be able to use this vacuum cleaner from a distance.

But given its unique features this still remains one of the best vacuums for carpets. And having one of this in your home would be a plus.

Things We liked

  • checkHEPA filter
  • checkHas quality accessories
  • checkLess cumbersome
  • checkLight in weight
  • checkAffordable
  • checkHigh quality material

Things We didn’t like

  • Short hose length

Eureka 169B Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

Looking for quality vacuum cleaners that are suitable for carpets? Well, count yourself lucky to be reading this review. This particular vacuum cleaner is an A-list product among other products. All it takes is a peep at Eureka 169B Corded Vacuum Cleaner to know its quality is top-notch. 

Simply one of the best vacuums for carpets.

Its suctioning power is simply amazing. You would be thinking that how can something this small be able to take in so much dirt. Well, it does its thing and does it well. Taking in every bit of dirt you can find.

Well, that’s all thanks to its powerful brush.

This vacuum cleaner is indeed small in size but also very powerful.

Similarly because this model from Eureka is small in size it is very easy to store. You could just keep in the store or by the corner of your home. And it still wouldn’t occupy so much space.

This would be a good option for you if you have a really small apartment.

Also, it’s very easy for you empty this vacuum’s canister. Unlike some other vacuums where you have to get all messy before you can empty the canister, this is different. You would most likely not need to touch a thing to have it completely clean.

So it’s easy for you to use this vacuum cleaner.

Things We liked

  • checkLight weight
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkEasy to empty canister
  • checkWorks well on carpets, furniture and hard floors
  • checkSmall and powerful

Things We didn’t like

  • Hair easily gets stuck on the brush

Miele S7280 Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

Familiar with Miele products? Well, if you are you would know that this brand produces one of the best vacuum cleaners out there. And this one right here isn’t an exception. With an amazing design Miele S7280 Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best-selling out there. It’s well-structured with a nice design.

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong if you say that the manufacturer had you in mind while he built this piece. This vacuum cleaner from Miele brand is user-friendly. You are most likely not to have any issues why using this piece.

You can easily tell that this is one of the best vacuums for carpets by through customer reviews. They are raving about it.

Damn right!

For a vacuum this light in weight you wouldn’t expect any form of discomfort while you use it. At the same time carrying this product around wouldn’t be very difficult. It just makes your cleaning experience a lot easier.

The suctioning power of this vacuum is very strong. That’s why dirt gets sucked in easily without stress. And also very fast at that.

You wouldn’t blink twice before this vacuum would absorb all the dirt in your home. No matter how much dirt is there.

One thing that you wouldn’t like about this vacuum cleaner is that the bag isn’t safely secured to the vacuum.

Things We liked

  • checkFantastic vacuum 
  • checkLight weight 
  • checkGreat suction 
  • checkVery quiet 
  • checkClean air is released 
  • checkEasy to use

Things We didn’t like

  • Bag isn’t safely secured to the vacuum 

Dirt Devil UD20015 Vacuum Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

Be ready to be wowed by this product right here. When you first hear the name of this product you would be surprised. Dirt Devil UD20015 Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t have the regular vacuum cleaner name. And at the same time doesn’t have the regular vacuum cleaner function. Well, this functions so efficiently in sucking in all the dirt. 

It’s like it knows all the tactics of dirt and has all the means available in eliminating it. Simply one of the best out there.

Although it’s so small in size, its function is way bigger than its size. Once you put this vacuum cleaner on you would marvel at how well this can remove so much dirt within seconds.

Also no rocket science is needed in setting up this vacuum cleaner. It’s so easy that you would be able to set it up within minutes. Yeah right! And you can start using it in little or no time.

This is probably one of the reasons why customers think this is one of the best vacuums for carpets.

Well, this vacuum has a very long power cord. Which is about 20 feet long. So you can be sure that you would be able to clean a whole area in your home without having to remove the cord every now and then. That can be really stressful right?

With this unit in your home you have nothing to worry about, since you can easily clean your house without any stress.

Although most reviewers say this is one of the best vacuums for carpets, it has its own downsides. One of which is that it’s really loud. So you have to bear with the noise.

Things We liked

  • checkSmall size 
  • checkSimple to assemble 
  • checkSturdy structure 
  • checkLong power cord 
  • checkEasy to store 
  • checkPowerful

Things We didn’t like

  • Very loud 

Eureka Airspeed AS3030A Corded Vacuum

Check prices

Short review

Do you have pets in your home? And they keep shedding their hair in every nook and cranny of the house? Well, you should consider getting this particular vacuum cleaner. It’s so good at removing pet hair with ease. Eureka Airspeed AS3030A Corded Vacuum has a great suction power. And this makes your house completely free from pet hair. 

Perhaps the reason why customers say this is one of the best vacuums for carpets.

The amount of pressure this unit provides is best suitable for carpets. It sucks in all the dirt within seconds. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for bare floors and other surfaces.

It’s so amazing how something so small can generate so much force to suck in both pet hair and human hair. Simply fascinating.

Similarly, this is also light in weight. Which makes it very easy for you to lift and also use. With this vacuum cleaner in your home you are most likely to have a totally different experience in cleaning your home.

Talking of versatility, this is one of the best. It works perfectly with most surfaces. Without giving you any issue while you use it.

One problem you would have with this vacuum cleaner is that its dust cup is too small.

Things We liked

  • checkVery powerful 
  • checkEasily picks up hair  
  • checkLight weight 
  • checkVery versatile 
  • checkEasy to empty canister 
  • checkRound dial switch

Things We didn’t like

  • Dust cup is too small 

Hoover FH50150 Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Check prices

Short review

Looking for something completely different from a regular vacuum cleaner? Well, you have this out. This next product on our list is simply unique. It does not only suck up all the dirt but can also wash your carpets. Which makes it very suitable for carpets. Hoover FH50150 Deluxe Carpet Cleaner is simply amazing. 

It’s definitely not by mistake that this model from Hoover is on this list for the best vacuums for carpets.

Customers are raving about this vacuum cleaner.

Also, no special knowledge is needed in setting this vacuum up. It’s so easy. As long as you follow the instructions to letter you wouldn’t have any problems.

Similarly, it is very easy to fill up this vacuum cleaner with enough water to clean your carpet. And at the same time it is also easy to empty this vacuum cleaner of dirty water. It stores the water at a corner and once you open it the water gushes it.

Super easy!

It’s indeed one of the best vacuums for carpets but one of its flaws is that it gets filled up easily. So you have to empty its tank every now and then.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to set-up 
  • checkEasy to use 
  • checkEasy to fill with water 
  • checkDuaV nozzle 
  • checkWash rinse selector 
  • checkNice design 
  • checkSmall size

Things We didn’t like

  • Tank gets filled up easily 

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Carpet Cleaner Machine

Check prices

Short review

Here is another distinct vacuum cleaner suitable for your carpets. It’s washing and drying ability is simply amazing. And you wouldn’t find this in just any vacuum cleaner. That’s why Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Carpet Cleaner Machine still remains one of the best vacuums for carpets. It’s simply amazing. 

Well, if you are confused about how a vacuum cleaner can wash and dry a carpet this would clear your confusion.

All you have to do is fill this product from Bissell with water and then add detergent. Then the vacuum cleaner uses this clean water to wash the carpet. And at the same time returns dirty water back to its tank.

So what’s next? This vacuum cleaner completely sucks out all the dirty water and rinses your carpet. And before you know it your carpet would be in its original state.

You can be sure that your carpet wouldn’t smell after you clean it with this vacuum cleaner. So you have nothing to worry about.

Things We liked

  • checkEasy to use 
  • checkDries the carpet faster 
  • checkLarge capacity for water 
  • checkDeep cleaning formula included 
  • checkEasy to fill up 

Things We didn’t like

  • Very heavy 


Your Quick Guide to the Best Vacuum for Carpet

Good housekeeping dictates we take care of the carpet. If there’s any shadow of doubt you need to do that too, try walking into any office or living room. Chances are, if you’re right in the middle of America, it’s carpeted. And there’s no way you can’t get everyone to discard it.

While having a no-shoe-inside can be applicable to your abode, that would bring raised eyebrows in the office. If not, disgruntled employees who after some discussion may leave the vicinity – for no apparent reason. Of course, taking care of your carpet is key.

It behooves on your part therefore to get the best vacuum for carpet. Without employing one, you may as well cast your hopes of a clean office aside. Below are tried-and-tested tips to get you nearer to that goal.

1. Canister vs Upright?

We can go to an extended debate on which is most useful for humanity. But after some time, you’ll see both have its merits. What’s important therefore is you be able to do you due diligence enough. That way you can check which model fits your needs best.

As it can reach places that upright can’t, a canister vac is more flexible. To note, uprights can make short work of carpets but so does canister. Where they differ is when you talk about the sofa, or the stairs or for that matter anything higher than the floor. You can’t carry an upright around as much as a canister vac.

2. Bag vs Bagless

It’s actually a matter of preference. One’s not really better than the other in that sense.

Bagless sound a lot easier to operate. For one, you need not spend money on those exra bags. On the down side, these models can be a mess to empty. To compound things, you need to maintain the filters and those dust containers or you could have a dysfunctional unit in no time.

On the other end of the bargain, it’s easier for bag models to put dust and dirt under rein. The con: You won’t find it funny when an earing gets sucked into the electronic. Chances are, it will take forever to find it.

3. Is more amps the better choice?

Not necessarily. While amperage can indicate power consumption, it doesn’t necessarily follow the biggest amps goes to the most powerful vac. No, sir. So if you’re hungry for the best vacuum for carpet, keeping your eyes elsewhere than the units’ amps is wise.

Performance is a tricky subject. One of the better way to measure it is suction power. Of course, putting a label on the product is one thing; seeing how the product work is another.

4. Do I need to vacuum daily?

That depends on how much cleaning you need to do. An area with heavier traffic compared to the rest of your office would need greater attention. Doing the vac on these areas daily may sound the way to go – assuming you have the time.

Realistically, however, putting the vac to work once or twice a week is a workable schedule. The best way to do it is not go through a carpet once; go over a couple of times. In parallel motion to and fro.

5. Why are there attachments?

If you’re a newbie, attachments may sound like a lot of things. But each is like a tool to get the cleaning done. Without putting the right tool, you could be compromising your outcome.

When you’re cleaning rugs and carpets, the power nozzle should be your best ally. The motorized unit isn’t designed for bare floors or walls however. For that, you’d need the brush. As for the crevice tool, it’s best to get dust out. So it’s spot on for drawers and air con vents.

The upholstery attachment is obviously your tool to clean fabrics and mattresses. Don’t mix it up or you could have some explaining to do – if not outright suspension for job incompetence.

6. What’s the best way to clean a carpet?

This is a tricky question. One’s standard of what’s clean can be different to another. In general, however, doing seven strokes for areas where traffic is high is commendable. You can do more for problem areas (e.g. stains). Lesser strokes for less problematic areas.

Well, if you want to be clinical about it, getting the vac complete with a dirt sensor would be a good choice. Just be ready to put up extra cash.

7. Should I change my vacuum cleaner bag weekly?

That shouldn’t be a problem as there’s the indicator line to give you cue. No problem. However, that also depends on what kind of dirt you’re putting in the bag.

Pet poop shouldn’t stay long or for that matter fireplace ashes. With these in the bag, you may need to do change more often than not. All told, you should exercise judgment or you could be keeping pathogens in the bag.

8. What to do when my vacuum isn’t doing its job of sucking dirt in?

Don’t panic. That’s the short answer. Any electronic device is bound to malfunction over use.

To get yourself started in the right direction, inspect the appliance thoroughly. But not before you unplug it. Or if it’s not hooked turn it off.

Proceed to check the belt for any sign of decadence. It could be torn or broken. That’s one reason your unit is malfunctioning. Also, a bag full of dirt is another cause. The air stream can be choked too, perhaps by too much carpet fiber.

If after a thorough inspection, you can’t find something off, letting the professionals check things out may be best.

5 Quick Tips to Get Your Carpet Good as New

In more ways than one, the quality of your carpet reflects in the quality of your care. So if you’re a business keeping them spot-free is a bonus. Same goes for your abode.

Here are simple ways you can keep the nifty cloth under your shoes squeaky clean always.

1. Don’t dillydally on spills.

Whenever a spill occurs, do not postpone taking care of it. Attend to it as soon as time allows. You should use a clean cloth or for lack of one, a handy paper towel, to blot the stain.

Avoid rubbing your carpet like there’s no tomorrow. You could be destroying it from the outside. For best results, dab but do it from the outside in. That way stain doesn’t spread and you get your carpet whole.

2. Ice the Gum

Nothing may freak you out than a gum stuck on your carpet. If you’re not careful, it will make a mess of everything – not to mention everyone who may eventually step on it.

The best way to proceed is therefore to clean fast. Utilize a cold ice. Hold in on the gum for a 30-second period. After which, once the sticky material’s frozen, use a spoon to get it out of the way.

3. SLS to the Rescue

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate should be your best ally in cleaning your carpet. Not only is this cleansing agent effective, it has a foaming booster which brings freshness into your beautiful carpet. Even better, it can handle tough dirt and make short work of stains.

4. Beware the Heat

It may sound convenient on your part to use heat in cleaning your carpet. Heat after all is what makes water palatable when showering. But for the sake of your precious carpet, do away with heat as much as possible. Using heat will only make the dirt permanent.

But if you have to, don’t apply heat directly. For instance, in the case of candle wax. You can still remove the candle wax by putting a piece of cloth on the affected area. Proceed to apply a warm iron and voila. Your wax should melt and the rest is history.

5. Put Weight Protection

While there’s no stopping you from doing your office a huge makeover, doing so without putting the carpet in mind can be dangerous. That’s the case for instance when you move your furniture.

If you don’t put protection, your carpet could go bust by all the weight change. The best way to proceed is place a cardboard for protection. Putting the nifty thick paper is a good way to buffer all the movements.

All these the routine may sound like a tall order. But if you do keep them, it can only mean one thing: You would have extended your carpet life longer. And your office gets the better of it.

Of course, you can’t really overemphasize the importance of the best vacuum for carpet. The tool will make all the hard work bearable. A lot bearable. That’s why choosing one wisely is the way to go.


Getting the best vacuum for carpet is no joke. That should mean doing due diligence where it matters most. But you don’t have an option. If you don’t get one, your carpet suffers – and eventually your environment. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your work or your abode. A carpet that has gone south is a disaster waiting to happen. We’re talking about a large cloth that could be a hotbed for disease.

Why? When dirt isn’t taken care of, it attracts all sorts of harmful microorganisms. If it prolongs, your carpet will become one breeding ground for dangerous pathogens.

You might think we’re kidding. But all you have to do is observe your own carpet.

That’s exactly why getting our list of good vacuums for carpet is spot on.

It’s for this reason that we chose Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass Technology as the most commendable in the list we’ve given. Not because it has the most striking appearance, but mainly because it delivers best.

You can’t beat it’s OnePass technology. Lightweight and yet powerful enough to get the whole house cleaned – pets including. Best of all, it’s cheap.

It’s well-equipped to take good care of your carpet. Customers are raving about it and we know why.

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