Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

Best of the Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet 2018

Like many, you might think a vacuum for high-pile carpet isn’t necessary at all. But not getting one to take care of your posh carpet may be the worst decision you can make. While many vacuums do accommodate the eccentricities of a high pile, putting your hands on fate counterproductive. The best recourse is to make sure you’re getting the best units in town.

For one, keeping in mind that not all carpets are the same is a good start. As you know by now, hard wood floorings are on the rise. Still, when you talk about American homes, carpet is still the #1 flooring type all over the nation. No question about it.

High pile makes everyone – your poodle including – comfortable. You just can’t beat the cozy home feeling each high pile brings to an abode. And all that height is going to give you the look of luxury. Small wonder posh homes deploy them. Which by the way should tell you they come at a price.

The feel of a full, truly fluffy, high end carpet.

But carpet has its own peculiarities. Especially high pile. Without TLC (tender loving care), your high pile is bound to fail you. Why?

The correct vacuum not only extends the dear life of your carpet, it also ensures you have a healthy, clean environment for everyone to enjoy. Don’t be surprised. Things worse than dust could be lurking from within your high pile. If you don’t clean your carpet, allergens and toxic chemicals could be hiding, lying in wait for an unsuspecting victim.

Lucky you, we have assembled the best vacuum for high-end carpet. Not only are these products tested, they’ve become a prized possession for many.

Should you want to take good care of your high-end carpet, read on. Here’s a lowdown on how best to get all the loving your posh carpet needs.

Electrolux Ultra Flex Vacuum 

Right from the onset, you’d know this Electrolux is meant to take care of your carpet. That on/off switch that you have on the brush roll tells you this one’s serious in its job. What should catch your attention is the 3-level adjustment on height that you’d find on this Ultra Flex. Very spot on indeed!

It’s easy to be taken with promises. Marketing hypes and all. But when you look at features, you’re looking at what makes the product awesome. And this time around, Electrolux is showing everyone why it’s a top contender in the home appliance division.

That 3-level adjustment tells you this model can clean all types of floors. It can take on hardwood and tiles. Most importantly for you, your high pile carpet is part of the equation too.

And even better, you have your convenience factored in right from the onset. Large rear wheels for instance shows you your high pile won’t maintain damage as the electronic device rolls past by. Really neat!

 Plus, you have adjustable suction here. Which tells you, you can put it to a minimum so your posh carpet won’t take a beating. When you’re talking about delicate fabric, this model is topnotch to get the job done.

Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet

Well, if you want to up the ante, this Miele can be the perfect canister vacuum to take good care of your high pile. What may hurt though is it’s price. You have a product here that carries a hefty tag. But with all the things it puts on the table, it may just be all worth it. Better than the rest of the gang.

While the first one on the list from Electrolux have flaunted its adjustable suction, this Miele isn’t far behind. Fact is, it may be more forward-looking. You have not just suction under your control; you can control it via foot. With a footswitch. Now, how ingenuous is that, right?

That way you wouldn’t have to be encumbered by all the controls. You got everything under control with just using your foot.

Now, this one must really be deserving of its price, as high as it is compared to the rest in this list. One way to check that is the power brush. If the Electrolux model gave you a 3-stage adjustment, here you have a 5-stage adjustment in height. That tells you this one is ready to roll to get your high-pile carpet going.

Plus, you get a HEPA filter here that should give you as much clean air as you want to. And yes, you’d be amaze by all the tools that you have here. Not just one, mind you. And your built-in storage should take care of all that.

Kenmore Elite Vacuum Cleaner 

Kenmore may not ring a bell to you as much as a Hoover or a Shark does but this one is definitely worth checking. You simply can’t get wrong if you start your search with this model.

What makes it such a prized catch is its nozzle. You have Ultra Plush here. Which means you have a series of vent inlets that are automated. How cool is that? This way, these inlets channel vital air flow directly into the product’s nozzle making it a lot easier to clean up the carpet. No matter how high the pile.

Yes, don’t be surprised but you get as much as 32 percent easier on all that operation.

That should tell you that if you want to clean carpets, starting with this Kenmore Elite is spot on. To note, even the softest of carpets, the one you call ultra soft is a walk in the park with this model on.

Add the Pet PowerMate that allows you to clean-up whatever your pets have left behind – from hair to dander to dirt. The more you listen to its features, the more you’ll be convinced it’s one-of-a-kind. And definitely worth carrying home.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Combo 

For starters, this Soniclean is not as pricey as some on this A-list. That should be comforting to you if you’re keen about saving some. What will get your attention, however, is its ability to take care of your high-pile. Know that this one has a vent system that’s adjustable. That tells you maneuverability would be a cinch for even the softest of carpets. 

Plus, you’re using nylon for brush rolls here. That tells you, you need not worry about your pricey carpet getting caught in the vac. Those nylon brush rolls simply are spot on for softer carpets.

And don’t forget, you have large wheels here. So in the process, you can get your device to ‘float’ over your posh carpet. No matter the height.

Yes, large wheels like that should help you finish the job in a cinch. And what’s staggering is you have within your reach the 200 sonic vibrations given per second. That should get all those dirt buried deep into your carpet to be shaken. No escape for all the scum.

Put in the mix it’s jam sensor technology and you have one more great reason to bring this vac home today.

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Plush Pro 

It’s no accident you have mostly canisters here in this A-list. High pile needs all the best attention it can get. Truly. And this Panasonic is not about to fail you. Imagine it can clean even the hardest of carpets to clean. Soft plush may be the most challenging of them all. But this Panasonic already factored it all making all the effort as effortless as can be. 

Yes, you need not sweat here. Firstly, you have a lightweight vac here. Not too heavy to carry around. Even more impressive, you need not worry whatever carpet rise you have. High rise or low one.

Thanks to Panasonic technology you make cleaning high pile carpets a cinch. Or to put it in the manufacturer’s word: effortless. And that goes to every carpet – high-pile or low. Get the Gliding Pet Brush and you know all that pet hair is history. That’s how powerful this is really.

Let’s Compare the Best Vacuum For High Pile Carpet of 2018

Detailed Comparison List











Ultra Flex


Check prices

13 x

11.5 x

20 inches

11.6 pounds

Miele Complete

 C3 Soft


Check prices

17.2 x

23.2 x

15 inches

20 pounds


Elite Vacuum


Check prices

28 x

19 x

12.3 inches

28.6 pounds


Soft Carpet​



Check prices

11.5 x

14 x

43.5 inches

16 pounds


 Vacuum Cleaner

 Plush Pro

Check prices

24.8 x

16.2 x

17.5 inches

27.2 pounds

Miele S7210

Twist Upright



(Old Model)

Check prices

45.1 x

15.2 x

 9.8 inches

19 pounds

Oreck LW100



Check prices

10.5 x

12.5 x

47.5 inches

11.6 pounds

best vacuum for high pile carpet review

Electrolux Ultra Flex Vacuum 

Check prices

Short review

The Electrolux Ultra Vacuum is easy to assemble since its parts are intuitive to put together. When it is in full picture, it might take a while to get its learning curve. There is a lot to figure out because of its attachments and extra nice features to fully engage it functionality as a vacuum that may suitable for your high pile carpet.

Since it has a small head, it might take you a while to finish and cause you to move around too much. On the plus side though, this just means that you can reach easily the nooks, crannies and even the tight places between your furniture. This feature also enables you to clean the stairs effortlessly.

This little cub doesn’t require you to have bag so it’s convenient. It has fantastic filters but its wonders all goes away when you pop the opening that is full of dust and filth. Cleaning and dumping it can be a pain in the neck and make a mess.

It is amazing that this can be quiet even though its suction is powerful. The 12-inch hard floor attachment felt solid and works great. This vacuum also has a knob to carefully adjust its suction strength that works effectively for a high pile carpet.

Its wand can be wonderfully adjusted to 15 inches. In the name of UltraFlex, the Electrolux lived up to its name. Each attachment that come with this is can be used either with or without extension wand. This makes it perfect to vacuum in car.

The retractable cord makes it all the better. In just a single press of a button, it automatically goes inside the vacuum in a flash. Its dust bin can be simply removed and dump it.

However, we can’t help to notice a few faults. It power cord is short. We wished that it could be longer than 33 feet. It is also hard to attach the hose to the body itself. It took us roughly 10 minutes to fully place the piece. This just makes clear that don’t ever take off the hose.

Things We Liked

  • checkIntuitive to assemble
  • check Capable to reach hard and tight places
  • checkBagless
  • checkFantastic filters
  • checkQuiet
  • checkComes with good attachments
  • checkRetractable cord
  • checkEasy to clean

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Short cord
  • Hard to attach the hose to the body

Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet 

Check prices

Short review

First thing that you might notice in the Miele C3 is the price tag. It is expensive. And you might wonder if this will be worth the cost.

Its charm shines through to its flexibility. Adjusting it took a little to none effort. Hauling it up to stairs is easy and capable to handle well the hardwood floors and in large variety of carpets like the high pile carpet and soft carpets as its name suggests.

This can adjust the brush height and the amount of suction simultaneously that only the Miele C3 can do this feat. It also has indications to remind you what is the right modes to set that depend on the carpet that you will be using it on. Thanks to this feature, you can easily adjust its height and suction without much putting effort on it.

It is also bagless that makes cleaning and empting the dust and hair so much easier. It is completely made out to fit your needs and comfort use.

Things We liked

  • checkFlexible
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkHandy
  • checkHas great features
  • checkBagless
  • checkEasy to clean

Things We didn’t like

  • Expensive

Kenmore Elite Vacuum Cleaner 

Check prices

Short review

The Kenmore has a great suction that comes with a good deal of attachments. For high pile vacuum, it can effectively sucks in the pet hair in ease.

It is also easy to maneuver because of its light build but still appears to be solid and durable. It can be effortlessly switched to different modes from carpeted floors to bare floors. There is also a plenty of room for the attachments to be on board.

Thanks to its swivel head, it is capable to reach the high and tight places with a simple stroke of wrist. Added to the mix, stairs are also a breeze to clean on. We particularly like its adjustable height feature.

You might find it cumbersome to find that the hose is flimsy and looks cheaply made. With the handle attached, it is unable to stand on its own.

Things We liked

  • checkGreat suction
  • checkEasy to maneuver
  • check Able to reach high and tight
  • checkHas adjustable height feature

Things We didn’t like

  • Flimsy hose
  • Unable to stand alone

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Combo 

Check prices

Short review

The Soniclean Handheld Combo sounds like a nice buy one take one deal since it comes with two vacuums! This vacuum is made exactly for high pile carpet and soft carpets because of its powerful suction.

Its overall appearance emits premium. And to be honest, it looks sexy and made out of high quality material. It doesn’t take long to fully assemble it. It can beautifully adjust its height that depends on the surface or carpet that you are going to use on.

It has a super long cord which is a nice bonus to increase mobility and switching outlet to outlet is dropped to the minimum. It uses a classic dust bag that has HEPA filter in it. It comes with a fragrance pod which you can freely insert just below the dust bag. It is a thoughtful feature that they include an indicator for you to keep tabs on if the bag is full so you can change or clean it which is charming for a high pile vacuum.

Our only complaints are that they should have a smaller foot print. It would also do the trick if their roller-ball technology could have been in the latest design. With this in the package, we think this vacuum would be perfect as your best bet as a high pile carpet.

Things We liked

  • checkComes with 2 vacuums
  • checkGood looking
  • checkEasy to set up
  • checkPowerful suction
  • checkHas HEPA filter
  • checkLong cord
  • check Has indicator on when you can change or clean it

Things We didn’t like

  • Should have a smaller foot print
  • Should improve roller-ball technology

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Plush Pro  

Check prices

Short review

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner excels in a few features such as carpet cleaning. It does a good job on heavy rugs and even carpeted stairs. You just might find it a bit hard to drag around since the power nozzle makes it heavier. But besides that, it works really well to suck in the edges of the stairs since it has an Air Turbine accessory that could be attached on the handle.

Not only that, the Multi Surface nozzle has a duty to pull in pet hairs but works ineffectively on carpets. It comes to life like a tank so it is pretty loud. It has a small head that makes it easier to fit in sink cabinets and the like.

One thing to keep in mind is that the canister is heavy so you might have a tough time vacuuming the stairs or even using this for long periods of time. As a vacuum, it exceeded our expectations its efficiency to work on various surfaces particularly on high pile carpets.

Things We liked

  • check Great to work on carpets
  • checkFantastic edge cleaning
  • checkWonderful set of attachments
  • checkAllows good mobility

Things We didn’t like

  • Loud
  • Heavy

Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Old Model) 

Check prices

Short review

Miele is infamous for having vacuums in such a high price. But according to Consumer Reports, the Miele Twist Old Model is the least expensive of their lineup. Which cause a lot people of this vacuum will be worth of investment.

As expected form the Miele, its overall built is very well done. They jot down all the tiny details and hone it to this vacuum. The cord is super long and made out of sturdy material that makes its surface slippery. Which we think is a good thing since it will make it resistible on scratches and kinking.

It sucks in dirt and filth with powerful force in a blink of an eye. It packed up the bag fast which make it evident on how this thing is capable in suction. The twist action works perfectly as we maneuver it. It is capable to reach all the nook and crannies without bending too much.

The bags are easy to change and made of premium quality as what we would anticipate from Miele. For 20 pounds, you might find this heavy so be sure to check the full details to see if this fits you. We also noticed that it is somewhat out of balance. It tends to tip over if it is not leaned to something properly.

Things We Liked

  • check Great suction
  • checkGood overall built
  • checkLong cord
  • checkExcellent mobility

Things We Didn’t Liked

  • Pretty heavy
  • Somewhat out of balance

Oreck LW100 Upright Vacuum 

Check prices

Short review

Oreck is packed with all the goodies and negatives. But sweets should come first.

This vacuum is one of the most lightweight on this list in just 11.6 pounds. Since this thing is self-propelled, it does the work a lot easier to push and drag around. Its suction is merciless to collect the sneaky dust and dirt in just a gulp. Its long extension cord and comfy handle are nice bonuses and make the work faster and convenient to get done.

We only have only one complaint. There is no height adjustment for this guy. With its capability and accuracy, the Oreck is suitable to be your vacuum that works splendid in whatever surfaces that you want even in high pile carpet.

Things We Liked

  • check Light
  • check Easy to push and drag
  • check Powerful suction
  • check Long extension cord length
  • check Comfy handle

Things We Didn’t Liked

  • No height adjustment


Top 5 Tips to Corner the Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet!

No doubt, those shag rugs and plush carpets sure can take your breath away. As you go through your everyday, you just can’t help it but roll over sometimes – and be like your best bud, 4-footed Lassie. But before you get to lose your head, know that a high-pile carpet is high maintenance. If you don’t pay the price, your carpet is bound to suffer. Exactly why getting a suitable vacuum for high pile carpet is a must.

Let’s face it. Without the right carpet maintenance those high pile carpet you’re so proud of can turn ugly in no time. So much you might even think of buying a new one. While that can be a viable option, getting to that point could be counterproductive.

To get you closer to the best vacuum for your high pile, here are 5 quick tips to remember. The good news is you’d be steering away from losing those precious dollars when you keep them in mind.

1. Powerful Suction a No-no

First, let’s do some definition of terms. Not every carpet is high-pile and not every high-pile carpet is in every house. Some families prefer a medium to low-pile ones. But which is which?

Let’s not be too scientific about it, though. For easier understanding, a little measurement. If the fibers are shorter than half of an inch then you’re looking at low to medium pile carpets.

The problem is most vacuums today are geared towards these lower-pile carpets. The decision is understandable. As these variety of carpets are less pricey, more and more families are making the most of them. In response and in order to cater to this growing market, vacuum design follow suit. Manufacturers made sure of that.

If you use these standard vacuums therefore, you could be putting your carpet in danger. If you’re lucky, you will end up with a less-than-stellar cleaning routine leaving your place messy. The worst-case scenario is you damage your precious rug.

Now you might think that the trick is to look for vacuums that offer strong suction. But you could be risking your carpet more than ever.

Note that the longer the fiber on your carpet goes, the more work is needed to get to the carpet’s base. It’s true. A strong suction will be able to get to that part. However, that’s just theoretical.

The thing is powerful suctions can induce irreversible damage to your high-pile carpet fibers. As the fibers go longer, the weaker it becomes. As suction power grows, the more lethal it becomes to these longer fibers.

The result: Such suction power will cause those long fibers to be pulled apart. Or worse, pulled out.

2. Beware the Mighty Brush

There may be no feature better associated with a vacuum than the brush. Along with beater bars, these do a lot of cleaning for thousands of houses in the US.

For your part, however, you’d do well if you steer clear of these brushes and beater bars. Actually, they’re bad news for your high-pile fibers.

That’s because when you utilize them, those extra-long fibers will get frizzed by that mighty brush as it gets caught in the unit’s beater bar. You may not like it but you’ve ended up hurting your precious carpet. Not to mention your powerful machine.

If you must have the power brush, then the best way to get about it not destroying your carpet is to have it controlled. Opt for models that allows the clean you want minus having to use them. Controls that tuck them in.

You might find it a bit depressing. You might even conclude your best option is get a new piece of rug. Know however, that you’d be in a better position if you get the vacuum that’s meant to handle all the extra length on those carpet fibers.

3. The Larger the Wheels, the Better

It must have been Henry Ford who dreamt of getting each and every American family to ride in comfort using the 4 wheels of the automobile. Wheels sure made life easier for everyone.

And that should be applicable to the care of your high-pile carpets too.

Thanks to all the thickness, small wheels are bound to get stuck. In effect, you could be dragging weight all over the room. Destroying your carpet in the process.

You could even end up having to carry your vacuum like a baby in your arms.

To counter such, make sure you buy a vacuum with larger-than-usual wheels. You’d be doing your precious carpet a favor this way.

4. The Lighter the Better

It may not be obvious but weight plays a huge role in getting the best vacuum for your posh carpet. While nobody would love to lob around with a weighty vac, a heavy monster isn’t also as welcome to a carpet.

All that can make us wonder why Aladdin chose a carpet to get around the cities of Arabia. But kidding aside, heavy vacs are a bane to carpets. Even for low-pile ones, all the extra weight from a cleaning machine can take a toll on the carpet.

That gets even more pronounced to high pile rugs. Because all those pounds are bound to sink deeper into all the fiber making it a lot easier to get stuck. To give extra burden to your cleaning.

5. Quality Filters

Yes, you guessed it right. The long strands of fiber from your high-pile becomes a forest into which all the dirt and debris can find a welcome home. To thrive.

It’s a given. As your carpet gets thicker and your fiber gets longer, the easier it would be for all the debris, dust and dirt to get caught. Not to mention dust mites.

This could be an issue for you. Why? Without a great filter, all the dust and dirt is bound to escape the confines of your vacuum. In effect, you end up returning all the scum right back into the ether. Your ether to be exact.

Going for tried-and-tested HEPA filters for one, should give you a better shot at it. That way when you have all that dirt sucked in, it stays and goes all the way to the dust bin.

Carpet 101: When to Get Low and When to Get High?

Let’s face it, bare wood is certainly making a comeback as more and more families are opting for the hard floor. Still, even with all the rush, carpets rule America. Enough you might want to ask if Aladdin borrowed one to make it to Arabia.

Kidding aside, you could be sitting on the fence not knowing which way to go to buy a suitable carpet for your abode. So hold your horses, before you could ever embrace the most popular flooring surface in all of America, you need to decide which is best for you: a high pile or a low one.

The problem with hitting the buy button without any due diligence is two-fold. First, something without much thought is just one step away from disaster. Second, in the process you waste precious dollars. To take out all the guesswork, here is a definitive lowdown on what kind of carpet best fits your abode.  

1. Know the Difference

Don’t be too afraid to ask and don’t be too shy to know. Without getting the right measurements of your carpet, you’re buying blind. It’s important to know what distinguishes one from the other so you can decide best.

When someone talks about pile, it refers to the fabric loops that’s found in your carpeting. It’s what makes carpet so soft and so popular. Now you may find all that talk quite vague but if you’re going to put a microscope on your carpet you’re going to see strands just like that of hair.

Don’t be confused. Some of these piles are looped – meaning they run in circles. But some of these piles are also cut imitating a newly-grown hair on your head. Still others are a combination of cut and looped pile.

High-pile means those strands are taller. And since they’re taller they’re a lot looser than low-pile carpets. A most common example is a shag carpet. On the other end, low pile have shorter fibers and appears solid. Their loops are also tighter.

2. When is high pile best?

You want to cozy up to your carpet. If you’re looking for all the warmth and all the comfort, the high pile is your carpet to beat. High pile is a boon to pets. You’d love rolling over them for all that forest.

High pile is more identified with posh homes. As you may have guessed by now, those fluffy carpets are pricier than low pile. It’s for this reason that more homes get the low pile version.

3. When is low pile best?

All those tall fibers could mean an oasis for all sorts of debris, dust and dirt. Not to mention allergens. That’s exactly the reason that if you have people who are allergy-prone then you should stay away from the high pile like a plague.

Another key factor is cleaning. As you may have guessed, getting high-pile to its peak front is not a walk in the park thanks to all the dirt making nest of it.

If you want easy cleaning then low pile is your go-to carpet. The flatter surface simply makes cleaning easier as you need not go to all the hassle of displacing them where they’re firmly lodged.

Further, all the space becomes more accessible with low pile. So if it’s a big room you want to act as a playroom for your kids, a low pile would be best. That way it would be easier for them to glide across the room.

Well, if you’re worried you won’t be getting any help with all these, think again. There’s a vacuum for high pile carpets that should get you what you need in a jiffy. Fact is there’s a vacuum cleaner for every carpet on the market today.

A little due diligence should get you going fast.


Right from the onset, you should know that getting the right focus is key. A vacuum for high-pile carpet isn’t like any other vacuum you can find on the market today. If that is your thinking, you would end up wasting more dollars than saving them. 

It’s important therefore that you put your focus where it should be. And you may ask why is that important? It’s important because a vacuum not meant for your high pile will only end up destroying your carpet. A vacuum that’s meant for hard floors for instance will give your long pile shag carpet a hard time.

Yes, those days when you could just sink your toes unto an ultrasoft high pile carpet could be over. It’s for this reason that you should be extra careful. Put in mind all that power. A rotating beater bar not set right could be dangerous to all that fiber.

Instead of giving your carpet all the help, you’re actually destroying your precious foot protection.

The good thing is if you noticed, all the vacuums for high pile carpet featured here are built to get you the service you need. Or more specifically, the service your carpet needs.

On the right features.

It’s important, therefore that you don’t fix your mind on price alone. While being able to save some is a good skill to develop, what’s important is to get the job done.

Fortunately, you can all do that here. With the product list we’ve given you. Then again, if you want to know which we would endorse the most, then take heed.

What’s key is you be able to assess your situation best. You need to do your due diligence. Each of the products presented here could be the solution you need. You just have to check things out diligently.

As for our best choice, we tip our hats to the Electrolux Ultra Flex Vacuum.

Why? It’s the most effective so far. More people have vouched for it than any other product here.

And at the price it’s at, it’s sure is a winner. Giving you the comfort you need without putting a big hole in your wallet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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