Best Vacuum for Stairs

Best of the Best Vacuum for Stairs 2018

The best vacuum for stairs makes it easy for you. Best of all, it gets you one of the most important parts of the house clean. Stairs are a must – assuming you want to go the next level of your house. But most importantly, clean stairs are a must. 

When you have a flight of steps that is not attended to, you invite a host of problems. One is accidents. It’s no coincidence stair incidents are always frowned upon. It’s no joke.

Some have even met major injury due to stair accidents – if not worse. But to put it mildly, stairs undergo a lot of stress. Even more than your regular room.

The carpets on stairs receive much more beating than anywhere else. That’s because you step on it more forcefully than when you’re in any room in the house.

It’s important therefore that a vacuum is able to cater to the unique traits of the stairs. Not to mention the fact that such work is equated with a lot more legwork than one would really want.

It’s therefore with delight that we present you the best vacuum for stairs that have caught the fancy of the American public. And how each of them would be able to satisfy your unique flight of stairs. Read on.

Eureka EasyClean 71C 

Yes, we’re telling you. If you want convenience in cleaning those flight of stairs, this Eureka EasyClean should make you shout eureka. You DEFINITELY won’t help your search for best vacuum for stairs if you let this one slip.

And the best part’s this 20-cord beast really up to the task. Its strong suction power is matched with the right tools to get all those largely challenging corners of the stairs covered. From crevice tools to a revolving brush, you’re certainly good to go.

But best of all, this is a handheld. That should allow you to clean not just the stairs but just about anywhere – the car, upholstery, etc. Only sad it’s corded and not battery-powered.

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac 

This one’s as portable as you want it. At 4 pounds, you certainly won’t have a hard time going through the motions. No sweat! This Shark is a handheld and as such will give you all the flexibility you need to get you going. 

The secret to this little monster’s success is its powerful brush which allows truly handheld deep cleaning. This is not a cordless version but that 15-foot cord should give you all the freedom to go up and down your flight of stairs – no matter how long.

That also means there is no need for you to recharge. Not at all. You can get all the power you need without one moment to pause. Add the dust cup that’s easy to empty and this model should top your list as the best vacuum for stairs in no time.

Bissell Multi Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum, 1985 

Well, this Bissell ought to be your topnotch best vacuum for stairs. Simply tough to beat. Why? Features here are ideal.

First stop, this is a cordless vac. No need to wire it up for power. So you can bring this along wherever, whenever. No sweat. Add it’s set of tools that completes and this ultra-lightweight portable should get your stairs to be as spic and span as can be.

Only problem is you will have to recharge this one time and again. Just like your smartphone.

Hoover Air Cordless 20V Lithium Ion Bagless Hand Vacuum Cleaner 

This Hoover is another strong candidate that you should not take off your eyes. No,sir. That’s assuming you really want to get the best vacuum for stairs in a jiffy.

You’re looking at the lightest entry on this list. At less than 4 pounds this one is going to be as light as you want it. That can only mean being able to clean your precious stairs with ease. No more carrying heavy vacs on your back. As with a back pack alternative.

Or trying to make the most of a heavy standard upright vac. A handheld such as these should be cleaning heaven for you. No problem.

As you know all too well, the stairs is one place in your house that attracts the most dirt. But if you don’t clean it, it may not be a pretty sight. Worse, it could lead to accidents.

That’s why this one is spot on. Plus, you get to save a lot with its reusable filter which by the way are easy rinse. Just put them under running water and you’re good to go.

Then again, this is battery-powered. Even with its Fade-free tech should tell you you will have to get those juice some time or another. And pause your work in the process.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads 

Sometimes, the solution to a problem is not so obvious. Then something comes to us and we feel it’s a blessing from above. This Shark Navigator may be the best thing that ever happened to your stairs. Or for that matter, your home. 

You may think that this Shark is impossible to use on a stairs. That upright should have no business being in a list as a candidate for the best vacuum for stairs. But hold your horses. This one’s a serious candidate.

And that is where the beauty of this all comes to light. It’s true this one is an upright. That alone tells you this would be good for your dining room, living room and whatever big space you have for cleaning.

But more than that, this one is also a Lift-away. You can take the canister from its holding place and you have what may look like a stick vac. So easy to manipulate and use.

Now, you got something that’s best for stairs. For that one added with the right attachments should get you off to a good start.

Let’s Compare the Best Vacuum For Stairs of 2018

Detailed Comparison List










EasyClean 71C

15 x

8 x

7 inches






 Hand Vac

9.7 x

4.9 x

 13.6 inches




Multi Cordless


Car Vacuum,


5.4 x

10 x

 14.6 inches




 Air Cordless

20V Lithium

 Ion Bagless

 Hand Vacuum


17.5 x

4.2 x

4.8 inches







with Dust-Away

 & 2 Microfiber


15 x

11.4 x

45.5 inches



Bissell Pet

 Hair Eraser



Corded, 33A1



Best vacuum for stairs review

Eureka EasyClean 71C 

Short review

You might as well shout eureka with this Eureka EasyClean, 71C. Not only is this designed for your stairs, you can also use this one for your car and yes, upholstery. What we’re saying is this is so handy you should be able to clean those places that ordinary vacs can’t. Most importantly, clean them with ease.

This Easyclean is as portable as you want it. When you want to know if you could maneuver this one, you need not ask twice. For this is a handheld. No sweat actually!

As such, you won’t have weight problems with this one. It’s just 4.8 pounds, just above the weight of a new born baby, right? So you can move this about just about anywhere you want it because it’s not weighty. No, sir.

And with a cable that stretches 20 feet, you have a treasure trove here. Best of all, this one is as effective as you want it to get the job done.

Built with a nifty crevice tool (onboard) for hard-to-reach areas, you got your cracks and crevices covered. Really perfect for the stairs. What’s more, you can use this one for carpeted and non-carpeted areas with its handy Risor Visor.

You shouldn’t have second thoughts with this one. At a price that’s just within reach, you certainly have a catch here.

Little wonder positive reviews are heaped up. This one mean machine. As diminutive as it is. But that should cue you.

This one isn’t a full-sized vac so if you want to stretch it to clean the whole house, you could find yourself largely disappointed. As many users who want to squeeze on the dollar found out too late.

Things We Liked

  • checkPortable/handheld
  • checkStrong powerful suction
  • checkIdeal for stairs
  • check20-foot cord
  • checkVery light: 4.8 pounds
  • checkEasy to use

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not meant for whole-house cleaning
  • Too long hose/cumbersome

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac 

Short review

For starters, if you’re looking for a cheap alternative, you might not want to check this one out. But if you want something that will really ease you out on the cleaning job at the stairs, you should move heaven and earth to get this. And we’re not kidding.

Firstly, you got a very light product offering here. Perhaps the lightest of the bunch. And you should be happy. At less than 4 pounds, this one would get tons of weight off your cleaning job.

What’s more you don’t need to stress yourself out as this one’s portable. Really!

Going up and down those stairs would be a piece of cake. And with a power cord that’s a little less than our first offering, you got your power needs covered. Unlike those battery-operated handhelds which would die on you anytime.

As for attachments, it’s ready as you are in cleaning the stairs. With pet brush and a mini beater bar, you should be cleaning the stairs in no time. And yes, a nifty crevice tool for all those unreachable areas.

What should get your attention, however, is its powerful motor. Certainly it could give its closest competitor a beating. And with an easy-to-dump dustbin you should have no worries. Not at all.

Just that, this product is not really as popular as the first one. This may be the sturdier assembly but at twice the price, it can be a turn-off. And as expected, a few had mechanical problems with this one.

Things We liked

  • checkVery light: less than 4 pounds
  • checkHandheld, portable
  • checkPowerful motor
  • checkBagless but with easy-to-empty cup (dust)
  • check15-foot cord

Things We didn’t like

  • Pricey
  • Mechanical issues

Bissell Multi Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum, 1985 

Short review

If you want to really take your cleaning to wherever you want, you should take it up a notch higher with this Bissell cordless. Yes, this one isn’t really designed for the stairs. No, sir. But with all its powerful features, it may as well be.

With that said, this shouldn’t be left out as a great candidate when you’re looking for the best vacuum for stairs. And you need not worry about taking it in.

For starters, you got a cordless one here. If you’ve been encumbered by all the wires, then this one is heaven-sent. Really!

All those wires is handy to a point but when you want to take the cleaning outside of home, it’s no contest. And by the way, when we mention outside we’re not talking about your yard. We’re talking about taking this one outdoors – to your next-planned adventure or when you want to do tailgating.

Yes, it’s for this reason that it’s called a car vacuum. It cleans your car and you can bring it with you just about anywhere in the world. What’s more, it can clean the hardest areas to reach – making it ideal for stairs.

And did we mention, this one specializes in pet hair. Light and cordless, what more can you ask?

Of course, there are down sides. If you want real power in your cleaning, this cordless version may be a bit soft. But we tell you, not too soft.

And yes, if you’re price-conscious, this one will turn you off.

Things We liked

  • checkPet hair sensitive
  • checkAdaptable: Built-in extension hose
  • checkPowerful brush designed to pick hair anywhere
  • check22V LiOn battery
  • checkWith 14 minutes fade-free
  • checkcordless

Things We didn’t like

  • pricey
  • not as powerful as corded

Hoover Air Cordless 20V Lithium Ion Bagless Hand Vacuum Cleaner 

Short review

Well, if your stairs aren’t really that long, this Hoover may just be the reason why you can hover through it all with no sweat. If you’re talking about convenience, this cordless model should be top of your list as best vacuum for stairs. That along with the fact that it’s bag-less should get you started in the right direction.

Corded may appeal to you as with a lot more power to boot but when it comes to portability, there really is no questions cordless rules. And this Hoover is exactly that. You would never have to worry about transferring from room to room.

Or just about anywhere. You can bring this along. As long as the battery which is 20-V LiOn variety is working. But no worries. You’ve got fade-free battery tech here so you won’t have to worry about losing power. At once.

Lithium ion tech gives you access to power-packed batteries that are extra lightweight. No wonder smartphones and laptops are making the most out of them.

Even better, this handheld is bag-less. You won’t have a problem buying endless scores of bag just to get your cleaning. Just have to empty it every now and then.

Now, if you’re worried you got peanuts here, think again. This vac is so powerful picking up the minutest of pet hair is not a problem – telling you’re going to have a wonderful time cleaning up.

Truly, this is one workhorse you may not want to miss. Unfortunately, negative reviews seem to have piled up on this one. The bone of contention: battery problems.

Still, there’s a lot more positive reviews than otherwise.

Things We liked

  • checkFade-free battery for easy cleaning
  • checkLightweight at less than 4 lbs
  • checkPowerful turbo can pick up the minutest hair
  • checkRinse filter that’s reusable (clean with water)
  • checkCordless
  • checkBag-less
  • checkNot pricey

Things We didn’t like

  • Battery problems

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads 

Short review

Now, if you want to be wowed this Shark Navigator is bound to give you the surprise of your life. And we’ll have to tell you this unit has garnered the most attention from customers than anybody on this list. The best part? Most of those are very positive.

This Shark will really help you gobble up your cleaning problems. What makes this a must-have is its versatility.

A lot of manufacturers can claim versatility in their products but only few can really put their money where their mouth is. But we can say with all confidence this may just be the most versatile of the bunch.

Why? Because this one is a high-breed. By nature, this is a upright vacuum. So you won’t have problems cleaning the whole house. Whether it’s a big living room or the kitchen, this Shark will eat them all in a cinch. No problem!

But what make this a very strong candidate as best vacuum for stairs is its lift-away position. You can take the canister out of the picture so you’re left with the nozzle alone. This makes the unit very portable allowing you to reach even the most unreachable place in the stairs.

Because of this versatility, this one should be a must-have. And true enough, this Shark is gaining ground getting positive acclaim after another.

It’s no surprise this has garnered more votes than any in this A-list. It’s a true workhorse that’s all-around. It can clean the most unreachable of places in your home without leaving the big rooms to clean hanging.

If you want to save on the dollar, this unit should be spot on.  

Then again, it’s thick carpet and rug woes seem to indicate this may not be ready yet to roll with the big boys.

The good news is those claiming to be so are few and farfetched, a drop compared to those who sing praises to this Shark.

Things We liked

  • checkhybrid
  • checkcan clean large areas of the house
  • check2-in-1: Upright and can also serve as Lift-away
  • checkcorded
  • checkAnti-allergen technology
  • checkVersatile with compete attachment: hard floor
  • checkMicrofiber pads
  • checkNot too pricey for a standard build vac

Things We didn’t like

  • May have a hard time with rugs and carpets
  • Suction problems

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1 

Short review

Well, if you want things to be as light as possible this handheld won’t fail you. It’s as light as you want it at 5lbs. But you need not be worried about getting the work done as this one is corded – not the cordless model that most handheld may be designed for.

Right when you handle this one, you’ll know you’re getting a great start. For starters, this features a very easy-to-use handle – what is dubbed as easy-grip.

As it is handheld you should be able to carry this around without any hitch. So as a candidate for the best vacuum for stairs, you may not have to worry with this giving you a hard time. Except for the cord, you can take this with you just about anywhere you want.

So giving your car interiors a clean-up won’t be such a problem. The cord at 15 feet may not be that long but it’s long enough to give you enough leeway.

You might think that a cord is a problem. But truly that only ensures you have power for as long as you are connected to the source. You will never be caught suddenly on a standstill.

Even better, your pet hair problems are taken care of here. And with its easy on/off switch, you should be cleaning it all with ease.

Add its powerful sucking power and you should be happy enough you’ve bought this one. No more piles of fur unattended on your sofa. Or under the bed. You get to clean it in just a matter of minutes.

All that tells you this one has the versatility to get your nifty stairs cleaned. No problem!

This Bissell Pet Hair Eraser should give your stairs the clean and shine it needs to make you proud.

Then again, the powerful suction may have failed for a few. For some users, their dream of getting all hose dog/car hairs sucked neatly seem to have ended the moment they bought this one.

The good news is these people are a drop in the bucket. Compared to the thousands who sang praises to this workhorse, they are truly few and their negative reviews far between.

Things We liked

  • checkPet hair sensitive
  • checkVersatile surfaces: auto, upholstery, stairs
  • checkCyclonic Cleaning System
  • check16-ft cord (power)
  • checkCan suck in pet hair with specialized nozzle (rubber)
  • checkHandheld
  • checkPowerful suction
  • checkcheap

Things We didn’t like

  • suction issues
  • vent issues


5 Guidelines in Your Quest for the Best Vacuum for Stairs

Had it not for stairs, getting to the 2nd floor would be a tall order. Most certainly, no one would want the slide pole most identified with the fire department. It may be quick but it won’t serve everyone’s needs. Everyone, including junior. And that may be the biggest yardstick you should observe when buying the best vacuum for stairs.

Would it fit to your needs?

The stairs are a unique terrain. It doesn’t have the magnitude that a living room offers. Each raised portion may be useful in design but it’s a nightmare to clean. Why? Simply because there would be a thousand and one nook and cranny that will serve as a timely hideout for dirt – of all sizes and shapes.

Getting your stairs clean is therefore no ordinary challenge. To be able to get it done, you have to be careful you won’t forget key features in choosing a fitting vacuum. Here are 5 that should be on top of your list. Read on.

1. Is it portable enough to maneuver?

You don’t have to seek Google to know the stairs is a dangerous place. Stories from the neighborhood – or for that matter your family – should serve as a timely warning. How much more when your goal is to clean it up? Safety is your first priority.

That’s the reason why one of the primary questions you should answer should be the question of portability. Is the unit light enough for you to move around? Getting a standard vacuum with all its weight may not be the best option to get, in this regards. That could set a dangerous precedent for everyone in the family.

A full-size upright vacuum, if you have one, would be forcing the issue. Not only will you be risking the appliance, you are putting yourself in harm’s way. This is why handhelds are a favorite for many in getting the stairs the ‘squeaky clean’ it needs.

Not only are handhelds good for your stairs, they can clean just about every nook and cranny in your house.

The best part’s handheld’s today are packed with a punch. They can take on pet hairs, or even hard-to-remove stains.

Note, maneuverability is one key factor you don’t want to miss. The stairs, carpeted or not, is one of the most challenging places to go about.  

If you can’t maneuver your vacuum right, forget about cleaning your stairs. Know that dirt will have all the best places to hide. Not being able to maneuver your machine only means one thing: a half-baked clean.

Note models today offer unique choices. Some, both handhelds and standard vacuums, can stun you with their ability to pivot. Getting one that can rotate as much as 180 degrees should be a good start.

Why is a pivot important? A vacuum with a pivoting head will give you access to the narrowest of areas in your stairs that even the best tools cannot.

Another good thing about handhelds is they are so light. Some can go as light as 5 pounds and with a few so small they might fit your pocket. How’s that for a change?

2.  Is the cord long enough?

You can be wowed by all the wonderful features a vacuum can give you. You may even be so sold out you may buy the machine right then and there. And click the shop button, just like that.

You can go to an extended debate which is better: a corded one or a cordless unit. Both can put a solution in place. But if you want the corded one, make sure you can move about effectively.

Of course, it won’t take long for you to realize a cordless one would be a perfect candidate. You would surely be unencumbered by all the wires.

But before you jump the gun, a word of caution. Cordless machines put you on a timer. Some can give you an hour or two but these models are the pricier ones. Usually, you can get one which can work for you for under an hour.

So, if you’re facing a long flight of stairs, getting a corded need to be a quickie. No dillydallying on the job.

Technology has certainly made cordless at par with its corded counterpart. But if you put it on average, the corded ones will always be at a great advantage when it comes to sucking power.

On a general average, a cordless vacuum cleaner can clean up to 47 percent of embedded dust in a carpet. On the other hand that number goes up to 74 percent for corded ones.

On the bright side, cordless are a lot lighter than standard vacuum cleaners. Many are set with wall mounts so you won’t have issues when cleaning cupboards. On the same token, under the stairs won’t pose as a problem.

Even better, cordless can be useful even the smallest of cleaning jobs. If you’ve been wondering what makes these small-sized vacuums tick. It’s battery-powered. Then, you would understand why they pale in comparison to corded ones in terms of power.

Then again, if your need is not that pronounced, there’s no sense in spending so much on so little. Cordless offer you greater portability at the sacrifice of power. Cord can give you power but at less portability. Somewhere somehow a unit can be the perfect fit for your home, if you choose wisely.

3. Power Considerations

In a sense, this is an extension of the debate whether corded or cordless is best. But there is no good and bad model here. The question should be: Which fits your needs best?

It’s for this reason that you should do your due diligence first and foremost to get things going. Without clearly assessing your needs, you would have created more problems instead of solving them.

Cordless are ideal but they’re limited. Just like your smartphone they need to be charged every now and then. Some models can go only as long as 7 minutes before they need juice.

That would be good if your stairs are just a few steps. But if you have a flight to heaven, then it’s another story.

Again, effectivity is at the center of the debate. And you should be careful. Cordless, in general, are not as powerful as a corded one. You can get something to last for an hour or two and you can be happy about it. But if it cannot give you the clean you need, buying it is counterproductive.

Getting a handheld can be the solution too. However, if you want to push your luck with a cordless unit, you can get one with a fade free power. Thus, even if you’re charging them, you can still use them. No down time.

There’s another way of looking at all these though. And it has something to do with price. What you’ll realize is that the most powerful cordless will come at a stiff price offering you services that a standard corded vacuum can do effortlessly.

4.  Does it have the right attachments?

To do your stairs justice, you need to have the right attachments to your vacuum. This ensures the device can clean a variety of dirt – from pet hair to spills and stains.

To this end, brushes for deep cleaning should be a standard tool. So should crevice tools. Without these, you would be giving yourself a real hard time in the cleaning process.

You should have the most apt attachments that will get you dirt out of the smallest of spaces. So a variety of brushes can go a long way in making this one happen.

If you have pets at home, another consideration is how to make your vacuum pet-friendly. Pet hairs need a special kind of vacuum – and the right attachment to it.

Getting as much attachments as possible should bid you well. But word of caution: Just make sure they don’t needlessly add to your unit’s overall weight. If they do, you may be looking at a potential disaster.

5. Can the unit be used for the entire home?

For sure it may be a long shot but it’s worth looking into. Especially if you want to get the most bang for your buck. With attachments making short work of everything else, it shouldn’t be a tall order.

That’s why another route of solving your clean-the-stair situation is getting an all-in-one model. Some called high-breeds can act as a handheld and at the same time with some minor adjustment can be a standard vacuum for bigger spaces.

That way you get to give your house the clean it needs without getting too many devices to do it. It’s a one-shoe-fits-all deal.

The down side to that is price. More often than not, high-breeds cost a lot more than their standard counterparts.

For instance, you can try the series of upright units which not only are lightweight but have detachable canisters. Such a set-up makes cleaning almost anywhere in the house – the stairs including – a walk in the park.

There certainly is a need for you to choose. And it all start with assessing your situation well. Ultimately, you’ll realize that with due diligence getting the best vacuum for stairs is just a matter of time.


The best vacuum for stairs is efficient. Most importantly, it must make all the cleaning easy. Because stairs aren’t exactly the best place to play around. The right vac should make all the hard work a lot easier. A lot more palatable. 

Note that there is a tendency for stairs to be under a lot more stress than the floors in a room. Not only do we tend to step on it when we go up and down the flight, we easily forget the place as one that needs to be clean. More often than not, it’s like an attic or a basement that we clean only when we really need to.

But there is a lot of merit to all that work. It only means you need not worry about accidents. Because steps – be it carpeted, concrete or hardwood – are taken care of, slippage is put to the utmost minimum.

Even carpet on stairs benefit from the right care. Minimum dirt, maximum carpet life span.

It’s therefore our great pride that we tip our hats to the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E). Not only does it take care of stairs, it’s got a lot of features that you can max on. To clean the house more thoroughly. 

The rest of the pack listed here are worth looking into. They’re vetted and would surely be a good candidate to your house. The key is to do due diligence so you get the right fit.

Ultimately, however, when it comes to customer satisfaction and tried-and-tested service, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E) stands out heads higher than the rest. No question about that. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC

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